Best Cheap 3D Printer Under 200

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Are you looking for the best cheap 3D printer under 200 USD? You’ve come to the right place. Having done the research for you, we recommendCreality Ender 3 3D Printer as the best cheap 3D printer under 200. 

When you hear of 3D printers, the first impression you have might be that they will be costly, thanks to their functionalities.

However, this article discusses what quality 3D printers you can get at an affordable cost. 

Best Cheap 3D Printer Under 200 USD – Comparison Table

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1Creality Ender 3 3D Printer
Item Weight: 17.64 lbs

Max Print Speed: 200mm/sec

Display: 1.4 LCD Screen

Connectivity: SD Card and USB

Power Requirement: 360W

Dimensions: 220*220*250mm
2ELEGOO Mars UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer
Item Weight: 16.98 lbs

Max Print Speed: 22.5mm/hr

Display: 3.5 Inches Smart Touch Screen

Connectivity: USB

Power Requirement: 110-220V, 60W

Dimensions: 15.75*16.54*7.87 Inches
3ANYCUBIC Photon UV LCD 3D Printer
Item Weight: 14.45 lbs

Max Print Speed: 20mm/hr

Display: 2.8 Inches Touchscreen

Connectivity: SD Card and USB

Power Requirement: 110V/220V AC

Dimensions: 220*220*400mm
4Creality LD002R LCD Resin 3D PrinterItem Weight: 7kg

Max Print Speed: 4secs/layer

Display: 3.5 Inches color touchscreen

Connectivity: USB

Power Requirement: 100-240V, 12V

Dimensions: 4.69*2.56*6.29 Inches
5Monoprice 121666 Mini Delta 3D Printer
Item Weight: 10.20 lbs

Max Print Speed: 150mm/sec

Display: Color LCD Screen

Connectivity: Wifi, SD Card, and USB

Power Requirement: 12VDC

Dimensions: 17.5*11.8*11 Inches
6LONGER LK4 3D Printer
Item Weight: 19.26 lbs

Max Print Speed: 120mm/sec

Display: 2.8 Inches Full color touchscreen

Connectivity: SD Card and USB

Power Requirement: 280W

Dimensions: 220*220*250mm
7Sparkmaker SLA 3D Resin Printer
Item Weight: 7.4 lbs

Max Print Speed: 20-25mm/hr

Display: LCD Screen

Connectivity: SD Card

Power Requirement: 24V 2A 48W

Dimensions: 13.46*9.37*9.21 Inches

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Why The Best Cheap 3D Printer Under 200 USD

Firstly, 3D printing is used extensively in fashion, construction, fashion, medicine, and a host of other industries.

In fact, a couple of years ago, this technology has only been used as an experiment. Fast Forward to now, and it’s already making waves the world all over.

Additionally, the future of 3D printing is a very bright one, with many companies and industries already using it to save costs and boost efficiency.

Also, 3D printers are useful for making prototypes or mockups that will aid in many products’ manufacturing process.

Using 3D printers for prototyping is cheaper and faster, as you can get the prototypes in days. 

Similarly, the advancement made in 3D printing technology will soon reduce the cost of transporting products, as they can be printed on the spot

3D printing has also been saving lives in medicine, with its use in the design and replacement of organs.

It is also interesting to note that 3D printers make production cost-effective in the long run, as you do not need to use different production machines.

Needless to add, 3D printing also aids efficiency in that there is no need for machine operators to be there at all times. In other words, you can set it up and let it be.

With the ability to print on demand, it can increase revenue for those using it for commercial purposes. 

Culturally, it has also been used to preserve heritage, as is found in many museums worldwide.

There are restrictions on traditional designs and printings using printer scanners. However, 3D offers more flexible designs and the ability to conjure up complex designs.

The plastic materials used in 3D printing are lightweight and essential for fuel efficiency for the industries that use it. 

The design process and subsequent printing are quite fast when compared to other technologies.

There is little waste using 3D printing materials, and as such, there is no significant impact on the environment.

Importantly, 3D printing is easy to use, such that even people with limited knowledge or experience can edit designs and create parts.

If you are working on pitching a new product idea to investors, 3D printing allows you to give them a physical demonstration there.

This means you leave very little to the imagination, so it increases your chances of getting good feedback.

No doubt, in a very competitive market, this undoubtedly offers you a competitive advantage.

7 Favorites For the Best Cheap 3D Printer Under 200 USD

1. Creality Ender 3 – Best Cheap 3D Printer Under 200 USD

The official Creality ender 3 3D Printer is conveniently the best cheap 3D printer under 200 USD, this is why it makes our list as the number 1 rated.

Below are some of the features of this 3D printer that makes it stand out 


Firstly, it comes with a pre-assembled kit that makes setup very easy and fast.

The creality ender 3 3D printer has a heated print bed measuring 220 by 220 by 250mm.

The printer also has the superb ability to resume printing even when the power goes off or gets disconnected. 

There is an LCD with a control wheel attached to the printer itself, and not separate as its common with most 3D printers.

So this makes the creality 3 3D printers compact and concise.

Also, it has a maximum print speed of 200mm/s

Connectivity can be done using SD Card and USB

Additionally, the 3D printer comes with a 1.75mm PLA, ABS, TPU Filament.

Talking of design, this printer is one of the most beautiful you will find, with a minimalistic design to suit its class.

Because the platform on which it stands has an integrated base unit, it offers stability to the machine.


The following are some of the pros or benefits of the Creality Ender 3 3D printer as the best cheap 3D printer under 200:

  • Firstly, it is preassembled, making it easy to set up.
  • It is also compact
  • Thirdly is cheap and affordable.
  • It is open-source
  • Finally, no work progress is lost during a power outage. 


A few of the cons that could be associated with this 3D printer are:

  • It requires manual calibration to function properly. 
  • Secondly, you might need to use adhesion to get the prints to stick to the bed.
  • The base is uneven, so not easy to get it level.

If your interest is in a compact, efficient, yet affordable 3D printer within your budget, then this Creality Ender 3 is for you.

To purchase on Amazon, click on the image above.

2. ELEGOO Mars UV Photocuring LCD Best Cheap 3D Printer Under 200 

With years of experience in 3D printing, the ELEGOO Mars UV LCD 3D Printer is Elegoo’s first photocuring LCD 3D printer and ranks as one of our choices for the best cheap 3D printer under 200. 

With a great user-friendly system, this printer can be used by virtually everyone, young or old, experienced or not.

Now, let us look at some of its outstanding features. 


Firstly, the ELEGOO Mars UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer has a great industrial design that meets the eyes and spurs admiration.

Secondly, it is semi-assembled, such that the time spent setting it up before use is very little, and as such, can be used almost immediately.

As part of its sleek design, there is a 3.5-inch smart touch screen, making operation easy and convenient.

Also, with a printing speed of 22.5 mm/h, this printer can get the work done in a limited time.

The power requirements for operation are 110-220V, 12V5A 60W.

Still speaking of speed, the ELEGOO Mars UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer working with the CHIBUTOX slicing software will 30Mb.STL model files in just a minute

However, printers powered with other open-source software could take as long as 10 minutes in comparison.

Interestingly, printing can be done directly from a USB, which means it mustn’t necessarily be connected to a computer to print at all times.

The 3D printer dimensions stand at 15.75 by16.54 by 7.87 inches. 

Weighing some 16.98 lbs, there is little concern over the issue of mobility should it be necessary at any time.

Additionally, this 3D printer is blessed with 40W UV lights and ELEGOO resin, making printing a lot better. 

There is also the option of hollowing out the 3D model before the slicing process. This makes sure you save resin while photocuring.

Because it has a USB port at the back, you can insert a flash drive that contains the files for printing.

Finally, the box containing the printer also comes with everything you will ever need to start your printing job, from filters to funnels, wire cutters, scraper e.t.c.


ELEGOO Mars UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer as one of the best cheap 3D printer under 200 has the following noteworthy benefits:

  • It’s straightforward to set up and use
  • It has low maintenance. requirements.
  • Thirdly, It has a unique and compact design.
  • For its features, it is quite cheap and affordable. 
  • It offers excellent print quality for its price.


A few of the cons that could be associated with this photocuring 3D printer are:

  • It makes a loud noise during the start and completion of printing, which can’t be turned off.
  • Secondly, the consumables or accessories to be used with it can be quite expensive.
  • Besides, it has a relatively small build volume, so it might be a negative mark for one looking to build larger 3D objects/prototypes. 

The pros and features of the ELEGOO Mars UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer far outweigh whatever few cons it has and therefore ranks number 2 among the best cheap 3D printer under 200.

To purchase on Amazon, click on the image above.

3. ANYCUBIC Photon Best Cheap 3D Printer Under 200 

With a smart touchscreen plus a design done specifically for safety in mind, it is no wonder that the ANYCUBIC Photon 3D printer makes it on our list of options for  the best cheap 3D printer under 200.

The features mentioned above are just a sneak peek into the many other amazing specs and features of this printer. Here are a few more:



Firstly, with a 2K screen resolution, the Anycubic photon 3D printer stands as one of the best among affordable LCD machines.

It has a build volume of 115 by 65 by 155mm.

Also, a smart, responsive, and sensitive 2.8-inch color touchscreen allows you to operate the device easily. 

The top cover is designed to ensure safety while using the machine, with this cover able to block 99.95% UltraViolet light. 

Additionally, an auto-pause feature on the printer makes it shut down automatically in a situation whereby the top cover has been removed.

The curing and washing time of the machine ranges from 2min/4min/6min.

Added to these features are a built-in 365nm and 405nm UV light set.

Product dimensions stand at 220 by 220 by 400 mm, and a weight of 14.45 lbs.

The UV-LED array stage rotates 360 degrees during exposure, ensuring all print angles are exposed perfectly.

There is a see-through front-facing window where you can watch the 3D printing process safely. 

Importantly, the printer comes pre-assembled, and as such setting, it up does not take more than 30 minutes.

Connectivity can be done using USB and SD Card.

Speaking on power requirements, the input rating is 110V/220V AC, while the working voltage is 12V DC.


Take a look at some of the benefits of the Anycubic photon 3D printer that makes it stand out among the best cheap 3D printer under 200

  • Very affordable when compared with other 3D printers
  • It produces high-quality prints. 
  • Size is compact, and moving it won’t be an issue. 
  • Pre-assembled, it is easy to set-up.
  • With a 2.8 inches colored touchscreen, it’s easy to operate.
  • Illumination is at the optimum, such that you see the printing process.
  • It comes with succinct instructions on the operation and easy to learn.


  • It has a small build volume, so it might not be suitable for large objects.
  • There’s a constant cleaning requirement, which might be time-consuming.
  • Printing is quite slow, so it needs a lot of time.
  • Works with hazardous material, so safety is of the essence.

Need an affordable, quality, and compact 3D printer that gets the work done?

The Anycubic Photon 3D printer is a nice choice.

To purchase on Amazon, click on the image above.

4. Creality LD002R LCD Resin Best Cheap 3D Printer Under 200 

Built on the latest version of CHITUBOX slicing software, the Creality LD002R LCD Resin 3D Printer stands at number 4 on our list of contenders for the best cheap 3D printer under 200.

This 3D printer offers a great user experience. Here are some of the reasons why:




There is a 30W powerful UV light that aids fast printing on the 3D printer.

The Creality LD002R 3D printer has an air filtering system. 

This is done by a small box at the back of the printing chamber with activated carbon to remove the stench of resin from the air.

Equipped with a 3.5 Inches full-color touch screen, it’s easy to choose a printing file and view the print’s progress. 

In addition, It is equally easy to set-up and can be used within minutes after assembling. 

The printer is also equipped with 2 fans that help keep the machine ventilated adequately. 

Connectivity of this device can be done using USB.

This technology ensures you can conveniently do off-line printing.

With the latest slicing software the machine is built on, it takes only 1 minute to slice 30Mb .stl model files.

Hence, this is quite commendable because other open-sourced slicing software takes up to 10 minutes.

The body is made of all-metal, plus CNC aluminum reduces vibration and ensures smooth printing. 

Furthermore, blessed with a large print volume of 119 by 65 by 160mm, you can run large prints all at once.

Leveling can be done by loosening just 4 screws to connect with the LCD screen. Quite easy

Standing at a print speed of 4s/layer, this is one of the fastest 3D printers you can get at this cost.

Power requirements are 100-240V for nominal voltage and 12V for output voltage.


Find below some benefits of the Creality LD002R 3D printer: 

  • A large volume can be printed all at once
  • Printing is considerably high-speed. 
  • Operation and control are easy.
  • Air filtering system that controls odor
  • Very cheap and affordable


  • It doesn’t come with resin.
  • It’s slower than FDM 3D printers. 
  • The resin used is quite expensive.

Interested in the best cheap 3D printer under 200?

Give the Creality LD002R LCD Resin 3D Printer full consideration.

To purchase on Amazon, click on the image above.

5. Monoprice 121666 Mini Delta Best Cheap 3D Printer Under 200 

The very durable fully assembled Monoprice 121666 Mini Delta 3D Printer is one of the options for the very best cheap 3D printer under 200.

Take a close look at some of its amazing features that could help you make a decision.


The Monoprice 121666 Mini Delta 3D printer comes fully assembled inside the box, such that once you unbox, you are ready to start printing.

An auto-calibration feature makes the printer self calibrate continuously as you use, so there is no need to always do bed leveling.

Built with a steel and aluminum frame, this printer is very durable and can withstand serious pressure; therefore, long-lasting. 

The 3D printer offers up to 50-micron layer resolution, which results in professional-quality prints.

There are a variety of connectivity options available on the Monoprice 121666 mini delta 3D printer.

You can connect using wireless wi-fi, a USB, or a micro SD card, which means printing can be done online and offline.

Sitting at 10.20 lbs, the printer is quite sizable and fully compete with other 3D printers in weight. 

The print bed can heat to a wide range of temperatures, and as such, printing with different materials is not a problem.

The extruder nozzle temperature range is 180-260 degrees C. 

The print speed of this 3D printer stands at 150mm/sec.

Additionally, it’s compatible with different operating systems, such as; Windows and Mac. 

There’s a color LCD screen that eases the operation of the machine.


Here are some of the benefits of the Monoprice 121666 Mini Delta 3D Printer:

  • Range of connectivity options; USB, SD Card, and Wifi
  • Quite cheap and affordable 
  • Has an auto-calibration feature
  • Comes with a filament holder and plastic scraper


  • There is no power button.
  • Fully open, with no enclosed cover
  • It offers a small print size.

If you want an affordable, fully assembled 3D printer with a range of connectivity options and other interesting features, this is one of the options for the best cheap 3D printer under 200.

To purchase on Amazon, tap on the image above.

6. LONGER LK4 Best Cheap 3D Printer Under 200 

The easy to operate and friendly user interface 3D printer; LONGER LK4 3D printer makes it to the list of contenders for the best cheap 3D printer under 200.


It comes with a 2.8 Inches full-color touch screen, which is better than the manual control screen.


With a very friendly user interface to preview the model and printing process on the screen, the machine is easy to operate.

About 90% of the parts have already being preassembled right from the factory, and as such, it saves time while setting up.

It has an aluminum frame with a stylish look, which offers great durability to the printer.

Furthermore, there is the ability to resume printing automatically should there be power loss during the process.

Moreso, the LONGER LKK4 3D printer has a system that automatically detects if filament runs out and stops printing.

The power supply to the printer is carefully hidden under the flatbed for safety purposes.

The power supply can be up to 280W, resulting in getting about 100 degrees Celsius in just 4 minutes, making printing quite fast.

Furthermore, It offers a larger build volume when compared to many other FDM printers. 

Connections can be made via USB cable and SD card.

The printing size stands at 220 by 220 by 250 mm.


Here are some of the benefits of the LONGER LK4 3D printer

  • The packaging is top-notch. Customers describe it as the best-packaged printer they’ve ever seen.
  • The printer is preassembled, so saves set up time.
  • Offers great quality prints
  • Solid built, with little fear of it breaking apart.


  • The printer could be very noisy. 
  • USB and SD Card ports are at the rear end
  • Bed leveling knobs are small.

Described by many as a very good 3D printer with value for money spent, we highly recommend the LONGER LK4 3D printer as one to consider for the best cheap 3D printer under 200

To purchase on Amazon, click on the image above.

7. Sparkmaker SLA LCD Best Cheap 3D Printer Under 200 

The solid built mini desktop printer; Sparkmaker SLA LCD 3D Resin Printer is the last, but not the least, on our list of the best cheap 3D printer under 200.

This UV photocuring 3D printer is compatible with a built-in slicer, powered by chitubox slicing software.


There are 24 UV LED light sources inside the printer that are distributed uniformly in each parallel panel.

The machine is almost fully assembled.

Hence, you can start using it almost immediately after you unbox.

Operation is quite flexible, with just a button click for on/off, pause, and resume. 

It has a built-in fast slicer which supports Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

The box comes with some test files, preloaded models, and guides videos in an SD card to aid operation.

The resin material it uses is of high-end quality, with rigidity, elasticity, hardness, and clarity.

It has a cylindrical shape and is made of aluminum, which offers durability. 

The size dimensions are13.46 by 9.37 by 9.21 inches, and weight is 7.4 lbs, which is quite fitted for any room, be it home or office.

Connectivity of the 3D printer can be done using an SD Card.

Input power stands at DC 24V 2A 48W


  • Very small and light
  • Preassembled, so easy set-up, and use 
  • One-click operation
  • Auto resume printing feature 
  • 3-slide-in build plate
  • It’s also affordable 


  • Resins are toxic and potentially harmful without proper safety protocols
  • A constant need for leveling 

To purchase on Amazon, click on the image above

Conclusion – Best Cheap 3D Printer Under 200

We strongly believe that this article has proven that you do not have to spend a fortune to get the very best 3D printer.

We have done the research for you and we recommend theCreality Ender 3 3D Printer  as the best cheap 3D Printer under 200.

Get yours today from Amazon.