Best Laptop For Small Business Under $500

Best Laptop For Small Business Under $500
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You need to get a laptop for your business under $500 and you don’t know which laptop is best for your small business. Based on our research, the best laptop for small business under $500 is the Lenovo Ideapad S340

Choosing the right laptop for the right situation is usually a tedious task.

There are a lot of models and brands of laptops out there.

Sometimes you don’t even want to bother to look at the entire details.

A lot of things need to be put into consideration when buying a laptop.

This is to prevent regrets when the product arrives at your doorstep.

It could be that you need the laptop for buying products you need, or ordering services, or managing your business.

Whatever the case may be, you need to make sure that you have chosen the best of the best laptops out there within your budget.

Gathering necessary information and reviewing different laptop products could help you make the right choice.

This review is meant to help you figure out the best laptop for your business.

Best Laptop For Small Business Under $500

Here are 7 Business Laptops Under $500.

Lenovo Ideapad S340Asus C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook FlipAcer Aspire 5 Slim LaptopAcer Aspire E 15HP 2019 14 Inch LaptopMicrosoft Surface GoSamsung Chromebook Plus V2
Display Size15.6 inches HD12.5 inches15.6 inches15.6 inches14 inches10 inches12.2 inches
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home 64-bitChrome OSWindows 10 Home 64-bitWindows 10 Home 64-bitWindows 10 Home 64-bitWindows 10 Home in S ModeChrome OS
ProcessorIntel Core i3-8145U Dual Core Processor 8th GenerationIntel Core M3Ryzen 3 2200U8th Gen Intel Core i3-8130U7th Gen Intel Core i3-7100U Mobile ProcessorIntel Pentium Gold 4415YIntel Celeron Processor 3965Y
Processor Count2222221
Processor Speed3.9 GHz2.2 GHz3.5 GHz2.2 GHz2.4 GHz1.6 GHz1 GHz
GraphicsIntegrated Intel UHD Graphics 620Intel HD Graphics 515AMD Radeon Vega 3Intel HD Graphics 620Intel HD Graphics 620Intel HD Graphics 615Intel HD Graphics 615
Internal StorageM. 2 NVMe Solid State Drive 256 GBSSD 64 GB Embedded Multi Media Card128 GB Flash Memory Solid State1 TB HDD128 GB M.2 SSD128 GB SSD64 GB Flash Memory Solid State
Wireless Compatibility802.11 ac802.11 ac802.11 ac802.11 bgn802.11 abg802.11 ac
Average Battery Life8 Hours10 Hours7.5 Hours13.5 Hours13.5 Hours9 Hours9 Hours
Weight3.4 Ibs2.65 Ibs3.97 Ibs5.27 Ibs4.35 Ibs2.85 Ibs2.98 Ibs

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1. Lenovo Ideapad S340 Business Laptop

The Lenovo Ideapad can be described as a low-budget business laptop.

It is also our best choice of business laptops under $500.

Despite its low cost,  the Lenovo Ideapad S340s performs at an above-average level.

It has a minimalistic design and sturdy plastic build with carbon fiber threads.

With a responsive keyboard and a 256GB SSD (upgradable), you can be sure that the performance of this product won’t let you down.

Its features include Type A and Type C USB ports, an SD card reader, and a full-sized HDMI port.

Also, one of the main and distinct features of the Lenovo IdeaPad S340 is the TrueBlock privacy shutter.

This allows you to cover your webcam when not in use or when you want to feel more secure.

The Rapid Charge technology introduced by Lenovo also allows the product’s battery to reach 80 percent within an hour of charging.


  • Responsive keyboard
  • LED Backlit Anti-Glare Display
  • True Block Privacy Shutter on Webcam
  • Rapid Charge Technology


  • It has display Brightness Issues

Despite its low cost, this product has some unique features that make it stand out among other low-cost laptops.

Hence, this is one of the best laptops for small businesses under $500 you could consider buying.

To buy this laptop on Amazon click on the image link above.

2. Asus C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook Flip Laptop for Business

Since its initial release in 2017, it still holds up as one of the best Chromebooks for its price.

There are many positive reviews about this product.

This is mostly used by IT specialists and software engineers.

A solid M3 processor, 4GB RAM and 64 GB of SSD storage makes this laptop capable of handling heavy usage.

It also has a touch screen feature which can be used as an alternative for scrolling or for quick button presses.

With regular usage of 10-11 hours, the C302CAs battery life is long-lasting.

It takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge the device when you choose to charge it over your USB – C Ports.

it, however, has only 2 USB Type C ports.

Furthermore, the  ASUS C302CA Chromebook is not equipped with an HDMI port.

However, ASUS has made it available for the user to buy a USB-C Multiport Adapter, which solves this problem.

Even more, there is also an option to cast your device to your TV or any other device without the need for an HDMI adapter.


  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Responsive Touch Screen Input
  • Amazing Battery Life


  • No HDMI port
  • Lack of USB Type C Ports
  • UI Elements are not User-friendly in tablet mode

If this is your first time purchasing a Chromebook then we recommend the ASUS C302CA-DHM4  as one of the best laptops for small businesses less than $500.

Click on the image link above to purchase this laptop on Amazon. 

3. Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

This is worth a look if you’re really in need of a business laptop below $500.

The laptop is useful for navigating the internet with your web browser and opening Microsoft Office tools.

It is a reasonably priced laptop for your basic needs.

The audio quality of the laptop’s speaker is quite good and clear.

Furthermore, it has a 15.6-inch screen display with high contrast and sharpness.

It also has an upgradeable DDR4 4GB RAM and a solid-state drive of 128GB that helps in the overall performance of the laptop.

However, it is quite difficult to use apps and products that are not directly affiliated with Microsoft on this laptop.

This is due to the laptops’ S Mode.

Hence, this prevents you from downloading other applications.

To address this problem, Microsoft has offered specific instructions to switch off the

S mode.


  • Sharp and high screen contrast
  • High-quality audio speakers
  • Decent battery life
  • Multiple ports


  • Bulky design
  • Windows 10 in S Mode problem
  • Filled with bloatware
  • Backlit keyboard turns off

Regardless of its bulky design and its other shortcomings, this laptop is one of the best

low -cost laptops under $500 for small business owners.

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4. Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop 

This is yet another Acer product on our list of best business laptops under $500.

This is because of its outstanding features.

It runs on an HDD drive with a memory of 1000GB.

It also has a slot where you can install an SSD drive.

Furthermore, its memory is also expandable.

It has one of the longest battery lives in this list with a whopping 13.5 hours.

This may be due to the CPUs’ built-in feature for low power consumption.

However, it has a lot of preloaded programs that might not be useful to you.

To this effect, doing a cleanup of the laptop and a reinstalling windows 10 is a possible fix.


  •  Long Battery Life
  •  Full HD Display
  •  Built-in DVD drive
  •  Easy access for manual upgrading


  • HDD instead of an SSD
  • Lots of bloatware
  • Heavy and bulky design

This is one of the most popular laptops under $500 dollars up to this date.

Hence, this laptop is one of the best laptops for small businesses under $500.

Click the image link above to purchase this laptop on Amazon.

5. HP 2019 14 Inch Laptop

This is average hardware for a modern laptop, but it can still do the job.

This laptop is suitable for any small business operation that you run.

Hp 2019 14 inch laptop is also suitable for activities such as sending emails, surfing the web, or opening Microsoft Office tools.

It has fast booting and decent system performance as a result of the M.2 solid-state drive and the 8GB DDR4 RAM.

This laptop also has an SD card slot if you need extra storage.

It is lightweight, portable, has a good battery life, and can run multiple programs at once.

This is critical for students and business people who always do multi-tasking.

However, this laptop has bloatware.

It is best you install a fresh version of windows 10 so you can remove the majority of the bloatware.

Also, the network adapter is just a single band, which is quite low for a laptop.


  • Fast boot times
  • SD Card for storage expansion
  •  Ethernet port and HDMI port


  • Filled with Bloatware

This laptop is quite affordable and it also performs certain unique features that could be beneficial to you as a business owner.

Hence, this laptop can be regarded as one of the best business laptops under $500.

Buy this laptop from Amazon by clicking on the image link above.

6. Microsoft Surface Go Business Laptop

This is a laptop designed by Microsoft.

This  Microsoft 10″ Surface Go is one of the smallest and lightest of the Surface series, known for its ultra-portability.

If you are a business operator who travels frequently and wants to carry your work with you then this laptop should be your best option.

Versatility is one of the strongest points of this product.

You can also charge this device with a USB type C charger.

Hence, if you own a smartphone that supports a type C USB port then it makes it easier for you to charge should you forget to bring your charger.

With the operating system being Windows 10 in S mode, it is best to switch out of the  Operating System as soon as possible.

Upgrade to Windows 10 home so that you won’t be restricted to only using Microsoft exclusive applications.


  • Ultra-portable
  • Plenty of ports


  • Windows 10 in S Mode
  • The keyboard, pen, and mouse sold separately and are not shipped along with the product.

 For someone who’s always traveling, you should consider buying Microsoft’s 10 inch Surface Go for your small business.

Consequently, this could also be considered one of the best business laptops under $500.

Click on the image link above to buy this laptop on Amazon.

7. Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 Laptop

This is the upgraded version of Samsung Chromebook Plus.

It has a lot of differences from the original model.

The processor is now upgraded to an Intel Celeron chip.

Even without a built-in fan, the laptops’ processor has a close to zero chance of overheating.

Furthermore, the laptop is portable.

You can also switch to laptop and tablet mode depending on the users’ choice.

However, the laptops’ Operating System is not designed to use computer applications from Windows or Mac such as Microsoft Office or Photoshop.

To resolve this, there is an option for you to download android suitable applications that could still give you the expected results.


  • Dual Camera Support
  • Ability to run Android applications
  • Included stylus for touch screen purposes
  • Responsive keyboard and trackpad


  • No backlit keyboard
  • Windows and Mac programs cannot be installed

This laptop product is equipped with unique features that could meet certain business and personal needs.

Hence, it is considered as one of the best business laptops under $500 for small business owners.

You can purchase this laptop on Amazon by clicking on the image link above.

A final note on Best Laptop For Small Business Under $500

All these laptop products have been regarded as the best laptops for small businesses under $500 based on the unique features they possess.

You don’t necessarily need a highly-priced laptop to do business operations.

All you need is the right laptop that meets your business needs and suits your budget.

We hope that the information provided above will help you decide on the one that’s best for your small business.

We, however, recommend theLenovo Ideapad S340.

Don’t hesitate to get any of these products now so that you can conduct your daily business with ease and satisfaction.

Just follow the links provided above.