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The best 60″ smart TV will deliver wide viewing angles with accurate picture display and wouldn’t take up much space. We have come up with the 7 best 60″ smart TVs with impressive designs and outstanding features. If you want our expert opinion to help you to decide on the best one to buy, we strongly recommend the  Samsung QN60Q60AA 60″ QLED Q60 as the overall best in this category.

Comparison Table For The Best 60″ Smart TV

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1Samsung QN60Q60AA 60" QLED Q60Screen Resolution: 4K
Screen Type: QLED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
2SAMSUNG 60-Inch Class QLED Q60AScreen Resolution: 4K
Screen Type: QLED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
3Samsung UN60KU6300Screen Resolution: 4K
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
4VIZIO D-Series 60" Class Screen Resolution: 4K
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 120Hz
5LG 60UM6900Screen Resolution: 4K
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
6LG 60UN7000PUBScreen Resolution: 4K
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
7VIZIO E601i-A3Screen Resolution: FHD
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 120Hz

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An Overview – Best 60″ Smart TV

60″ smart TVs are not many in the market.

The reason is that few of them are released every year, due to the low demand for this TV size.

So, what you’ll find are mostly 55 inches and 65 inch smart TVs.

Thankfully, the few in the market are equally as good.


Firstly, they have a wide viewing angle, which means that many viewers can watch content on it simultaneously and satisfactorily.

Secondly, you can stream content online via Wifi or Ethernet port on dozens of streaming platforms.

Thirdly, most TVs in this category come with outstanding picture quality and brightness to allow you to see pictures clearly without straining your eyes.

Furthermore, they don’t take up more space in the room due to their average size.

Also, 60″ smart TVs usually feature slim and sleek designs that further complement the space where it is placed.

Fortunately, all selected TVs in this category are of different models, which will be an opportunity for you to pick according to your needs and preferences.

However, before picking your preferred best 60″ smart TV from our list, there are a few things you need to understand.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best 60″ Smart TV

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution is the total number of pixels lined up horizontally and vertically that delivers the picture quality of images displayed on the screen.

Ideally, the higher the pixels in a TV, the better.

For instance, a higher resolution delivers better contrast, black level, light bleed, brightness, viewing angle, and vice versa.

There are different resolutions available, with each offering different display quality.

Let’s start with the oldest screen resolution, which is HD.

The HD resolution is also known as High Definition, and it measures 1280 x 720p.

Note that the ‘P’ at the back of 720p does not mean pixels; it means progressive scan.

It produces thousands of pixels that make images look bright and clear.

However, the FHD is better.

The FHD means Full High Definition, and it measures 1920 x 1080p.

It is common to find FHD TVs. 

TVs with Full HD resolution are also clear and bright with excellent viewing angles.

However, the QHD is superior.

Quad High Definition measures 2560 x 1440p.

It is brighter than HD and Full HD.

Also, it produces thousands of pixels, which makes it deliver a detailed picture quality.

Well, the most modern screen resolution is the 4k.

The 4k screen resolution, also known as Ultra High definition, is the most common resolution nowadays.

Although it is expensive, it is worth the money as it offers millions of pixels.

It delivers accurate color coupled with a black level and clear viewing angle.

The 4k measures 3840 x 2160p, but 8k tops it all.

8k measures 7680 x 4320p, and it delivers the best accurate color, brightness, light bleed, and high contrast.

However, the 8k screen resolution is costly and rare to find.

Notwithstanding, you will enjoy every bit of the images displayed on the TV screen.

Screen Type

Aside from the screen resolution, the screen type is also important to look into when buying a TV.

Basically, for a 60″ smart TV, you will find two screen types in the market: LED and QLED.

The major screen types include; LCD, LED, QLED, and OLED.

However, for TVs under this category, you’ll mostly see LED or QLED.

LED TVs use several light-emitting diode materials as a backlight.

It helps the TV to deliver better viewing angles and improve brightness.

LED TVs are common to find.

However, QLED is taking over from LED TVs.

The QLED is also known as Quantum Light Emitting Diode and TVs with QLED use quantum dot material for backlighting.

Most times, QLED TVs come with quantum features.

These features include quantum High Dynamic Range, quantum processor 4k lite, Dual LED backlight, and more.

All these features with a quantum dot material offer more realistic color, brightness, and detailed pictures.

Thankfully, you can get a 60″ smart QLED TV without breaking the bank.

Picture Quality

Typically, you need not overlook the TV’s picture quality, so you don’t end up with a dissatisfying TV.

To determine the TV’s picture quality, look out for; contrast ratio, aspect ratio, refresh/motion rate, and HDR.

Starting with the contrast ratio-  this is a difference between the white and black images displayed on the screen.

The recommended contrast ratio for TV in this category is 3000:1.

If you get something higher than 3000:1, then it’s perfect!

However,  if it is lower than the recommended ratio, you might see black scenes as gray.

A higher contrast ratio will deliver the brightest white and deepest black.

Similarly, the aspect ratio is how images expand horizontally and vertically to fit the screen.

There are different aspect ratios, but 16:9 is the best and most recommended aspect ratio for almost all screen types.

A 16:9 aspect ratio will allow you to view content without black edges.

Then we have the refresh/motion rate.

This is the time frame it takes for the TV to draw a new image on the screen measured in seconds.  

It is measured in Hertz (Hz)

The recommended refresh rate is 60Hz to 120Hz.

Anything lower will give lagging or blurry scenes when watching movies or playing games.

Sound Quality

The best you can do while buying a TV is to get an external speaker alongside.

You can also check for TVs with built-in speakers or soundbars from DTX:S, Dolby Atmos, and Acoustic sound.

These are some of the well-known built-in speaker brands that deliver high-quality and immersive sound.

Alternatively, prepare to get an external speaker if you are a type that loves ears blasting sound when playing games or watching movies.


This is another integral part that needs to be looked out for when buying a TV.

Ports are usually located at the back of a TV and sometimes at the side of the screen.

Some of the essential ports a good TV should have include;


HDMI ports are the most important of all the ports, and at least two to four HDMI on the 60″ smart TV will do just fine.

The HDMI is also known as the High definition media input.

It is used for transmitting video and audio signals from one device to the other with a single cable.


USB stands for Universal Serial Bus.

The USB ports allow you to transfer files, movies, pictures, audio, and more to the TV via USB flash drives.

Ethernet Port

It provides another means of internet connection in the absence of Wifi.

It looks like a normal phone-line port.

Overall, it offers a more stable and reliable internet connection for streaming movies.

The Component Port

These are the red, blue, and green AV ports on your TV.

They offer impressive video quality.

Also, they can be used in exchange for HDMI ports or when your TV is not compatible with HDMI.

Other important ports include S-Video, Composite, Optical digital, VGA, DVI, and more.

Each of these ports has a unique role to play, hence cannot be overlooked.

Other important connectivity features you can’t afford to overlook, especially in a smart TV, include Wifi and Bluetooth.

Majorly most 60″ smart TVs are Wifi and Bluetooth-compatible.

Wifi is a wireless high-speed internet connection that helps you stream media, update software, and download apps.

On the other hand, Bluetooth is also a wireless technology that aids the transmission of movies, music, files from smart devices to the TV.

Now, here are our selected 7 best 60″smart TVs.

The 7 Best 60″ Smart TV

1. Samsung QN60Q60AA 60″ QLED Q60

The Samsung QN60Q60AA is our overall best 60″smart TV.

It is a sleek, beautiful and cool TV with an impressive design.

In fact, it offers several features that qualify it to be the overall best.


The Samsung QN60Q60AA weighs 43 pounds and measures 11.1 x 53.3 x 32.1 inches.

You might decide to place it on a stand or mount it on a wall; either way is fine.

The TV offers 3 HDMI, 2 USBs, 1 Digital Audio output, and an Ethernet port.

Similarly, it is Wifi and Bluetooth compatible.

Hence, it supports internet services like streaming on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Spotify, and more.

Thankfully, the TV is a QLED 4k TV with quantum features such as quantum dot with high color volume, dual-LED backlight, and quantum processor 4k lite.

They all contribute to the color volume, enhance contrast, and allow you to watch TV content in a stunning 4k.

The Samsung QN60Q60AA also comes with great features when it comes to sound quality, not just the picture quality.

The 3D surround external speaker with DTS Virtual X is on ground to give you the most immersive sound possible.

Even more, the Q-Symphony feature ensures the soundbar accurately syncs with the TV to deliver high-quality sound.

Lastly, the TV has a refresh rate of 60Hz and an aspect ratio of 16:9.


  • A QLED 4k TV
  • 3 HDMI.
  • WIFI enabled.
  • It combats glare in lighting conditions with its brightness.
  • 3D surround sound and Q-Symphony.


  • No local dimming.

Click the image link to buy the Samsung QN60Q60AA 60″ QLED Q60 on Amazon.

2. SAMSUNG 60-Inch Class QLED Q60A

The SAMSUNG 60-Inch Class QLED Q60A is the next best 60″smart TV on our list.

It comes with an AirSlim and sleek design that beautifies a room.

In addition, it comes with unique features that qualify it to be among the best.


SAMSUNG 60-Inch Class QLED Q60A  weighs 43 pounds and measures  ‎11.1 x 53.3 x 32.1 inches.

It comes with 3 HDMI, USB, Ethernet, Wifi, and Bluetooth.

Also, it supports internet services.

Furthermore, the SAMSUNG 60-Inch Class QLED Q60A delivers a high contrast ratio coupled with quantum features.

They include quantum processor 4k, quantum HDR, quantum dot materials, and dual-LED backlighting.

Moreso, the TV is a QLED 4k TV.

Hence, it delivers stunning 4k images and 100 percent color volume.

Additionally, controlling this TV’s features is easy since it comes with Alexa built-in voice remote.

Given so, you can open apps, change channels, play music and videos, and control your smart home devices using your voice to give commands.

Finally, the TV offers a 16:9 aspect ratio and a refresh rate of 60hertz.


  • The TV is a QLED UHD TV.
  • 3 HDMI.
  • Wifi-enabled.
  • Sleek and slim design.
  • The TV is compatible with Alexa.


  • Unimpressive sound quality.

Click the image link to buy the SAMSUNG 60-Inch Class QLED Q60A on Amazon.

3. Samsung UN60KU6300

Here is another Samsung with a loveable and sleek design.

The Samsung UN60KU6300 is an LED 4k TV with an impressive viewing angle.


It weighs 50.5 pounds and measures ‎53.7 x 2.5 x 31.1 inches.

You can decide to mount it on a wall or place it on a stand.

Whichever way is just perfect and fit.

This TV has 3 HDMI, 2 USB, Ethernet, Wifi, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Therefore, you can transfer files from your smart devices to the TV and stream content online.

Impressively, this TV has a 120Hz refresh rate, meaning you can enjoy gaming and fast-moving scenes with minimal blurs or lags.

Similarly, the Samsung TV is a detailed TV with stunning 4k resolution that is sharper and clearer than FHD.

Finally, the TV offers an easy-to-use remote for easy navigation.


  • Sleek and beautiful design.
  • 3 HDMI.
  • Wifi-enabled TV.
  • 120Hz refresh rate.
  • Easy to use remote control.


  • Unsatisfying sound quality.

Click on the image link to buy the Samsung UN60KU6300 on Amazon.

4. VIZIO – Ultra TV

The VIZIO – Ultra TV is another TV that falls into this category.

Also, it comes with features that make it stand out in the Vizio 60″ smart TV world.


The TV weighs 44 pounds and measures ‎53.5 x 10.5 x 33.6 inches.

It offers 2 HDMI, 2 USBs, Ethernet, composite, Bluetooth, and Wifi.

Also, it comes with an outstanding refresh rate of 120Hz, which is good for gaming and fast-moving movies.

Fortunately, the Vizio comes with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, makings navigation easy with voice commands.

The TV is a 4k LED TV with a full-array led backlight that supports clear pictures and 4k ultra HD resolution that gives detailed pictures displayed in 4k.

Finally, the TV supports High Dynamic Range for  HDR10 and HLG.


  • The Vizio is a 4k LED TV.
  • 120Hz refresh rate.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Wifi Enabled.


  • Unsatisfying sound quality.

Click the image link to buy the VIZIO E601i-A3 on Amazon.

5. LG 60UM6900 

Fortunately, this is a 60″ smart TV from LG with a WebOS operating system.

The LG 60UM6900 is a TV with unique features, and it is qualified to be among the best in this category.


This is an HDR LED Smart 4k TV  that delivers quality visuals.

4k screen is actively four times better than HD, and HDR 4k adjust pictures displayed on the screen.

Similarly, the TV comes with a powerful quad-core 4k processor that improves the picture color accuracy.

The TV weighs 42.8 pounds and measures ‎53.9 x 31.3 x 3.5 inches.

So, you can either mount it on a wall mount it or on a stand.

Furthermore, the LG 60UM6900 offers a TruMotion of 120 and a 60Hz refresh rate.

Lastly, it offers a 3 HDMI, USB, Composite, Ethernet, Wifi, and Bluetooth.


  • 3 HDMI.
  • HDR 4k LED Smart TV.
  • It offers a powerful quad-core processor.
  • Wifi-enabled.


  • It is quite expensive.

Click the image link to buy the LG 60UM6900 on Amazon.

6. LG 60UN7000PUB

Another LG 70-series with sleek and slim design.

It operates on WebOS, which is a platform for simple streaming.


Entertainment is made easy on this TV as it gives you access to dozens of streaming apps like Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and more.

Also, it offers a real 4k display that gives clarity with bright colors and detailed pictures.

Similarly, the TV comes with a quad-core processor 4k and active HDR.

Moving on, it weighs 54.9 pounds with a dimension of ‎10.6 x 53.9 x 33.9 inches.

The TV works with Alexa, which makes navigation easier.

LG 60UN7000PUB offers a 60Hz refresh rate allowing you to play games and watch movies without blur or lag.

Finally, the TV comes with 2 HDMI, USB, Ethernet, Wifi, and Bluetooth.


  • 60Hz refresh rate.
  • A 4k LED TV.
  • It also offers a real 4k display, quad-core processor, and active HDR.
  • WebOS operating system.


  • It’s quite heavy.

Click the image link to buy the LG 60UN7000PUB on Amazon.

7. VIZIO E601i-A3 

Here is another Vizio with quality and sleek design to wrap up this list.

Also, it offers a good picture quality.


VIZIO E601i-A3 supports internet streaming apps that give maximum entertaining experience.

Hence, you can enjoy online TV shows, listen to music, download apps, watch movies, and more.

Also, it comes with Wifi, 4 HDMI, USB, Ethernet, and other useful ports that contribute to its overall functionality.

In addition, connection and transferring of content from smart devices are easier with wired and wireless connectivity options available here.

Furthermore, the TV is an FHD LED TV, and it delivers a satisfying viewing experience with accurate crystal-clear pictures.

The TV weighs 54.5 pounds and measures ‎54.13 x 1.94 x 31.68 inches.

Lastly, it offers a refresh rate of 120Hz, delivering a clear picture without blurs.


  • 120Hz refresh rate for gaming.
  • It is an FHD LED TV.
  • Wide viewing angle.
  • 4 HDMI
  • Easy and simple to set up.


  • Poor sound quality.

Click the image link to buy the VIZIO E601i-A3 on Amazon.

Conclusion On The Best 60″ Smart TV

Our overall best remains Samsung QN60Q60AA 60″ QLED Q60.

However, feel free to decide which is the best 60″ Smart TV for you.

So, if you want to go with our overall best pick, click the link above to buy it now on Amazon.