Best 40 Inch Non Smart TV

Best 40 Inch Non Smart TV
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Have you been searching for the best 40-inch non-smart TVs? We’ve got them all neatly rounded up here. From our search, the Komodo by Sceptre 40-inch LED HDTV is the overall best out of the 7 TVs featured here.

Comparison Table For The Best 40 Inch Non-Smart TV

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1Komodo by Sceptre 40-inch LED HDTV

2Sceptre 40" Class FHD (1080P) LED TV (X405BV-FSR)SCREEN RESOLUTION:1080P
3Proscan PLDED4016A 40-Inch 1080p Full HD LED TV
4Samsung 470 HG40NJ470MF 40" Standard Direct-Lit LED Hospitality TVSCREEN RESOLUTION:1080P
5RCA 40-Inch 1080P Full HD LED Flat Screen TVSCREEN RESOLUTION:1080P
7Jensen JE4011WM 40 Inch 1920 x 1080 Full HD LCD RV Wallmount TVSCREEN RESOLUTION:1080P

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An Overview of the Best 40 Inch Non-Smart TV

From the search, smart TVs are so rampant due to their innovative features.

However, this doesn’t mean that regular TVs are outdated.

They still have several advantages over smart TVs.

A non-smart TV is known as a regular TV.

Most people call it a dumb TV because it doesn’t offer an internet connection and lacks smart TVs’ features.

Despite this downside, non-smart TVs are easy to use, offer high resolution, and are much more affordable than smart TVs.

Important Features To Look Out For In The Best 24 inch Non-smart TV


As we all know, most TVs come in different shapes and sizes.

Also, knowing the right size that fits your available space is very crucial.

Some of the factors to consider when deciding on the TV size to go for include;

  • Where you’ll place the TV.
  • The viewing distance from your couch to the TV- the farther it is, the bigger it should be.
  • The number of viewers per time.

Fortunately, you’ve decided to go for a 40-inch non-smart TV.

This means that;

  • You intend to place the TV in a large space area, e.g., Living room, bedroom, an average office/conference room.
  • The viewing distance from the TV to the sitting/viewing area is a bit far.
  • Most times, more than one person may be viewing the screen at once.

Overall, if you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you’re on the right track.


Resolution is the number of pixels (Dots) found on a screen display.

Furthermore, the types of resolution in existence are SD, HD, Full HD, 4k, and 8k.

The lowest resolution is the SD, while 8k is the highest, followed by 4k.

However, 8k is rare to find.

So the commonest highest resolution you’ll find is 4k.

Also, the higher the resolution, the brighter the pictures on your TV screen.

Specifically, for most 40 inch TV, you’ll get FHD, and on some occasions, you’ll find 4k resolution but at a costly price.

Port and Connectivity

When it comes to the connection of your TV, it is good to know the number of ports your TV comes with.

Ideally, a good TV will come with at least 4 ports.

Some of the essential ports in a TV include; HDMI, USB, composite ports, among others.

The HDMI port is used to transmit high-quality audio and visual signals from a smart device to a TV.

More so, composite and component video input allows you to have access to the TV with a DVD, Foxtel, Blu Ray, or Amplifier.

Then the USB ports allow you to connect devices like flash drives or an external hard drive and watch movies, play songs, or even read books through your TV’s screen.


HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.

It helps to enhance the quality of images on the screen.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is the number of times per second it takes the screen to draw an image.

A good refresh rate will ensure no lagging or blurry scenes, especially fast action scenes.

Some of the best refresh rates you will find include 60Hz and 120Hz refresh rates.

Top 7 Best 40 Inch Non-Smart TV

1. Komodo by Sceptre 40-inch LED HDTV

The Komodo 40-inch LED HDTV comes out as the overall best non-smart TV on this list.

It offers you a medium screen and a clearer picture display.


It has a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Furthermore, Komodo TV support MHL, USB, and 3 HDMI ports.

You can connect this TV to storage devices to access your media content via the TV’s screen.

Furthermore, the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) allows you to project audio-visual content from your compatible smart device (smartphone or tablet) to the TV.

This 40 -inch non-smart TV also comes with an in-built tuner- the QAM and ATSC.

With these built-in tuners, you can easily access over-the-air TV programs within your area. 

Furthermore, this TV measures  35 3/4 x 20 3/4 inches.

Finally, the TV is wall-mountable.


  • Dual TV tuner technologies.
  • Lightweight.
  • Support 3 HDMI ports and a USB.
  • It offers an in-built audio system.
  • Also, it is affordable.
  • VESA wall mount compatible.


  • Not a full HD
  • Poor audio quality.

Buy The Komodo by Sceptre 40-inch LED HDTV TV On Amazon By Clicking On The Image Link Above.

2. Sceptre 40″ Class FHD (1080P) LED TV (X405BV-FSR)

The Sceptre 40″ class FHD (1080p) non-smart TV LED TV is equipped to deliver a bright and impressive pictures display.


As expected, this has a 60Hz refresh rate to deliver a fast response time for images in fast motion scenes.

Then, it measures 35.86 x 7.91 x 21.85 inches and weighs 14.20 lbs.

Furthermore, the Sceptre 40″ TV features HDMI, USB, Composite, Bluetooth, and VGA port.

Each of these ports offers unique functions that enhance your user experience with this TV.

For instance, the HDMI input delivers a combination of high-definition video and sound audio.

The USB port allows you to connect storage devices to the TV.

Lastly, the Sceptre 40″ TV can be placed on a tabletop.


  • It is a full high-definition.
  •  Impressive pictures display
  • It has 3 HDMI ports.
  • It supports Bluetooth.
  • Lightweight.


  • Not wall mountable.
  • Fragile build.

Buy The  40″ Class FHD (1080P) LED TV (X405BV-FSR) TV On Amazon By Clicking On The Image Link Above.

3. Proscan PLDED4016A 40-Inch 1080p Full HD LED TV

The  Proscan PLDED4016A  is a Full HD LED TV that delivers crystal clear pictures.


It delivers 60Hz, which means the image recreates 60 times per second, resulting in a smooth and fast pictures display.

Furthermore, it measures 10 x 35.8 x 41.5 inches and weighs 0.01 pounds.

The Proscan PLDED4016A TV also has USB, HDMI, VGA Audio/Video, PC Audio, Headphone, Coax, and an RF Output.

Also, get to stream various high-quality local over-the-air programs thanks to the ATSC Tuner.

You can also mount this TV on the wall.

Overall, the Proscan PLDED4016A TV has a sleek and attractive design.


  • Strong build.
  • Good viewing angles.
  • Full high definition.


  • Sound quality isn’t great.

Buy The Proscan PLDED4016A 40-Inch 1080p Full HD LED TV TV On Amazon By Clicking On The Image Link Above.

4. Samsung 470 HG40NJ470MF 40″ Standard Direct-Lit LED Hospitality TV

Samsung’s 470 HG40NJ470MF TV features direct-lit LED technology, which provides exceptional visuals.


The Direct-lit LED technology is energy efficient and offers impressive picture quality.

Furthermore, the Samsung’s 470 TV is an FHD TV.

Hence, you’re assured of sharp and crisp visuals.

In addition to that, it has a 60Hz refresh rate to ensure a fast load time of pictures that appear on the screen.

Then, it offers several wired connectivity functions via USB, HDMI, and RCA ports.

Fortunately, this TV offers 2 mounting features- table and wall.

Lastly, it has a swivel stand that rotates 20, 60, and 90 degrees in both directions, offering excellent viewing angles.


  • Impressive picture display.
  • Maximum privacy and security secured thanks to the Samsung LYNK HD Content Decryption DRM.
  • Good viewing angle


  • Only 2 HDMI ports.

Buy The Samsung 470 HG40NJ470MF 40″ Standard Direct-Lit LED Hospitality TV On Amazon By Clicking On The Image Link Above.

5. RCA 40-Inch 1080P Full HD LED Flat Screen TV

The 40-inch Full HD TV from RCA TV offers superior quality pictures with its brightly LCD-lit panel.


This also has a 60Hz refresh rate to offer.

Likewise, it has HDMI, USB Port, VGA, and RF Cable/Antenna Jack Input for various forms of connectivity to this TV.

Specifically, you can link up this TV to a computer, laptop, gaming device, cable box, or Antenna using any of the appropriate ports selection.

Furthermore, it measures 47 x 8 x 27 inches and weighs 19.9 Pounds.

This is a lightweight TV.

As such, you can mount it on the wall using a compatible VESA wall mount.

In conclusion, the RCA 40-Inch is a convenient portable TV that you can place somewhere in your room or a small sitting room.


  • Impressive pictures display
  • Great viewing angles
  • Lightweight.


  • Subpar sound quality.

Buy The RCA 40-Inch 1080P Full HD LED Flat Screen TV On Amazon By Clicking On The Image Link Above.

6. Samsung 478 HG40NJ478MF 40″ LED-LCD TV – HDTV

This is the penultimate TV on this list of the best 40 inches non-smart TV.

The 478 HG40NJ478MF 40″ offers high-definition content on the screen.


Samsung 478 HG40NJ478MF 40″ TV is a compact TV and lightweight.

To be clear, it weighs 15.40 lbs and measures 3 x 36.1 x 20.8 inches.

For this, you can place it in any large space area like your bedroom or sitting room.

The TV has a refresh rate of 60Hz to quickly refresh the images displayed on the screen in every new scene.

Furthermore, Samsung 478 HG40NJ478MF 40″ TV  offers a connection with a  USB, Ethernet, HDMI port.

Lastly, for you to have a nice and convenient view, this TV allows any universal VESA wall mount.


  • Excellent pictures display.
  • Nice designs.
  • Good viewing angles.


  • 2 HDMI ports.

Buy The Samsung 478 HG40NJ478MF 40″ LED-LCD TV – HDTV On Amazon By Clicking On The Image Link Above.

7. Jensen JE4011WM 40 Inch 1920 x 1080 Full HD LCD RV Wallmount TV

The JE4011WM is an LCD TV that’s well equipped to give you a thrilling visual experience.


Firstly, it has a refresh rate of 60Hz.

The Jensen JE4011WM TV is equipped with various inputs and outputs.

Specifically, it has 2 composite video input (NTSC/PAL), 1 Stereo audio input, 1 RF, 2 HDMI input, Headphone output, and many more.

This TV is also well-equipped to give you the best performance in terms of visuals.

First, it offers FHD resolution.

In addition to that, it features a brightness level of 450 nits, 5000:1 contrast ratio, 89° viewing angles on all sides, 16:9 aspect ratio, and 3.5 ms response time.

All the above will give you sharp and bright visuals.

Finally, it is compatible with VESA 200mm x 200mm and 200mm x 400 wall mounting brackets.

Alternatively, you could place this TV on a table by getting the tabletop stand sold separately.


  • Good picture display
  • Affordable.
  • Good contrast ratio.


  • Poor response/refresh time.

Buy The Jensen JE4011WM 40 Inch 1920 x 1080 Full HD LCD RV Wallmount TV On Amazon By Clicking On The Image Link Above.

Final Verdict

Opting for a non-smart TV now when everyone else is jumping onto the train of smart TVs isn’t bad.

Instead, it just means that you value simplicity and efficiency over the fancy smart features.

So, on this list, you have 7 smart TVs to pick from.

However, we recommend you go for the Komodo by Sceptre 40-inch LED HDTV – our overall best TV in this category.

Click the link above to buy it on Amazon.