Best 2in1 Laptop Under 400

best 2in1 laptop under 400
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2in1 laptops are becoming increasingly popular because of the flexibility they offer.  If you’re planning to buy one, we have researched and found out that the best 2in1 laptop under 400 USD is the Acer Chromebook Spin Convertible laptop available from this link.

Having a 2in1 laptop means you can seamlessly convert your laptop into a tablet, and vice versa.

The truth is, nobody wants or needs to buy a laptop and tablet separately when they can have both in one package.

Moreso, 2in1 laptops provide an excellent alternative to traditional laptops.

Also, they are great options for small businesses and students.

Literally, everybody can afford to buy one a convertible laptop but not everybody might get a great one at a price below 400USD.

If you need to buy the best 2in1 laptop under 400 USD, we created this review just for you.

Best 2in1 laptop under 400 USD

Comparison table of the best 2in1 laptops under 400 USD.

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1Acer Chromebook Convertible LaptopProcessor: Intel Dual-Core N3350
Display size: 11.6"
Hard Disk: 32GB
Operating System: Google Chrome
Weight: 2.76 lbs
Battery life: 10hrs
2BMAX 2in1 LaptopProcessor: Intel Quad-Core Celeron
Display size: 11.6"
Hard Disk: 256GB
Operating System: Windows 10
Weight: 2.2lbs
Battery life: 5hrs
3Lenovo 300e 2in1 LaptopProcessor: Intel Celeron Quad-Core N3450
Display size: 11.6"
Hard Disk: 64GB eMMC
Operating System: Windows 10
Weight: 3.2lbs
Battery life: Up to 8hrs
4Jumper x1 2in1 LaptopProcessor: Intel Core i3
Display size: 11.6"
Hard Disk: 128GB
Operating System: Windows 10
Weight: 2.3lbs
Battery life: 6hrs
5Lenovo Chromebook Duet LaptopProcessor: MediaTek Helio P60T
Display size: 10.1"
Hard Disk: 64GB
Operating System: Windows 10
Weight: 2.03 lbs
Battery life: 10hrs
6Dell Inspiron 2in1 LaptopProcessor: Intel AMD A6-9220e
Display size: 11.6"
Hard Disk: 32GB
Operating System: Windows 10
Weight: 2.66 lbs
Battery life: 6hrs
7XIDU Philbook Max 2in1 LaptopProcessor: Intel x7-E3950
Display size: 14.1"
Hard Disk: 128GB
Operating System: Windows 10
Weight: 2.45lbs
Battery life: 6hrs

1. Acer Chromebook Convertible Laptop -Best 2in1 Laptop Under 400 USD

best 2in1 laptop under 400Acer Chromebook 2in1 laptop is the best 2in1 laptop under 400 USD, from our research.

You can take our word for it.

Firstly, everybody loves convenience.

And luxury, on a tight budget.

Acer Chromebook offers you all of that and more.


The laptop is beautiful in design.

Also, it’s flexible/convertible as the name implies.

This means you can use the laptop in four different modes which are the Notebook, Display, Tent or Tablet modes.

Moreso, this is possible due to the flexible and versatile 360degree hinge.

Hence, it allows you to rotate and flip to any mode easily.


Furthermore, it comes with an 11.6 inch, 1366 x 768 HD 10-point multi-touch display screen.

Also, the touchscreen makes it easy for you to speedily swipe, browse, arrange and edit all with your fingertips.

For a mini laptop, the image details and colours are sharp and clear.

In addition, it has an in-built 88degree wide-angle view Webcam.

Because it supports HDR imaging, you don’t miss out on all the details in your fun hangouts with buddies or video conferencing with colleagues.


Furthermore, the keyboard is responsive and smooth in use.

The travel time is typical of mini laptops.

Also, it comes with LED backlight.

Software / Connectivity

Typical of many Chromebooks, Acer 2in1 laptop runs on Google Chrome OS.

One more beautiful thing about the laptop is the fact that it comes with pre-installed anti-virus protection.

Hence, you have peace of mind knowing that you’re protected all day long from attacks at no extra cost to you.

Furthermore, it runs on Intel Celeron Dual-Core N3350 processor with 4GB DDR4 and 32GB eMMC.

Hence, your basic processes are completed in record time.

However, there may be system lag if you attempt multitasking or opening several tabs at the same time.

Also,the latest 802.11ac WiFi MIMO technology ensures that you enjoy quick internet connections, smooth streaming and super-fast downloads.

In addition to that, you have a wide array of port options including 2 x USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 1 port.


There’s nothing better than going a whole day without worrying about where or how to plug in your laptop.

With up to 10 hours battery time, you’re safe from fear of interruptions.


Acer Chromebook is really light and portable at 2.76 lbs.

This makes it so easy to keep up with your busy lifestyle.


  • Small and Portable
  • Durable
  • Long battery life


  • It cannot handle multitasking well.

You won’t find any other budget laptop as good as the Acer Chromebook. It’s indeed the best 2in1 laptop under 400 USD.

Go ahead and click on the image above to buy on Amazon.

2. BMAX 2in1 Convertible Laptop

best 2in1 laptop under 400Next on our list is the cute BMAX 2in1 Convertible laptop. It’s one of the best 2in1 laptops under 400 USD.

To begin with, BMAX is a beauty to look at.


BMAX Y11 2in1 laptop comes in a cute, slim design.

The metallic case is pleasant to handle, almost like a luxury laptop.

If you’re a student or highly mobile executive, you’ll love this BMAX Y11 convertible laptop.

As with other convertible laptops, you can use it in different modes, depending on your preference.

Whether as a display, tablet or laptop, the hinges are sturdy and flexible enough to support you.

The only downside to this thin profile is the fact that it comes only with micro-USB and micro-HDMI.


Furthermore, the 11.6″ 1920 x 1080 IPS FHD Glossy Multi-touch display screen is super-sharp and reasonably bright.

Everybody loves bright, clear and crisp images and graphics and that’s what you get on this laptop.

In addition, the bezels are narrow at the top and sides. This enables maximum screen experience.


The keyboard is smooth and has a great feel, despite its size.

Furthermore, the keys on the keyboard are evenly spaced out and they have great travel.

Also, it has a sensitive trackpad which is precise and very smooth.

However, the keys come in a silvery colour.

This can pose a visibility challenge in bright environments.

The backlight helps greatly with solving this challenge to a large extent.

Software / Connectivity

BMAX 2in1 laptop comes pre-loaded with Windows 10 64-bit OS.

You may have to uninstall this and re-install because it comes with a lot of bloatware which can become bothersome.

Also, it runs on 8th Generation Intel Quad-Core Gemini Lake N4120 processor.

With 8GB DDR4 and 256GB storage, you can’t get it better or cheaper anywhere else.

The speed is impressive, almost like a premium laptop.

Nonetheless, you should stick to basic operations/processes and nothing too intense like heavy gaming activities.

It also comes with 1 x USB-C port which doubles as the charging port.

However, you should consider getting a dongle or USB-C hub to make connectivity easier for you.


It lasts up to 8hours, on average.

You must bear in mind that this depends on the level of brightness.


At 2.2 lbs, it’s extremely light and portable.

You can throw this laptop in your bag, carry it around all day without feeling weighed down.


  • Slim profile
  • Very affordable
  • Portable and light
  • Good battery life
  • Great keyboard and trackpad
  • Clean and responsive screen


  • It comes with bloatware
  • Limited ports

BMAX Y11 laptop is an excellent value for money and is one of the best 2in1 laptops under 400 USD.

Click on the image above to buy yours.

3. New Lenovo 300e 2in1 Business Laptop

best 2in1 laptop under 400If you need to get yourself the best 2in1 laptop under 400 USD, then you should totally consider the Lenovo 2in1 business laptop.

It’s one of our favourites.

With well over 430 ratings, it really deserves to be considered as one of the best 2in1 laptops under 400 USD.


Lenovo 300e is compact and strong for its size and price.

In fact, it feels sturdy enough to withstand and survive daily wear and tears without showing any trace of it.

It’s mostly made of plastic but the manufacturer did a really fantastic job there because it doesn’t feel plastic or inferior.


The 11.6″ 1366 x 768 IPS Touchscreen LED display comes with Intel HD Graphics 500 integrated.

The hinges hold the laptop firmly in place with just the right amount of grip.

It’s common knowledge that slim bezels are great design strategy to get the most out of laptop screens.

However, the wide bezel around the screen of this laptop takes the shine off the design, a little bit.


The keyboard is firm, smooth and responsive with enough travel.

Software / Connectivity

It comes with Intel Quad-Core Celeron N3450 processor.

You should not expect too much from this laptop with respect to speed although it performs better than most in its league.

Also, it will deliver on all performance score but don’t expect it to handle heavy gaming activities.

Therefore, it’s better to limit it to word processing, surfing, light graphics activities, etc.

The laptop comes preinstalled with Windows 10 in S mode.

If this doesn’t suit your needs, you can easily uninstall and install your preferred OS.

It comes with 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC storage.


It has a reasonably long battery life of up to 8hours.


At 3.19 lbs, it’s slightly heavier than the earlier listed laptops.


  • Affordable
  • Compact/portable
  • Good battery
  • Responsive screen


  • No backlit
  • Bezel too wide

It’s one of the budget laptops with the most positive reviews, hence, you can rest assured that this is one of the best 2in1 laptops under 400 USD.

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4. Jumper EZbook 2in1 Laptop

best 2in1 laptop under 400Jumper 2in1 laptop comes highly recommended as one of the best 2in1 laptops under 400 USD.


It’s sleek and beautiful to look at.

You’d think it’s more expensive than the actual cost.

The thought that went into the design is immediately visible at first glance.

Furthermore, it has smooth, firm and solid hinges.

Hence, you can smoothly transform it into any mode you desire such as tent, laptop, tablet or display mode.


The 11.6″ 1920 x 1080 HD display gives vibrant life to your images and videos.

Also, you can flip it 360 degrees.


It has a great keyboard with a good feel and the touchscreen is pretty responsive.

There’s however no backlight.

Software / Connectivity

It comes with Intel Celeron 3865U processor.

This ensures relatively fast processing for your basic tasks.

Heavy users complain about slow processor speed.

However, this is not a problem for basic users who only needs to do basic word processing, emailing, light entertainment, streaming, Netflixing etc.

If you’re heavy on graphics and gaming activities, you may want to go for a laptop with faster processing speed.

Also, it comes with a USB-C for charging, data transfer and display.

Furthermore, it has 6GB RAM and an expandable 128GB SSD.

It also comes with basic Microsoft apps, Windows 10 and Windows defender installed.

Besides these two, there’s no other pre-installed app or bloatware.


With an average battery life of 6 hours, you can go nearly a whole day without plugging it in.


It’s light in weight at 2.3 lbs.


  • Affordable
  • Good keyboard
  • Lightweight and portable
  • No bloatware
  • Fast for normal use


  • Unsuitable for heavy activities

Considering that there are limited decent alternatives for the size and price point, Jumper has it good with this 2in1 laptop.

You’d want to consider it as an option because it’s really one of the best 2in1 laptops under 400 USD.

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5. Lenovo IdeaPad Chromebook Duet Laptop

Yet another Lenovo on our list, the Ideapad Chromebook Duet is one of the best 2in1 laptops under 400 USD.

Like other Chromebooks, this convertible laptop is very suitable for simple business operations.

It’s also a perfect fit for students.

It offers a great balance between a conventional laptop and a tablet, all at a great price.


It’s portable and reasonably slim in design.

Also, it’s sturdy and strong with a dual-tone aluminium alloy design.

This gives it a unique look and feel.

It also comes with a kickstand cover with a unique fabric design.


The 10.1″ FD 1920 x 1200 IPS display has brilliant colour details.

It is also compatible with USI pen.

However, you’d have to shell out some more money for the pen because it is sold separately.


It has a detachable but tiny keyboard.

This is a unique feature that supports the seamless transition from laptop to tablet.

The keyboard is plug and play.

This means the installation is straightforward and simple and you’d require no help to detach or fix it back.

This is because the kickstand cover and detachable keyboard are attached to the laptop through a magnet.

Both can easily come apart while in use.

Software / Connectivity

It comes with a MediaTek Helio P60T processor 2GHz, 8 cores and 8 threads.

The speed may not be as fast as other laptops but still fast enough for your basic operations.

Also, it has 4GB RAM and 64GB eMMC storage capacity.

Furthermore, the USB-C port is sufficient for your basic connectivity.


The impressive battery life is probably the best feature of Lenovo Ideapad Chromebook.

You’ll get more than 10 hours of active use from it.


Lenovo Ideapad Chromebook is super-light at 0.99 lbs, without the keyboard.

Therefore, it’s so easy to take the laptop with you, anywhere you go.

The keyboard separately weighs 2.03 lbs but you do not need to attach this everywhere you go.


  • Portable and light
  • Long battery life
  • Affordable
  • More software options


  • Light processor
  • Stand and keyboard can come apart while in use
  • Pen sold separately

As one of the best 2in1 laptops under 400 USD, Lenovo Ideapad is a great alternative.

Especially if you need great performance on a tight budget.

Click on the image above to buy on Amazon.

6. Dell Inspiron 2in1 Laptop

best 2in1 laptop under 400Another great option on our list is the Dell Inspiron 2in1 laptop. Dell is one of the reliable laptop brands around.

It’s not surprising the 2in1 laptop made it to our list as one of the best 2in1 laptops under 400 USD.


The design is simple and decent for the price point.


It has an 11.6″ HD LED touchscreen 1366 x 768 which supports 10-finger multiple touches.

The hinges are solid and even after closing multiple times, they don’t lose their firmness.


It comes with a decent keyboard.

Software / Connectivity

It runs on the fairly powerful Intel AMD A6-9220e 1.6GHz (up to 2.4GHz) processor.

Also, it comes pre-installed with Windows 10 Home.

Furthermore, the RAM capacity of 4GB and 32GB SSD ensures only your basic multitasking and storage needs are well taken care of.

Because of the limited disk space, you may have to consider storing your files in third-party applications such as the cloud.

You also have a MicroSD card reader as part of the features of this laptop.


The battery would take you through most of your workday or Funtime at 5 hours, but be sure to stay close to a charging outlet.


The Dell Inspiron 2in1 laptop is heavier than most but still fairly light 3.31lbs.


  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Compact


  • Average battery life.
  • Low memory & storage

7. XIDU Philbook 2in1 Convertible Laptop

best 2in1 laptop under 400Although an emerging brand, XIDU got it right with the Philbook 2in1 convertible laptop.

For its unique design and performance, it’s a great value for money.

Hence, its chosen as one of the best 2in1 laptops under 400 USD.


Its body is mostly plastic but has brushed metal edges.

In spite of this, it doesn’t look or feel plastic.

Smooth and sleek, you’ll enjoy holding and working on this laptop.

Generally, it appears great and sturdy.


The 14.1″ Nanoedge FHD touchscreen offers an immersive visual experience with its narrow bezels.

Furthermore, it comes with the IPS technology which supports multi-touch.

This offers you a wide viewing angle, offering you a more enjoyable experience.

The 2in1 convertible design makes it a great choice for highly mobile users.


The keyboard is smooth.

It also comes with backlight, which ensures you can work in the dark with sufficient visibility.

In addition, the trackpad is responsive with a beautiful matte finish.

However, this could get shiny and show smears/smudges easily.

It’s not a major challenge (if any at all) and you’d easily get around this by wiping as you smear.

Software / Connectivity

It comes with 2 x USB 3.0 ports, mini-HDMI port and a DC port.

This laptop runs on Intel e-3950 Quad-Core processor, has 6GB RAM and 128GB SSD which is impressive.


You get up to 6 hours battery life.


It’s light at 2.45lbs.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Affordable


  • Trackpad matte finish prone to smears

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Conclusion  on The Best 2in1 Laptop Under 400 USD

Considering the design and performance specifications of the 7 laptops featured, the best 2in1 laptop under 400 USD still remains Acer Chromebook Spin Convertible laptop available from this link.