Best Indoor TV For Outdoor Use

Best Indoor TV For Outdoor Use
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Are you looking for a TV to entertain you on your patio or backyard? If you are, this article on the best indoor TV for outdoor use will help. For television to maintain apt brightness in a highly lit environment, it needs to combat glare. Do you want to know which television can do this? Read through this article.

This article has evaluated five television suitable for indoor and outdoor use. But the best TV for indoor for outdoor use is the  SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED The Terrace Outdoor TV.

We rate these televisions based on display features, smart connectivity, and anti-glare design. Conceivably, our overall best and its four opponents can hold brightness and give clear images in well luminous areas.

Lest you don’t want to read through this article, there is a comparison table below that houses these televisions. 

Comparison Table For The Best Indoor TV For Outdoor Use

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1SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED The Terrace Outdoor TVScreen Size: 55 Inch
Screen Resolution: 4k
Screen Type: QLED
Refresh Rate: 120Hz
2Hisense ULED Premium 65-Inch Class U8G Quantum SeriesScreen Size: 65 Inch
Screen Resolution: 4k
Screen Type: ULED
Refresh Rate: 120Hz
3SunBriteTV Outdoor TelevisionScreen Size: 55 Inch
Screen Resolution: 4k
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
4Furrion Aurora - Full Shade SeriesScreen Size: 65 Inch
Screen Resolution: 4k
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
5SYLVOX 55-Inch Outdoor TVScreen Size: 55 Inch
Screen Resolution: 4k
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz

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An Overview On The Best Indoor TV For Outdoor Use

Recently, there are televisions produced practically for outdoor activity.

These television are built to tolerate elements relating to open space. 

Due to this particular design, manufacturers have placed these televisions at high prices, making them nearly impossible for many to afford.

Since most potential users may not afford this type of television, there is room for improvising.

And the only way to go about that is to look for an indoor TV and convert it into an outdoor television.

Of course, indoor television is not built to stand the heat from direct sunlight, and most of them cannot handle reflections.

Additionally, what becomes of them when there is a heavy downpour, and it is not waterproof?

However, some still have features that can survive this temperature, and we mean very few of them.

With this scarcity, locating an indoor TV for outdoor use will be nerve-racking.

You need not worry about that anymore, for we have a solution.

Fortunately, we have come up with the essential things you have to consider when buying a convertible indoor TV to use for your outdoor recreation.

Here, we have the five best indoor television you can use in an open space.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Indoor TV For Outdoor Use

Before you opt for any television for outdoor use, it is essential to note

that its screen has an anti-glare feature; that’s very important.

Simply because this anti-glare feature determines how well the television screen can handle reflection.

Briefly, an anti-glare or anti-reflective screen is a screen with a layer of coating that minimalizes reflections that might disturb the precision of the viewer.

In other words, it blocks any form of reflection, either from sunlight or electricity, from affecting the view on the screen.

So if you are in the market for the best indoor outdoor television, the anti-glare feature should be your number one priority.

Secondly, consider its screen brightness.

As the anti-glare feature protects the screen from reflection, your viewing experience won’t go as smooth if the screen isn’t bright enough.

Indoor TV that is used in place of outdoors’ comes with higher nit brightness to enable clear viewing under direct or indirect lighting.

With these high nits, the sun’s brightest lights do not hinder the screen.

Again, check if it is waterproof.

Typically, outdoor televisions are waterproof, meaning they can withstand heat, water, dust, and other elements more than an indoor television.

Consequently, this waterproof system safeguards the screen, ports, and other television components safe from water-related damages.

In case you are using your TV in a water jets area where rain can easily fall on the TV, a waterproof TV will do just fine.

The reason is that a TV of this caliber comes with IP NEMA dust which is protection against dust and water sprays.

Also, a weatherproof Tv will help you use your TV under any climate condition.

Now, you have more reason to go for the best indoor TV for outdoor use.
Meanwhile, there is more to be considered before purchasing this TV beyond the antiglare, weatherproof, and viewing angle features.

So, here are the other things to consider before buying the best indoor TV for outdoor use.

Screen Resolution

When buying a television for your patio, you should opt for a 4k UHD resolution screen.

The Ultra High Definition, also known as 4k, is the latest picture processing technology with impressive 4k images.

Also, it works more effectual on large screen TV since it measures 3840 x 2160p, equating to over 8 million pixels.

Therefore, you should expect a vivid and astounding image.

Similarly, pictures displayed on a 4k TV screen are noticeable with clarity and detailed visuals.

Additionally, the result of a UHD screen resolution is delivering true-to-life images.

Screen Type

Before choosing the best indoor TV for outdoor use, the next thing to know is about the screen type.

The TV comes in different screen types, including LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, etc.

These four-screen types are the major types you may come across.

However, we recommend LED, OLED, and QLED screen types for the best indoor TV for outdoor.

LCD TVs are outdated and no longer on the market, besides, they don’t give out crisp displays like the modern screen types.

It is succeeded by LED TVs, which use light-emitting diode elements for backlighting and are less power-consuming. 

This backlight illuminates the TV from behind and makes images displayed clearer and well-detailed.

Meanwhile, the OLED panel type is mostly found on Samsung TV brands.

It is a combination of LED panels and organic material.

So, it outperforms the LED TV with perfect black, stunning contrast, smooth motion, and impressive viewing angle.

OLED TV is usually expensive, like QLED TVs.

The brightness displayed by QLED TVs is 100 times better than the LCDs.

As the LED, the QLED uses a quantum dot element with an LED panel for backlighting which displays an impressive brightness.

It has lower power consumption, and you can expect an accurate contrast and color.

Screen Size

You need to know that the best indoor TV for outdoor use is defined as a cinema-like screen that gives a perfect view.

Although we have some not too large TV that fit into this category, the larger screens will do fine.

You need to measure the space you have diagonally and consider the number of people that will be viewing content on the screen at the same time.

After this, you may now decide the screen size to go for.

Moreover, we have reviewed different TV sizes in this article that will fit into your space.

Picture Quality

This is an important section that needs more consideration.

The picture quality of the TV you’re buying will determine how well you enjoy the TV.

A screen made with anti-reflective and high tempered glass will do just fine in producing a perfect image.

Other features include:

Firstly, the Contrast ratio / HDR Technology.

This ratio strikes a balance between the purest white and deepest black the TV is producing.

In short, it enhances the color and brightness of a TV, and it delivers black scenes as black and not gray.

Moreso, a 3000:1 contrast ratio upward will do just fine in providing good pictures.

Similarly, the HDR technology help in the enhancement of color and contrast.

It is more visually impactful on a 4k screen resolution TV.

Just like the contrast ratio helps improve the picture quality, HDR also helps enhance the contrast on the screen with more accurate colors than standard TV sets.

Moving on to the Refresh rate.

This is the effect that comes with fast-moving pictures.

Poor refresh rate delivers blurry images, while standard refresh rate delivers smooth motion.

However, the standard refresh rate starts from 60 Hertz to 240 Hz.

This allows images to reproduce within 60 seconds or 120 seconds.

Therefore, higher refresh rate help in reducing motion blur inherent in TVs.

Finally, the next TV picture quality feature is the aspect ratio.

Generally, the aspect ratio helps deliver several viewing angles, eliminating all the black edges on the screen.

The aspect ratio for televisions includes 1:1, 4:5, and 16:9.

Lastly, the standard refresh rate is 16:9, which delivers a wide viewing angle.

Sound Quality

Again, check for the sound quality of the television.

Since this TV will be used for outdoor activity, it should have good audio sounds that can emit through your yard.

Some indoor television comes with good audio sound technology such as Acoustic Surface sound, Dolby Atmos, and DTS: X.

These sound systems emit immersive sounds even in an open space.

However, if the sounds from the in-built speakers are not enough, an external soundbar or surround system would suffice.

This may cost you extra cash.


It’s important when choosing a TV to check out the ports and connections.

The reason is that the more the ports, the more devices you can connect to it.

Additionally, if your TV is Wifi and Bluetooth enabled, that will also go a long way.

While WIFI allows you to connect to online streaming, Bluetooth as a wireless technology will enable you to transfer content from smart devices to the TV.

Video ports are the HDMI, S-Video, Component, Composite, and more.

Also, the audio ports include RCA, Optical digital, HDMI, and more.

HDMI appears in both audio and video technology because it is capable of transferring both audio and video content from smart devices to TV via HDMI cable.

Other ports also have their specific functions, and we also have different ports, including USB, VGA, DVI, Ethernet, and more.


The best indoor TV for Outdoor use is a large TV with quality performance.

However, your preferred brand or model may impact the price.

So, before you venture into buying any television, check if you are financially ready for it.

Fortunately, the television on our review list is affordable while giving you the best viewing experience ever imagined.

5 Best Indoor TV For Outdoor Use

1. SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED 

The Samsung Terrance ranked the overall best QLED smart TV on the list of the best indoor TV for outdoor use.

It delivers good quality, regardless of the weather.


The TV possesses a wide viewing angle with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

It is compatible with Alexa, which allows you to use your voice for navigation and operate the TV, including other smart devices.

Also, it is a 55-inch screen size that weighs 64.6 pounds and measures 2.4 x 49.1 x 28.7 inches.

Additionally, the TV has 3 HDMI ports, USB, Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth, and more.

It impressively refreshes images 120 times per second to deliver a smooth and clear image.

Even more, the TV is equipped with a quantum processor 4k, HDR 24X, 4k AI upscaling, and a full direct array 16X.

These features deliver an impressive picture quality.

Moving on.

The TV features weather-resistant durability (IP55 rated), protecting the TV from water and dust.

In short, it is used both indoors and outdoors with all-around protection from rain and sunlight.

Other features include film mode and adaptive pictures.


  • Weather-resistant durability.
  • 4k AI upscaling, which helps to upgrade the resolution automatically.
  • Incredibly high 120Hz refresh rate.
  • It comes with an anti-reflection element.
  • Powerful remote that works with Alexa.


  • It is relatively pricey.
  • Average screen size.

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2. Hisense ULED Premium 65-Inch Class U8G

Second on our list of the best indoor TV for outdoor use is the Hisense U8G ULED premium.

If you love watching sports and playing games outside your covered patio, the Hisense U8G is a great option. 


The TV comes with features that deliver noticeable images with great brightness.

Moreso, it combats glares, making it one of the best on our list.

Some of its exciting features include 4k ULED, Quantum dot color, Dolby Vision, and HDR technology that delivers immersive visuals when you view it.

In short, colors, brightness, and contrast are boosted more than on any regular TV. 

Additionally, the TV comes with Dolby Atmos, which produces immersive surround sound.

Moving forward, it is equipped with Alexa built-in and Google Assistant, which makes navigation easy and faster with voice commands.

It has a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth motion even when you play games with the fastest action.

Moreso, the Hisense is enhanced with IMAX, which delivers a cinematic viewing experience.

It offers 4 HDMI, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, etc. 

Likewise, it delivers a wide viewing angle with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

In addition, the Hisense U8G measures 57.1 x 13.6 x 35.6 inches and weighs ‎53.4 pounds.


  • It handles reflection excellently.
  • Good, responsive time.
  • Smooth motions with a 120Hz refresh rate.
  • IMAX enhancement.
  • Dolby Atmos compatible.


  • No local dimming features.

Click the image to buy the Hisense ULED Premium 65-Inch Class U8G on Amazon.

3. SunBriteTV Outdoor Television

Next on our list of the best indoor TV for outdoor use is another TV brand.

The Sunbrite TV from the Veranda series is a TV built for indoor entertainment, but it has the stamina to withstand the temperature in your courtyard.

In short, entertainment is displayed at its peak with Sunbrite TV.


‎The TV measures 49.4 x 28.7 x 3.5 inches and weighs 50 pounds.

It can be mounted on the wall or placed on the stand.

Further, its 55-inch screen size has a 16:9 aspect ratio, giving its viewers a wider viewing angle.

The Sunbite has a 60Hz refresh rate, allowing little or no blurry images.

Also, it offers a 3 HDMI, USB, optical audio, Ethernet, Wifi, and more.

With its Wifi and Ethernet, you can stream from your favorite entertainment, sports or news channels.

More so, the Veranda series is waterproof, which makes it valuable when the weather changes.

It works better for a full shade area like a screened gazebo or a covered patio.

Additionally, the TV is well structured with a thin and sleek bezel design and a rust-proof powder-coated aluminum case that ensures safety.

Also, it is equipped with 4k UHD, HDR technology, and a direct LED backlight.

These features deliver bright and more accurate colors.

Simply put, the images displayed are impressive.

Lastly, the Veranda Series TV comes with a built-in speaker.

However, you might need to get an external speaker.


  • The TV is engineered to handle all weather.
  • Waterproof remote control.
  • High contrast ratio.
  • Excellence response time.


  • The built-in sound is not too impressive.

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4. Furrion Aurora – Full Shade Series

The fourth on our list is the 65-inch Furrion Aurora TV.

It has a decent reflection handling with decent features.


The Furrion Aurora is a 4k UHD TV with a weatherproof feature.

Practically, it means that it can be used indoors but preferentially outdoor.

It is a remarkable TV with auto-brightness control, which makes it useful for outdoor entertainment.

Also, it has a wide viewing angle with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Similarly, the TV is designed with an anti-glare LCD screen with 350-nit brightness.

On the other hand, Furrion Aurora comes with a built-in speaker.

Moving on, the TV measures ‎59 x 4.54 x 34.83 inches and weighs 77.2 pounds.

It offers 3 HDMI components, composite, USB, and VGA in singles.

Additionally, the TV comes with a waterproof remote control.


  • The TV is engineered for all climates.
  • Designed with an anti-glare LCD screen.
  • Offers 3 HDMI.
  • Waterproof remote control.


  • Expensive
  • No Wifi connection.

Click the image to buy the Furrion Aurora – Full Shade Series on Amazon.

5. SYLVOX 55-Inch Outdoor TV

The Sylvox TV is a TV with good qualities and features. 

It is a 55-inch TV and has a well-structured design.


As expected, this smart television is water and dust resistant as such, it can be used as an outdoor TV, thanks to its waterproof features.

Also, the all-metal shell design makes it works effectively in preventing wind, dust, and water.

Hence, it is useful for any weather condition.

The TV is compatible with HDR technology and 4k UHD resolution.

Consequently, it makes the picture displayed on the TV screen attractive and impressive.

Additionally, the SYLVOX TV comes with dual speakers.

The smart TV weighs ‎40.3 pounds with a dimension of ‎48.97 x 28.59 x 3.44 inches.

Also, it is Wifi and Bluetooth-enabled TV.

So, it supports internet services like Netflix and more.


  • The TV comes with a 700 nits brightness.
  • All-metal shell design.
  • Wifi and Bluetooth enabled.
  • Lightweight.


  • Expensive

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Conclusion On The Best Indoor TV For Outdoor Use

Televisions built indoors could also be used as outdoor viewing devices if they possess specific features.

Features like the anti-glare, waterproof, quality sound system, well-lit screens, and more can transform an indoor TV into an outdoor one.

Fortunately, we provided the necessary things to know before buying a television for this purpose.

Peradventure, you want to do the choosing yourself, here are the decent five TVs you can choose from.

However, in our opinion, the SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED The Terrace Outdoor TV. merges the overall best.

To get your preferred TV, click the links and order on Amazon.