Best 4k 75 Inch TV

Best 4k 75 Inch TV
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Getting the best 4k 75 Inch TV can be demanding and tasking because they are full of impressive qualities, including color brightness, deep black, high-quality pictures, and more. Hence, it’s difficult to decide which one to go for. Regardless of how impressive most 75 inches 4k TV would be, some will still offer better performance than others. Given so, We’ve researched and discovered the 7 best 4k 75 inch TV, and the overall best is the SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class QLED Q70A Series.

Comparison Table For The Best 4k 75 Inch TV

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1SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class QLED Q70A SeriesScreen Type: QLED
Refresh Rate: 120Hz
2SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class QLED Q60A SeriesScreen Type: QLED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
3TCL 75-inch 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby VisionScreen Type: QLED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
4Sony X80J 75 Inch TVScreen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
5SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class Crystal UHD AU8000 SeriesScreen Type: QLED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
6LG 75UP8070PUR Alexa Built-InScreen Type: QLED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
7VIZIO 75-Inch V-Series 4K UHD HDR Smart TVScreen Type: QLED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz

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Best 4k 75 Inch TV- An Overview

Screen resolutions are upgrading day after day, and gradually the HD, which has been the oldest, is fading away.

However, 4k and 8k are taking over from Full HD.

Majorly, 4k screen resolution is becoming more common in the world of TVs and display screens.

Firstly, 4k TV is four times more than an HD TV, and it measures; horizontal and vertical of 3,840 x 2,160p.

It delivers millions of pixels, unlike HD, which offers thousands of pixels.

Also, the number of pixels in 4k TV makes every picture detailed and clear.

In addition, in 4k TV, you can find the HDR feature.

This makes Netflix, Youtube, Disney+, and more clearly seen.

Similarly, images on 4k TV appear real-life-like with the quality colors that they entail, thanks to the HDR feature.

Furthermore, such display quality would look stunning on a big screen.

Fortunately, 75 inch TV is big enough for 4k pixels- both combined will give it an excellent viewing experience.

Specifically, people can watch and enjoy the content on the TV simultaneously with maximum satisfaction.

Even more, you can still see the screen clearly despite sitting 9.5 feet away from the screen.

In the end, besides the TV’s display and size, other things make a good 4k 75 inch TV.

Buying Guide For The Best 4k 75 Inch TV.

Screen Type

Specifically, there are 4 major screen types; QLED, OLED, LED, and LCD.

Liquid crystal display (LCD)

LCDs are the most affordable and the oldest of all the screen types

Just as the name implies, they use liquid crystal and florescent as backlight.

Also, when exposed to light, they perform well- that is, they still give quality visuals even in a bright-lit environment.

However, LED has taken over from LCD.

Light Emitting Diode (LED)

LEDs are the most common type of screen in recent times.

TVs with LEDs use light-emitting diodes as backlighting.

Also, they consume lesser power.

However, they are succeeded by OLED.

Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED)

Just as it is called, it uses organic material to produce electroluminescent, which makes its own light without the need for a backlight.

They are mostly found on 4k or 8k TVs, just like the ones we’ll be reviewing shortly.

Next to it is the QLED screen Type.

Quantum Light Emitting Diode (QLED)

The QLED uses quantum dots to produce clear pictures.

Also, they are just like LED TVs because they use LED panels and LED-backlit array.

However, they are better in terms of color clarity and accuracy.

Overall, a 4k 75 inch TV might have LED, OLED, or QLED.

Any of these will do perfectly well on the screen.


We pay less attention to ports and connectivity on the TV, whereas a TV without a good number of useful ports, the TV may not be satisfying.

This is the reason why you need to pay more attention to ports and connectivity before purchasing your 4k 75 inch TV.

Therefore, the important ports you need to look out for are as follows.


High Definition Multimedia Interface is the most important port on the TV.

They are used for transferring video and audio content from smart devices to the TV.

Also, the HDMI supports Ultra HD, 3D, and 4k videos, which helps you to enjoy watching content on your screen without color reduction.

In all, 2 to 4 HDMI ports will be okay for this type of TV.

Moving to another important port which is the USB.


The Universal Serial Bus, also known as USB, is used majorly for data transfer from one device to the other.

Also, the USB is sometimes used for charging mobile devices like Phone and MP3 players.

However, 2 to 3 USB ports will do just fine for a 4k 75 inch TV.

Ethernet port

Ethernet ports are the pillar of every wired network world.

They are used for connecting multiple devices to one internet network.

Other ports include the RF, composite port, etc.

Meanwhile, if you can find all these ports on your TV, you are very lucky.

Moving on

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also very important.

If you are buying a 4k 75 inch, you should plan for a TV with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, that is, a smart TV.

The reason is that the Wi-Fi will allow you to connect to the internet and view thousands of channels, download apps, update software, and stream content online.

Similarly, Bluetooth will also allow you to transfer files from your smart devices like laptops, smartphones, game consoles to your TV.

Sound Technology

There is three major sound technology to look out for when buying a 4k 75 inch TV.

They include Acoustic surface sound, Dolby Atmos, and DTS: X.

The Acoustic surface sound uses four actuators, and they are fixed at the back of the TV panel to produce the sound structure.

Fortunately, the sound comes directly from the screen and makes the sound much more immersive.

Meanwhile, the Dolby Atmos is an object-based audio system that creates an impressive sound.

Finally, just like Dolby, the DTS: X is also an object-based audio codec, which gives good and realistic sound.

However, Dolby Atmos is superior to DTS: X.

Picture Quality

It is always satisfying to watch movies on your TV, and it displays good pictures with excellent color.

Fortunately, you’ve decided on a 4k TV that displays millions of pixels on the TV screen.

However, if the contrast ratio, aspect ratio, refresh rate, or motion rate are low, you might end up discouraged. 

This is why you need to checkout for the refresh/motion rate, contrast, and aspect ratio.

Refresh Rate

This is the time it takes the TV to draw a new image on the screen.

It is usually measured in seconds.

Different manufacturers represent this information differently.

For instance, LG refers to refresh rate as TruMotion, Hisense as Motion Rate, Samsung as Clear Motion Rate, Sony as Motion Flow XR or X-Motion Clarity, TCL as Clear Motion Index (CMI), and Vizio as Clear Action.

More so, the Hz in refresh rate is Hertz.

TVs with 60Hz to 120Hz are perfect for gaming and fast-action movies.

They reduce motion blur or lags.

It also gives high responsiveness/clarity to gaming and action movies.

Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio of your TV will tell how much you can view content on the screen to avoid eye strain and fatigue.

The reason is that if your TV comes with a low contrast ratio, you might not be able to view the dark scene as dark.

Instead, they’ll appear gray.

So, the recommended contrast ratio for TV is 3000:1 or 1000:1 at the least.

Aspect Ratio

The best aspect ratio that fits into the 4k 75 inch TV is 16:9.

An Aspect ratio of 16:9 gives room for expansion along the edge of images on your TV.

Therefore, you can view movies or play games without black edges.

Now that you’re well equipped with all the information to make a more informed buying decision, here are the seven top 4k 75 inch TVs.

7 Best 4k 75 Inch TV

1. SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class QLED Q70A Series

Samsung 75-Inch Class is our overall best TV for this category.

It comes with a dual-LED backlight (QLED), which provides good contrast and visuals.


The Samsung weighs 73.6 pounds and measures 13.3 x 66 x 40.4 inches

Fortunately, it offers a refresh rate of 120Hz and an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Hence, you can sit back and enjoy fast-action movies and gaming without lags or blurs.

Moving on to the ports and connectivity.

The TV offers 4 HDMI, 2 USBs, 1 Ethernet port, 1 Composite port, and other ports.

Likewise, the TV offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Furthermore, it comes built-in with Alexa.

Hence, you can use your voice to play music, control smart home devices, search for movies, open apps, etc.

Unfortunately, you will need external speakers to support the built-in sound system in the TV.


  • Dual LED backlight.
  • 120Hz refresh rate.
  • Excellent contrast ratio.
  • Wide viewing angle.
  • 4 HDMI.
  • Flat-screen.


  • Unimpressive sound quality.

Click the image link to buy SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class QLED Q70A Series on Amazon.

2. SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class QLED Q60A Series

Here is another QLED Samsung TV with Ultra High Definition.

It offers a Dual LED backlight with unique features.

The TV design is slim, sleek, and beautiful


It measures 13.4 x 66 x 39.6 inches and weighs 73.4 pounds.

Also, it has a 60Hz refresh rate and 16:9 aspect ratio. 

Consequently, you can enjoy a swift load time of images, especially fast-paced pictures.

The Samsung comes with 3 HDMI ports, 2 USBs, Ethernet, composite, etc.

It is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible.

Therefore, you can stream online content, transfer files, and connect to smart devices with ease.

Specifically, you can stream TV programs on streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc.

Furthermore, the TV is compatible with Alexa Built-in, which allows you to change channels, open apps, play music, and do other things using your voice.

So, you can voice-control your TV by pressing and holding the mic button on the remote control.


  • Dual LED backlight.
  • Smart features.
  • 3 HDMI ports.
  • The TV is Alexa Built-in compatible.
  • Good sound quality.


  • Not wall-mount friendly.

Click the image link to buy SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class QLED Q60A Series on Amazon.

3. TCL 75-inch 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision

Here is TCL TV, with an impressive design.

It is also a  QLED 4k TV with beautiful features.


The TCL TV weighs 97 pounds and measures 65.7 x 16.2 x 40.4 inches.

It has a 60Hz refresh rate.

Hence, gaming and fast-moving movies can be viewed without blurs.

The TV delivers better brightness with the presence of QLED technology.

Likewise, it has a wide viewing angle and a wider color volume.

In addition, the TV feature Dolby vision wth HDR, which makes pictures on TV mimics the real-life experience.

Furthermore, the TV offers a voice control remote that works with Siri, Hey Google, and Alexa.

Despite this being a Roku smart TV, it also gives you access to other internet services like Netflix, Skype, Hulu, Youtube, Spotify, and Amazon Instant Video.

Finally, the TV comes with 3 HDMI, 2 USBs, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Composite, and more.


  • It offers impressive visuals.
  • 3 HDMI.
  • Voice remote control.
  • It offers several unique features like Auto Game Mode, Contrast Control Zone Technology, AiPQ Engine with Smart HDR, Smart 4K Upscaling, etc.


  •  Poor sound quality.

Click the image link to buy the TCL 75-inch 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision on Amazon.

4. Sony X80J 75 Inch TV

The Sony X80J is the next on our list.

This TV is Dolby Vision HDR compatible, and it enhances the picture quality.


The Sony X80J supports internet services like Netflix, Hulu, Google TV, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, and more.

The TV is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and offers 3 HDMI, 2 USBs, 1 composite, etc.

Furthermore, the TV weighs 69.5 pounds and measures 66.5 x 16.25 x 38.25 inches.

It also has a refresh rate of 60Hz and an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Similarly, it comes with the 4K HDR PROCESSOR X1, HDR, and DOLBY Vision to enhance image quality and give you a cinematic viewing experience.

Moving on to the TV special features.

Furthermore, you can perform functions like voice search and voice control because it comes integrated with Google Assistant.

Lastly, you can enjoy dozens of entertaining media content thanks to GOOGLE TV-you can browse over 700,000 movies and TV episodes across different streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube, the Apple TV app, and many more.


  • Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos-enabled.
  • Google Assistant compatible.
  • 60Hz refresh rate and 16:9 Aspect ratio
  • 3 HDMI.


  •  Power cord is short.

Click on the image link to buy Sony X80J 75 Inch TV on Amazon.

5. SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class Crystal UHD AU8000

This is another Samsung with quality features.


The TV weighs 73.4 pounds and measures 13.1 x 66 x 39.5 inches.

Then it has a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Furthermore, the TV comes with 3 HDMI, 2 USB, Ethernet, RF, composite, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

The HDMI port will allow to connect to smart devices to the TV without reducing the picture and audio quality.

It is also Wi-Fi enabled.

Hence you can stream Netflix, Hulu, Sling, and ESPN.

Moving on to the special features.

This SamsungTV comes with several special features that enhance your overall experience.

Some of these features include; Dynamic Crystal Color, Crystal Processor 4K, Smart TV with Multiple Voice Assistants, and HDR.

Specifically, the HDR ensures that images appear crisp and life-like.


  • HDR compatible.
  • 3 HDMI.
  • Presence of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


  • As expected of most flat-screen TVs, it has unimpressive audio.

Click the image link to buy SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class Crystal UHD AU8000 Series on Amazon.

6. LG 75UP8070PUR Alexa Built-In

LG is an excellent smart TV product.

It has a slim, sleek, and beautiful design.

It is also among the best seven TV chosen because it offers decent features.

Also, it is a 4k TV that runs on WebOS.


The Sony X80J, 75 Inch TV, weighs 70.8 pounds and measures ‎66.1 x 14.3 x 40.4 inches.

It has a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

It also comes with a Quad-Core Processor 4K, LG ThinQ AI, Active HDR, Real 4K Display, and a host of special features to deliver excellent picture quality.

Specifically, with the WebOS, LG ThinQAI, and Voice remote control, you can easily view thousands of channels by voice commanding your TV.

Similarly, the TV is Alexa and Google compatible.

Sadly, the built-in speaker might not be enough to produce quality sound.

Hence, you might decide to get other external speakers.


  • 3 HDMI.
  • Alexa and Google Assitant enabled.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enable.
  • Refresh and motion rate of 60Hz and 120.
  • The TV runs on WebOS.


  • Low audio quality.

Click the image link above to buy the LG 75UP8070PUR Alexa Built-In On Amazon.

7. VIZIO 75-Inch V-Series 4K UHD

The Vizio is another beautiful and sleek TV.

It has access to Roku TV, which allows you to view thousands of channels.


The TV measures 65.7 x 16.2 x 40.4 inches and weighs 97 pounds.

It has a refresh rate of 60Hz and an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Similarly, the TV offers a Dolby Vision HDR and a good contrast ratio.

Significantly, it has a good viewing angle, excellent color dispensation, and gives details to all pictures that appear on the screen.

In addition, the screen type is a Quantum light-emitting diode that delivers brightness and nice color volume.

Furthermore, the TV offers 3 HDMI, 1 USB, 1 RF port, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Hence, connections and online streaming are made easy.

Similarly, the voice remote control works with Alexa, Siri, and Hey Google.


  • 3 HDMI.
  • Compatible with Roku TV.
  • Dolby Vision and impressive HDR
  • QLED screen type.
  • Supports Apple TV+, Crackle, Discovery+, Disney+, Fandango, fuboTV, HBO Max, Hulu, iHeartRadio, Netflix, Pandora, Paramount+, Peacock, Prime Video, etc.


  • Fair audio quality. So, you’ll need external speakers.

Click the image link above to buy VIZIO 75-Inch V-Series 4K UHD HDR Smart TV on Amazon.

Conclusion On The Best 4k 75inch TV.

Our choice for the best 4k 75 Inch TV is SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class QLED Q70A Series.

To get it on Amazon, simply click the link above this text.

If this doesn’t suit you, you have six other options to choose from.

Best of luck.