Best Laptop For Elderly Beginner

Best Laptop For Elderly Beginner
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Do you want to know which is the best laptop for an elderly beginner? For us, it is the LG Gram 14Z90P Laptop Apart from this, we have also included six other high-performing laptops suitable for elderly beginners.

Read on to find out all you need to know.

Comparison Table For The Best Laptop For Elderly Beginners

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S/NProduct NameImageSpecifications
1LG Gram 14Z90P LaptopDisplay: 14-inch.

Processor: Intel core i5-1135G7.


Storage: 256 GB NVMe SSD.

Battery life: 25.5 hours.
2Windows 10 Pro LaptopDisplay: 14-inch.

Processor: Intel Gemini Lake Celeron J4005.


Storage: 128 GB SSD (Upgradable).

Battery life: 9 hours.
3Lenovo IdeaPad 1 LaptopDisplay: 14-inch.

Processor: Intel Celeron N4020.


Storage: 64 GB M.2 PCIe SSD.

Battery life: 8 hours.
4ASUS Laptop L210 11.6” ultra-thin Display: 11.6-inch.

Processor: Intel Celeron N4020.


Storage: 64 GB eMMC

Battery life: 12 hours.
5CHUWI HeroBook Pro 14.1'' Laptop ComputerDisplay: 14.1-inch.

Processor: Intel Gemini Lake N4020.


Storage: 256 GB SSD.

Battery life: 9 hours.
6ASUS Chromebook CX1Display: 11.6-inch HD.

Processor: Intel Celeron N3350.

RAM: 4 GB.

Storage: 32 GB eMMC.

Battery life: 12 hours.
7Acer Aspire 5 A515-56-36UTDisplay: 15.6-inch.

Processor: Intel Core i3-1115G4.


Storage: 128 GB NVMe SSD.

Battery life: 8 hours.

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Buying Guide For The Best Laptop For Elderly Beginners

Since you want to buy the best laptop as a beginner or first-time user then, all you have to do is carefully search for an easy-to-use laptop.

As technology has taken over the world, people do not want to use manual ways anymore.

Also, the laptop computer is one of the devices that is making tasks and life easier.

With a laptop, you can perform some computing tasks, get connected online, and interact with your relatives via skype or face chat.

Moving on!

Being a beginner means you are not tech-savvy ( having vast knowledge about computers).

As such, you have to familiarize yourself with basic computing, hardware components, and other relevant things about a computer.

Mind you, this may not be an easy task, and not all laptops are easy to use.

So, here’s a simple guide that breaks down these technical terms and helps you identify the best laptop to go for as a beginner.


Getting a laptop with a high-quality display is essential, especially for you as an elderly.

This is so you can view the screen clearly without straining your eyes when reading.

Moreover, as you advance in age, your visual abilities tend to decline.

As such, you should buy a laptop with at least an HD resolution or Full HD display for crystal clear visuals and sharp texts.

Additionally, check out for eye care displays features such as In-plane switching technology, Anti-glare screen, Bluelight shield, and so on.

That aside.

You should also aim to get a lightweight and compact laptop so that you will have a hard time carrying it around when necessary.

Thus, you may go for a laptop that weighs not more than 3 pounds for easy mobility.


When it comes to performance, you should aim for mid-level hardware components so that your tasks will not lag or delay.

To start with, you need a fast central processing unit (CPU) that will make your run your operations fast.

The processor is also known as the CPU.

It allows the commands given to the computer to load and run smoothly.

It’s mostly seen as the computer’s brain that tells it what to do and how to execute commands.  

Furthermore, you may want to browse the internet, pay your bills, interact with families and friends, and do some basic computing tasks.

To effectively do all these, you should go for a laptop with at least a Core i3 processor. 


Furthermore, you should buy a laptop with sufficient Random Access Memory (RAM).

The RAM is the temporary memory that allows you to execute multiple tasks at once.

Therefore, for you to have hitch-free multitasking activities, 4 GB or 8 GB of RAM will be alright to keep up the flow.

At the same time, you should go for considerable SSD storage so you can save your files with ease.

Battery life

Conclusively, you should buy a laptop with a decent battery life that will last long before it needs to be charged.

In all, when you keep all these in mind, you won’t have a problem getting a laptop that meets your needs.

The 7 Best Laptops For Elderly Beginners

1. LG Gram 14Z90P Laptop; Overall Best Laptop For Elderly Beginner

This is one of the best thin and light laptops for an elderly beginner.

It has a beautiful white chassis that gives an attractive appearance.

Furthermore, it is sturdy with a military-grade body build that can withstand any rigorous test.

You can also connect your devices without any issues via the two USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 4 support, two USB-A 3.2 ports, a full-size HDMI port, a microSD card reader, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Take a look at its specifications.


This LG Gram 14Z90P Laptop features a 14-inch WUXGA Full HD (1920 x 1200) resolution with an IPS LCD and DCI-P3 99% color expression.

With these, you will be able to view the screen clearly without any distractions.

Moreso, it has a white keyboard chassis with well-spaced keys that you can comfortably type on.

It is very portable to carry around without feeling its weight.

It weighs 2.2 pounds and measures 12.34 x 8.47 x 0.66 inches.

As such, it is suitable for elderly beginners.


Consequently, it operates with the 11th generation Intel core i5-1135G7 processor that will ensure that you have a stress-free working experience.


Also, it has 8 GB DDR4 RAM and 256 GB NVMe SSD storage for fast and reliable multitasking operations.

You will have speed data access, quick boot-up, and snappy storage performance.

Battery life

It has an impressive battery life that can last for up to 25.5 hours as specified by the manufacturers.

This will give you the privilege to work for a whole day without stuttering.

You can work until you complete your daily routine and you can take it on business trips.

However, the battery life may differ based on configurations or usage.


  • Incredible battery life.
  • Sturdy and lightweight.
  • MicroSD card reader.
  • Thunderbolt 4.
  • Stunning design.
  • Vibrant display.
  • Comfortable keyboard.
  • Above-average performance.


  • Integrated graphics card.

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2. Windows 10 Pro Laptop

The second laptop on the list of the best for elderly beginners is the Windows 10 Pro Laptop.

This has all it takes to walk you through the journey of basic computing operations.

Also, it has a sturdy chassis that will last for a long time.

It offers you various ports that will meet your needs, such as 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x Mini HDMI, 1 x Headphone Jack, and 1 x Micro SD.


It possesses a decent ‎14-inch screen with ‎1366 x 768 Pixels for a high-quality display you can read text accurately and view images clearly.

Moreso, it has an impressive keyboard that will give you a seamless typing experience.

Then, it weighs ‎2.7 pounds and measures ‎12.9 x 8.3 x 0.63 inches.

This is another lightweight laptop, and it will be a nice companion where ever you want to go.


Internally, it is powered by the dual-core 10th generation Intel Gemini Lake Celeron J4005 processor with a burst frequency that is up to 2.7 GHz.

This processor can handle 2 threads without any lag.

As a result, you will be able to carry out casual computing effectively.


Also, it offers you 6 GB LPDDR4 RAM and 128 GB Solid State Drive Storage which can be upgraded up to 1 TB.

The RAM will allow you to work and load your tabs smoothly.

Likewise, you sufficient space to save your files and enjoy speedy storage performance.

Battery life

Finally, it has a battery life of up to 9 hours.


  • Lightweight.
  • The storage is expandable.
  • Efficient RAM.
  • Nice design.


  • Average display.

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3. Lenovo IdeaPad 1 Laptop; Best Laptop For Elderly Beginners

If you are looking for an affordable laptop that will meet your comfort, we recommend this Lenovo IdeaPad 1 Laptop.

It is an impressive laptop with an alluring design, thanks to its ice blue chassis.

Then, you can stay connected daily with these ports: 2 x USB 3.1 Gen 12 (Type-A), Micro SD Card Reader, HDMI, and Microphone/Earphone Combo.


This laptop has a suitable 14-inch HD display that will give you a seamless viewing experience, especially while watching videos.

It also comes with a decent keyboard that will give you bouncy feedback.

This laptop is still considered lightweight, weighing ‎3 pounds and ‎measuring 18.5 x 11.89 x 3.15 inches.

Therefore, it is a good laptop for elderly beginners.


You can work on the word processor, stream videos, check news updates, interact with friends, and perform other less complex tasks, thanks to the Intel Celeron N4020 processor.


This laptop is equipped with 4 GB DDR4 RAM and 64 GB M.2 PCIe SSD storage for the smooth flow of operations.

Battery life

In the end, it provides you with a considerable battery life of 8 hours to complete your tasks.


  • Micro SD Card Reader.
  • Suitable keyboard.
  • Portable.
  • Sturdy body build.


  • No USB TYPE-C.

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4. ASUS Laptop L210 11.6” ultra-thin 

Hope you are getting along with our list of the best laptop for elderly beginners.

Next, is a portable laptop loaded with formidable features that will ease computing affairs.

Talking about its versatility, it has a 180 degrees hinge.

With this, you can easily lay it flat when sharing content with your colleagues. 

This ASUS Laptop L210 11.6” ultra-thin has an array of ports like a USB 2.0 Type-A, USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C, HDMI 1.4, 3.5mm Combo Audio Jack, DC-in, and MicroSD card reader.

These ports will give you easy accessibility to your external devices.


Furthermore, you have an 11.6-inch HD (1366 x 768) resolution.

The small screen is not a downside because it will give you a crisp and sharp display to read and watch videos without stuttering.

Aside from that, it features a full-sized backlighting keyboard with clicky keypads for smooth typing pleasure.

Then, you can tuck it in your bag without any issue as it weighs ‎2.31 pounds and measures ‎11 x 7.5 x 0.67 inches.


This portable device is engineered with an Intel Celeron N4020 Processor with a maximum frequency that is up to 2.8 GHz and a 4 MB Cache.


The processor is followed by 4 GB DDR4 RAM and 64 GB eMMC Flash Storage for easy execution of simple tasks and steady storing of files.

Battery life

Above all, it offers you an incredible battery life that will keep you productive all day without any dull moments.

Specifically, it has a battery that can last for up to 12 hours.


  • Sufficient connectivity.
  • Impressive battery life.
  • Compact.
  • Flexible.


  • Chunky bezels.

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5. CHUWI HeroBook Pro 14.1” Laptop Computer

The CHUWI HeroBook Pro 14.1” Laptop Computer is packed with varieties of high-end components for easy computing.

Additionally, it is budget-friendly; you don’t have to break the bank before getting the best for your parents.

You also have ports to power and connect your peripherals, such as 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB2.0, fast charging DC port, 3.5mm headphone jack, micro SD card slot, and TF card.


It provides you with a 14.1-inch Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution with an IPS for vivid visuals and wide-viewing from any angle.

In addition to that, it has a night mode and color setting that will help prevent eye strain or eye tearing.

Even more, it is accompanied by a borderless full-sized keyboard that makes typing simple and enjoyable.

Also, it comes with a backlighting feature so that you can type seamlessly, even at night.

It still maintains portability with a weight of ‎3.06 pounds and a dimension of ‎13.07 x 8.43 x 0.84 inches.


The CHUWI HeroBook Pro 14.1” Laptop Computer has a quad-core Intel Gemini Lake N4020 processor with a fundamental frequency of 1.1 GHz and a burst frequency of 2.8 GHz.


It comes with 8 GB LPDDR4 RAM for efficient multitasking operation without any lag or hiccups.

Also, your applications will load fast, you will have a speedy system boot-up, and ample storage to store your files, videos, photos, etc.

All thanks to the 256 GB SSD available on this laptop.

Battery life

Lastly, it is engineered with a 38Wh polymer lithium-ion battery that can last for up to 9 hours on a single charge.


  • Fast storage.
  • Full-sized and backlit keyboard.
  • Micro SD card slot.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Lastly, good battery life.


  • The processor lags on heavy workloads.

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6. ASUS Chromebook CX1; Best Laptop For Elderly Beginner

You can also buy this affordable and versatile laptop for your computing needs.

Just like the first reviewed ASUS laptop in this article, this  Chromebook also has 180 degrees features for you to lay your laptop flat when the need arises.

If you are not familiar with Chromebooks, they operate with the Chrome operating system.

As such, this laptop has Google apps with which you can convert Microsoft Office files into Google Docs, edit documents, and download files seamlessly.

You have 1 audio jack, 2 USB Type-C (Gen 1) ports, 1 USB 3.2 Type-A (Gen 1), and a Micro SD Card for connectivity.


With its 11.6-inch HD display and anti-glare screen, you will have sharp and clear visuals without any distractions.

Moreso, it has a full-sized ergonomic keyboard that will allow you to type smoothly and comfortably.

This ‎ASUS Chromebook CX1 is completely a notebook since it weighs 1.54 pounds and measures ‎11.31 x 7.88 x 0.69 inches.

You won’t feel any weight when you are on the go.


It is loaded with 2 cores Intel Celeron N3350 processor that operates with a base frequency of  1.1 GHz, a turbo boost frequency of 2.4 GHz, and a 2 MB Cache.


Moving on, it has 4 GB of RAM, which is enough to handle casual multitasking.

Then, you also have 32 GB eMMC for you to save your files.

Further, since this device is Chromebook, it comes with free 100 GB of cloud storage for you to store more files.

Battery life

Battery-wise, you can go anywhere without the power cable, thanks to its 12 hours of battery life.


  • Firstly, Great battery life.
  • Micro SD Card.
  • Full-sized ergonomic keyboard.
  • Featherweight.
  • Lastly, tough chassis.


  • No touch screen.

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7. Acer Aspire 5 A515-56-36UT

Last but not least laptop on the list is the capable and budget-friendly Acer Aspire 5 A515-56-36UT.

It is equipped with slim bezels to give you an impressive view.

For you to plug in your setups, you have USB 3.2 Type-C, 2 USB 3.2 Gen 1 (1 Power-off Charging), USB 2.0, HDMI 2.0 with HDCP support, headphone, speaker, line-out jack, Ethernet (RJ-45), and DC-in for AC adapter.


Even more, you won’t miss any fun details when watching movies due to this 15.6-inch Full HD display.

Additionally, it has an 82.58% screen-to-body ratio and 16:9 aspect ratio that will you immersive viewing comfort.

Subsequently, you will have a better experience when typing on the ergonomically-designed hinge lift keyboard.

This laptop is slightly heavy as it weighs ‎4.19 pounds and measures ‎14.31 x 9.39 x 0.7 inches.


Get a comfortable working experience with the 11th generation Intel Core i3-1115G4 processor that will provide you with fast and lag-free performance.

Also, it operates with a turbo boost technology that is up to 4.1 GHz for graceful operations.


Going forward, it is configured with 4 GB DDR4 onboard memory (1 slot available) and 128 GB NVMe solid-state drive storage for you to store your photos, documents, videos, and so on.

Battery life

This Acer Aspire 5 A515-56-36UT laptop operates with 3-cell Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) that can last for up to 8 hours.


  • Immersive display.
  • Ergonomically-designed hinge lift keyboard.
  • Strong processor.
  • Then, Sturdy chassis.


  • It is a bit heavy.

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Conclusion On The Best Laptop For Elderly Beginners On Amazon

In conclusion, the seven laptops displayed in this blog post are yours to choose from.

When it comes to the best laptop for elderly beginners, these are the top-rated products you will find.

Even more, get all-around performance from our overall best, the LG Gram 14Z90P Laptop.

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