Best Air Freshener for Office

Best Air Freshener for Office
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To maintain productivity and boost happiness in the office, it is important to keep your office space clean and free from any bad odors. Getting the best Air freshener for your office would be a good start to achieving that. After conducting a thorough evaluation of some of the Air freshener products available, we recommend the Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel Air Freshener as the Best Air Freshener for the Office.

Air fresheners are the best tools for keeping the office fresh and comfortable.

Some air fresheners could also kill bacteria and deodorize the room.

Due to a large number of varieties available, choosing the best could be a bit difficult.

You can buy a gel, spray or oil type.

Depending on your preference, you can choose an air freshener that is long-lasting or natural.

Furthermore, you must remember to look for a freshener that suits your office and your colleagues.

This is because the atmospheric condition of the office could affect the overall productivity and efficiency of everyone.

That been said, below is a list of seven air fresheners that are suggested as the best for office use

Best Air Freshener for Office

FeatureFresh WaveFebreze AirLysolAir WickPure CitrusGladeVIOIS
w/ RefillsYesNoNoYesNoYesNo

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1. Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel Air Freshener


Fresh Wave is a gel type air freshener that is well-known for its eco-friendly ingredients and has earned EPA’s Safer Choice label.

It is 100% natural and is entirely made from plant oils and water.

Furthermore, this air freshener also neutralizes odor molecules instead of masking or covering them up.

Unlike other products, it does not contain any harsh chemicals, alcohol, phthalates or synthetic perfumes.

This air freshener is completely non-toxic and safe for children, pets, and the whole environment.


This air freshener is good for the office because it has a great piney and earthy scent.

You’ll love this if you’re the type who likes a clean and natural smell.

Additionally, it is great at handling musty or moldy smells.

Unlike sprays, this continuously releases a refreshing scent.

All you need to do is to place it in a corner and let it do its job.

It also has a wide coverage range.

It could cover 200 sq ft space and keep it odor-free for 60 days.


There are not many varieties of fragrances to choose from.

Currently, there are only two choices of scents available.

You can only choose either Original or the lavender-infused one.

For some users, its scent could be overpowering for the first 24 hours.

Hence, you have to keep it open for a while.

Lastly, although the gel keeps on eliminating bad odors, the strong fragrance does not last until the entire pack finishes.

Besides its drawbacks, this is a good air neutralizer for use in both small and large offices.

If you’re the type who doesn’t like to spray every day, then this is the product for you.

You can just leave at a table and it keeps the air clean and fresh.

In addition, it is 100% natural, hence, making it safe for daily use.

Based on this , this air freshener is our top choice for the best air fresheners for office use.

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2. Febreze AIR Freshener Heavy Duty Crisp Clean


With its Odor Clear Technology, Febreze is a spray-type air freshener designed to deal with tough odors.

It has a light scent and a 2x odor-eliminating power compared to other sprays in the market.

It is also a 100%  natural propellant making it safe for use.


This air freshener is very effective in getting rid of strong smells from smoke, trash or animals.

You can also use it in the whole office area including the bathroom.

This is more effective than the regular Febreze spray.

So, you can save by using a lot less spray.

It could last for 6 hours depending on your area.


Its scent is overpowering, especially when you use too much.

Furthermore, it has a bit of a chemical smell so if you are sensitive to scents and hates perfumes, then this may not be for you.

There are also times when it leaves a residue behind.

Hence, you have to be really mindful of where you spray it.

It also isn’t 100% natural, so it may bother eco-friendly and health-conscious people.

In conclusion, if your office tends to have strong smells or odors, then Febreze Air is great for you.

Since it is a spray type, you could also control how strong you want it to be.

Just be careful not to spray too much of it.

Besides that, this is just a great air fresher that does the job of eliminating bad odor just fine.

For this reason, this product is considered one of the best air fresheners for office use.

You can make a purchase of this product on Amazon by clicking the image link above.

3. Lysol Disinfectant Spray Air Freshener for the Office


Lysol Disinfectant Spray is an antibacterial air freshener that kills 99.9% fungi and viruses.

It also eliminates odor-causing bacteria.

This air freshener is proven to kill over 100 sickness causing germs like your cold and flu viruses.

Lysol disinfectant spray can sanitize multiple kinds of soft and hard surfaces.

Furthermore, you can spray it directly in the air as an air freshener.


Firstly it can kill 99% of bacteria and stops the spread of germs and viruses.

This air freshener has over 10 scents hence, you have a wide variety of fragrances to choose from.

It is available in unique fragrances such as; Crisp Linen, Spring Waterfall, Lemon among others.

Depending on your use, it could last for at least 2 months and at most 2 years.

You can use it on a lot of surfaces like tables, trash cans or couches.


Lysol has strong chemicals, so use it sparingly.

To be safe, you can spray once a week just to sanitize and eliminate odor.

It wouldn’t smell as great as using a daily freshener, but it would still keep your office odor-free.

Like most spray fresheners, be very careful not to spray it on your skin or eyes.

This is a great air freshener to keep away bacteria and stop viruses from spreading.

Hence, if you want to make sure that your office is absolutely free from germs, then you may want to use Lysol Disinfectant Spray.

Just be careful when using this product because it has strong chemicals.

Regardless of its cons, this air freshener is useful in keeping your office environment odor-free and germ-free.

Consequently, this could be considered as one of the best air fresheners for office use.

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4. Air Wick plug-in Scented Oil Air Freshener for Office 


Air Wick plug-in uses natural essential oils and provides up to 45 days of continuous fragrance.

It has multiple scent choices including linen, floral, lavender, and tropical.

The air wick plug-in air freshener releases fragrance upwards and outwards so it reaches the whole room area.

You could also control the scent intensity with its 5 fragrance settings.


There is a lot of refill scents to choose from.

You could use a different scent per season or occasion in the office.

This is a fragrance enhancing product.

You can be sure that your office will smell amazing and fresh throughout the day.

If the scent is too strong or too mild, you can easily change the settings to fit your preference.


You need to buy a warmer for this.

This is purely an air freshener and has no deodorizing effect.

It only masks the odor so you need to keep your office clean by other means.

You should also ready your outlets since Air Wick needs to be plugged in.

And keep a lookout on your settings.

Keeping it at maximum will quickly shorten its lifespan.

Air Wick plug-in is designed as a fragrance enhancer so buy this if you want your office to have a pleasant-smelling office throughout the day.

It could cover a big space area, so hopefully, you wouldn’t need to buy two for your office.

This is an effective odor neutralizer.

Hence, it will be a great buy if you don’t mind the fact that it doesn’t have a disinfecting ability.

Based on these unique features, this air wick plug-in scented oil could be considered as one of the best air fresheners for the office.

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5. Pure Citrus Spray Air Freshener


Pure Citrus Spray is an all-natural and effective air freshener that eliminates odors with the power and refreshing scent of citrus.

This spray contains pure citrus oils and is completely aerosol free.

It currently comes with three different citrus scents, namely, Orange, Citrus blend and Lemon.


It’s all-natural and safe to use daily.

Furthermore, the pure citrus spray air freshener smells natural and unless you’re allergic to citrus, it does not trigger asthma or itchiness.

It also lasts longer and is stronger than other natural sprays in the market.

The air freshener also takes care of tough odors like smoke, mold, mildew, and garbage smells.

Plus, it is suggested that this air freshener works against bugs.

So, if you’re dealing with a bug in your office, this product could help.


The spray scent lasts only for a couple of hours, maybe 2 or 3.

Hence, you need to spray some more if you want it to last throughout the day.

Although its odor-eliminating effect is topnotch, the smell seems to be overpowering for some users.

However, if you love the smell of citrus then this is for you.

It is quite effective in eliminating odor.

Hence, if you don’t mind spraying the air freshener at specific intervals then this will be a good choice of air freshener for you.

Considering the fact that it is efficient in eliminating bad odor, this could be considered as one of the best air fresheners for office use.

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6. Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Air Freshener


Glade Plugins is a plug-in adjustable fragrance warmer.

It has a natural and welcoming patchouli scent that lasts up to 50 days of continuous use.

It freshens up any room using its long-lasting scented oil diffuser.


The fragrance warmer is adjustable so you could turn it horizontal or vertical, reaching the whole room.

You could also change how strong your scent is by turning the dial from minimum to maximum.

There is also a lot of unique and great fragrance to choose from.

Some of the fragrances include; Cashmere, Woods and Clean Linen.

Most importantly, it continuously gives off fragrance so your office smells great throughout the day.


Since it is a plug-in air freshener, you’ll need to have an outlet to plug it in.

Hence, it could be a problem if you have limited outlets in your office.

Also, you’ll need to be mindful of the settings, turning it to max would quickly use up all the oil in the warmer.

This happens all the time, especially when you’re busy in the office.

The Glade PlugIns Scented Oil air freshener is great for big offices as well as small offices.

You just have to plug it in and it’s ready to use.

To save money, it’s better to keep the warmer on low and turn it to max only when necessary.

Overall, this is a good air freshener for offices that want to keep the air in the office fresh and odor-free.

As a result of this unique feature, this could be considered as one of the best air fresheners for office use.

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7. VIOIS Air Freshener


VIOIS is a gel-type natural air freshener that is made of 100% pure essential oils.

It contains organic dried leaves, buds or petals, distilled water, and water crystals.

This air freshener is also suggested to have a therapeutic effect.

A 4oz VIOIS could last 30-45 days, while the 8oz jar could last 60 days.

It has a variety of cool fragrances such as; Lavender, Orange & Citrus, Rose & Lavender, and Rosemary & Mint.


Viois Air Freshener is safe and eco-friendly.

Similarly, you won’t worry about any toxic chemicals since it’s 100% natural.

It looks great and could be used as part of your office design.

It wouldn’t look awkward on tables or countertops.

Its scent is also mild and refreshing.

Furthermore, this air freshener is really great for people with sensitive noses.


You need to shake the jar every now and then to enable its fragrance to fill your office space.

Other people found it too mild and could barely detect any scent.

It is also recommended for small rooms or offices.

Also, if you need to make the smell stronger to cover everywhere in a big office you’ll need to buy more than one jar.

This could mean more expenses.

Nevertheless, the Viois Air Freshener is really an eco-friendly product.

This is recommended for those who are sensitive to smells and would like a mild and natural freshener in the office.

Above all, this is a unique air freshener and it could be considered as one of the best air fresheners for office use.

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Final Thoughts on Best Air Freshener for Office

There are a lot of air fresheners in the market.

So, it really just boils down to your preference.

  • Would you like your freshener to have a long-lasting fragrance instead of a disinfectant effect?
  • Would you like a gel, oil or spray type?

With that in mind, it’s also important to remember to go with a budget-friendly choice.

The best option will always be a budget-friendly and an efficient choice.

It is on this premise, that we recommend the Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel Air Freshener as the Best Air Freshener for the Office.

Have a wonderful experience getting the best air freshener for your office.