Best IP Phones for Small Business

Best IP Phones for Small Business
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To ensure growth in your small business you need to be innovative. Consequently, you need to consider getting a good IP phone for your business. Based on our analysis, we recommend the Cisco SPA303-G1 IP Phone as one of the best IP phones for small businesses.

What is a VoIP Phone?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone or simply called IP phone, is a telephone that makes use of internet connection to deliver voice data.

Unlike your regular telephone which uses analog signals sent over twisted pair of cables, an IP phone uses digitized signals instead.

It can run through wired or wireless connections.

Hence, it results in faster and more economical travel time for signals for a business that is operating on a global scale.

What you need to look for when buying an IP phone?

First, you need to consider the quality and durability of the device.

Secondly, consider the sound.

IP phones aren’t as audible as analog phones, but it does the job.

Hence IP phones have become a standard for global businesses that use VoIP for real-time international transactions.

You also might want to look out for HD sound from any good brand.

Lastly, do take note of the LED display, it has to be clear and user-friendly.

Best IP Phones for Small Business

Cisco SPA303-G1 with PC port and DisplayVTech CM18445 Main Console DECT 6.0Obihai Obi 1032Grandstream GXP1625Polycom VX600Cisco CP 7945G++Yealink YEA-W56P
Business Class 3-lineDigital tech. 6.0HD Voice technologyLCD 13248-pixel backlit LCDCan register 16 lines5-inch 16-bit colored display (320X240 pixels)Can support maximum of 5 dect cordless handsets
Direct connection to internet tel. service providerExtra large display with 32 number speed dialsOBiTALK Cloud Management and Serv. Configuration2-dual color line keys (includes 2 SIP acct. with up to 2 call appearancesFlexible line appearanceMore flexibility for features and applications2.4-inch LCD (240X320 pixels)
Double switch Ethernet portsPhonebook capacity of 100 namesVivid and Large Color DisplayHigh Definition wideband audio, full duplex hands-free speakerphoneHigh Definition VoiceFull duplex speakerphone with echo cancellationConnection for headset via 3.5mm jack
Very secure and easy installCompatible with up to four telephone linesFull-Duplex SpeakerphoneLarge capacity phonebook and call historyLocal 3-way audio conferencededicated headset port, no need for another headset amp.Exceptional HD sound plus wideband technology
Supports SPCP-Smart Phone Control Protocol, and SIP-Session Initiation ProtocolDual ethernet PortsAuto-provisioning with TR 0694.3 inches LCD (480X272 pix.)24 selectable ringtones
Power over Ethernet Support

Compare The Top 7 On One Page

1. Cisco SPA303-G1 IP Phone

Cisco is a renowned name in local area network systems.

Hence, this device model is suggested to be a near-perfect version of an IP Phone.

It is easy to set up and performs excellently.

It has standard hardware.

Furthermore, it has a simple LCD display.

The feature buttons are easy to program, and the device has a built-in jack for a headset which is perfect for small office operations.

It’s one of those devices that is effective in addressing the needs of its customers.

Hence its drawbacks or shortcomings are minimal.

Apart from the no-frills, no-fuss set up, users have no problem using this device.

Lastly, this device is right for small business owners who want an IP phone that is reliable, easy to use, and affordable.

Hence, this our best candidate for the best IP phones for small business use.

This IP Phone is purchasable on Amazon by clicking on the image link above.

2. VTech CM18445 Main Console – DECT 6.0

This IP phone is built on DECT 6.0 digital technology.

It comes with a manual for easy setup and configuration.

This IP phone is perfect for advanced users who are used to navigating stacked up features and capabilities of a phone device.

On the other hand, you could be a beginner and would still have no problem using this device.

This VTech model can be multi-linked to several other phones simultaneously.

Most importantly it has some unique multi-tasking features.

With this IP phone, you can put your music on hold, add your own music and enjoy all the other features of a standard IP phone like call transfer, call hold, paging, and screening calls.

Additionally, it can also connect to either wireless headsets or wireless handsets.

One downside of this device is its shorter recording time capacity.

However, considering that this IP phone is quite affordable and has other unique features, It can be considered as one of the best IP phones for small businesses.

Click on the image to purchase this IP Phone on Amazon.

3. Obihai Obi 1032 IP Phone

This IP phone is equipped with HD voice innovation.

Hence, it produces crystal clear vocal sound.

The Obi 1032 is a real loud Full Duplex Speakerphone, which enables hands-free operations.

It also has an echo cancellation feature that allows you to switch from handset to speakerphone with ease.

This device also has a brilliant color display which is a common feature for most IP phones.

Even more, the Obi 1032 comes with access to the OBITALK cloud services and support.

Hence, you can configure the phone with the website as an assistant.

Unlike other IP phones, this phone comes with an external 12 volt power supply and Power over Ethernet Support (POE).

Also, it is compatible with Google Voice, which makes your calls within the US free, along with free voicemail, and free three-way calling.

However, one downside of this phone is its dependence on the cloud for provisioning.

Hence, you cannot configure the phone bi-directionally which means that without cloud support some functions on the phone might not work.

Besides this minor drawback, the overall performance of this IP phone is at an above-average level.

Hence, this is also one of the best IP phones for Your small business.

Click on the link image to obtain this IP Phone on Amazon.

4. Grandstream GXP 1625

With an excellent sound in HD wideband audio, this IP phone also comes with full-duplex speakerphone.

Additionally, Its echo cancellation at handsfree mode helps you change easily from handset to speaker mode.

It also has a 3MXL programmable and a 3-way conference capability.

The front console sports a basic black color with a square silver accent encasing the LCD screen.

Furthermore, this device is sturdy and durable.

You can store up to 500 contacts in the phonebook.

The GXP 1625 has an ample display and non-flashy uncomplicated build.

Hence it is simple to operate.

It is also designed in such a way that it does not occupy space in your office.

The only drawback of this IP phone is that it freezes sometimes.

However, this can be easily resolved by restarting the device.

Overall, the GXP 1625 is still very efficient considering its low cost, full functionality, and an easy-to-operate feature.

Consequently, it could be said that this is one of the best IP phones for small businesses.

You can purchase this IP Phone on Amazon by clicking on the image link above.

5. Polycom VVX 600 IP Phone PoE

This IP phone comes with a touchscreen feature.

It also has an HD voice feature and a  4.3 LCD color touchscreen.

The hardware looks impressive.

It is silver and comes with a relatively simple frontal interface.

It also works well with Ring Central which is an additional feature.

Aside from the nice attractive console, it is also ergonomic, hence, making it comfortable to use.

This device model has an Rj-9 type headset port, 2 USB ports, and Bluetooth 2.1.

The downside to this device is that its’ performance level has not been fully optimized hence you’ll have to do a lot of debugging.

However, based on its innovative design and touch screen feature, it’s an efficient IP phone.

Due to this fact, this device is one of the best IP phones for your small business.

Click on the image link above to purchase this IP Phone on Amazon.

6. Cisco CP-7945G++ IP Phone

Like every other product that Cisco has manufactured, there is always an emphasis on balance in looks and functionality.

With a 5-inch TFT Color Display, this I (opens in a new tab)P phone provides a good screen display.

Furthermore, it comes with a duplex speakerphone and an echo cancellation feature.

It also has an individual headset port and great audio, hence you get an excellent experience using this IP phone.

Furthermore, there are other features like the 2-line capability, direct access, voicemail access, call logging, among others that this IP phone provides.

No need to disconnect the handset jack for comfort because it has a separate headset jack.

It is also POE supported using RJ 45 ethernet port in the back.

Even more, the buttons have quick response time, and the angle of the phone can be adjusted by locating a button on the side.

This way you can adjust the phone for comfort.

Apart from its not so attractive feature and other minimal drawbacks this device is quite affordable and efficient.

Hence, for a small business owner, this device is one of the best IP phones.

 This IP Phone is obtainable on Amazon by clicking on the image link above. 

7. Yealink YEA-W56P Business HD IP Dect Cordless VoIP Phone and Device

The Yealink YEA-W56P can support 5 other DECT cordless handsets.

It’s also equipped with a color LCD screen and a great HD sound.

It is also POE supported.

The unique feature of this IP phone is that it looks like a home phone, works as an IP phone, and is portable like an android.

However, this device has some drawbacks.

It does not have the capacity to automatically indicate a voicemail that has already been read.

Hence, you have to manually navigate your way through this process.

Apart from the downsides of this IP phone, you should have not a problem enjoying other unique functions of this phone.

Hence, this phone is one of the best IP phones for small businesses.

To purchase this IP Phone on Amazon, click on the image link above.

Conclusion on the Best IP Phones for Small Business

Overall, choosing an IP phone would depend on the nature of your business.

It will also depend on other key factors such as the amount of money you intend to spend, durability and your business plans.

We, however, recommend the Cisco SPA303-G1 IP Phone as one of the best IP phones for small businesses.

We do hope this was quite helpful.