Best 50 Flat Screen TV

Best 50 Flat Screen TV
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Do you want to know the best 50 Flat Screen TV? If yes, you should read through this article. This article features (7) 50-inch flat-screen TV with incredible features and outstanding performance. Not only does it come with revolutionary specifications, but it will also add beauty and elegance to your living area.

We recommend the TCL 50-inch Class 4-Series 4K UHD Smart Roku LED TV, of course, it’s our top choice.

Keep reading know why we choose this TV and our six other products.

Before we start this review, here is a comparison table with our seven top 50-inch TV in it.

Take a glance and choose for yourself.

However, it’s advised you read through this article to have in-depth knowledge about the best 50-inch flat-screen before you decide.

Comparison Table For The Best 50 Flat Screen TV

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1TCL 50-inch Class 4-Series 4K UHD Smart Roku LED TVScreen resolution:1080p

Screen type:LED



Refresh rate:60Hz
2VIZIO 50-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TVScreen resolution:4K

Screen type:LED



Refresh rate:60Hz
3SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class QLED Q60A Series - 4K UHD Dual LED Quantum HDR Smart TVScreen resolution:4K

Screen type:QLED



Refresh rate:60Hz
4Sony X85J 50 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Google TVScreen resolution:4k

Screen type:LED



Refresh rate:120Hz
5Insignia 50-inch Class F50 Series Smart 4K UHD QLED Fire TVScreen resolution:4k

Screen type:QLED



Refresh rate:120Hz
6Sceptre UTV 50" Class 4K LED TVScreen resolution:1080p

Screen type:LED



Refresh rate:120Hz
7Hisense 50-Inch Class R6090G Roku 4K UHD Smart TVScreen resolution:4k

Screen type:LED



Refresh rate:60Hz

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Vital Features To Consider Before Buying The Best 50 Flat Screen TV

Here we have:

Panel technologies Or Screen Type

The panel technology is known as the screen type.

There are three important screen types you need to consider before buying a television.

Here, we have the OLED, QLED, and LED.

Let’s briefly explain.

Firstly, a LED TV is a flat panel display that provides an array of Light-emitting diodes as pixels to the TV screen.

Also, it delivers a brighter display with good contrast.

Next is the OLED, which stands for (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) this panel requires no backlight and brightens each pixel with a reasonable color and contrast quality.

It produces ultra-thin, durable, flexible, and crystal clear images on display.

The OLED TV delivers many active functions to improve the image quality, like more brightness, balanced viewing angle, a wide color range, and much faster refresh rates.

Lastly, the QLEDs for (Quantum-dot Light-Emitting Diode) is a type of LED TV that offers a single spread over the backlight.

In addition, it gives the highest brightness, Pure Colour, and a nice viewing angle, and true-to-life images on your screen.  


A modern flat-screen TV doesn’t stop you from having enough ports.

Also, note the most common and important port in a TV is the HDMI port.

It is usually located beside or behind the television.

The HDMI port is a wired port that allows easy connection to your smart TV with an HDMI cable.

Television can be equipped with 4-2 HDMI ports.

If you are a fan of games and sports or live streaming most time online, you should look out for the latest HDMI port.

Moving on, there are other ports you need to check out in your TV which is used for data transfers; they include the USB and VGA ports.

These ports use wired technology to transfer content from external devices.

Again, Bluetooth is another means of data transfer options, but it operates wirelessly.

On the other hand, WiFi and Ethernet options are solely for internet connection to access streaming services.

These connections can be attributed to TVs with smart functionality.

Screen Resolution

When you are on the hunt for a 50-inch, one important factor you should look out for is the screen resolution.

Would you want an FHD, 4k, or 8k?

Any of these resolutions you choose to buy will depend on your budget.

For starters, a resolution the number of is pixels, and pixels are tiny dots that make an image on the screen.

The more the pixel, the clearer and sharper a picture would appear on a screen.

The 8k resolution has the most pixels among these three resolutions listed above.

That means it produces more vibrant, stunning, and bright images as such giving an immersive viewing experience.

Unfortunately, it is not recommendable for a TV this size, and there is no content that features an 8k resolution yet.

Fortunately, the 4k, which is four times more pixels than the FHD, will give you captivating picture quality.

It only gets better when combined with HDR technology.

So we suggest you settle for a 4k resolution TV for a more brilliant display.

However, you can opt for an FHD if you don’t want to spend more on television.


The HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, it’s a new feature relative to TVs with 4k resolutions.

The HDR delivers more color vividness, enhances contrast levels, and produces extra brightness to improve the picture quality of an image.

In other words, it brings the most part of the 4k resolution.

Furthermore, under the HDR, there is the HDR10, a format that produces twice the brightness of an image, 

It produces 1000 nits of brightness.

Another sub-feature is Dolby Vision, which produces better visuals and enhances the image quality displayed on your TV screen.

So, if you are fortunate to have a 4k resolution TV, you will be blessed with this impressive innovative feature.

Refresh rate

This rate shows the number of times images on your TV screen refresh per second.

Also, the refresh rate could be 60Hz or 120Hz.

Any of these refresh rates will work fine when watching action movies or streaming online.

However, this does not make them even.

Comparatively, 120 Hz will handle fast motion scenes in your sport or video games better than 60 Hz.

So we recommend 120 Hz for a seamless and smooth viewing experience, whether in fast or normal scenes.

Alternatively, you can settle for a 60 Hz refresh rate if you are budget constrained.

 Smart  Functionality

Do you want to stream unlimited shows on your TV? Do you want to browse and access applications with your television?

If you think of doing any of these with your TV, you need a smart TV.

A smart TV can be powered by any of these TV services, including Android providers, Amazon, and Roku.

You can stream unlimited TV series, videos, documentaries, etc through streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video, just to mention a few.

A smart TV is connected to WiFi linking to these internet services to access unlimited entertainment, sports, and news.

Furthermore, smart TV features image-enhancing technology like Dolby Vision to give a realistic look and improve your viewing experience.

Another special feature attributed to smart TV is a voice control technology.

Voice control is a very useful device to command or navigate your TV by asking.

Artificial Intelligence like Google Assistant and Alexa is the most common voice assistants that execute your commands.

So when you look for a smart TV, ensure it comes with all these features mentioned so you can get the best for your money.

Having known these, let’s discuss these televisions individually.

The Best Top 7 On 50 Flat Screen TV

Here are our 7 best TV offerings for you to make the best choice.

All you need is to read in detail.

1. TCL 50-inch Class 4-Series 4K UHD Smart Roku LED TV

The TCL 50-inch Class 4-Series 4K UHD Smart Roku LED TV is one of our outstanding TVs on this list.

It offers A 4K resolution, a Direct-lit LED, and HDR.

Consequently, this will deliver more bright colors and excellent crystal clear image quality.

Read on to find out more about this television.


Adding to the 4k resolution of this television is a 60 Hz refresh rate which allows you to enjoy your video games and sports seamlessly.

If you have your games consoles ready and any other video devices, you can connect them via the 3 HDMI ports located at the rare of the TV.

Even more, you can view contents saved on your memory stick instantly when you connect to the USB port on your TV.

Also, there is a headphone jack option in case you are gaming and streaming simultaneously.

You also have composite ports to connect your video and audio and your Optical audio out port.

Impressively, this TV supports 5G WiFi and has an Ethernet port for possible internet connection to streaming services.

Tanks to its Roku TV, you can access thousands of movies and streams shows, the latest news, and sports, etc.

Finally, there is easy voice control remote that allows it to work better with Siri, Alexa, and  Advanced Digital TV Tuner with Live TV Channel Guide.


  • First, it features High Dynamic Range Technology.
  • It has a voice remote control.
  • Impressive picture quality.
  • Lastly, it is equipped with Roku devices.


  • It does not support Bluetooth.

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2 .VIZIO 50-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV

We deem it fit to announce the second TV on our list, the VIZIO 50-Inch V-Series.

This interesting TV features incredible specifications, and it has good sound quality.


The TV is gifted with Dobly Vision and HDR technology, which enhances picture quality and gives you a vibrant viewing experience.

Additionally, images on the screen refreshes 60 times which makes them appear smoother for you to view them seamlessly.

Furthermore, VIZIO 50-Inch V-Series comes with an array of connectivity options for both audio, video, and internet.

The connection options include 3 HDMI for your video output and gaming consoles, a USB for more video or audio output, and an Ethernet port for wired internet connection.

Onto its smart functionality.

The TV is equipped with a SmartCast for accessing instant browsing from services like Disney+, YouTube, HBO Max, Netflix, etc.

Lastly, it has an all new Voice Remote for fast navigation of your TV which is compatible with Alexa and Google Assitant.


  • It is four times better than the 1080p resolution.
  • Dolby vision.
  • Responsive VIZIO Voice Remote.
  • Lastly, it gives a great viewing experience.


  • It is not compatible with Bluetooth.

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3. SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class QLED Q60A Series – 4K UHD Dual LED Quantum HDR Smart TV 

Coming third on this list is the SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class QLED Q60A Series.

As expected, this television features a 4k resolution combined with HDR10 and HDR10+ technology, giving you an impeccably bright and high contrast for better picture quality.

Let’s look at other features. 


To begin with, refresh rate, the Class QLED Q60A Series TV update images on display 60 times in a second (60 Hz).

This will do for more fast-moving action images as such causing zero motion blur or lag time.

Furthermore, you can issue commands to this TV  through the voice control technology aided by Alexa.

With this, you can easily navigate through channels like Disney+, YouTube, HBO Max, Netflix, etc, and even more.

The SAMSUNG TV connection options include Bluetooth, USB, and 3 HDMI ports.

Lastly, to link to the internet, you have WiFi connectivity. 


  • The color and image quality are excellent.
  • Also, it provides a 4K resolution.
  • It has a built-in ALEXA.
  • Lastly comes Built-in voice control.


  • No Dolby vision.

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4. Sony X85J 50 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Google TV

Eventually, we reached the fourth product on our list, the Sony X85J 50-Inch TV.

As it seems, non-smart 50-inch flat-screen TVs are hard to come by these days.

Luckily, most of our products are smart and have 4k resolution.

Undoubtedly, you will have the best cinematic experience each time you view your screen. 

With the combination of the 4K resolution, LED, and an HDR format, this TV will give deliver more realistic and colorful imagery.

Let’s see other features it possesses.


Have you ever imagined playing games on a TV without experiencing any form of lag and having a smooth gaming experience?

If you are, this TV is ideal for your video games.

It has a 120Hz refresh rate which helps deliver a high-performance image on display in games and fast-motion scenes.

Even more, the TV weighs ‎27.9 pounds and has a dimension of ‎44.25 x 11.38 x 25.63 inches.

Furthermore, the Sony X85J 50 Inch TV has 4 HDMI, 2 USB, Bluetooth, Wifi, and connectivity.

Also, the TV device works with Alexa for easy navigation to command your TV, it serves as voice control.

Lastly, it allows you to stream your favorite shows through Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, the Apple TV app, etc.  


  • Firstly, it is a 4k resolution.
  • Support built-in Alexa.
  • It has 4 HDMI ports.
  • It has an excellent viewing angle.


  • It is complex to use.

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5. Insignia 50-inch Class F50 Series Smart 4K UHD QLED Fire TV

Here, we have the Insignia with a model number NS-50F501NA22.

It is a 4K Ultra HD Fire TV with amazing catch-up features.


The TV refresh rate is 60Hz, updating images rapidly to give accurate and smooth motion scenes.

Also, the dimension measures ‎48.8 x 31.9 x 7.3 inches and a weight of ‎26.9 pounds.

Furthermore, this TV has 4 HDMI ports, a USB port, Digital Optical Audio Output, and a Composite port.

The Fire TV gives premium streaming using the built-in Alexa to control different channels and open apps.


  • Excellent viewing angle.
  • High Dynamic Range premium.
  • It offers a 120 refresh rate.
  • Lastly, it has built-in Alexa.


  • No Dolby vision.

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6. Sceptre UTV 50″ Class 4K LED TV

Settling on the sixth position is the only non-smart TV on the list, the Sceptre UTV 50″

This nonsmart TV features a 4k resolution screen and delivers vibrant color and brilliant picture quality.

Also, it offers a LED-backlit screen.


Impressively, this TV has a refresh rate of 120Hz, giving vibrant and smooth imagery on display every second.

Also, the TV dimension measures ‎43.4 x 9.8 x 26.5 inches and weighs 22 pounds.

Furthermore, it has 4 HDMI ports and Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL), used to connect USBs to transport video signals.

The USB is a compact device that connects a flash drive for viewing different media, such as viewing your pictures and listening to music.

Lastly, the Sceptre UTV 50inch is a portable TV that can easily be operated and it adorned in black. 


  • 4k resolution.
  • 120 Refresh rate.
  •  LED-backlit screen.
  • 4 HDMI port.
  • Lastly, it gives a great image quality.


  • It lacks Bluetooth.

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7. Hisense 50-Inch Class R6090G Roku 4K UHD Smart TV

Lastly is another Roku TV, the Hisense 50-Inch Class R6090G TV, with a 4k and LED screen, delivering brilliant picture quality.


It has a refresh 60Hz refresh rate.

The dimension offers 43.9 x 3.2 x 25.5 inches and a weight of ‎21.4 pounds.

The remote apps can be used through voice control to change channels or power them on or off.

Also, it can be used to command the apps on your screen.

Nevertheless, the Roku TV is the perfect TV for streaming thousands of shows, it also provides an HDTV antenna.

In addition, the Hisense 50-Inch Class R6090G TV is equipped with 3 HDMI, 1 USB, Ethernet, Composite Video Input, etc.


  • Firstly, it’s a 4K resolution.
  • Also, it features a Roku TV.
  • Likewise has a Built-in voice remote control.
  • Lastly, it has the quality of that impressive picture.


  • It lacks Bluetooth.

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Conclusion On Best 50 Flat Screen TV

In all, we have given you the 7 Best 50 Flat Screen TV.

Of our selected TVs, the TCL 50-inch Class 4-Series 4K UHD Smart Roku LED TV is our overall best, and we recommend it. 

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