Best 33 inch Wide Refrigerator

Best 33 inch wide Refrigerator
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So you want the best 33 inch wide refrigerator out there. I can say without a doubt that the Kenmore 71219 is our number one pick for this size of refrigerators.

Having the right size of refrigerator for the space available is a factor that should be highly considered by refrigerator buyers.

Most times, we walk into a store or go online with an estimated measurement of the space at home.

This is however a bad idea because if it goes wrong, it can be quite an inconvenience.

It is catastrophic if the company doesn’t accept refunds.

Imagine the stress of buying something that would make you rearrange the whole house just to fit it in.

No appliance is worth that stress and it can be avoided with a little more planning.

This is why knowing the measurement of the space available for the refrigerator is super important.

Comparison Table of the Best 33 Inch Wide Refrigerator

Here are the top 7 contenders for the best 33 inch wide refrigerator.

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1Kenmore 71219 21 cu. ft. Top-Freezer RefrigeratorDIMENSION 33.8" X 32.87" X 66.1"
CAPACITY 20.84 pounds
2Daewoo RTE21GSSMD Top Mount RefrigeratorDIMENSION 33.38" X 32.75" X 69.75"
CAPACITY 24.2 pounds
3Frigidaire FFSS2615TS 36 Inch RefrigeratorDIMENSION 33.9" X 32.87" X 66.65"
CAPACITY 20.84 pounds
4Kenmore 4673139 French Door Bottom Freezer RefrigeratorDIMENSION 36" X 34" X 70"
CAPACITY 26.8 pounds
5Frigidaire FFHB2750TS 36 Inch French Door RefrigeratorDIMENSION 36" X 32" X 70"
CAPACITY 25.5 pounds
6Frigidaire FFSS2315TE 33 Inch RefrigeratorDIMENSION 32" X 33" X 69.5"
CAPACITY 22.1 pounds
7Daewoo RTE21GSWMD Top Mount RefrigeratorDIMENSION 33.9" X 32.87" X 66.65"
CAPACITY 20.8 pounds

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Best 33 Inch Wide Refrigerator

These are the things you should consider when trying to decide which 33 inch wide refrigerator to go for.

Type of Refrigerator

You will find that almost all refrigerators will have one or two models fitting into your 33” wide category.

When faced with this challenge, it is important to weigh your needs and environment as it helps your decision-making process.

Like I said earlier, some of the refrigerators you see will come with freezers while others will not.

You have to ask yourself if you need a freezer or you want one with the full fridge capacity.

How much freezer capacity do you need and in what position is it needed – top or bottom freezer?

These are important questions that help eliminate some of the unwanted options.


So it’s a given that you want a 33 inch wide refrigerator.

However, It is also important to know the height of the refrigerator.

This way you ensure you have sufficient height space for the refrigerator.


It is important to know how much an item weighs as this tells us if it is the best fit for us.

Getting a refrigerator that you can move about might be a better option for you if you stay alone.


It will make no sense to buy a refrigerator that cannot house your groceries and other items.

No matter what the other features are, when buying a new refrigerator, it is important to know the capacity.

If you want a bottom or top freezer refrigerator; then how much fridge and freezer capacity do you want.

At the end of the day, your preferred ratio will be decided by the kind of items you store.

Do you store more fruits, vegetables, and beer or do you preserve raw meat and cooked food?

For refrigerators, the freezer capacity will be smaller, so just go with what seems okay for what you want to store.

Energy Usage

This is another aspect of budgeting when you want to buy a refrigerator.

Your purchase price is not the only cost associated with buying your fridge.

There are also running costs to consider.

This is which is how much you pay while using the refrigerator.

Energy usage and maintenance costs are aspects of this and it is important to consider it.

If you cannot afford the energy the appliance uses, it will probably be switched off half the time.


Different brands and models of refrigerators come with their unique features.

Most of them are equipped with some basic features which makes it even more difficult to decide.

The key to picking out the best for you is to answer the “why do I want it” question.

If it is going to be the main refrigerator in the kitchen then we need good freezer space.

However, if it stays in the room or office then freezer space might not matter much after all.

Knowing the reason behind your desire to get a refrigerator will help you know which features you need to prioritize.

Shelf Type

The shelves of your refrigerator can either be made of glass or steel.

Shelves made of steel are called wire shelves.

They both have their advantages and disadvantages with respect to the other.

So, it is important to just pick what works best for you rather than looking for an overall best.

The wire shelves would last longer as it is harder to break but the problem is their storage capacity.

The wires that make this shelf type have spaces in-between and this causes small items to fall in between the shelves.

The glass type will store any item without fear of falling but the tempered glass does break with force.


It is important to know how much are you willing to spend on the appliance you intend to get.

When this decision is made, you now only need to get the best available appliance that meets your needs at your price range,


It is important to see what people who have used the refrigerator have to say about it.

This tells you if all your consideration and final choice is truly the best option available.

When they reiterate what you already know then you can go ahead to make a purchase.

However, if the reviews are bad then I would suggest you start looking at your plan B.

Add ons

There are so many features to a refrigerator – some are general while others are unique.

They add extra value and increase the worth of the refrigerator amongst their peers.

The energy certification and type of lighting used in the refrigerator are some of them.

Ice makers and water dispensers are now common features of our modern-day refrigerator.

IIf this is what you want, it could be great as you won’t need to buy a water dispenser or icemaker.

The presence of temperature controllers, the auto-defrost ability for the freezer should also be considered.

The auto-defrost ability will help eliminate the gathering of ice and frost in the freezer.

The form factor of the refrigerator tells a lot about its structure and this is important to note.

Some door hinges in newer models are reversible while some are not – reversible door hinges give you an added advantage.

The electrical features like voltage and wattage too should be taken into consideration before making a purchase.

Top 7 contenders for The Best 33 Inch Wide Refrigerator

1. Kenmore 71219 21 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator is the No 1 choice

When we talk about 33 inch wide refrigerators the Kenmore 71219 has to be mentioned first.

Along its width of 32.87 inches, it has a depth of 33.8 inches and a height of 66.1 inches.

It comes with a total capacity of 20.84 cu. ft. which is separated between its fridge and freezer.

The fridge has a total capacity of 15.04 cu. ft while the freezer has a capacity of 5.81 cu. ft.

It has an energy usage and voltage of 1.3 kilowatts per day and 120 volts respectively.

The freezer of this refrigerator can auto-defrost.

This refrigerator has an ice maker with a water line connection type.

The shelf type used for this refrigerator is the glass type which has its advantages over the wire.

It has a total of 4 shelves and is equipped with 3 crisper drawers.

The total weight of 221 pounds suggests that it is a light refrigerator for its dimensions.

Reversible door hinges are one of the many features that make it stand out among the rest.

Other features of this refrigerator are the gallon door bin and temperature controller.


  • Auto-defrost ability
  • Reversible door hinges
  • Ice Maker
  • Temperature Controller
  • Gallon Bin Door


  • High energy usage
  • Low freezer capacity

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2. Daewoo RTE21GSSMD Top Mount Refrigerator

This refrigerator has its depth, width, and height as 33.9” X 32.75” X 69.75” respectively.

It weighs 254 pounds and has a total capacity of about 20.84 cu. ft.

The capacity is separated into the fridge and refrigerator at a ratio of 15.04 cu. ft. to 5.8 cu. ft.

It is equipped with a humidity-controlled and temperature-controlled crisper drawer.

The shelf type in use here is the wire type which lasts longer than the glass shelves.

However, because of the space between the bars – it is hard to store small items on the shelves here.

It also has an ice maker and the interior is equipped with LED lighting.

This model is a top freezer refrigerator.


  • High capacity
  • Ice Maker
  • LED Lighting


  • No reversible door hinges

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3. Frigidaire FFSS2615TS 36 Inch (Height) Side by Side Refrigerator

This 33 inch wide refrigerator comes with just a fridge (no freezer available).

The refrigerator comes with a measurement of 36 X 32 X 70 and weighs 293 pounds.

It comes with an ice maker, a temperature controller, and humidity-controlled crispers and drawers.

The shelves used here are wire shelves which are more durable although they don’t store small objects well.

Its French double door form factor increases the capacity with the presence of trays and bins on the door.


  • Temperature Controller
  • Ice maker available
  • Durable Wire Shelves
  • Double Doors mean increased storage due to Trays and Bins


  • No freezer
  • No reversible door hinges

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4. Kenmore 4673139 Wide French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Dispenser

The Kenmore 4673139 is a very popular French double door bottom freezer refrigerator.

Being a French double door refrigerator means the door hinge is not reversible.

Its total capacity is quite high at 24.2 cu. ft. which is shared between the fridge and freezer.

The Kenmore 33 inch wide refrigerator also comes with a water dispenser.

It has a width of 32.75 inches, a depth of 35.38 inches, and its height measures 69.75 inches.

The freezer comes with a drawer-type door which makes it easy to add and remove items.

This refrigerator is equipped with LED lighting and comes with an ice maker.

The freezer has a high total capacity of 8.7 cu. ft. and the fridge has a capacity of 15.5 cu. ft.

Its exterior is made up fundamentally of stainless steel.

The shelves used in the bottom freezer refrigerator is the wire type.


  • Water Dispenser
  • High door capacity with French double doors
  • High freezer capacity


  • High energy consumption

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5. Frigidaire FFHB2750TS 36 Inch French Door Refrigerator

This is another French double door bottom freezer refrigerator with a very high total capacity.

Its total capacity of 26.8 cu. ft. is divided unevenly between the fridge and freezer.

The fridge has a capacity of 18.1 cu. ft. and the freezer has a capacity of 8.7 cu. ft.

The storage capacity in the fridge, will be increased when the door storage capacity is added.

It has a depth of 36 inches, a width of 34 inches, and a height of 70 inches.

The weight of the Frigidaire FFHB2750TS was measured to be 366 pounds.

It operates at a voltage of 120 volts and is equipped with a temperature controller.

Other features of this refrigerator include; a gallon door bin and LED lighting.

It has a humidity-controlled crisper drawer and a temperature controller.

The shelves are glass shelves – they store items regardless of size but are less durable compared to the wire type.

This bottom freezer refrigerator has four removable shelves and two drawers.


  • High capacity
  • Very quiet
  • Gallon Bin
  • Temperature Controller


  • No ice maker
  • No auto-defrost function

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6. Frigidaire FFSS2315TE 33 Inch Freestanding Side by Side Refrigerator

This 33 inch wide refrigerator has no freezer and has a total capacity of 22.1 cu. ft.

This side by side refrigerator has a depth of 32”, a width of 33” and a height of 69.5”.

Frigidaire FFSS2315TE is equipped with wire shelves rather than the glass shelves.

It has a LED lighting system and a gallon door bin.

It also has a pre-installed ice maker and a water dispenser.


  • Larger door storage capacity
  • Ice Maker
  • Water Dispenser


  • Low total capacity
  • No freezer available
  • Wire shelves cannot hold small items

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7. Daewoo RTE21GSWMD Top Mount Refrigerator

Daewoo RTE21GSWMD is a top freezer refrigerator with a weight of 254 pounds.

The dimensions of this refrigerator is 33.9 inches by 32.87 inches by 66.65 inches.

It has a total capacity of 20.8 cu. ft. and this is shared between your fridge and freezer.

The freezer has a total capacity of 5.8 cu. ft. while the fridge has a capacity of 15.04 cu. ft.

With seven crisper drawers and three shelves, it boasts of a very high organization level.

The crisper drawers are humidity-controlled while the shelves are made of glass.

It has the retro type of doors with hinges that are not reversible even as they are not French doors.

However, you will find that the refrigerator is also equipped with temperature controllers and an ice maker.


  • Many drawers give you better refrigerator sections
  • ice maker available


  • No reversible door hinges
  • No auto-defrost for the freezer

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Conclusion on the Best 33 Inch Wide Refrigerator

When your main concern is how wide a refrigerator is, it means you are considering the important things.

As it is unwise to buy the best refrigerator on Amazon when you don’t have the space to put it.

Even after you eliminate some options based on available space, there is still a lot you need to consider.

Some refrigerators come with freezers and some do not – so, you need to know what your needs are.

Our choice for the best 33 inch wide refrigerator remains the Kenmore 7121921 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator.

There is no need to read further, just click the link already.