Best Carry On Backpack For Business Travel

Best Carry On Backpack For Business Travel
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Ever wondered where to get a carry on backpack that is comfortable and suits your needs for your business travel? Well, carry on backpacks are meant to contain the things you need for the period of your business trip, ensure comfort and easy carriage. Based on our analysis theMATEIN Travel Backpack is the Best Carry On Backpack For Business Travel.  

Business travels usually take a short period of time depending on the nature of your business and your purpose for traveling.

Furthermore, important documents and work laptops would be involved regardless of the timeframe.

While suitcases are the number one thing that comes to mind, backpacks are also great carriers.

Who Needs Backpacks When Modern Luggage Have Wheels Already?

The answer is everybody including you.

People may disregard backpacks because they feel it can’t carry a lot and that it’s just added weight.

However, any luggage with wheels will also require you to carry them at some point in your travels, and that’s when you’ll wish you brought a backpack instead.

Backpacks have the capacity to carry your laptop, gadgets, a full pack of chargers, drinks, notebooks and many more things that are of importance.

Feeling convinced now?

Hence, here is a list of seven carry on backpacks that are considered best for business travel

Best Carry On Backpack For Business Travel

Perfect for both travelling and daily use.The target consumers are both working adults and students.Zip pocket for easy access.This backpack turns heads around with its classy design and really sturdy features that guarantee the safety of your belongings.Boasting with popularity due to its cheap price but high quality features, the AMBOR backpack is what light travelers are looking for.LightweightCut out for the heavy duty load of extroverted people.
Waterproof!Smart and Secure lock!Decent shoulder strapsHas hidden compartmentsDesigned to be a bit heavy to carry in order to withstand the heavy load that tourists, campers, hikers and the like carry along for an adventure, this bag is an honest and hand-picked product.
Easily pass security scans.USB Port DesignDirt resistantVarious pockets for utilityPrevents overheating
This high quality backpack is capable of holding a 15.6” laptop and is equipped with padded compartments to avoid getting your valuables scratched and getting bumped directly.DurableMade for day trips
The con regarding this backpack is related to capacity and also tests the limit of the breathable pads and the durability of the shoulder straps.More capacity but also has more weight and is more expensive due to its high-tech features but still has issues regarding the USB charge and audio ports popping out.This backpack is highly recommended for those who travel lightly.Spacious enough to carry a 17” laptop and has a decent lock but will tear easily if a huge amount of books are always crammed inside the compartments of a bag.
Book lovers, art students or even just a normal college student at this rate who carry a lot of their stuff in their bags most of the time are not going to like this bag.It is more durable and stylish than the AMBOR backpack, but it also has some cons regarding its
Whatever was placed at the back pockets has a tendency to keep poking the person’s back.The backpack is slightly water resistant and doesn’t offer a lot of space. Unlike most backpacks, there is no slot to place water bottles or any drink and as for the durability of the bag, many customers have proven that it starts to fall apart after a year of continuous usage.
Weight2.6 lbs0.64 ounces3.17 pounds2.42 lbs1.65 lbs1.89 Pounds2.4 lbs
Dimensions9.5 X 15 X 10.5 inches and Capacity is 45L14.8 x 9.5 x 19.2 inches13.7 x 6.7 x 18.9 inches5.5 x 16 x 9.5 inches19.1 x 11.6 x 7.5 inches20 x 5.5 x 11.8 inches18 x 12 x 3.8 inches

Compare The Top 7 On One Page

1. MATEIN Travel Backpack

This carry on backpack is perfect for both traveling and daily use.

It is unique because of its anti-theft, lightweight, and large capacity features.

Furthermore, this carry on backpack is designed in a way that provides comfort to its users.


  •  It has foam paddings at the back which gives your back support and comfort.
  •  Also, it has a water-resistant feature.
  • It comes in different colors so you can choose a design that suits your taste.
  • The backpack has a lot of hidden compartments where you can keep sensitive and important stuff to prevent theft.
  • Even more, it has a  USB charging port to serve as a backup power supply for your phone while you travel.


  • Not all 17” laptops can fit into this backpack

Despite its drawbacks, this backpack is still very useful to business owners.

Hence, this is one of the best carry on backpacks for business travel you should consider buying.

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2. WhiteFang Backpack

This is also similar to the MATEIN backpack.

It is very comfortable and has a good number of compartments to keep your stuff.


  •  It is made with soft paddings which makes it ergonomic.
  •  USB charging port which can serve as a power supply when your phone’s battery is down
  • It is also made for daily use and frequent travels


  • The compartments of this backpack are quite small
  • Not designed for heavy-duty usage.

The downsides of this backpack are nothing compared to its unique features and usability.

Hence, this backpack is one of the best carry on backpacks for business travel.

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3. OUTJOY Backpack for Business Travel

This is a high-quality backpack that is capable of containing a 15.6” laptop.

Also, it is equipped with soft padded compartments.

Hence, this can serve as protection for any breakable item you might have in your backpack.


  • It is designed with zip pockets for easy access
  • This backpack is also designed with waterproof materials
  • it is stylishly designed.
  • It also has a fair price range.


  • The shoulder straps are not so strong hence, they might get spoilt quickly if you constantly overstuff the backpack.
  • Also, the backpack tends to send a slight feeling of discomfort to the person’s back the moment it becomes jam-packed.

Apart from these drawbacks, the backpack is quite useful.

Hence, this backpack is one of the best carry on backpacks for business travel.

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This backpack is a head-turner due to its classy design and really sturdy features.


  • It has a smart and secure lock thus enhancing the safety of your belongings.
  • It also comes with a USB port.


  • The price range of this backpack is on the high side.
  • Also, the backpack is quite heavy
  • Lastly, the USB port is not yet fully optimized.

Despite its downsides, this backpack has a lot to offer in terms of usefulness and capacity.

Consequently, this is one of the best carry on backpacks you could consider getting for your business travel.

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5. AMBOR Travel Laptop Backpack

This backpack comes with good shoulder straps.

Also, it is durable enough to withstand heavyweight.

The price range for this backpack is on the fair side.

Furthermore, the backpack is designed to ensure the comfort of its users.


  •  Shoulder straps are designed to provide ergonomic comfort
  • The backpack comes with a belt strap that helps secure the backpack to your body.
  •  Security lock system to ensure the safety of your valuables
  •  A USB port and headphone jack


  • Only dull color designs available
  • Limited capacity to contain things due to small-sized compartments

The drawbacks of this backpack are quite minimal.

Hence, this backpack is one of the best backpacks for business travel.

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6. TZOWLA Backpack for Business Travel

This backpack comes at a fair price range.

Furthermore, the backpack is quite durable.

It is also lightweight and has hidden compartments with various pockets for utilities.


  • This backpack is durable
  • It is also very spacious
  • USB charging port available
  • It is not heavy


  • The USB and audio ports are not properly placed

It is also important to note that, this backpack is not designed to be overstuffed with your belongings.

Hence you have to put only lightweight stuff in it.

Besides its drawbacks, this backpack has some unique features that are quite beneficial to its users.

Hence, it is one of the best carry on backpack for  business travel

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7. PICTEK Laptop Backpack

This backpack is uniquely designed for heavy-duty purposes.

Hence, you can put in some of your heavyweight items in it as you travel.


  • Anti-theft lock that is easy to use
  • Also, it is fairly durable
  • USB charging port
  • Water-resistant feature
  • Security lock system


  • A bit heavy
  • Security lock system gets jammed at times

The drawbacks of this backpack are few compared to its enormous benefits.

Hence, this is one of the best carry on backpacks for business travels.

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Conclusion on the Best Carry On Backpack for Business Travel

When you are constantly traveling for business purposes it is vital that you are comfortable and you carry along with you everything you need.

One way to ensure this is to have the right backpack for your trips.

Deciding on this could be a tough one considering the varieties of products available in the market.

Due to this, we recommend that theMATEIN Travel Backpack is the Best Carry On Backpack For Business Travel.

Despite our recommendation, it’s always good to go with the choice that suits your business purpose and your budget.