Best Camcorder for Video Blogging

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Whether you are an amateur or professional, you can get your artistic juices going with the best camcorder for video blogging. We know the market for camcorders is vast and exhaustive. So we’ve done the work for you and we recommend the LINNSE Video Camera Camcorder as the best camcorder for video blogging.

Video blogging is fast becoming popular, most especially with the recent marketability and popularity of Youtube.

This has also come to stay, as more and more individuals and businesses are going into blogging using videos daily.

It comes as no surprise that this is trending.

This is because it has been proven that communication through visuals tends to arrest the audience’s attention, more than other forms of communication.

We will consider just what camcorders are made of, i.e their unique qualities, and why you should be getting one for your video blogging career

Best Camcorder for Video Blogging –  Comparison Table

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1LINNSE Video Camera CamcorderMegapixels: 24MP

Storage: 128GB(expanded)

Video Capture Resolution: 1080P

Lens: 16 times zoom

Display:3.0 inches IPS touchscreen
2Actinow Video Camera CamcorderMegapixels: 24MP

Storage: 4GB to 32GB

Video Capture Resolution: 1080P

Lens: 16 times digital zoom

Display:3 inches LCD
3Melcam CamcorderMegapixels: 24MP

Storage: 32GB

Video Capture Resolution: 1080P

Lens: 16 times digital zoom, Macro, Wide Angle

Display:3 inches
4Aabeloy Video Camera 2.7K CamcorderMegapixels: 8MP

Storage: 128GB

Video Capture Resolution: 2.7K

Lens: 16 times digital zoom

Display: 3.0 inches LCD
5Sauleoo 4K Video Camera CamcorderMegapixels: 30MP

Storage: Supports 128GB SD Card

Video Capture Resolution: 4K

Lens: 37mm lens

Display: 3.0 inches
6Yida Tech Video Camera CamcorderMegapixels: 30MP

Storage: 128GB

Video Capture Resolution: 2.7K

Lens: 16 times zoom

Display:3 inches IPS touchscreen
7Aasonida Video Camera CamcorderMegapixels: 24MP

Storage: 16GB

Video Capture Resolution: 1080p

Lens: 16 times zoom

Display:3.0 inches LCD

Compare The Top 7 On One Page

Overview of Camcorders for Making Videos

A camcorder has many features that make it ideal for video blogging.

Some of these features might surprise you or excite you.

So, get your vlogging gloves on because we’re sure to knock you out with these thrilling camcorder details.

Unlike analog cameras, which store images and sound by way of variable waves encoded electrically on magnetic tape.

Camcorders signals represent images and sound by a finite quantity of numbers.

Simply put, analog camera signals lose a lot more information in the process of copying than digital cameras (camcorders).

So, that’s an advantage, with a camcorder (which has digital technology).

The video you filmed will be processed smoothly and accurately.

This way, you won’t end up with glitches or clip jumps in your videos.

It is noteworthy that there are two different types of digital cameras;

  • camcorders that record digitally on tape
  • camcorders that digitally record onto a digital storage medium

Essentially, you can buy your camcorder based on where you want to store your video.

You can choose to buy a camcorder with a classic means of storage (which records sound and images as uncompressed as possible), that is, tapes.

On the other hand, you can buy a camcorder that stores your video on a more contemporary means of storage.

This introduces some kind of compression to store A/V material- the user can set the amount of compression that will be applied), that is, SD cards and hard drives.

The choice is simply yours.

Other Features

Furthermore, it is important to note that, as a general rule, 1 GB of storage space results in approx. 5 minutes of video in the best quality and the highest resolution (HD 1920×1080).

That means you get the best 5-minute (approx.) video quality in the market at the cost of 1GB storage space.

So, if you want the sharpest image, the bigger the storage space, the better.

Also, as a rule, picture resolution is not related to the system of recording A/V content (on tape or digital storage medium).

Rather, it is related to the type of camera you purchase.

Some cameras deliver higher resolution images because of the inbuilt picture resolution.

If you want a glistening and glossy picture-perfect video for your blog, then look for the picture resolution a camera offers.

The higher the resolution, the better the results.

Furthermore, the camcorder offers optical zoom (through the lens) and digital zoom.

That is to say, the digital zoom increases the number of pixels of an image without increasing the information that is held by each pixel.

On the other hand, the optical zoom uses optical techniques to view objects bigger.

Additionally, if the focus is what you’re worried about, then focus on this feature.

Any good digital video camera allows you to change the focus manually with a focus ring (which is often found around the lens).

Finally, the shutter of the camcorder opens and closes rapidly in front of the camera’s lens.

The shutter is a really awesome feature because when you increase the speed of the shutter, the movements are faster and less blurry when recorded.

Although it is noteworthy that, the faster shutter speeds also need more light.

However, you can increase the shutter speed to attain a sharper picture.

7 Selections for the Best Camcorder For Video Blogging

1. Linnse Video Camera Camcorder

The best camcorder for video blogging on our list is the video camera camcorder produced by Linnse.


This multifunctional digital camcorder supports video at intervals, self-shooting, low-speed, and continuous shooting.

A great option for YouTube supports shooting of Full HD 1080p(30FPS) video and 24MP photo.

That’s a great feature on a camcorder for vlogger that’s on the look for sharp and high-definition videos.

Also, it supports a 3.0-inch IPS screen, 16X digital zoom, and remote control.

All these features provide a smooth, clean, and clear shooting experience with a wonderful visual effect.

Furthermore, this digital camcorder is lightweight (weighs 10 ounces) and an easy-to-use camera.

This is equipped with high-class material and advanced technology and produces high-quality images.

It’s simply the picture-perfect gift for friends and family members to record special events and adventures.

Set your world alight with the webcam feature.

Vloggers can connect this camcorder to the PC with a USB cable.

This way you transfer your files to your computer by choosing “MSDC” or take it as a webcam by choosing the “PC CAM” mode.

This way you can enjoy video chatting or live streaming with loved ones.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can pause the long video shooting at any point and continue from where you stopped without starting a new file.

Another fun feature is the remote control this camcorder supports.

You can access controls through physical or remote controller buttons.

Additionally, this camcorder comes with two 1500mAh batteries and it also supports recording while charging.

This way, you do not have to worry about running out of power when you are recording different celebrations or milestone vlogging events.

Finally, no need to ever worry about nightfall killing your vlogging vibes or shooting blind.

The night vision feature on this camcorder can still shoot high-definition images and videos in low light conditions and that includes darkness.


  • It only weighs 10 ounces.
  • You can take pictures while recording.
  • You can record while charging.
  • It features an automatic shutdown mode.
  • It has an LCD screen: 3.0 inch IPS screen.


  • Microphone, SD card and fill LED light are not included in the package.

One feature that interests us a lot about this camcorder is the automatic shutdown mode.

Hence, it is right there at the top, as the best camcorder for video blogging.

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2. Actinow Video Camera

We now go to the next camcorder for video blogging on our selections, which is the video camera from Actinow.


Here’s another camcorder that features an external microphone and it supports remote control (within 7 meters).

So, you can pause, play, or stop a video at your own comfort.

This way, you can create your own pace for shooting a video, whether it’ll take minutes, hours, or days.

The remote function is there for you to exercise your flexible muscles.

Also, the built-in and external microphones are designed to reduce sound distortion and increase clarity.

No need to call in a professional camera crew because this camcorder also supports a camera tripod.

This way, you can take steady and still photos or videos at home or outdoor.

The max support of this camcorder is 1080P(30FPS) AVI Video Resolution, this is the best image resolution in the market.

Always delivering crystal videos, this camcorder supports, 24M(6000×4500) JPEG Image Resolution.

Also, with a 3. 0-inch 270-degree rotation TFT LCD screen that supports LED fill Light, and 16X digital zoom, this device is your best bet for covering a wide range of camera angles.

From the pan, close up shot, track shot to wide-angle shot, you are covered.

Furthermore, it has a vast number of functions, such as Face detection, Beauty function, and Anti-shaking,

Also, it has the Self-timer, Smile capture, Webcam function, Pause function, internal and external Microphone, and speakers.

Additionally, with this camcorder, you record videos while charging.

It has two 3. 7V 1500mAh Li-ion batteries (Model: NP-FV5).

Please note that one full-charged battery can be used for approx. 90-150 minutes.

This way, you do not have to worry about battery life stopping you from making amazing videos for your pleasure.

Finally, the camera also supports SD memory card and MMC card, 4GB up to 32GB and it also supports pause function.


  • It weighs 1.5 pounds, so not too heavy.
  • There is a Video Resolution of 1920X1080.
  • Supported File Format: image format (JPEG), and video format (AVI)
  • Also, it has a  Display Screen: 3. 0 inches.
  • Finally, it supports 270°rotation.


  • The tripod is not included in the package.
  • The camera is designed for Amateurs, not for Professional Users.
  • The SD card or MMC card is not included and you have to format the SD card before using this camera.

Left for the fact that you would have to buy your own tripod, and SD Card, this camcorder still boasts of many other features and benefits which should excite you.

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3. Melcam Camcorder

Easy to move around and conveniently fits into any space, the Melcam Camcorder is not lacking admirers, and once you go through the features, you will join the group.


This full HD 1080P (15FPS) Melcam Video Camera has 16X digital zoom and a 3.0-inch capacitive screen, available with 270-degree rotation.

It is not good for a regular videographer.

However, it’s best for a videographer with the aspiration to be a vlogger.

Easy to carry and fits perfectly in small spaces, the lightweight and compact device makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

So, get on the move because this vlogger’s camcorder is a great assist device to help you reach your fans and achieve your dreams.

Furthermore, the Face Detect and Smile Capture function focus on capturing your best and brightest angles.

You can then use the USB and AV cable (use the USB cable connect to the computer and AV cable connect to the TV) to share your most flattering videos to family, friends, and fans.

Finally, the camcorder does not support an external microphone.

However, it does support LED lights (which is not included in the package).

It also allows up to 32GB of memory card and supports tripod connection for easy mobility.


  • It has 2 rechargeable batteries (Please charge the battery for up to 8 hours the first time you use it).
  • Also, it supports a tripod connection.
  • It includes a pause function.


  • 16X digital zoom and fixed focus, not optical zoom and autofocus
  • SD card must be formatted before you use the camcorder.
  • The camcorder is only for amateur, not for professional use.
  • It does not support an external microphone.

Tell us, have you joined the group of admirers for this beautiful camcorder?

No doubt, there are overwhelming reasons to buy one.

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4. Aabeloy Video Camera 2.7K camcorder

It is safe to say that Aabeloy put a lot of factors into consideration while producing this 2.7k video camera camcorder, which is the next pick on our best camcorder for video blogging.


This ultra-HD 2.7K Camcorder with Handheld Stabilizer records superb images with 2.7K 2688X1520/30fps (UHD) video resolution that allows you to record while charging.

It comes with a remote control that has buttons that allow you to pause videos, playback, and/or and take videos and pictures (Within 23FT) without the need for professional help.

It’s a simple tool used to control and manage your device.

The camcorder also comes with a lens hood which blocks excess light (and therefore improves the photos overall color and contrast)

The hood also protects your camcorder lens from accidental damage.

In other words, it’s a sure safe bet feature that protects the durability and longevity of this device.

With this feature, you can record clean-cut videos with no light obstructions while having a little worry about accidental damages.

Also, the camcorder features a webcam.

Both the video camera and webcam provide 36.0 MP (max) picture pixel with a CMOS image sensor of 8.0 megapixels and 16X digital zoom.

Additionally, it supports the 3.0” TFT-LCD touch screen (supports 270°rotation).

This makes the camcorder mobile, durable, top-quality, and overall flexible.

Furthermore, this multifunctional has many features which include: anti-shake, Pause Function, device Remote controller, slow motion, continuous shooting e.t.c.

If this isn’t enough to make you catch your breath.

This camcorder’s features are definitely packing a punch and we’re not done.

Additionally, this camcorder allows you to record videos while charging.

It also includes two batteries (note that: one fully charged battery can be used for approx. 90-150 minutes).

Finally, no more rushing because of the sunset or avoiding filming in dark rooms because the IR Night Vision function is perfect for low light and dark light

What more?

It doesn’t depreciate the quality of the videos you shoot because it still records high-definition videos.


  • The HD Camcorder is the only one that can stream directly to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • It Adopts X-Y stereo pickup technology, clear and stable sound image localization.
  • It is the ideal video camera with a microphone for bloggers and videography.


  • You are required to format the memory card through this camera for first-time use (SD card is not included).
  • The lens of the camera is fixed.
  • Also, it is not designed for professionals but amateurs.

We hope you were able to catch your breath as you read through the many features of this camcorder, as we struggled to catch ours writing them.

One of the best camcorders for video blogging right there.

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5. Sauleoo 4K Video Camera Camcorder

Let’s give you a little insight into what to expect should you get the Sauleoo 4K Video Camera Camcorder, which is one of our selections on the best camcorder for video blogging.


This camcorder comes with a microphone that adopts noise-canceling technology to filter background noise in your videos.

Thereby recording clear audio for you.

It also features a lens hood that blocks excess light and protects the camcorder lens from accidental damage.

Plus, the remote control gives you the freedom to control when you want to capture an image or video.

With that, you can play, pause, stop, or playback until you achieve your perfect video.

Also, the camcorder supports 4K(30FPS) MP4 video resolution with 30M JPG image resolution, which is perfect for recording stunning, flawless videos.

Furthermore,  this camcorder is equipped with a 3 IPS touchscreen, which supports 270-degree rotation.

Also, it has an 18X digital zoom and it has extra sensitivity 8 megapixel CMOS image sensor.

This makes the camcorder perfect for producing high-definition videos with clear sound and natural images.

Additionally, the webcam (which can connect to TV) feature included on this camcorder gives you the option to start the live stream.

This is when you open the YouTube, Facebook, and/or Instagram page.

It can also be used to video chat with friends or family.


  • Provides one-year product maintenance and service
  • A single full charged NP40 battery life of approx. 60 to 90 minutes for continuous shooting.
  • It is ideal for YouTube vlogging, amateurs, and beginners to record video.


  • Tripod not included
  • It is important to format the memory card through this camera for first-time use (SD card is not included).

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6. Yida Tech Video Camera Camcorder

This video camera camcorder from Yida Tech is renowned for its compatibility with an external microphone, night vision, among other things.

Let’s see other things.


This HD camcorder with 1080P 30FPS video resolution and 24MP picture pixel is perfect for recording superior images.

The 3.0-inch screen (which is a non-touchscreen) and 270 degrees rotatable feature allows you to be flexible in your use of the camera.

No more fears and worries about low light and nighttime ruining your artistry.

This is because this camcorder features infrared night vision with infrared waves which is sensed by 24 million CMOS.

This allows you to shoot authentic and dynamic images even in dark light settings.

Additionally, this camcorder is equipped with an external microphone that accurately pick-ups sound and reduces the noise during recording to deliver the best sound quality.

Here is another camcorder product that offers a lens hood.

This filters out excess stray light and prevents lens flare caused by excess light.

This automatically improves the quality of your recordings by delivering natural images with contrast and color.

Lastly, the 16X digital zoom features give you the ability to get as close to the action as possible while still maintaining high-resolution recordings.


  • It features a webcam.
  • Also, it comes with 2 extra batteries for an efficient power supply.
  • It is the ideal camcorder with a microphone for vloggers and videography.
  • Finally, it has a memory of an SD card up to 128GB.


  • The camera is designed for amateurs, not for professional users.
  • SD card should be purchased separately (as it is not included in the package).

In a summary, you would love the 2 extra batteries that this camcorder comes with, especially if you would be making videos away from home.

This is worthily on the list of the best camcorder for video blogging.

Click on the image above to buy from Amazon.

7. Aasonida Video Camera Camcorder

Countdown to the final selection of camcorders on these selections of the best camcorder for video blogging.

The camcorder from Aasonida is also a very popular one among bloggers, and you will find out why in a moment.


It has a 3.0 -inch screen and 270-degree rotation.

This device also includes an external stereo microphone.

This can successfully eliminate background noise while improving the stability of audio.

Basically, it’s perfect for recording conferences, dissertations, debates, and general presentation.

Furthermore, it produces 1080P/30fps video and 24MP photos with the newest upgraded chip and with a highly-advanced CMOS Sensor.

Also, the webcam feature allows you to stream excellent videos on social media, such as Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter.

Plus, you can connect YouTube videos with HDMI cable directly to the TV to play the videos for the whole family to watch, in HD.


  • It includes a remote control.
  • Supports a lot of Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac 10.2
  • It is small, lightweight, and portable.
  • Also offers 30 days money back and a 12-Month warranty
  • It only weighs about 1.43 pounds.


  • The camcorder is designed for amateur, and not for the professional user.
  • An SD card is not included and must be purchased separately.

Click on the image above to buy from Amazon.

Conclusion on the Best Camcorder for Video Blogging

There you have a detailed analysis of the best camcorder for video blogging.

We diligently focused on recommending a list of affordable top-end camcorders.

This is because you deserve the very best options that would give you tremendous value for your money and nothing less.

To conclude, we recommend the LINNSE Video Camera Camcorder as the best camcorder for video blogging.

Given all the features, benefits, and cons of camcorders considered.

Click the link to purchase it now.