Best Gaming TV For Xbox 360

Best Gaming TV For Xbox 360
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Are you looking for the best gaming TV for Xbox 360 ? Luckily, we have seven gaming TVs with quality features, ample size, and they are not very expensive. The best of the seven TVs reviewed here is the Sony X85J.

There are some special features to check out while purchasing a gaming TV, especially a TV compatible with Xbox 360. This review mentions these features, so read on for more information. 

Before that, here is a comparison table introducing the seven best gaming TVs for Xbox 360.

Comparison Table For The Best Gaming TV For Xbox 360

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Sony X85J 43 Inch TVScreen Size: 43 Inch
Screen Resolution: 4k
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 120Hz
2TCL 50-inch Class 4-SeriesScreen Size: 50 Inch
Screen Resolution: 4k
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
3TCL 32-inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TVScreen Size: 32 Inch
Screen Resolution: FHD
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
4Insignia 32-inch Class F20 SeriesScreen Size: 32 Inch
Screen Resolution: HD
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
5Sceptre Curved 24"Screen Size: 24 Inch
Screen Resolution: FHD
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 75Hz
6Sceptre 24" ProfessionalScreen Size: 24 Inch
Screen Resolution: FHD
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 75Hz
7Sceptre 20"Screen Size: 20 Inch
Screen Resolution: HD
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz

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An Overview On The Best Gaming TV For Xbox 360

The best gaming TV for Xbox 360 is a TV that is required for activities beyond movies and streaming TV.

A gaming TV is a TV with unique feature because it has got to balance the image quality, input lag, refresh and motion rate, port connections, and more.

All these features make gaming better and more worthwhile.

On the other hand, Xbox 360 is a powerful video game console powered by Microsoft.

Therefore, it requires a powerful processor since the gaming console powers up to 12 teraflops of graphical performance.

To enjoy the best of this gaming console, you will need a TV with good picture and sound quality.

Not just that, the TV also needs to be equipped with a low input lag so that there won’t be a delay on screen.

Lastly, the best gaming TV for Xbox 360 are TVs with unique features, and these features must be thoroughly checked before buying.

This leads us to the things to consider section.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Gaming TV For Xbox 360

Gaming TVs are judged on a variety of factors which include:

Screen Size/Sitting Position

A larger screen does it better with gaming, while a mini is for one-person usage.

Ideally, you can look forward to a TV screen size between 20 to 50 inches.

Talking about the sitting position, this depends on the size you are buying and how you plan to sit while playing games.

Gamers enjoy playing games in one of two ways which involve:

Firstly, if you are a serious gamer and love sitting at a desk, staring at the TV screen, then sitting two-foot away will do just fine.

If you are in this category, you can opt for a 20-30 inches television.

Additionally, if you love sitting on a couch with a headset and gamepad, you should consider a larger screen.

So, we recommend a 40 to 50 inches screen size coupled with a sitting distance of five or more feet away.

Generally, the screen size of your TV depends on your sitting position.

Therefore, you need to measure your space before considering your best screen size.

Screen Resolution

This is the number of pixels that are delivered to the TV screen.

We have different screen resolution forms, including HD, FHD, UHD, and FUHD.

Starting with HD, which is an acronym for High Definition.

The HD measures 1280 x 720 pixels, and the multiple gives 921,600p.

It is the most common TV resolution, and they are mostly found on 20 to 30-inch TV screen.

Fortunately, they are twice an SD TV and deliver a vivid picture with good color.

The sharpness and clearness of an HD TV are dramatically better.

However, the FHD does it better than the HD.

Full High Definition measures 1920x1080p, and it equates to 2,073,600p

The FHD resolution delivers an improved color than the HD, better clarity, and well-detailed images.

Also, it allows you to view images on a widescreen, delivering a nice viewing experience.

If you are on a budget, we suggest you go for a 4k TV because it delivers more pixels than the FHD.

The pixel is measured at 3840x2160P, which equates to 8,294,400p.

This is referred to as ultra high definition since it delivers a true to life images.

In short, it delivers a cinematic viewing experience.

Meanwhile, the 8k, known as the Full Ultra High Definition, will do better.

But for the best gaming TV for Xbox 360, we recommend the HD, FHD, and, better still, a UHD(4k) screen resolution.

Screen Type

Just as we have different screen resolutions, we also have different screen types.

They include LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, and more.

Generally, the best gaming TV for Xbox 360 mostly comes with an LED panel type.

They use light-emitting diode material for backlight.

Furthermore, it illuminates the TV screen and improves the picture quality with higher contrast.

The high contrast allows you to see images displayed clearly and vividly.

Also, LED TVs have environmentally friendly quality designs.

In addition, it consumes lesser power.

Refresh/Motion Rate

The refresh rate on a TV is the number of times a TV refreshes its images per second.

However, most 4k gaming TVs come with a 120Hz refresh rate, which is perfectly fine for the type of TV we are reviewing.

It allows no blurry images while gaming or watching fast-moving movies.

Meanwhile, the standard refresh rate is 60Hz.

So, if your desired TV comes with a 60Hz refresh rate, that sounds good.

However, a 50Hz refresh rate delivers little or no blurry pictures depending on how fast the content is.

Moving forward to the motion rate.

It allows fast-moving content to move very fast without blurry pictures.

Generally, it is twice the standard refresh rate.

In other words, a 120-degree to 240-degree motion rate will do just fine on the best gaming TV for X box 360.

Input Lag

An input lag is the time frame between when a TV displays a signal on the TV screen from when the information was sent.

This is very important to note while buying a gaming TV.

The reason is that the best gaming TV works well with low input lag.

For smooth gameplay, a television with an input lag of 30 milliseconds or less is an excellent pick.

Contrast Ratio

The rule guiding the contrast ratio of a TV is the higher the contrast, the better the pictures delivered.

A 3000:1 or higher will do just fine in delivering a good picture quality.

How? Images on a 3000:1 are seen clearly and bright.

A higher contrast shows bright white and deep black while a lesser ratio reveals dark as gray.

So, you need to aim at a higher contrast to deliver good pictures.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is the width and height of your TV screen.

If the TV you purchase is square, you can expect a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Meanwhile, if yours is rectangular, you should expect a 16:9 aspect ratio which will do just fine in delivering a wide viewing angle.

Most TVs in the market comes with a 16:9, which will do just fine.
Sound Quality

We have some TVs that come with sound technology like Dolby Atmos, DTS: X, or an Acoustic surface sound.

If your TV comes with any of the mentioned sound technology, you should expect nothing less than immersive surround sound.

However, if the speakers are weak, you can supplement them with an external speaker.

So, we recommend an external speaker for gamers who loves balance sounds.


The best gaming TV for Xbox 360 should be equipped with ports and connectivity.

Firstly, HDMI ports are essential to check out while buying a gaming TV.

Most devices today use HDMI ports for quality audio and video output.

Likewise, an X box 360 compatible TV needs HDMI ports for connection to the TV.

Other ports that also function as HDMI include Composite and component ports.

If your target is primarily on high definition, then a two to three HDMI ports will do just fine.

If you want to use your TV for other functions like listening to music, watching sports, movies, and more, then you can consider other ports, which include: USB, Ethernet, RCA, Optical audio, and more.

Smart/Regular TV

Regular TV is an option if you have no mind about online streaming.

As long as the TV is well equipped with the number of HDMI and some ports you need, you might opt for a regular TV.

However, we recommend a smart TV if you aim to use the TV for other functions like online streaming and searches.

The reason is that a smart TV has many qualities that make TV viewing.

Smart TV is equipped with wireless connections like Wifi and Bluetooth.

7 Best Gaming TV For Xbox 360

1. Sony X85J 43 Inch TV

We will start the list with our overall best, the Sony X85J, which is most compatible with the Xbox 360.

Fortunately, it is also Amazon’s choice of TV.

The 43-inch smart Google TV looks stunning with its sleek and modern design.


It comes with a 120Hz refresh rate and 240-degree motion rate.

This allows smooth motion.

Also, the smart TV offers 4 HDMI, amongst others, with Wifi and Bluetooth enabled.

Generally, it supports an X box 360 game console.

In addition, the TV works with Google Assistant and Alexa, which allows you to navigate and operate easily with voice commands.

Similarly, Sony X85J is compatible with Apple Airplay and Chromecast built-in.

Furthermore, the picture displayed is clear, and the color is accurate because it has quality picture features.

These features include; Dolby Vision HDR, HDR10, HLG, 4k HDR processor X1, Triluminous Pro, and 4k X-Reality Pro.

All these features not only deliver quality pictures but also makes pictures so vibrant and lively.

Hence, it delivers a cinematic viewing experience that is perfect for gamers.

The TV is compatible with Dolby Atmos, and DTS Digital surround sound technology.

These two sound technologies allows you to enjoy an immersive surround sound that follows actions.

Sony X85J measures 38 x 11.38 x 22.25 inches and weighs ‎23.6 pounds.


  • An immersive surround sound.
  • Outstanding contrast with HDR compatibility.
  • Impressive response time.
  • 120Hz refresh rate for smooth motion.
  • Google TV is responsive.
  • 4 HDMI ports.
  • Lastly, it is affordable.


  • Does not combat glare. Therefore, direct reflection can be distracting.

Click the image to buy the Sony X85J 43 Inch TV on Amazon.

2. TCL 50-inch Class 4-Series

The TCL 4 series is one of the best gaming TV for X box 360.

Also, the ROKU LED smart TV comes in a simple and classy design.


The 4-series TV has HDR technology, Advanced Digital TV Tuner, Direct-lit LED, and 4k UHD screen resolution.

Images are displayed with a nice viewing experience.

Also, the TV comes with a 60Hz refresh rate and a 120-degree motion rate.

This allows fast-moving content like games, sports, movies, and more to run smoothly.

Moving forward, the TV uses easy voice control remote, and this remote is compatible with Alexa, Hey Google, and Siri.

It is measured 44. 1 X 28 X 8 inches and weighs 15.1 pounds.

Furthermore, the 4-series TV offers a 3 HDMI, 1 USB, RF, Optical Audio output, Composite, Headphone Jack, Ethernet, and more in singles.

In other words, you can connect your X box 360 to the TV via HDMI cable.

Likewise, the TCL is Wifi enabled.


  • The TCL 4-series is affordable.
  • It is available in other sizes.
  • The easy voice remote aids fast and easy search.
  • Low input lag.
  • 3 HDMI ports.


  • No local dimming.

Click the image to buy the TCL 50-inch Class 4-Series on Amazon.

3. TCL 32-inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV

Taking the third spot on our list for the best gaming TV for X Box 360 is another TCL Roku LED Smart TV with 32-inch screen size.

This TCL is a TV with full high-definition screen resolution with quality features.


The TV works with easy voice control remote compatible with google assistant and Alexa.

Navigation is faster and easier with voice commands.

Also, it comes with a 60Hz refresh rate and 120-degree motion rate.

Games and other fast-moving content run smoothly with little or no motion blurs.

It offers 3 HDMI, USB, Ethernet, Optical audio, and more in singles.

An Xbox 360 gaming console can be connected via an HDMI cable.

It is Wifi enabled.

The Roku TV offers access to stream over five hundred thousand TV episodes and movies.

Similarly, the 32-inch TCL measures 28.8 x 7.1 x 19.1 inches and weighs ‎9.4 pounds.

Furthermore, the picture quality is impressive with Full HD resolution, and a direct-lit LED panel.


  • Smooth motion.
  • A direct LED TV.
  • X Box 360 compatible.
  • 3 HDMI and Wifi enabled.
  • Lastly, the TV is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.


  • The sound is not impressive.

Click the image to buy the TCL 32-inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV on Amazon.

4. Insignia 32-inch Class F20 Series

The next on our list for the best gaming TV for X box 360 is the Insignia F20 Series.

A quad-core processor powers it.

Also, it is compatible with gaming consoles.


The 32-inch TV measures ‎8.15 x 28.86 x 19.02 inches and weighs 11.2 pounds.

The TV offers a 3 HDMI, Ethernet, Composite input, Digital output, USB, and more.

Also, it is Wifi enabled.

So, you connect your game consoles and smart devices with dual-band Wifi, HDMI, and multiple input and output.

Fire TV gives access to over a million movies, episodes, and thousands of channels.

Similarly, the TV remote works with Alexa, which makes you use your voice for navigation.

In addition, the insignia F20 delivers an HD 720p picture quality with rich colors and deep blacks.

The TV comes with DTS TruSurround.


  • Fire TV.
  • Gaming consoles compatible.
  • 3 HDMI and Wifi enabled.
  • Lightweight and Affordable.
  • 60Hz for smooth motions.


  • No local dimming features.

Click the image to buy the Insignia 32-inch Class F20 Series on Amazon.

5. Sceptre Curved 24.”

If you prefer playing games on a curved TV, here you have it.

The 24-inch Sceptre TV is one of the best gaming TV for X Box 360.


This is a curved TV with a 75Hz refresh rate.

It is more than the standard refresh rate(60Hz).

That means it will deliver less cloudy images on the screen, giving a clearer vision.

Simply put, it allows gamers to play games with no blurred images.

The 24-inch Sceptre TV is a LED TV with Full HD, which delivers a nice viewing experience.

Also, it comes with other features like Anti-Flicker, which prevents the backlight from flickering recurrently.

Additionally, the TV comes with built-in speakers, which produce impressive audio. 

Furthermore, it offers a 2 HDMI, VGA, Audio Jack, and more in singles.

Therefore, you can connect your X box 360 game console with other smart devices to the TV.

The 24-inch Sceptre TV measures 21.61 x 16.04 x 9.06 inches and weighs 6.37.

This is lightweight and can be moved from one place to another.


  • Anti-flicker compatible.
  • It is compatible with the game consoles, including X box 360.
  • A 75Hz refresh rate.
  • Metal black color and sleek design.


  • No local dimming features.

Click the image to buy the Sceptre Curved 24″ on Amazon.

6. Sceptre 24″ Professional

The next TV is another Sceptre TV with a flat screen.

It is a valuable TV and mobility due to its weight.


The 24-inch Sceptre TV has a built-in speaker, flicker-free, blue light filter, and Tilt adjustment.

Likewise, the TV offers just two HDMI amongst others.

So, you can connect your gaming consoles to the TV.

Additionally, it also comes with a 75Hz refresh rate for smooth motion.

The TV measures 21.59 x 7.02 x 15.83 inches and weighs 5.77 pounds.

Lastly, it comes with a slim and sleek design.


  • Compatible with X-box gaming consoles.
  • Available in another size.
  • Settings are adjustable.
  • A 75Hz refresh rate.


  • Low contrast ratio.

Click the image to buy the Sceptre 24″ Professional on Amazon.

7. Sceptre 20.” 

Our seventh TV is a 20-inch Sceptre.

It comes in nice black color and has a sleek design.


The 20-inch Sceptre offers a 75Hz refresh rate, allowing fast-moving content like gaming, movies, and more to run smoothly with no motion blurs.

Also, it delivers a wide viewing angle with a built-in speaker.

Furthermore, the TV weighs 4.42 and has a dimension of 18.35 x 7.17 x 13.58 inches.

It offers 2 HDMI, VGA, USB ports and more.

Also, it comes with a 5ms fast response time.


  • Fast response time.
  • Lightweight.
  • A 75Hz refresh rate.
  • Wide viewing angle.


  • The sound i=could be better
  • No local dimming features.

Click the image to buy the Sceptre 20″ on Amazon.

Conclusion On the Best Gaming TV For Xbox 360

We have reviewed seven TV for Xbox 360 which will deliver so well when gaming.

The Sony X85J remains the overall best among the seven TV reviewed.

So, click the link to buy on Amazon.