How To Overcome Distractions

How To Overcome Distractions

Do you want to know how to overcome distractions so that you can improve your level of productivity? 

Do you sometimes wonder how some individuals concentrate on their tasks for a long period of time without getting distracted by anything or anyone, and you’re asking yourself, why can’t I focus?

Many things can make it difficult to remain focused, especially during the day you’re trying to concentrate on tasks.

Even more, the harder you try to stay focused, the more distracted you get.

This can be really frustrating.

Luckily, there are several steps we can take to overcome distractions and improve our concentration skills.

This is what this blog post is all about.

Read on to find out all you need to know.

How To Overcome Distractions

Proven Strategies for Overcoming Distractions

First of all, bear in mind that no one is above distractions, so quit beating yourself up. 

Everyone has had their fair share of it.

It is something that we battle with almost every day of our lives.

These distractions usually come in two major different ways: internal and external distractions.

Internal distraction has to do with things like hunger, sleep, stress, general restlessness, the restlessness of the mind, sickness, etc. 

On the other hand, external distractions are usually things in our environment that make it difficult for you to concentrate on your tasks. 

However, being able to curb them leads to a high level of productivity. 

Overcoming distractions is not easy neither is it impossible. 

It only requires discipline and little sacrifices. 

If you want to improve your level of productivity by overcoming distractions but do not know how to go about it, here are some strategic ways of combating distractions. 

Strategic Tips On How To Overcome Distractions

What is the best way to avoid distractions

Have An Organized Workspace; It Helps You Keep Away Distractions

The human brain works in tandem with the environment. 

It makes you feel peaceful when your environment is serene and creates distractions when your environment is scattered or unorganized. 

Picture yourself in an untidy room with you trying to take a nap.

You may end up tossing from side to side without a wink of sleep for hours. 

However, in a properly arranged room, all you need to do is locate the bed, and every other thing becomes history. 

The same psych works in a workspace. 

Your workspace needs to tidy, well arranged, and orderly.

In all, having an orderly workspace helps your brain to concentrate easily on your work. 

Thereby helping you curb distractions and increase productivity.

 Block Out Background Noise; It Helps To Reduce Distractions 

While working, the last thing you need is anything that would be stealing your concentration, no matter how little. 

So, you should avoid background noises from television, radio, cellphones, etc. 

The smartphone especially needs to be absent in a workspace except for when it is needed.

When it is not needed, keep your smartphone away from your sight, maybe in your drawer or in a box.

This is because the notifications from your phone will divert your attention.

Also, it may entirely take away your attention from your work. 

So, to overcome distraction while working, put out any source of noise within your workspace.

How do you get rid of distractions

Do A Thing At A Time, It Helps You Conquer Distraction

Most people feel multitasking is a productive skill. In some cases, it is.

However, when it comes to focusing and concentration, it’s anti-productive.

Research has it that it slows down the pace of productivity. 

While multitasking, you feel like you can do two things at a go.

Instead, you are wasting time switching from one task to another. 

By the end of the day, you would have spent a long time completing a task than it would have taken if you attended to the tasks individually. 

Therefore, for someone that wants to overcome distraction, the way to go is to avoid multitasking and attend to your tasks one at a time.

Break Your Goals Into Little Tasks

An easy way to get easily distracted is by focusing on a big goal that is not broken down into little parts.

This is because most goals take weeks and months to be actualized. 

Whenever you carry out a task that hasn’t a thing to do with the goal, your mind goes back to them.

You stop your current task and go back to facing your goals which are not broken into plans. 

You may spend a week or two without achieving a thing.

Along the line, frustration may kick in. 

Therefore, to overcome distractions, break down your goals into little tasks. 

These little tasks are plans on how to achieve the goals. 

After breaking down the goals, go ahead and turn them bit by bit into daily tasks.

In that format, it is easy for you to round up your tasks and achieve your goals.

Thereby increasing productivity and eliminate distractions. 

how to avoid distractions and stay focused

Schedule Your Break; It Keeps Distractions At Bay

Research has it that the average length of attention of an adult is between 15 to 40 mins. 

In other words, after 40 mins the zeal to be distracted from whatever you are doing becomes severe. 

However, you can use this to your advantage. 

You can time yourself and make sure you round up a task between15 to 40 mins. 

To do this, you can choose a task you are sure you can complete within that time frame.

After 40 mins, take a break between 5 to 8 minutes.

Go out and do something fun. 

When the break is over, come back to your workspace, you’d feel energized and refreshed to carry out another task. 

Also, another day, increase the time frame from 40 to 50 mins.

It will help you to master the process of long-term concentration.

In doing that, you have been able to use your weak points as a major strength and ultimately overcoming distractions.

Take Note Of Your Internal Distraction And Attend To Them

Most times, we believe that majority of the source of distractions come from the outside. 

Therefore we spend a lot of time attending to them while ignoring our internal needs. 

Imagine if you come to work in a space without background noise, tidy and void of any form of external distractions; After you had settled down, you begin to feel sleepy; what will you do? 

You may decide to play some music because you feel it is the over-quietness of the environment that is causing it. 

There could be that, but how has your sleep for some past nights been like? 

If you rarely sleep at night because you are always busy with one thing or the other, you’ll be much slower during the day.

This is because your body is tired and needs to rest. 

To overcome distractions, you should take care of your internal needs like reducing stress, avoiding hunger, getting enough sleep, etc.

What causes easy distraction

Monitor Your Usage Of The Internet, It boosts Your Level of Concentration

The Internet has different importance and uses in our everyday life. 

However, it can also become a major source of distraction when overused. 

When using the internet while working, endeavor to limit yourself to work-related use. 

There is always a general temptation to switch from your browser to your social media pages. 

Therefore, if you want to eliminate distractions while working, it is advisable to freeze your social media applications to avoid notifications from them while working. 

When you don’t need the internet for your work, turn off your internet connection. 

It will help to overcome distractions and increase the level of your concentration. 

Calming Your Mind Helps You To Overcome Distractions 

The thing about distraction is that its causes are not limited to a particular thing. 

A lot of things can cause it; one of such things is a restless mind. 

The human mind is always occupied by one thing or the other. 

However, when it comes to concentration at work, you need every level of it. 

That is why you need to calm your mind down. 

Calming the mind can actually be a difficult task to do. 

More so, taking a break is advisable. 

You don’t necessarily have to leave your workspace. 

You can take a glass of water, practice some breathing exercises, and try to narrow down your thoughts to one thing to help you stable your mind. 

Stabling your mind helps your brain get rid of the extra things in the mind.

Thereby helping you to overcome distractions. 

Smart Tips to Prevent Distractions and Sharpen Your Focus

Have Your Goals In Mind; It Helps You Overcome Distractions

Every task has a goal attached to it. 

The goal is the result you intend to achieve from carrying out a particular task. 

Therefore, to further help you overcome distraction, you need to always have your end goal in mind. 

For instance, if you are reading a book, your goal is to round up the book at a particular time frame.

Hence bearing your goal in mind would help push you to concentrate on the task and guide you to finish the task. 

Reduce The Number of Tasks You Attend To In A Day 

Tasks are made to be done efficiently and productively.

However, excessive workload/tasks can reduce productivity. 

Similarly, excessive tasks/workload can keep your mind wandering on fast you need to work to complete the task or how much work is left for you rather than concentrating on the task at hand.

To avoid distractions, it is important to reduce the number of tasks you assign to yourself in a day. 

It will improve your focus and productivity.

It will also help your mind concentrate more on doing the task at hand efficiently rather than worrying about completing your workload.

How to Not Get Distracted

Avoid Procrastination; It Helps You Overcome Distractions

Procrastination is not just a thief of time, but also, it is another source of distractions. 

When you postpone works, they become all piled up.

It becomes difficult for you to concentrate on any of them. 

This is because your mind will be darting from one task to another as you ponder when to round them all up. 

Carrying out your task as at when due helps you to do away with an overloaded to-do list. 

It further helps you to overcome unnecessary distractions. 

Set Deadlines; They Help You To Deal With Overcoming Distractions 

Deadlines can be used to combat distraction when properly applied. 

When you have a task to carry out but haven’t a time limit attached to it, you tend to be relaxed about the task. 

If there were some extra miles you could go to make sure you round up the task within a few days, you would not be willing to do so because there are no deadlines to meet.

Similarly, it harms other tasks and slows down productivity. 

On the other hand, when a deadline is attached to a task, it helps you to attend to the task fast and creates room for other tasks to be attended to. 

To overcome distractions, attach deadlines to every task you have on your to-do list.

It helps you reduce distractions and fosters a high level of productivity

Now you know how to overcome distractions, you can now concentrate on tasks better and work efficiently.

Rewards For Overcoming Distractions

How To Overcome Distraction And Get Work Done

Every good work has its reward, and working on your distractions is not left out. 

Some benefits come with overcoming distractions.

They include: 

High level of concentration skills

When you work on overcoming your distractions, your concentration skills increases.

This high concentration level helps you handle tasks without being distracted by things or persons in your environment.

It further helps you to tackle internal distractions easily.

Increase In IQ Comes

Decreasing distractions at the workplace, especially tech-related ones, improves your level of productivity and increases your intelligent quotient (IQ). 

Research has it that smartphones contribute to a higher percentage of distractions in workplaces. 

When your smartphone is close to you, your attention is constantly divided because you pause your work at intervals to attend to your notifications. 

Putting your phone in silence is not enough, but putting it away from your presence does a lot to reduce distractions. 

Hence, with the phone away from your presence, your full attention is channeled to your task. 

Your level of creativity increases, thereby affecting your IQ positively. 

Overcoming Distractions Reduces Stress  Levels

Strategies for Overcoming Distraction

When it comes to stress, being able to complete your tasks reduces your level of stress. 

However, when you have tasks unattended to because of distractions, your tasks pile up.

Thereby increasing your workload and causing you stress.

On the other hand, you can tackle your tasks easily and timely when you’re not distracted.

Thereby reducing work-related stress. 

Better Memory Function

Working in a distraction-free workplace leads to an improved memory function. 

Human memory works in two different phases. 

The first is within the short-term memory, where tasks are carried out instantly. 

After that, the brain transfers the content from the short-term memory to the long-term memory. 

Long-term memory is where solutions to problems are saved for future reference or purpose. 

However, working in a workspace filled with distraction prevents your short-term memory from storing information. 

It makes it difficult for it to transfer contents to long-term memory. 

Hence, overcoming distractions can help your short-term brain function better.

Thereby giving better feedback to the long-term memory. 

Final Words On How To Overcome Distraction 

how to overcome distractions in communication

Distraction is like a cankerworm that disrupts creativity and innovation. 

Most times, we fail to realize that it is not only externally based.

There are also other causes of distractions that are internal.

Therefore, overcoming distraction is all about eliminating the internal and external distracting factors.

Overall, learning to avoid distractions and concentrate on tasks does not only increase efficiency and productivity.

It also makes your life better by reducing your stressors.

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How To Overcome Distractions