Best 17 Inch Laptop With Backlit Keyboard

best 17 inch laptop with backlit keyboard
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The best 17 inch laptops with a backlit keyboard may look fancy but they’re not a regular occurrence in laptop manufacturing circles. However, we researched deeply and in this review, you’ll find out 7 laptops that perfectly fit that description. From the laptops featured, we recommend LG Gram 17″ WQXGA Ultra-Lightweight Laptop as the best 17 inch laptop with backlit keyboard.

To be honest, laptops with backlit keyboards are beautiful.

Very beautiful.

However, today, having one now has more to do with convenience.

If you buy yourself a laptop with keyboard backlight, you don’t have to flip any switch before you get your work done in the dark.

You’d expect great typing experience because the keys are designed better than laptops without backlit keyboards.

You have to bear in mind that you mostly get these sort of keyboards in premium laptops, gaming laptops and sometimes, ultrabooks.

So the price may be a bit steep for some of them, especially if you need the best 17 inch laptop with backlit keyboard.

Having gotten that out of the way, let’s check the list.

Best 17 Inch Laptop With Backlit Keyboard

Comparison table of the best 17 inch laptop with backlit keyboard.

1LG Gram LaptopProcessor: Intel Quad-Core i7
Display size: 17"
Hard Disk: 256GB
Operating System: Windows 10
Weight: 2.95lbs
Battery life: Up to 19hrs
2Acer Nitro 5 LaptopProcessor: Intel Hexa-Core i7
Display size: 17.3"
Hard Disk: 256GB
Operating System: Windows 10
Weight: 5.72lbs
Battery life: Up to 7hrs
3ASUS ROG Strix LaptopProcessor: Intel Core i7
Display size: 17.3"
Hard Disk: 512GB SSD
Operating System: Windows 10
Weight: 6.28bs
Battery life: Up to 5hrs
4HP HD + SVA LaptopProcessor: Intel Quad-Core i5
Display size: 17.3"
Hard Disk: 1TB HDD
Operating System: Windows 10
Weight: 5lbs
Battery life: Up to 8hrs
5Lenovo IdeaPad L340Processor: Intel Hexa-Core i7
Display size: 17.3"
Hard Disk: 1TB SSD
Operating System: Windows 10
Weight: 6.13lbs
Battery life: Up to 5hrs
6Premium HP PavilionProcessor: Intel Quad-Core i5
Display size: 17.3"
Hard Disk: 256GB SSD 1TB HDD
Operating System: Windows 10
Weight: 5.43bs
Battery life: Up to 5hrs
7Sager LaptopProcessor: Intel i7
Display size: 17.3"
Hard Disk: 500GB
Operating System: Windows 10
Weight: 5.51 lbs
Battery life: Up to 5hrs

Compare The Top 7 On One Page

1. LG Gram 17″ Laptop -Best 17 Inch Laptop With Backlit Keyboard

best 17 inch laptop with backlit keyboardTopping the chart as the best 17 inch laptop with backlit keyboard is LG Gram 17″ WQXGA IPS Ultra-Lightweight Laptop.

Call this beauty the lightest ultrabook 17inch laptop in the entire universe and you wouldn’t be wrong.


While most 17inch laptops are chunky and bulky, LG Gram is very beautiful and sleek.

However, the design is minimalistic with a simple grey colour that belies the super-performance of the LG Gram.

It features a metal-alloy design which is light, shock-proof, dust-proof and rugged.

As a matter of fact, it’s military stress-tested.


LG got it right with the LG Gram’s display, it’s one of its best features.

You have a 16:10 aspect ratio, offering you an absolutely gorgeous 17 inch WQXGA 2560 x 1600 IPS display.

Also, visual output is superb at 359 nits brightness.

Therefore, the colour accuracy is excellent and perfect for image editing, gaming, streaming movies, work, etc

Thin frames surround the screen on all sides to give it a very impressive real estate.


Typing is very comfortable on the beautiful backlit keyboard.

Interestingly, you can disable or enable the light at will.

Although there’s more space than was utilised, it takes nothing away from the overall experience.

You might be left with a sense of wastage though.

We also think the space could have been better utilised by making the keys slightly larger.

Also, the precision trackpad is smooth and works well.

Furthermore, it has a full-size number pad and fingerprint reader/sensor to make logging into your laptop easier and faster.

Software / Hardware / Connectivity

Powering this slim beauty is the very-efficient and reliable Intel 8th Generation Core i7-8565 Quad-Core processor.

Browsing the web, Netflixing, gaming, image editing, etc are completely a joy to accomplish.

It also features 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD.

With its impressive power, you can smoothly multitask on this beauty without any lag or stutter.

In addition, it features Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64-bit.

Furthermore, it comes with a wide range of ports that make it easy for you to connect with external devices.

It has 1 x USB Type-C, 3 x USB Type-A, 1 x headphone/microphone jack, 1 x RJ45 Ethernet, 1 x micro-SD, 1 x HDMI etc.


It’s super-light at 2.95lbs.

You’d easily throw it in your backpack and take it with you all day long without feeling a pinch.

Seriously, it’s the lightest 17inch laptop we’ve seen around.


LG states a battery life of up to 19 hrs.

However, it may fall slightly short of that.

Whatever the case is, you’re assured of a full productive work-day on the battery.


  • Stunning 16:10 ratio display
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Sleek and rugged chassis
  • Great selection of ports
  • Long battery life


  • The keyboard deck has too much unused space

If you need a 17inch laptop that isn’t bulky for your business or personal needs and daily travels, LG Gram is all yours.

Really, it’s the best 17 inch laptop with backlit keyboard you’d find in the market.

Tap the link above to buy on Amazon.

2. Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop -2nd Best 17 Inch Laptop With Backlit Keyboard

best 17 inch laptop with backlit keyboardUp next as our 2nd best 17 inch laptop with backlit keyboard is Acer Nitro 5 Gaming laptop.

Acer is both rugged and stunning, a gaming favourite.


It features a super-cool design that is sure to stop you in your tracks.

Sleek and mobile-friendly, the metal chassis is easy to look at and light enough to move around.

Not minding the sleek look, it has a solid build that can withstand rigours.


Furthermore, it comes with a stunning 17.3″ Full HD 1920 x 1080 IPS display.

Also, you’d love the quick 144Hz refresh rate as well as its 3ms response time.

In addition, the viewing angle is fantastic.


The stunning red backlit keyboard is sure to set your pulse racing as you conveniently carry out your typing even in dimly lit environments.

The full-size keys feel comfortably tactile, smooth and have travel distance of 1.6mm.

Also, it has a dedicated NitroSense key that allows you to send and execute commands with a touch.

Software / Hardware / Connectivity

Acer Nitro 5 runs on the powerful 9th Generation Intel 6-Core i7-9750H processor to provide you with all the power you need to push through your day.

Furthermore, it comes with 16GB DDR4, 256GB SSD.

There’s also an extra slot for future upgrades.

To add to that, it also features the innovative Acer Cool Boost Technology with Twin Fans and Dual Exhaust Ports.

Therefore, you may fire the laptop as hard as you need to without unnecessarily heating up.

However, you should prepare for a little bit of warming up, especially if you use it constantly.


It’s slightly hefty at 5.72lbs.


We’d have to admit, the battery life is just basic at up to 7hrs of use.


  • Beautiful backlit keyboard
  • Stunning screen with a fast refresh rate
  • Powerful processor
  • Great RAM and storage


  • Tend to warm up a bit

Click the image above to buy on Amazon.

3. ASUS ROG Strix Laptop

best 17 inch laptop with backlit keyboardAsus ROG Strix laptop is another 17 inch gaming laptop worthy of being considered as one of the best 17 inch laptops with backlit keyboard.

It’s one of the laptops that perfectly balances size, power and performance.


Asus ROG Strix G is beautifully designed and focuses on all you need to win, and to be productive.

The perfectly sculpted exterior is beautiful with a grainy design.

Not every laptop undergo rigorous testing like Asus ROG Strix.

ROG laptops are said to undergo extensive stress tests like drop, vibration and pressure tests.

This is in addition to extreme cold, heat, humidity and altitude.

Essentially, this beauty would withstand any horror thrown at it without cracking or flinching.

And also very importantly, you can take it anywhere on your travels and it won’t fail you.


It features a beautiful 17.3″ clear and sharp widescreen display.

You’d enjoy the beautiful colour consistency with no dead pixels.

Furthermore, it has a high refresh rate of 144Hz.

Also, the real estate isn’t bad with an 80% screen-to-body ratio.

Beautifully, this feature deepens your visual immersion and keeps your eyes glued to your screen.


Going further, the keyboard is super easy and smooth to use.

Most importantly, it comes with a beautiful single-zone RGB backlight.

Although multi-zone RGB keyboards are more beautiful for their rainbow colour effects, the single zone backlight of Asus is perfect for non-gaming tasks.

Software / Hardware / Connectivity

Asus features the latest efficient 9th generation Intel Core i7 Hexa-core processor that super-charges your processes.

Furthermore, it has 16GB DDRa4 as well as 512GB PCIe Nvme SSD.

Although the fans are reportedly loud while under intense gaming, this wouldn’t pose a problem under normal productive use.

Moreover, it has the ROG intelligent cooling thermal system with double 12V fans with adjustable fan modes to make sure it doesn’t unnecessarily heat up.

It also comes pre-installed with Windows 10 Home OS.


It’s not particularly light at 6.28lbs.


The battery life isn’t so impressive at up to 5hrs


  • Powerful performance
  • Portable design
  • Beautiful screen
  • RGB backlit keyboard


  • No USB Type-C port included
  • Poor battery life

To purchase on Amazon, tap the image link above.

4. HP 17.3″ HD + SVA Laptop

best 17 inch laptop with backlit keyboardYet another beautiful laptop featured is HP 17.3″ HD + SVA BrightView WLED-Backlit Touchscreen Laptop.

This beauty has several fantastic features in addition to its stunning screen and backlit keyboard.


It comes in a sleek and smooth design.

The chassis is beautiful in silver colour which contrasts nicely with the black keyboard.

Despite the large screen size, it’s portable and relatively light.

Hence, you can conveniently take it anywhere with you.


HP comes with a stunning 17.3inch 1600 x 900 touchscreen that’s super-responsive.

Although the resolution isn’t perfect, it’s close in visual output.

Also, the screen has decent viewing angles.

Therefore, you’re able to completely enjoy the screen from any angle.


The full-size keyboard is responsive and smooth to use.

Also, the backlight is amazingly perfect and very functional.

You don’t have to worry about visibility issues when typing in dimly-lit environments.

Furthermore, it has a dedicated numeric keypad.

Software / Hardware / Connectivity

HP runs on the powerful 10th generation Intel Quad-Core i5-10210U processor.

In addition, it comes with 12GB DDR4 and a whopping 1TB HDD.

Now, there’s no task you can’t achieve with this powerful combination.

From heavy computing to multitasking, gaming, entertainment.

Also, there’s more than enough space for all your documents, images and files.

In addition to that, it has decent port options that you can use in connecting to external devices.

You have 1 x HDMI, 1 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.1, 1 x SD media card reader,  1 x RJ45, 1 x headphone/microphone combo, etc.


It weighs 5lbs.


The battery is expected to last you up to 8hrs which is okay for your days’ work.


  • Sleek and portable design
  • Beautiful backlit keyboard
  • Gorgeous 17inch screen
  • Massive storage space
  • Fast processor


  • Less-than-perfect display resolution.

Click the image above to buy on Amazon.

5. Lenovo IdeaPad L340 Thin Gaming Laptop

best 17 inch laptop with backlit keyboardYet another gaming laptop, Lenovo L340 Thin Gaming laptop does a lot more than gaming.

It has amazing productivity features you’d find very exciting.

Hence, it’s one of the best 17 inch laptops with backlit keyboard.


We absolutely love the design of the IdeaPad because it’s both beautiful and functional.

Firstly, it comes in a very sleek, stylish and compact chassis with a thin profile.

Secondly, the chassis/lid and keyboard deck come in an exciting simulation of brushed metal which looks really cool.

Furthermore, you can flip the laptop to an angle of 180degree to lay it flat in a notebook fashion.

This enables you to share your screen with people around you.


The 17.3″ FHD 1920 x 1080 IPS anti-glare display is stunning.

It comes with 72% colour gamut and 300nits for a beautiful visual experience.

Hence, the colours are sharp and bright.


It features a full-size keyboard with short travel.

Very importantly, it has a single blue but beautiful backlight which makes typing really fun.

Particularly, in the dark.

The keys have sufficient travel and are clicky.

Furthermore, it has a dedicated 10-key numeric pad.

Software / Hardware / Connectivity

Powering the IdeaPad is the 9th generation intel hexa-core i7 processor.

Considering that this is designed primarily for gaming, it has all the power you need to outperform anyone.

Furthermore, it comes with 16GB RAM and a massive 1TB SSD.

What else can be better than this!

In addition, the laptop comes with different modes and settings for gaming and productivity.

When you’re working, you can simply set it on ‘Quiet’ mode and when you decide to unwind with a game or two, you set it at ‘Quick’.

The ‘Quick’ mode gives you a faster performance with super-fast gaming speed.

Furthermore, you have all the ports you need to connect externally.


It weighs 6.13lbs, slightly heavy.


The battery is expected to last you up to 6hrs of use.


  • Beautiful screen with great colour contrasts
  • Great keyboard with backlight
  • Good battery life
  • Versatile design


  • No Thunderbolt/Type-C port.
  • It has no SD card slot.

Tap the image above to buy on Amazon.

6. Premium HP Pavilion Business Laptop

best 17 inch laptop with backlit keyboardYet another HP laptop, the 2020 Premium HP 17 Pavilion Business Laptop is one of the best 17 inch laptops with backlit keyboard in the market.


Typical of HP laptops in this range, this business laptop is sleek and compact with a smooth finish.

It reeks of premium quality in form, which it really is.

Regardless, it’s suitable to be moved about on your daily travels.


It comes equipped with a 17.3″ 1920 x 1080 Full HD Widescreen IPS display.

For a laptop of this capacity, the screen doesn’t disappoint in brightness and colour output.

Also, the screen-to-body ratio is decent.

Hence, you have a satisfying experience.


Furthermore, it’s equipped with the full-size island-style keyboard which is smooth and satisfying to type on.

This is made even more enjoyable with the beautiful backlight.

Hence, you are able to keep up with your productive task anywhere and anytime.

Also, it comes with a numeric keypad but has no fingerprint reader/sensor.

Software / Hardware / Connectivity

HP is equipped with the super-efficient 10th Gen Intel quad-core i5 processor, up to 3.6GHz with the innovative Intel Turbo Boost Technology.

This is supported by 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD and 1TB HDD.

Literally, you have a speed machine on your hands.

The startup is pretty fast as well as the loading of web pages.

In addition to that, you can easily multitask on this beauty without stuttering or lagging.

Also, it’s pre-installed with Windows 10 OS and comes with different port options for connectivity.


Neither the heaviest nor the lightest on this list, HP weighs 5.43lbs.

You can conveniently tote this around, all day long if you have to.


It’s expected to last up to 6hrs of usage.


  • Beautiful design
  • Great keyboard with backlight
  • Efficient processor
  • Good screen


  • No fingerprint sensor/reader

Tap the image above to purchase on Amazon.

7. Sager NP7877DW Laptop

best 17 inch laptop with backlit keyboardLast but not the least, Sager 17.3″ NP7877DW laptop is also one of the best 17 inch laptops with backlit keyboards available in the market.


Typical of most gaming laptops, Sager NP7877DW is pretty rugged with a really good build quality.

Although the design is minimalistic, you get a sense of strong appeal.

In spite of that, it still has a sleek and compact form that’s very attractive.


It features a 17.3″ Full HD 1920 x 1080 screen.

Colours pop brilliantly to give you a satisfying visual experience.

Furthermore, the wide-angle view offers a more immersive experience because you’re able to completely enjoy your screen from any angle without missing any detail.


The single-zone multi-colour backlit keyboard is both beautiful and functional.

You do not have to worry about delaying your typing tasks when you find yourself in dimly-lit environments.

Besides, the keys are responsive and smooth.

Also, the trackpad works well and responds to taps.

Software / Hardware / Connectivity

Furthermore, it’s equipped with 10th generation Intel Core i7 8-core processor.

Also, it comes with 16GB RAM and 500GB SSD.

Sager is pretty fast and seldom crashes, from users reviews.

However, the CPU tends to warm up when running games intensely on it.

Although the fans would kick in to compensate, this doesn’t appear to be the case with less-intense productive work tasks.

Therefore, there’s really nothing to worry about.

To increase your productivity, you have Windows 10 OS to help you along.

In addition, there’s no shortage of ports for connectivity with the HDMI, Bluetooth,


It weighs 5.51lbs.


You get up to 5hrs battery life.


  • Decent keyboard with backlight
  • Beautiful screen
  • Fast processor
  • Good RAM and storage


  • Tends to warm up while gaming.

Tap the image above to purchase on Amazon.

Conclusion -Best 17 Inch Laptop With Backlit Keyboard

Considering that backlit keyboards are not readily available on 17 inch laptops except for a few, the seven high-performance laptops featured here are the best 17 inch laptops with backlit keyboard you’d get anywhere else.

Click this link to purchase LG Gram 17″ WQXGA Ultra-Lightweight Laptop

You wouldn’t want to miss it as it comes highly recommended as the best 17 inch laptop with backlit keyboard.