Best Day Backpack For Travel

Best Day Backapck for Travel
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What’s the best day backpack for travel? There are so many backpacks in this category. Hence deciding on which is the best could be hard. This is why we’ve taken out time to research some of the best day backpacks for travel. In our research, we discovered the Matein Travel Backpack to be the best day backpack for travel.

At the end of this review, you’ll see just why this backpack and six other options on this list are considered the best in this category. Read on to discover more.

Best Day Backpack For Travel- Comparison Table

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S/NProduct NameProduct ImageSpecifications
1Matein Travel Laptop BackpackMATERIAL: Polyester

DIMENSION IN INCHES: 18 x 12 x 7.8 inches

WEIGHT IN POUNDS: 1.56 pounds

WATERPROOF FEATURE: Made of Water Resistant Polyester Fabric

ANTI-THEFT FEATURE: A hidden anti-theft pocket at the back panel

COLOR: Black Charcoal
2SHRADOO Extra Large 50L Travel Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port MATERIAL: Polyester

DIMENSION IN INCHES: 15.35 x 10.24 x 5.31 inches

WEIGHT IN POUNDS: 2.71 pounds


ANTI-THEFT FEATURE: Lockable zippers (combination lock)

COLOR: Black
3KROSER Backpack with USB Charging PortMATERIAL: Polyester

DIMENSION IN INCHES: 18.5 x 13.3 x 7.8 inches

WEIGHT IN POUNDS: 2.27 pounds

WATERPROOF FEATURE: Made with water-repellant polyester fabric


COLOR: A-charcoal Black-17.3"
4REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack Large Army 3 Day Assault Pack Molle Bag BackpacksMATERIAL: 600x600 Density fabric

DIMENSION IN INCHES: 3"*20"*11" / 33*50.5*28CM (W*H*D)




COLOR: Black
5KROSER BackpackMATERIAL: PU leather/Nylon

DIMENSION IN INCHES: 16.9 x 11.15 x 7.5 inches


WATERPROOF FEATURE: Water-repellent material


COLOR: Black-15.6"
6Venture Pal 40L Lightweight BackpackMATERIAL: Nylon

DIMENSION IN INCHES: Fold Size: 6.6 x 1.9 x 8.2 Inch; Unfold Size: 12.5 x 6.3 x 19.3 Inch

WEIGHT: 11.2 Ounces

WATERPROOF FEATURE: Made with Water-resistant nylon fabric


COLOR: A8-gray
7Backpack by VolherMATERIAL: Polyester

DIMENSION IN INCHES: 18 x 13 x 8 inches


WATERPROOF FEATURE: Made of water-resistant fabric

ANTI-THEFT FEATURE: Hidden anti-theft pocket

COLOR: Black

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Why the Best Day Backpack for Travel and What to Consider when Buying One

Why should so much effort be put into getting a backpack for travel?

Well, most people like to have all their necessities with them when they travel.

As such, they’ll need a place to put in their stuff.

It’s easy to organize your stuff with a backpack and easily access them, unlike when you dump everything into luggage.

This is all thanks to the various organizational pockets that come with a backpack.

Another reason to consider getting one is to use the backpack for carrying your fragile personal items or the stuff you need close to you while you travel.

As a business owner or working professional that travels a lot, you’ll need your work gadgets with you while you travel.

Things like your laptop, files or folders, camera, tablets, and other work tools are best suited to be put in a backpack.

Now you know why you need the best day backpack for travel.

Let’s dive into some of the considerations for getting a day backpack for travel.

Here are some factors to consider when buying one:

The material/fabrics 

Some of the best materials used for backpacks are; nylon fabric, polyester, cotton canvas, PVC fabric, etc.

Also, water-resistant fabrics are nice features to have in your backpack.


The compartments in a backpack allow for easy organization of your stuff in the backpack.

With more compartments/organizational pockets in the backpack, you can easily organize your stuff.

Size/storage capacity

This is also a significant factor to consider in a backpack, especially a day backpack for travel.

Here there are two things involved.

One, you’ll need a backpack that’s big enough to contain most of the stuff you’ll need for travel.

On the other hand, you do not need one that’s too big such that when fully packed, it will be too heavy to carry.

Likewise, the size shouldn’t be too big to fit under the seat in an airplane, especially if you travel mostly by plane.

Other important factors to consider include;
  • The price range/your budget.
  • How well padded the backpack to ensure comfortability.
  • Sturdy/lockable zippers to keep the content of the backpack safe.
  • Also, your personal style/fashion.

Putting all these and more into consideration in our research, we’ve identified 7 of the best day backpack for travel that meets all these requirements and more.

7 Top Selections for the Best Day Backpack for Travel

1. Matein Travel Backpack

Matein day backpack for travelThis is the first backpack on this list of the best day backpack for travel.

Interestingly, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this makes it to the top as the best backpack in this category.

The Matein Brand comes up as the best seller in many categories, and it doesn’t disappoint in this category either.

Let’s see the features it packs.


This is a lightweight, sturdy, and spacious backpack that can serve as your perfect day backpack for travel.

Whether you’re going on short business travel, a school field trip, or a weekend getaway, this backpack got you covered.

It has enough compartments with lots of organizational pockets to fit in most of your stuff.

One of the main compartment has a laptop sleeve that fits most 15.6-inch laptops, and it’s roomy enough to hold a few files, books, or light clothes you might want to throw in with your laptop in it.

It also has two other roomy compartments with organizers that can hold more clothes, books, document folders, pens, and other things you might want to throw in.

In all, this backpack has 5 compartments.

All you need to decide is what goes into the compartments while packing your backpack for a trip.

Interestingly, it has an external USB charging port that can help you charge your mobile device on the go.

Furthermore, to protect your valuables, this backpack has an anti-theft pocket hidden at the back, and it is made with lockable zippers.

It has a luggage belt attached to the back panel of this backpack.

Thereby giving you the leverage to carry this backpack either as your travel backpack for a few days trip or your personal item backpack for travel with your luggage.


  • It’s a large laptop backpack suitable for multiple purposes such as travel, school, work, or EDC.
  • More so, it doesn’t have a bulky design; hence you won’t go out of style with this backpack.
  • It is theft-proof and durable.


  • The bottom part of the backpack lacks protective padding.

Overall, this backpack is a nice looking water-resistant, lightweight, and sturdy backpack that could be your perfect travel companion.

Get this backpack as your day backpack for travel on Amazon by clicking the image above.

2. SHRADOO Backpack

backpack for travelAnother worthy contender for the best day backpack for travel comes from the SHRADOO brand.

Here’s why


First, this is a huge capacity backpack.

It’s a 50L capacity backpack.

You can imagine the kind of stuff you can fit in here.

It has a roomy laptop compartment that fits most 17-inch laptops, and the zippers of this compartment open up to 360 degrees.

Hence, making it through the airport security check would be a breeze.

Aside from the laptop compartment, there are also other roomy compartments and lots of small pockets to fit in most of your stuff.

The back panel is well-cushioned, and it is designed with breathable mesh fabric to allow for easy airflow while you carry the backpack on your back.

In a similar vein, the shoulder straps are well-padded and designed with air-cushioned material.

Thus enhancing the ergonomic design of the backpack.

This backpack also packs other amazing features like; an external USB port with a built-in charging cable, adjustable compression clasps, and password lockable zippers.


  • It’s a big backpack that can suit your many travel needs.
  • It has a laptop compartment should you need to travel with your laptop.
  • Also, the backpack is well-cushioned. Thus making it comfortable to carry.


  • The grab handle is not of the best quality.

Overall, if you like to pack a lot of your basic needs in your backpack while you travel, then this 50L capacity backpack could be your go-to travel backpack.

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3. KROSER  Backpack

Backpack for travelThis is another top-rated backpack in this category of the best day backpack for travel.

It is a backpack that is uniquely designed with comfortability and functionality in mind.

Here are most of the unique features this backpack has.


First, this backpack has a laptop compartment that fits up to 17.3-inch laptops and a small zippered side pocket that can fit your tablet or Ipad.

It has large roomy compartments that can accommodate clothes, files, and other work gadgets you might want to throw in.

Thereby giving you the liberty of carrying your daily necessities and work gear with you while you travel.

Moving further to the exterior design of this backpack, it is made with water-repellent fabric.

As a result, keeping the backpack’s content safe in the case of accidental water spills or light rain.

This backpack’s back panel is well cushioned and designed with breathable mesh fabric to allow for easy airflow.

Similarly, the shoulder straps are well-padded and adjustable and designed with mesh fabric.

It also has a firmly structured luggage belt that can fit into your luggage tube should you need to carry this backpack alongside a piece of luggage.

More so, it has two side pockets uniquely designed with mesh fabric and zippers.

Finally, it has an external USB charging port with a built-in charging cable and a firm well-padded top grab handle.


  • It has an ergonomic design.
  • Well-padded laptop compartment
  •  Many organizational pockets for easy access and organization
  • Multi-function use.


  • It might be a little too big.
  • Lacks double reinforced stitching
  • No anti-theft feature.

4. REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack 

day backpack for travelThis tactical backpack also makes it to this list of the best day backpack for travel.

It comes up as the number 1 best seller in tactical backpacks on Amazon.

Being a military backpack, you can tell that this backpack would be strongly built, given the military’s heavy-duty needs.

It is designed with the military in mind. However, this doesn’t stop it from serving as a day backpack for travel.

Let’s consider the unique features of this backpack.


It’s a large capacity backpack that can serve you for a few days trip given that it’s a 40L capacity backpack.

More so, if you want additional storage, it has a Molle webbing system.

This is a feature that lets you attach smaller pouches to the exterior parts of the backpack.

Furthermore, it has a nicely padded and breathable mesh shoulder strap and back panel.

It has a hydration bladder compartment at the back panel that’s compatible with most hydration bladders.

Hence, making it the perfect hiking backpack.

Overall, it is made with durable accessories, given that the straps, zippers, and buckles are of high quality.


  • It is a large capacity backpack that could serve for a 2 to 3-day trip.
  • Thanks to its heavy-duty material, this backpack is quite durable.
  • Also, the backpack size can fit most average to large-sized people.
  • Despite its heavy-duty design, it still quite comfortable to wear.


  • No laptop or tech compartment. Hence, bring your tech gadgets with you on your trip with this backpack is quite impossible.
  • Also, there’s no anti-theft feature.
  • No luggage strap included.

Overall, this is a large capacity backpack that you can use to pack most of your stuff while planning for a short trip.

More so, despite its tactical/rugged design, it’s still cool enough to be carried by regular people, and it’s a unisex backpack.

Hence, if you’re planning on packing heavy stuff your short trip, get this heavy-duty backpack, and you’ll be glad you did.

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5. KROSER Backpack

Backpack for short travelHere’s something a little bit stylish for the ladies on this list of the best day backpack for travel.

Who says you can’t rock a backpack in style?

This Kroser backpack proves it.

Not only is it a stylish backpack, but it can also suit your short travel and everyday needs.

Let’s see most of the amazing features it packs.


This backpack features one large roomy compartment with a wide-open mouth zipper.

Hence, making it easy to access and find stuff in the backpack.

Inside the main compartment, there’s a nicely padded laptop sleeve that fits most 15.6 inch laptops, a tablet sleeve that can fit your moderate-sized tablet, and other organizational pockets to fit in other smaller stuff.

With your laptop and tablet in the main compartment, there’ll still be enough space to fit in other stuff like files, folders, mobile accessories, or a few light clothes.

It is also made with top-notch accessories.

This backpack features smooth zippers, a sturdy snap top handle made with high-quality PU leather, and well-padded shoulder straps and back panel.

Other impressive features include an external USB charging port with a built-in charging cable and a luggage strap that allows you easily carry this backpack with a piece of luggage while you travel.


  • It’s nicely made.
  • Fit for multipurpose use; for everyday use, office, casual, outing, business travel, short trip, or weekend getaway.
  • Functional large main compartment.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Available in many cool colors.


  • Due to its size, the amount and weight of things you can put in it are minimal. It is not suitable for heavy-duty use.
  • The water repellent feature is not impressive.
  • No anti-theft feature.

Overall, here’s something specifically designed to meet women’s fashion needs.

If you like to travel in style, get this backpack now.

Click the image above to buy it now on Amazon.

6. Venture Pal 40L Lightweight Backpack

Lightweight Travel BackpackComing in at the penultimate position on this list of the best day backpack for travel is this 40L lightweight backpack from the VenturePal Brand.

It is uniquely designed with many functional features.


If all you need is a travel backpack to pack for your short trip, either a few days of hiking or a weekend getaway with friends or family, then this backpack is the go-to backpack.

It features a large main compartment with a wet pocket for storing wet stuff and a zippered mesh pocket for storing your stuff.

This backpack also features one large zipped compartment and two side pockets.

It is designed with mesh breathable fabric at the shoulder straps and back panel.

Similarly, the shoulder straps are adjustable.

Thereby helping you enjoy comfort and convenience from this backpack.

There are also compression straps on both sides of the backpack to give the backpack a less bulky look when it is fully packed.

Likewise, there’s a chest strap included in the backpack for easy weight distribution.

The chest strap has a whistle buckle, which is a feature that most hikers/adventurers would love.

Should you get separated from your team or lost in the woods, the whistle buckle will come in handy in helping people find your location.

Finally, it is made of high-quality, tear and water-resistant fabric and quality zippers.


  • It offers a large storage capacity.
  • It’s a lightweight and functional backpack.
  • Available in many cool colors.


  • No laptop compartment.
  • No anti-theft feature.

If you love to go camping or hiking a lot, then this day backpack for travel from Venture Pal could be your best companion.

Get it now on Amazon by clicking the image link above.

7. Backpack by Volher

Backpack by VolherWe want to bring a strong finishing to this review, which is why we saved one of the best for the last.

This is also another multi-functional large capacity backpack that can definitely suit your short travel needs.


First, this backpack has one large main compartment and four other smaller compartments/pockets.

The large main compartment has a well-padded laptop sleeve that can conveniently fit most 15.6 inch laptops and has enough space to accommodate more stuff like your keyboard, files, folders, and some clothes.

The organizational pockets in other compartments can be used for packing smaller stuff, like pens, keys, phone accessories, etc.

It also has an external USB charging port and a built-in charging cable.

The shoulder straps and back panel are well padded and made with mesh breathable fabric.

It also has a hidden anti-theft zippered pocket at the back.

This backpack’s other unique features include; durable, water-resistant fabric, well-padded top grab handle, luggage strap at the back, and headphone jack.


  • Multiple functional pockets/compartments.
  • USB charging port available
  • Available in different cool colors.


  • The zippers feel a bit cheap.

Overall, this backpack is a large capacity backpack that can serve your large travel needs.

Get it now on Amazon by clicking the image above.

Final Words on the Best Day Backpack for Travel

This brings us to the end of this review.

Remember, the best backpack for you is one that meets your budget and specific needs.

Whether you need a backpack for office, school, work, or travel, it all boils down to finding the one that would be useful and efficient for the purpose it is meant for.

We understand what it means to find the right product for you.

This is why we spend time carefully researching various products to bring you only the best.

This review is no exception to that fact.

Hence, after careful research, we recommend you get the Matein Travel Backpack It takes the top spot as the best day backpack for travel due to its functional features.

Click the link above to get it on Amazon.