Ben Shapiro’s Reading List

Ben Shapiros' Reading List
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If you’re a bookworm, you might have heard of the phenomena reading lists. Eager to find out what Ben Shapiro’s Reading List looks like?

Let’s go on this journey together.

First of all, Shapiro is an American political commentator, lawyer, author, and public speaker.

At such a young age, Shapiro was able to establish himself as an influential political figure.

As someone with that much credentials, you might want to check out what books keep him in pristine mind.

Ready to start your next business and leadership reading spree?

You should consider reading any of these five books.

Ben Shapiro’s Reading List

The Upside of Inequality: How Good Intentions Undermine the Middle Class by Edward Conard


If you believe that there’s a huge gap in status-quo among the working class, this book will make you think twice.

In Edward Conard’s controversial book, he explains how income inequality is a myth and must be viewed differently.

Instead of blaming the rich, why not look at their high pay-off as motivation for continuous professional growth?

Even more, looking at this from a different perspective, employees will shift from being labor-driven to knowledge-driven.

Writing Style

It’s a well-known fact that Edward Conard digs into provocative topics of politics and economics.

However, this book is a major upgrade from his previous work, Unintended Consequences.

Knowing that Conard’s view on income inequality is unconventional, followers of mainstream analysts and politicians might disagree on some points.

So, this makes this book on Ben Shapiro’s Reading List a thought-provoking read.

Customer Reviews

Although some people find the book repetitive, many are convinced that it is Conard’s way of instilling his views into your memory.

There are also readers who commented that the book is a bit complex.

Hence, familiarizing yourself with basic political and economic terms is a must before reading this book.

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Ship of Fools by Tucker Carlson


If you’re a follower of American elites, then this book would be your perfect fit.

This book on Ben Shapiro’s Reading List dives deep into the lavish lifestyles of this seemingly untouchable group of people.

As if the sudden surge of the American elite isn’t a huge issue in itself, the public’s poor choices on political options make everything worse.

Upon reaching the book’s end, you’ll realize how letting the elite rule will bring nothing but impending economic doom.

Writing Style

In spite of the book’s serious nature, Carlson’s funny and witty commentary makes it a lighthearted read.

Aside from the humor, you’ll also witness a good amount of metaphor in his signature style.

According to him, American politicians are clueless captains of a sinking ship.

Clarson is an experienced talk show host.

This is why this book is written in a conversational tone.

Carlson’s jokes aside, his sharp yet entertaining remarks aim to answer the question “how can you rescue the country back to its course?”

Customer Reviews

The book is well known for its’ humor and many are hooked on its exposé-like nature.

His unique way of explaining why some politicians exude more “appeal” than the others is something many readers have been looking for.

So, this book attracts lots of readers.

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The Virtue of Nationalism by Yoram Hazony


In this day and age, the world has never paid this much attention to nationalism.

This resulted in numerous debates on whether the global population should pursue an international government or keep national sovereignty.

If you prefer the latter, then this book on Ben Shapiro’s Reading List will tell you why.

Tracing back from the Old Testament until today’s Brexit, this book will show you that the only way to preserve our personal identity is via nationalism.

Writing Style

Despite the book’s argumentative nature, its perfect balance between philosophical and political views makes it a thought-provoking read.

In terms of length, the book is concisely written, which makes Hazony’s points easy to grasp.

Hence, you’re left with many thoughtful phrases upon reading its smoothly-written prose.

Customer Reviews

Given today’s political issues, readers have found this book to be timely and informative.

Some even commented that they’ve been waiting for a book tackling nationalist topics to be released.

Due to this fact, the public gives mostly nothing but praises to Hazony’s work.

Knowing that the book contains a philosophical undertone to it, some historical records included were over-romanticized.

Some commended the book for having an excellent diagnosis of the problem, while some are concerned with its analysis.

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Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell


By far the most public-friendly book on this list, Basic Economics is an average citizen’s guide on how the economy works.

This book covers a variety of topics from general principles of economics down to its most recent issues.

Furthermore, Sowell’s book will also teach you basic critiquing methods you can use in assessing any business.

His detailed explanation of various economic policies will also allow you to understand how national and international economies work.

Writing Style

This books’ readable content makes the book an informative read for all ages.

Knowing that everything in this book is intricately detailed, reading the entire thing can be time-consuming.

You can even test yourself by answering its built-in questionnaire at the back.

Customer Reviews

Garnering over 78% five stars on Amazon, the book’s reviews speak for how perfectly written it is.

Since it has a textbook type of format – both writing and content-wise, there’s not too much creative writing to expect.

However, this is the very reason why many readers recommend this book hence, it is on Ben Shapiro’s Reading List.

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Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman


This book is a classic read for economic enthusiasts.

It indicates how modern-day capitalism could be used as a tool for achieving economic and political freedom.

This book on Ben Shapiro’s Reading List will also teach you how to avoid capitalist traps that can hinder your individualistic freedom.

Friedman provides an in-depth analysis of Capitalism.

He also compares it with other economic models to further signify its uniqueness.

Despite being a pro-capitalist book, Friedman keeps the book grounded by tackling economic issues that mostly affect the public.

These include wealth redistribution, supply-side hyperbole, and embraced deficits.

Writing Style

Due to its massive population of readers, this book has been translated into eighteen languages.

Due to Friedman’s intense desire to explain the key points of capitalism, this book has a rather serious tone.

Customer Reviews

As mentioned, the book’s serious nature makes it lacking in terms of humor and reader engagement.

This book on Ben Shapiro’s Reading list has been around for quite some time.

Many have observed the economic differences people experienced then and now.

While some may find it outdated, some take it as an opportunity for assessing global economic progress.

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Final Thoughts on Ben Shapiro’s Reading List

Compared to other business and leadership-related business lists, Ben Shapiro’s recommendations aren’t all about giving you any expressway to success.

Instead, his recommendations will give you an intricate idea of how economics and politics work.

From there, you can work  on finding the best business and leadership strategies that will perfectly suit your needs.

Take a step forward to starting your journey to success by reading any of these books.