Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker

Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker
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Now you are looking to get the best bottom freezer refrigerator with ice maker and this is not so easy. We know what you want is a bottom freezer refrigerator but you don’t want to spend extra for an ice maker. After carrying out research for you, we can proudly say that the Daewoo RFS-26DWCE is the best of the bunch.

When picking out a refrigerator there are a lot of things to consider and on of such is the type.

We have two types mainly; the top freezer refrigerator and the bottom freezer refrigerator.

If you are just looking for the best bottom freezer refrigerator, then we suggest you click here.

Once, you have made this choice, what remains is to decide what extra features you want.

Different manufacturers make various models of the refrigerator worldwide.

However modern refrigerator models have seen a fusion of the ice makers to their structure.

It is cost-effective for the buyer as you get the 3-in-1 combo of a freezer, fridge, and ice maker.

Since we have established the fact that refrigerators with ice makers are a great choice, how do we make a good choice out of the many options available?

Our answer to the million-dollar question will be your pocket and what you want out of your appliance.

How much are you budgeting and what other features are important to you?

Comparison Table of the Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker

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1Daewoo RFS-26DWCE French Door RefrigeratorDIMENSION 33.78" X 35.98" X 69.8"
CAPACITY 25.5 cu. ft.
2Daewoo RFS-26STJE French Door RefrigeratorDIMENSION 33.78" X 35.98" X 69.8"
CAPACITY 25.5 cu. ft.
3Frigidaire FFHB2750TD 36 Inch French Door RefrigeratorDIMENSION 36.8" X 37.98" X 69.8"
CAPACITY 26.8 cu. ft.
4Frigidaire FG4H2272UF 22.2 CF Counter-Depth French Door RefrigeratorDIMENSION 34" X 40" X 74"
CAPACITY 21.8 cu. ft.
5Frigidaire FFHD2250TS 36 Inch Counter Depth French Door RefrigeratorDIMENSION 30.88" X 35.63" X 69.38"
CAPACITY 22.5 cu. ft.
6SMETA Upright Counter Depth Refrigerator 36'' French Door Bottom FreezerDIMENSION 35.9" X 28.7" X 69.9"
CAPACITY 20.7 cu. ft.
7GE GDE25ESKSS 33 Inch Bottom Mount RefrigeratorDIMENSION 36.5" X 37.8" X 72"
CAPACITY 24.9 cu. ft.

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Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker

The ice maker is a must, so there is no need to talk about it as a feature to consider.

Although, some brands and models of ice makers will perform much better than others.

Some also come with added features like water dispensers will others don’t, so these too can be considered.

Other notable features and factors that you should be considering when picking out your choice, could be:


The first thing to decide when buying any item is where are you going to put it.

The dimensions of the refrigerator are so important because once it doesn’t fit the space, you just brought a problem.

Measure the space you have set out for the item and then compare the measurements with what is available online.

Too much in length or width and it is either not fitting or you stub your toe when you walkpass.


Yes, some houses are smaller than others, or some parts of the house may be smaller.

Whichever the case is it is important to know how high the refrigerator you are getting is.

Compare it to how high your house is to see if you get enough space from roof to fridge.


If you get this wrong then you might as well end up buying two refrigerators.

The big question is how much of items do you want to store and how much can the fridge and freezer hold?

Your preference also comes into play because some refrigerators might come in the same total capacity.

When this happens, the question becomes which is important to me – freezer or fridge?

Even when the total capacity is the same, the ratio of capacity between the fridge and freezer always differs.


The fridge and freezer of a bottom freezer refrigerator come with different types of doors.

The fridge could have a door with reversible hinges which is popular in new models.

This means you can set the doors to open to the right or left depending on your preference.

It could also come in a double French door which opens from the middle two ways.

This door has more door storage space the fridge can be separated into two segments.

The freezer on the other hand can have the normal doors with reversible hinges as explained earlier.

Some newer models come with a drawer type of door and this replaced the traditional doors for a reason.

Manufacturers considered that most times the items we store in the freezer are heavier.

So, having to pull and then carry them out is more stressful and drawer doors relieve some of that stress.


Some models come with single ice makers, some double, and others add a water dispenser.

Combine this with the separate freezer and fridge capacity when looking at purpose.

If you run a small bar, you need a lot of ice and a larger freezer capacity than a homeowner.

So, knowing why you are buying the fridge will give you a clearer picture of the features you need.


You cannot rob a bank at the end of the day, can you?

So, after dimensions are in, we think it is wise to know how much money you are spending.

This cuts some options and then you can focus on the features you need from those in your budget.


This also has to do with budgeting and how much you have to spend.

Spending money on the refrigerator doesn’t end after the purchase because it has to run.

Energy will be consumed daily by this appliance once it is on and you have to pay for that power.

The big question you should want to answer is – can you keep up with the energy usage of your refrigerator.


What other people say about the product you want is as important as your desire to get it.

You are here for that very same reason – to know what we think about bottom freezer refrigerator with ice maker.

The idea is the seller is trying to sell, so he describes his product in glowing terms to convince you to buy.

Reviewers have had hands-on experience with the appliance and won’t sugar coat it if it is bad.


The kind of shelves used tells a lot about what you can store and what you cannot.

Mainly there are two kinds of shelves used in refrigerators – wire shelves and glass shelves.

The glass shelves are made of tempered glass mainly which makes it durable.

This may be true but don’t get us wrong, there is still a chance it breaks.

The wire shelves on the other hand are made of stainless-steel bars knitted together to form a platform.

These stainless-steel materials are hard to break but the problems come with their storage capacity.

Small items that would stay normally on a glass shelf will fall off on the wire shelf.

This may in turn cause damage to the item we intended to store in the refrigerator.

So, a knowledge of the kind of items we usually store will help us decide which is best.


The materials used in making and finishing the refrigerator can also be a factor.

Newer models are finished with anti-smudge and anti-fingerprint technology.

This helps reduce the times you have to clean and also helps with the appearance of the refrigerator.


There are so many features to a refrigerator we call add ons.

The shelves and door type we just talked about could be one of them.

The type of lighting in the refrigerator and the energy certificate is another one.

Temperature controllers, the auto-defrost ability for the freezer should be looked at.

Some new models come with humidity and temperature controllers for different drawers and segments.

The auto-defrost ability will help eliminate the gathering of ice and frost in the freezer.

Here are the 7 contenders for the Best Bottom Refrigerator with Ice Maker.

1. Daewoo RFS-26DWCE French Door Refrigerator No 1 choice for the Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker

The beauty part of this bottom freezer refrigerator is that it carries a compact ice maker.

This means the ice maker which is also equipped with a water dispenser takes little or no space.

It carries a diary bin, a gallon storage bin, crisper bin with humidity control.

The refrigerator comes with a LED touch control panel for either water or ice and a push lever for dispensing.

It has a total capacity of 25.5 cu. ft. – 7.8 cu. ft. is assigned to the bottom freezer.

The Temperature Controlled Drawer gives you the best option for optimal storage of food items.

Another amazing feature is the Anti-smudge finishing which makes cleaning a whole lot easier.

The glass shelves on the Daewoo RFS-26DWCE come with a remarkable ability.

Not only can they be movable but they are also foldable giving you better space options.

The door hinge of the fridge is also reversible and the door carries a lot of space.


  • Inbuilt deodorizer
  • Anti-bacterial filter
  • Freezer auto-defrost ability
  • Drawer type


  • High energy usage

Get yours now from Amazon by clicking on the image link above

2. Daewoo RFS-26STJE French Door Refrigerator

This is another bottom freezer refrigerator with the drawer door type at the bottom.

The refrigerator is 33.78” in length, 35.98” in width, and 69.8” in height.

It weighs relatively average at 331 pounds and has a total capacity of 25.5 cu. ft.

You will find so many pockets as it comes with 10 crispers and drawers.

Most of which have temperature and humidity controllers for perfect storage of food items.

It uses the wire type of shelves instead of the glass type and has five shelves in the fridge.

Door storage increases the fridge capacity which is normally 17.7 cu. ft.


  • The freezer can auto-defrost
  • High capacity with low floor space coverage
  • Dual ice maker – the second one located in the freezer
  • Fingerprint resistant finishing


  • Wire shelves which cannot store very small items
  • Fridge door hinges are not reversible

Click on the image above to get the (choice) from amazon

3. Frigidaire FFHB2750TD 36” French Door Refrigerator

This bottom freezer refrigerator comes with a total capacity of 28.8 cu. ft.

The capacity is increased however by the storage space in the double French doors.

Like most of the refrigerators in this category, it comes with a drawer door type freezer.

The shelves are removable which gives us the power to create and reduce space to fit our needs.

French door hinges are not reversible and the shelf type used in this model is wire shelves.


  • Drawer type freezer doors
  • Low floor space usage
  • Average energy usage


  • Wire shelves make it hard to store small items safely
  • Quite expensive when the price is compared to others

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4. Frigidaire FG4H2272UF 22.2” Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator

The freezer capacity is very high at 8.4 cu. ft for a 21.8 cu. ft. total capacity refrigerator.

The dimensions suggest that like other bottom freezer refrigerators, it takes little or no ground space.

Hence, the manufacture prides this model as a floor space saver, claim it saves 3” more compared to others.

Its dimension reads 34” X 40” X 74” which suggests that height might be your only problem.

The fridge capacity of this model of Frigidaire is 13.4 cu. ft.

The finishing is smudge-proof and the interior is equipped with a LED lighting system.

The freezer comprises two drawers which aid the segmentation of items being stored.

It is equipped with the wire shelf system and some temperature-controlled drawers/crispers.


  • Anti-humidity drawers
  • Saves floor space
  • Segmented freezer gives more storage option


  • Quite an expensive option

Purchase the (choice) from amazon by clicking the image link

5. Frigidaire FFHD2250TS 36 Inch Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

For easy access to frozen items, this bottom freezer comes with the drawer type door.

It has a total capacity of 22.5 which is increased with the door storage capacity.

Like other French double door bottom freezer refrigerators, it doesn’t have reversible door hinges.

The shelves in this refrigerator are wire shelves and it comes with a water dispenser too.

It is also equipped with temperature-controlled and humidity-controlled drawers and crispers.

With dimensions of 30.88” X 35.98” X 69.38” we are sure it covers little floor space.


  • Double fridge doors which mean more storage space
  • Average energy usage
  • Relatively cheap in comparison with others


  • wire shelves cannot safely store very small objects.
  • No auto-defrost function in the freezer

So. If this is the one you want, click on the image above to get the (choice) from amazon

6. SMETA Upright Counter Depth Refrigerator 36” French Door Bottom Freezer

This option weighs less than most of the other options, it weighs 293 pounds.

The weight is a reflection of its rather smallish capacity of 20.7 cu. ft.

However, the double French door storage space increases this capacity slightly.

The freezer capacity is 6 cu. ft. while the fridge has a capacity of 14.7 cu. ft.

For dimensions, it boasts of a length, width, and height of 35.9” X 28.7” X 69.9”.

It has 7 drawers and crispers and also has 5 removable/rearrangeable shelves.

The shelves used in this model of refrigerators are all glass shelves.

This refrigerator’s shelves are designed to make zero noise during sliding whether in or out.

Cleaning the freezer is very easy as it comes with the ability to auto defrost.

The freezer is also segmented into two for easy storage of different items by two drawer doors.

The total noise level of this appliance has been estimated to be about 45 decibels.

The voltage and wattage of this refrigerator are 115 volts and 310 watts respectively.

It has very high efficiency and energy usage of 571 kilowatts per hour.


  • Auto-defrost
  • Low noise level
  • Glass shelves for easy storage of smaller items
  • Low voltage


  • Expensive option
  • Low total capacity

Buy now by clicking on the image above to get the (choice) from amazon

7. GE GDE25ESKSS 33 Inch Bottom Mount Refrigerator

The GE GDE25ESKSS has a total capacity of 24.9 cu. ft. which is average for bottom freezer refrigerator.

Its weight is one of the best for this type of refrigerator, as it was measured to be 275 pounds.

The shelves used are glass shelves which make it easy to store smaller items.

The freezer doors are drawer types that make it easy to remove and add items to the freezer.

The shelves and drawers are all sliding which also eases the removal and addition of items.

An anti-smudge finishing was used on the exterior to make cleaning easier.


  • It uses glass shelves which can store smaller items
  • Lightweight
  • High capacity
  • Shelves can be manipulated to fit your needs


  • An expensive option
  • No auto-defrost function

Click on the image above to purchase the (choice) from amazon

Conclusion on the Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker

Like we said when at the start, add ons and budget comes to play once you have decided basic features.

In this case, the basic feature is a bottom freezer refrigerator with ice maker.

After a long time researching from stores and manufacturers, we came up with seven.

Seven is still such a large number for someone who wants just one product and we know that.

It might interest you to know that our choice for the best has not changed a bit from then to now.

We still think theDaewoo RFS-26DWCE  is the best bottom freezer refrigerator with ice maker.

Click here, if you are looking for a top freezer refrigerator and you don’t care if it has an ice maker.