Best Beginner Amp for Electronic Guitar

Best Beginner Amp for Electronic Guitar
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Are you looking to find an amplifier to go with your electronic guitar? We were, too, so we went on Amazon to search for the best beginner amp for electronic guitar. There are many options to choose from, but the number one in this category remains the Yamaha THR30II Amplifier.

Comparison Table for the Best Beginner Amp for Electronic Guitar

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1Yamaha THR30II Wireless Desktop AmpSOUND CUSTOMIZATION yes
2Orange Crush Bass Guitar Combo AmplifierSOUND CUSTOMIZATION yes
3Monoprice 611815 Guitar Tube AmplifierSOUND CUSTOMIZATION yes
4Positive Grid Spark Amp for GuitarSOUND CUSTOMIZATION yes
5BOSS KTN-50-2 Katana-50 Guitar Combo AmpSOUND CUSTOMIZATION yes
6Fender Rumble Combo AmplifierSOUND CUSTOMIZATION yes
7Solo 3rd Gen USB Audio InterfaceSOUND CUSTOMIZATION yes

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Best Beginner Amp for Electronic Guitar

We all know what an amplifier brings to the table and what it does to our sound and speakers.

When you have passive speakers, the idea is to power them; if they are active, you want to add quality.

Regardless of what you try, having an amplifier will always be good for you.

The difference in amplifiers does not just come with a difference in the type of speakers you use.

Different amplifiers are created for different devices, and using them together helps improve functionality.

Specifically, you have amplifiers mainly for microphones and some for guitars.

The latter is our focus here, and there are many options to look out for here.

How to Identify the Best Beginner Amp for Electronic Guitar

The high demand for these products has led to massive supply as several manufacturers have put products in the market.

They produce different guitar amplifiers, which these manufacturers claim to be the best.

This makes it hard for us to identify the actual best, but it becomes easy when you know what you want.

Some features help us decide which is the best; they include;

  • If the amplifier in question comes with a speaker or not?
  • When they come with speakers, the speaker’s sound quality should be considered.
  • In general, how much quality can the amplifier add to the speakers it comes with or your external speakers?
  • The variety that the amplifier comes with (difference in the style, color, or size of the speaker).
  • It is a durable option judging from the material used for the exterior.

1. Yamaha THR30II Wireless Desktop Amp is the No 1 choice for the Best Beginner Amp for Electronic Guitar

The conversation starts with the Yamaha store, and quality is something that this store always has in abundance.

We are looking at amplifiers here, but these are not the only products the Yamaha store brings to the market.

The sound market is not the only place they operate; they still have the some of the best products everywhere.

The THR30II is an example of the quality you seek, as top-notch features are found both inside and outside.

The style it comes in on this amplifier will be one of the standout features as it adds variety for you.

There are five different styles for you to choose from, all coming with their unique selling point.

The top panel of this amplifier has everything you would need to enjoy sound quality, with ports and buttons/knobs all over.

A knob on the top panel controls every aspect of your sound, from gain to volume.

Even with many control options on this amplifier’s body, there is still a remote.

With the THR remote control, you enjoy control of the features even when you are far from the amp.

Connectivity is another amazing feature here, as you have the wireless connection option and some wired connection options.

Although this device comes with a speaker, it is relatively portable compared to others on this list.

The portable nature of this guitar amplifier increases, even more thanks to the fact that it is a battery-operated amplifier.


  • It comes with extended stereo technology for Hi-Fi audio playback.
  • Thanks to the ¼” line outputs, you have flexibility in performance.
  • It has a Wireless connectivity option.


  • Not suitable for outdoor use.

Buy the Yamaha THR30II Wireless Desktop Amp from Amazon by clicking on the image link above.

2. Orange Crush Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier

Like the Yahama, the Orange Amps is also popular, although not as popular as the Yamaha store.

This speaker cannot be ignored in the sound market, especially when looking at combo amplifiers.

We want the best beginner amp for electronic guitar here, and the Orange Amps brand is one with some top options.

 This speaker ranks as the second product on this list owing to its incredible features.

As the first feature, you have three active band equalizers.

The one you decide to use will depend on the type of song you are playing at a particular time.

Even when you do not like the type of sound the preset modes give you, it is possible to create yours.

On the body of this amplifier, you have a lot of knobs and buttons to help you with this customization process.

Everything is adjustable when you have this guitar amplifier – the blend, middle, bass, treble, frequency, gain, bass, volume, etc.

You also have a -64dB pad switch and an integrated chromatic tuner here, all still coming together to promote functionality.

This orange amplifier weighs about 39 pounds and has a dimension that is measured as 22” X 14” X 21”.

A handle on the top of this amplifier makes it relatively easy for you to move it.

The use of reflex ports here helps you get a better sound experience on this amplifier with low-end responses.


  • Sound customization is possible here.
  • The handle on the top panel makes moving it easy.
  • This amplifier has a headphone output.


  • No remote control included.

Purchase the Orange Crush Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Amazon by clicking the image link above.

3. Monoprice 611815 Guitar Tube Amplifier

Another store worth mentioning since we are focused on quality is the Monoprice store.

Yes, we might not have come here if this conversation was about the popular guitar amplifiers on Amazon, but thankfully it is not.

We are looking to find the best, so we focus our attention on quality which is where this store stands strong.

This brand has many options to make this list, but this is the best.

The features are by a large mile far from the other options.

While the main features that earn this amplifier number three spot are kept unshaken, some other features vary here.

These varying features would include the color your guitar amplifier comes in and the design.

You have a rear-ported cabinet here, which gives your amplifier an edge in sound production.

The top panel has a leather handle, just like the other two amplifiers, which helps with easy movement.

Like in the other options, you will enjoy having a speaker and amplifier all in one body.

The speaker in use here is 12” in size and comes with a grille made of cloth to prevent dust damage.

There are knobs and switches on the front panel of this guitar amplifier for easy control.

When you want to listen to audio in privacy, you can connect your headphone here via the headphone output port.


  • This is a tube amplifier.
  • It comes with a 12” speaker.
  • Spaciousness is added to your tone.


  • No wireless connectivity here.

Get the Monoprice 611815 Guitar Tube Amplifier on Amazon by clicking the image above.

4. Positive Grid Spark Amp for Guitar

We are at the Positive grid store, and there is no reason why we shouldn’t be here when you consider their quality.

This store has led the way in terms of quality products in this category, but it does not end here.

You will still find options from this store when looking for other amplifiers like bass amplifiers.

The quality they put forward is enough to cover that it is not one of the most popular stores.

The spark bass guitar amplifier is the option we put in the limelight here, and it does not disappoint.

It is important to note that we want the best beginner amp for electronic guitar in the end.

This model comes in various colors for you to choose from based on your preference.

This is one of the few amplifiers with a smartphone that allows you to access more features.

With this amp, you can stream audio directly from the internet through the various streaming platforms.

This guitar amp allows you access to several FX presets through the ToneCloud feature on the app to improve the sound.

Another amazing feature of this amplifier that makes it stand out is that you can use voice for command.

It comes with a speaker just like the others on this list, and this speaker comes with full-range sound.

Sound customization is at the tip of your fingers thanks to a built-in tuner, tone stack control, and tap tempo adjuster.


  • It is a smart amplifier with voice control features.
  • Sound customization is possible here.
  • It comes with a speaker.


  • No remote control included in the package.

Purchase the Positive Grid Spark Amp for Guitar from Amazon by clicking the image link.

5. BOSS KTN-50-2 Katana-50 Guitar Combo Amp

The BOSS store has been known over the years for giving us one of the best qualities that can be found.

This continuous production of top-notch quality has resonated with the high popularity this store enjoys today.

There is no sound category without an option from this store among the best – whether it is stereo or Bluetooth speakers.

Here, we have the KTN-50-2, and this guitar amplifier has much to show us inside and outside.

This amp follows some trends like other guitar amplifiers on this list, with a leather handle on the top.

It also comes with a 12” speaker to help playback the sound that passes through the amplifier to get quality.

There is also a headphone output port for when you want to listen to audio without another ear.

One exciting feature is that you have up to 60 sound effects ready for use on this amp.

You have different knobs for these sound effects, and you can combine them up to five times simultaneously.

Variety is a feature here, as the main features are maintained while other features are allowed to vary.

The power output of the guitar amplifier is one of the features allowed to vary here.

You get to choose the one you want to use concerning the guitar’s power at home.

The input devices here include a USB port allowing your amplifier to connect several devices.


  • It comes with a speaker and can power external ones.
  • Sound customization is a possibility here.
  • This amp model comes with different power outputs.


  • It is not a waterproof option.

Click the image link to buy the BOSS KTN-50-2 Katana-50 Guitar Combo Amp from Amazon.

6. Fender Rumble Combo Amplifier

As the conversation increasingly focuses on sound quality, you must ignore every other feature.

One of the stores favored by this search method would be the Fender store, as quality is always available here.

It is impossible to talk about quality amplifiers in this category without mentioning them, even if they lack popularity.

Here, we are concerned with getting the best beginner amp for electronic guitar, and this is an option that stands out.

This store is so good that you can revisit this site to find the best combo amp, and they still give an option.

The main features here are kept constant while giving you options with some other features.

This brings variety, and one of the places where this variety exists is your amplifier’s style.

There are two styles available here – one coming with a speaker and the other coming without one.

We are considering the one that comes with a speaker here, and the speaker itself comes with quality.

Another place you have variety is the speaker and amplifier size, with nine options to choose from.

In terms of input and output ports, you have a ¼” headphone jack and a 1/8” AUX jack on the top panel.

The top panel also comes with several knobs and buttons – all having their role in control.

Some of the knobs play the role of sound customization, including the knobs for treble, bass, and mid.


  • Thanks to the handle on the top panel, you can move it about.
  • There is a mesh grille for the speaker here.
  • Sound customization is possible.


  • Not a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Click the image link to get the Fender Rumble Combo Amplifier from Amazon.

7. Solo 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface

This is the last place we have to visit during our search for the best guitar amplifier for beginners.

The Focusrite store has given us some of the best quality products in the past, making this less a surprise.

It might not be the most popular store out there, but the quality is one of the reasons we prefer to come here.

Most times, it does not matter what we want because we know as long as they have it, it is quality.

You will enjoy variety here, just like most of the options on this list.

This guitar amplifier comes in five different styles for you to choose from, depending on your instruments.

You have a switchable air mode here to help provide even more clarity for the sound on this amplifier.

Another standout feature of this guitar amplifier is that you do not need prior knowledge to set it up.

This guitar amplifier has a front panel that houses all you need to connect and use it.

Several knobs, buttons, switches, and ports help control the sound quality you get from this device.

The output ports available on this guitar amplifier are associated with a low-noise balance to provide clean audio playback.

You have two knobs on this integrated guitar amplifier – one controlling the volume in general while the other controlling the gain.


  • It is compatible with several guitars.
  • Excellent for recording in home studios.
  • It comes in five different styles.


  • No speaker added here.

Purchase the Solo 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface from Amazon by clicking the image link

Conclusion on the Best Beginner Amp for Electronic Guitar

On this list, we are looking for amazing guitar amplifiers to help beginners in the field.

Now, when you go on Amazon, you will likely find many amazing options.

That being said, it is important to understand a few things to make your search easy.

The first is the fact that the best is not always going to come from a popular store.

Also, you have to know that it might not be the most expensive option on the list.

The best, in reality, is the one that charges the lowest amount for the most features.

We focused on this while searching for the best beginner amp for electronic guitar.

We conclude that the Yamaha THR30II Amplifier is the best.

Click on the link to buy on Amazon.