Best 24 Inch 1080p TV

Best 24 Inch 1080p TV
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Have you been wondering the top best of 24 inches 1080p TV you could fit into a small space? Fortunately for you, our utmost priority is to provide you with the Best 24 Inch 1080p TV money can buy. Here we have 7 TVs that fit this description. Out of the 7, the SAMSUNG M5 Series 24-Inch FHD 1080p stands out as the best of all.

Comparison Table For The Best 24 Inch 1080p TV

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5VIZIO 24-inch D-Series Full HD 1080p Smart TVSCREEN RESOLUTION:FULL HD

6Hitachi 24-Inch LE24K308/318 60Hz Full HD 1080p LED TVSCREEN RESOLUTION:FULL HD

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What Makes A Good 24 Inch 1080p TV

You might be thinking that getting a portable 24-inch full HD TV would be difficult because most TVs with impressive displays tend to come in larger sizes.

Well, the good news is that it’s possible to get a good 24 inches full HD TV, and when you do get it to buy, there are several benefits you’ll enjoy.

Firstly, a 24 inch 1080p TV will allow you to enjoy a high-quality display at an affordable price.

Also, a 24 inch TV will fit into any small space easily.

So, if you have limited space to fit in your furniture, a small-sized TV like this is best for you. 

Additionally, if you’re fortunate to get a 24 inch 1080p Smart TV, there are certain privileges you will enjoy.

For instance, most smart TVs come with built-in Wi-Fi technology and compatible streaming channels like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Britbox, Freeview Play, etc.

Consequently, giving you access to dozens of entertaining TV shows/dramas across these platforms and via internet access.

You can also connect to the internet to install apps, view different content, play games, and stream online.

Despite all these benefits, there are some essential factors that make a good 24 inches smart full HD TV.

You would want to keep these factors in mind as you decide on a good TV to buy.

This is so you can get the best.

Above all, the screen resolution, refresh rate, HDMI, contrast ratio, and HDR are the features you need to look out for.

Now let’s consider each of these features in detail.

Screen Resolution

The 24 inch TV we would be discussing here comes in Full High Definition 1080 Pixels.

In a word, the screen resolution with 1080pixels means high resolution.

This resolution makes images on the screen appear clearer and sharper.

However, the higher the TV’s resolution, the better display quality.

Above all, the resolution is the number of pixels that make up the pictures on a TV  screen.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate gives the total number of images displayed on a screen per second, and it is measured in Hertz, represented by the acronym Hz.

However, most of the 24inch TVs come with 60Hz or 120Hz.

The 60Hz refresh rate is good, but 120Hz will deliver a more impressive pictures display.

Above all, you can still enjoy impressive clarity and response time from your 24 inches smart TV, all thanks to the 6o Hz refresh rate it features.

HDMI and Connectivity

The HDMI means a high-definition multimedia interface that provides excellent visuals and sound across multiple devices.

An HDMI connector plays the role of a standard interface for connecting to audio-visual devices.

The HDMI carries audio and visual signals into a single connection.

In other words, instead of having to plug in different cables (audio and video) into one device, it allows a single connector (the HDMI) to transmit the audio and visual signals from one device to another.

Besides the HDMI port for connectivity, it’s also essential that the TV offers the following connectivity options; USB port, Bluetooth, audio jack, RCA, and  Audio output.

Most of these USB ports can be used differently, like adding are a soundbar, a Roku or Chromecast Firestick, and a game console.

In conclusion, these connectivity ports are optional, and it all depends on what you want to use the TV for.


You might have seen this term, but you don’t know what it means and its importance in TVs.

HDR means the High Dynamic Range.

Before the explanation, one essential thing to point out is that HDR can affect your viewing experience on the TV’s screen.

The same applies to phones.

Now, what HDR does is that it boost image quality- increasing the brightness of the images and the contrast ratio.

Fortunately, this feature is available on most TVs- low-end or high-end.

However, the performance might differ based on the price point of the TV.

Overall, HDR boosts the contrast ratio and color accuracy in images to make them appear more life-like.

 And with this, we conclude the essential features to look out for in the best 24 Inch 1080p TV.

Now, let’s discuss our top 7 TVs 

Top 7 Best 24 Inch 1080p TVs

1. SAMSUNG M5 Series 24-Inch FHD 1080p

The Samsung M5 series takes the top spot as the Best 24 Inch 1080p TV.

It even has features similar to a bigger TV.  


The SAMSUNG M5 TV got the best of all by providing the best 24inch with a resolution of 1080pixels, which delivers high definition clarity images to the screen.

Furthermore, this TV measures 9.1 x 9.4 x 164 inches and weighs 6.4 pounds.

Also, the TV features an LED display type that delivers remarkable images.

Furthermore, it features a 60Hz refresh rate to deliver fast loading time of images on the screen.

Then for connectivity, it comes with 1 HDMI port, USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi feature allows you to connect to your home Wi-Fi network and stream audio/video content on your TV.

Hence, you can stream Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube HBO, etc., over a wireless network.

This TV has a built-in speaker and also comes with wireless remote control 

Additionally, the TV can serve multipurpose.

It is suitable for both entertainment and work purposes.

Specifically, you can also use this as a personal computer for working with Microsoft 365, viewing and editing documents.

Finally, this Samsung TV can be mounted on the wall or placed on a tabletop.


  • Built-in speakers.
  • Multiple functions.
  • Support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Impressive crisp.


  • Lacks in-built subwoofer

Buy the SAMSUNG M5 Series, 24-Inch FHD 1080p on Amazon by clicking on the image above.

2. VIZIO 24-inch D-Series BEST 24INCH TV

The VIZIO 24 is also another full HD TV that allows you to enjoy impressive pictures.


This TV 6.07pounds and measures 21.82 x 6.22 x 14.85 inches.

As expected, this also has a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

So you can rest assured that images will load fast and deliver an impressive viewing experience.

Furthermore, it comes with HDMI, USB, video input, headphone output ports for connectivity.

It also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity.

The VIZIO 24-inch TV is compatible with different streaming platforms such as; Netflix, Peacock, Redbox, Hulu, Vudu, WatchFree, Apple TV+, Disney+, YouTube TV, IHeart Radio, etc.

Even more, it is integrated with the Chromecast feature- a feature that allows you to stream from your android or iOS device and mirror it on your TV’s screen.

It also comes with special features such as a Full-Array LED Backlighting screen and voice control.

Then, you can mount it on a wall using a VESA 200mm x 100mm wall mount.

Alternatively, you can place it on a table top- whichever works best for you.


  • Impressive picture quality.
  •  High-speed wireless.
  • It is affordable.
  • It’s an Andriod smart TV.


  • Lack Bluetooth.
  • Poor sound quality.

Buy the VIZIO 24-inch D-Series, on Amazon by clicking on the image above.

3. Jensen 24″ LED Television


The Jensen 24″ LED TV  measures 25 x 10 x 19 inches and weighs 14 pounds, making it a very small TV.

With the size of this TV, you can place it in the kitchen, shop, office, or your living room for relaxation while you can still carry out your daily duty.

In addition to that, it comes with different connectivity ports that’ll allow you to link other devices to this television.

It includes 1 HDMI and USB, VGA, AV input, audio output for the digital audio, and headphone jack.

Even more, the TV has an Integrated HDTV (ATSC) Tuner which means (Advanced Television Systems Committee)

The HDTV tuner locates and draws signals from local television channels in your area via an RF antenna for accessing satellite.

The Jensen 24 TV can be mounted on a wall via a VESA 100mm x 100mm mounting bracket.

In conclusion, the Jensen 24inch TV features an LCD panel with a 16:9 aspect ratio and delivers 16.7 million colors.


  • Energy efficient
  • Less expensive
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Lightweight


  • It lacks Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Buy the Jensen 24″ LED Television on Amazon by clicking on the image link above.

4. Supersonic SC-2411 24″ LED 1080p

The SC-2411 24 brings you great features and delivers excellent pictures quality.


This TV measures 1.3 x 23 x 14.5 inches and weighs 9.00 pounds.

With such dimension, this is perfect for a small living room or kitchen.

Furthermore, it sports a refresh rate of 60Hz and a contrast ratio of 1000:1 to deliver an impressive picture display with rich colors.

The SC-2411 24 TV features VGA, USB, HDMI, and AC connectivity options.

For example, the features allow you to browse freely and access thousands of channels with different apps.

The apps include Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, etc.

Additionally, The features of this TV still give more access to use as a monitor by connecting the HDMI cable and making the right choice.

In conclusion, SC-2411 24 is a kind of TV that will add more value to the living room or kitchen, with its nice bezel design.


  • It offers HDMI connectivity
  • Clearer pictures quality
  • It is affordable
  • Strong built-in
  • Lightweight


  • lacks Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Buy the Supersonic SC-2411 24″ LED 1080p Amazon by clicking on the image above.

5. Sceptre 24″ FHD 1080P LED TV

The Sceptre TV delivers pleasant colors and brilliant pictures.


It comes with a refresh rate of 60Hz.

This model measures 49.3 x 3.7 x 28.7 inches and weighs 5.39 pounds- this means it is well-fitted for small spaces.

For connectivity, it comes with MHL, USB, and  HDMI ports.

The HDMI serves for high-definition video and audio input.

On the other hand, the MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) acts as a link between your smart device and the TV- turning your smart device into a remote control.

Via the MHL, you can mirror your smartphone to the TV’s screen to access your multimedia files like movies, TV shows, and music.

Likewise, the MHL also charges your device simultaneously.

Furthermore, you can access your multimedia files from a device or flash drive from your TV’s screen via the USB port.

Lastly, you can mount this TV on a wall via a compatible wall mount.


  • Impressive quality picture
  • Lightweight


  • Not a smart TV.
  • Poor sound quality.

Buy the Sceptre 24″ FHD 1080P LED TV on Amazon by clicking on the image above.

6. Axess TVD1805-24 24-Inch 1080p LED HD TV

Thanks to its full HD screen resolution, the Axess TVD1805-24 offers fantastic visuals for viewing pleasure.


It is a 24-inch LED TV that is most used in small kitchens or living rooms.

It also comes with a built-in DVD player.

Even more, the TVD1805-24 TV has an impressive contrast ratio of 3000:1  and a refresh rate of 120Hz.

Furthermore, it measures 7 x 25 x 8 inches and weighs 8.7 pounds.

This Axess TVD1805-24 comes with VGA, HDMI, SD, and USB input ports.

Each of these ports performs different functions.

For example, the VGA stands for Video Graphics Array.

It is a cable device used to send video signals.

The USB is used to connect a device to another device to access or transfer data.

On the other hand, the Micro SD card is a very small device mostly used as internal storage.

Finally, the Axess TVD1805 is Wall-mountable using a VESA of standard 200mm x 100mm mounting bracket.


  • Offers HDMI connectivity
  • Noise reduction feature
  • TV/DVD combo


  • Lacks Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Buy the Axess TVD1805-24 24-Inch 1080p LED HD TV on Amazon by clicking on the image above.

7.Hitachi 24-Inch LE24K308/318 60Hz Full HD 1080p LED TV

The Hitachi 24-Inch full HDTV wraps up our list.


This TV LED displays sharp contrast of 3000:1 images on the TV screen, with a refresh rate of 60Hz.

The Hitachi 24-Inch TV measures ‎24 x 17.3 x 4.3 inches and measures ‎9 pounds.

Also, it features 1 HDMI, 1 USB, component input, and a VGA port.

The VGA port can turn this into a monitor.

This TV is  Wall-mountable with a 200mm x 100mm Vesa wall mount.

In conclusion, the Hitachi 24-Inch LE24K308/318 is a multipurpose TV that offers an impressive display.


  • Excellent pictures display
  • Lightweight
  • Strong build
  • Impressive contrast ratio


  • Lacks Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Poor sound.

Buy the Hitachi 24-Inch LE24K308/318 24-Inch 1080p LED HD TV on Amazon by clicking on the image above.

Final Verdict On The Best 24 Inch 1080p TV 

We’ve given you 7 options to pick from.

So it’s up to you to pick the one that suits your preference.

However, we do recommend that you go with the SAMSUNG M5 Series 24-Inch FHD 1080p – which is the best 24 inch 1080p TV, in our opinion.

Click the link above to buy it on Amazon.