Best Laptop For Streaming Netflix

best lapotp for streaming netflix
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You’ll need the best laptop for streaming Netflix if you’re a lover of movies. Netflix is one of the most popular movie streaming networks in the world right now with lots of great content. However, you can only enjoy these through a great laptop. We took it upon ourselves to check around and suggest you get yourself the Acer Spin 5. It’s the best laptop for streaming Netflix.

See below our recommended choice and six other viable laptops that are equally good for streaming Netflix.

Comparison Table Of The Best Laptop For Streaming Netflix

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1Acer Spin 5Processor: Intel Core i7
Display size: 15.6" UHD
Weight: 2.65lbs
Battery life: Up to 15hrs
Storage: 512GB
2LG GramProcessor: Intel Core i7
Display size: 14" FHD
Weight: 2.53lbs
Battery life: Up to 20.5hrs.
Storage: 1TB
3Apple MacBook AirProcessor: Apple M1 chip
Display size: 13.3" UHD
Weight: 2.8lbs
Battery life: Up to 18hrs
Storage: 256GB
4HP EnvyProcessor: Intel Core i7
Display size: 15.6" UHD
Weight: 2.58lbs
Battery life: Up to 10.5hrs.
Storage: 512GB
5Asus ZenbookProcessor: Intel Core i7
Display size: 15.6" UHD
Weight: 3.6lbs
Battery life: Up to 10hrs
Storage: 512GB
6Lenovo FlexProcessor: AMD Ryzen 5
Display size: 14" FHD
Weight: 3.64lbs
Battery life: Up to 10hrs
Storage: 256GB
7HP Pavilion x360Processor: Intel Core i5
Display size: 14" FHD
Weight: 3.5lbs
Battery life: Up to 9hrs 45mins
Storage: 512GB

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Best Laptop For Streaming Netflix

Let’s face it, Netflix is currently the greatest movie streaming network.

This definitely has a thing to do with the easy accessibility and loads of original content on the platform.

Most importantly, it has been a great companion for most people forced to stay at home during the pandemic.

However, you can’t fully enjoy your Netflix experience with crappy laptops with poor screen resolution, among other features.

To enjoy an immersive Netflix experience, you need to get yourself the best laptop for streaming Netflix.

While ‘best’ is relative, you definitely need to consider a few things in choosing a laptop for watching your favorite movies and series on Netflix.

Firstly, any laptop you choose for streaming Netflix should have a decently large display size with good resolution.

This is important for producing the right colors, details, contrasts, etc.

You should aim at buying a laptop with at least 1080p resolution.

If your budget accommodates it, the best laptops for streaming Netflix have 2K or 4K resolutions.

Secondly, you’ll need a laptop with good battery life so that you can watch at least 2 good movies, back to back.

Thirdly, you would be better off with a portable laptop.

This comes in handy if you’re constantly on the move and would enjoy movie breaks between work or flight.

These factors and more were considered in this review while conducting extensive research on the best laptop for streaming Netflix.

Without further ado, let’s look at 7 of the best laptops there are for streaming Netflix.

7 Favorites For The Best Laptop For Streaming Netflix

1. Acer Spin 5 -Best Laptop For Streaming Netflix

best laptop for streaming netflixIf you love ‘Netflixing’ on the go, you’d love Acer Spin 5 Convertible Laptop.

It packs a lot of features that secured its position as the best laptop for streaming Netflix.

Now, let’s check out a few of those super features.


Acer Spin 5 is super-versatile, amazing in form, portable, and compact.

Its chassis is made from a sleek-looking magnesium-aluminum alloy.

In addition to that, the very functional 2in1 convertible design makes Netflixing even more enjoyable.

You can use the laptop in at least 4 modes.

For instance, you can use it as a traditional laptop to enjoy your movies alone or with others.

Also, you can transform it into a tablet or even a tent to watch in a more comfortable position.

Furthermore, it comes with a very responsive Stylus to help you unleash your creativity in-between movies.


The beautifully bright 13.5″ Acer Vertiview 2K Widescreen IPS LED-backlit Touch Display is possibly the best feature of Spin 5.

With a resolution of 2256 x 1504, you enjoy real-life-like visuals and brilliant color contrasts.

To add to this, you get more screen space to enjoy your movies with an impressive 80% screen-to-body ratio.

If you want to watch your series or movies vertically, you get an additional 13% screen space.

It’s an absolute delight to sit back and watch all your favorite series and movies with this laptop on Netflix.

Hardware / Software 

It provides an above-average performance thanks to the powerful Intel Core i5 processor.

Combine this with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD, you get a speed monster on your hands.

Tabs and pages load / open speedily and you enjoy your movies without delay.

Also, it features front-facing speakers that provide a beautiful audio experience without distortion or disturbance.

In addition to that, you have a decent selection of ports for connectivity.

This is particularly useful if you feel the need to connect to external devices or larger screens for a movie night in the house.

Overall, you get to enjoy an absolutely immersive experience with this laptop while streaming Netflix.


It’s very lightweight and easy for you to take around at just 2.65lbs.


With up to 15hrs battery back up, you can watch all your movies and series all day long on the Spin 5.

To make things better, if you run out of battery life, all you need to do is plug-in for 30minutes and you get 4hrs of battery life.


  • Beautiful screen with great visuals
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Superb audio quality
  • Fast processor


  • You need to prise it open with 2 hands

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2. LG Gram -2nd Best Laptop For Streaming Netflix

best laptop for streaming netflixThis is the 2nd best laptop for streaming Netflix for a few reasons.


We know LG isn’t so popular in the laptop manufacturing circles but they definitely got it right with this 2in1 laptop.

To begin with, it comes in a 2in1 convertible design.

This is adaptable to any situation you’re in.

For instance, you may prop it up in tent-mode or tablet-mode to enjoy streaming Netflix in bed.

Likewise, you can sit at your desk in-between breaks or with friends to enjoy your favorite movies with friends or family.

Also, the 360degree hinges are quite sturdy and at the same time, flexible.

Going further, you’d find this very functional if you’re a graphic designer or content creator.

This is because it also comes with a stylus which you can use to sketch or draw.


In addition to that, it’s equipped with a bright 14inch Full HD 1920 x 1080 FHD IPS Touchscreen display.

Although it’s not as bright as the other 4k and 2k screens also featured here, it still has a lot to say for itself.

Particularly in terms of visual quality.

All your images and visuals come out as well as real-life images.

Hardware / Software / Connectivity

Additionally, LG Gram is a workhorse with the efficient 10th generation Intel Core i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, and 1TB SSD storage.

Therefore, it can perfectly handle your multiple tasks at the same time.

We all know the sound is also very important in the ultimate movie experience.

This laptop has this neatly tied up with a DTS:X Ultra which allows you to enjoy richer and louder sounds with less distortion while streaming Netflix.


To add to that, it’s pretty lightweight at 2.53lbs.

Hence you can move it around with you, anywhere.

Not minding the lightweight, it’s solid in construction.


Going further, the long battery life of up to 20.5hrs is a major attraction for picking this as the 2nd laptop for streaming Netflix.

Let’s face it, you can become so engrossed in your favorite series that you wouldn’t want to be interrupted mid-way.

Also, 20.5hrs is more than enough time to watch over 20 episodes at a sitting.

Yes, we know.

Nobody would probably stay for that long on Netflix without a break.

However, everybody loves the confidence and power that comes with having a very reliable battery back up.


  • Very long battery life
  • Great screen
  • Good audio quality


  • The panel may bend if pressure is applied.

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3. New Apple MacBook Air

best laptop for streaming netflixThe new Apple MacBook Air is a great laptop that offers fantastic features, especially for streaming movies.

Hence, we’re featuring it as one of the best laptops for streaming Netflix.


This model has all the great features you’d ever need for watching movies.

The gold-colored sleek and beautiful chassis looks delicate but it’s sturdy and durable.

The best part is the slim profile and portability which makes it a very attractive option for moving around.

It’s known to be the thinnest and lightest Apple notebook.

With the slim design, there’s no fan included in the design.

Hence, the operation is silent and there are no noisy distractions while streaming Netflix with this laptop.


With its innovative retina display, the MacBook Air’s 13.3inch 2560 x 1600 high-resolution screen is beautiful.

Videos and images come to life.

In addition to that, the colors produced are clear and vibrant.

In actual fact, they’re 25% more than sRGB.

Also, the glass spreads from edge-to-edge for wider screen space, so that you miss no detail.

All these make the MacBook Air one of the best laptops for streaming Netflix.

Hardware / Software

The Apple M1 chip processor is designed by Apple, for Apple.

Hence, it’s 3.5 times faster and more powerful.

Hence, streaming Netflix with this laptop is super easy and fast.

It has 2 x Thunderbolt ports to which you can connect external devices with the help of a USB-C hub.

The superfast 8GB memory and 256GB SSD storage open apps very fast.


It’s super-light at 2.8lbs.


With a maximum backup time of up to 18hrs, Macbook Air would take you through every of your favorite series without flickering.


  • Very beautiful screen
  • Stunning screen
  • Fast processor


  • It has just two Thunderbolt ports.

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4. HP Envy 13

best laptop for streaming netflix
This is another top-rated laptop for streaming Netflix on this list.

If you’re a movie buff and avid lover of Netflix, you’ll love the HP Envy 13.


One of the beautiful points of attraction for this laptop is its pleasing design.

The natural silver color and thin profile make it aesthetically delightful.

Also, it’s so compact that you can easily tuck it into your bag or backpack.


It has a 13.3inch IPS (in-plane switching) micro-edge multitouch-enabled edge-to-edge screen.

Also, it has a 3840 x 2160 4K display resolution that produces a stunning visual quality.

Truth is, very few laptops at this price point have as bright a screen as the HP Envy.

It’s absolutely beautiful for streaming your movies on Netflix.

Hardware / Software

Equipped with a 10th generation intel core i7 processor, HP Envy can handle multiple tasks very fast.

It’s also suitable for heavy movie streaming.

Going further, it has 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD.

The performance is smooth, responsive and load times are super-fast.

Truth be told, the movie streaming experience is simply out of this world.

As a matter of fact, you can even create your own content on this laptop.

Also, you hear every sound detail clearly with the Bang & Olufsen Quad speakers and HP Audio Boost 2.0.


At 2.58lbs, you can literally tote this around with you to enjoy your movies, anywhere.


The battery life is up to 10.5hrs.

That is more than enough time to keep up to date with your shows and movies on Netflix.


  • Beautiful high-resolution screen
  • Good battery life
  • Compact and beautiful design


  • Relatively slow Wifi connectivity

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5. Asus Zenbook

best laptop for streaming netflixWe love the stunning and versatile Asus Zenbook.

It’s a winner, any day.

From creating content to binge-watching your favorite shows, this laptop doesn’t disappoint.


It features an aesthetically-pleasing innovative double screen design.

Even though it’s slim, Zenbook is very tough and durable.

As a matter of fact, the chassis is military-grade quality having gone through rigorous tests.

With a maximum tilt angle of 145degrees, you can push the screen far enough to customize your movie experience.

To make things even more beautiful, it’s portable and lightweight.

To add to that, it features the exclusive ErgoLift hinge design.

It’s an engineering masterpiece that automatically tilts the keyboard deck up by 3degrees.

This provides an optimized user experience and comfort.


While the double screen adds more excitement to your movie enjoyment, it’d also come in useful when you want to create your own content.

As one of the laptops with the best screen resolution, Zenbook comes with a beautiful main display of 15.6inch UHD 2K 2256 x 1504.

To make things even better, it has wide-view technology and a 92% screen-to-body ratio.

So, you literally have the entire screen to yourself to completely immerse yourself in your favorite movies.

The secondary touch-enabled display is 5.65inch and fully interactive.

Hence, you have better control and can multitask as you enjoy your movies.

All the colors come out perfect, clear, and bright.

Moreover, there’s no chance of missing any important detail or action.

Hardware / Software

You have Intel Core i7 Quad-Core CPU and NVIDIA GeForce GPU powering this laptop.

This is paired with a massive 16GB RAM for a snappy experience.

Furthermore, there’s a decent 512GB SSD storage space for your files.

Interestingly, you can choose to customize the audio settings to suit your movie demand, at any time.

You have extensive connectivity options with HDMI which you can use in hooking up to an external, wider display for a cinematic experience.

In addition to that, there’s USB Type-C, 2 x USB 3.1 Type-A as well as a very fast WiFi, Bluetooth, and SD card reader.


It’s marketed as ‘ultra-portable’ at 3.6lbs.

This is relatively light, especially with the double screen.


The 10hrs battery backup goes a long way to see you through your favorite series.


  • Slim profile
  • High-quality screen
  • Solid build quality
  • Decent battery life


  • Warms up easily

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6. Lenovo Flex 5 

best laptop for streaming netflixIf you need a sub-1000USD laptop for watching Netflix, you should take a look at the Lenovo Flex 5.

It’s another great laptop with a touchscreen that can be considered as one of the best laptops for streaming Netflix.


Following the pattern of the previous 2 laptops, it’s also a convertible laptop.

With its sturdy hinge, you can move it in any form you want.

The Stand mode is particularly useful for binge-watching your favorite shows.

The compact and portable form factor makes it easy for you to take around and stream your movies from anywhere.


It’s equipped with a 14inch FHD 1920 x 1080 fully-responsive touch display.

The images and videos produced are amazingly clear, crisp, and sharp in quality.

Also, it comes with a stylus for writing, scribbling, or drawing.

This might be an added advantage if you’re a creative person eg an artist, writer, or graphics designer.

There’s a privacy shutter mounted on the topmost frame of the screen to protect you from unwanted attention online.

Hardware / Software

Concerning hardware, it has the powerful and efficient AMD Ryzen 5 driving its performance.

This is literally unmatched at this price-point.

You can basically stream all your favorite movies for as long as you want (check the battery section).

If you want to slot in some minutes of gaming, Radeon Vega 8 provides a fast experience.

Also, it comes with 12GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage.

For ports, it has HDMI which comes in handy for connecting to larger screens for a cinematic experience.

Also, there’s USB Type-C and A ports included.


It’s pretty light at 3.64lbs.


It provides up to 10hrs of battery back up for longer movie enjoyment.

Also, you can recharge the battery up to 80% within 1hr to continue enjoying your movies.


  • Great screen quality
  • Powerful processor
  • Versatile design
  • Good port selection
  • Large RAM


  • You can’t charge through the USB type C-port

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7. HP Pavilion x360

best laptop for streaming netflixHP Pavilion x360 isn’t Amazon’s choice for nothing.

In addition to its other endearing features, it’s also one of the best laptops for streaming Netflix.


To begin with, it’s a convertible laptop.

Hence, it’s more attractive for streaming and enjoying Netflix in any mode that’s convenient for you.

We mean, you can easily convert the laptop to any form you want.

In particular, the hands-free Stand mode is just great for movies.

The sturdy 360degress hinges make this very easy.

Secondly, we like the slim profile and form factor.

To note the least, it’s sleek and beautifully finished to give it a premium look.

In addition to that, it’s small, light in weight, and powerfully built.


Regarding the screen, it has a beautiful 14inch diagonal FHD 1920 x 1080 IPS multitouch-enabled display.

IPS panels are known for great color reproduction and wide viewing angles.

In essence, you experience brilliant color contrasts as you watch your favorite movies.

In addition to that, the wide viewing angles ensure that you don’t miss any detail wherever you’re seated away from the laptop.

Furthermore, the screen-to-body ratio is 80%.

Hence, you’re able to maximize the viewing area for an even more immersive experience.

Software / Hardware

Regarding hardware, we have the powerful 10th generation Intel Quad-Core i5 processor which is brilliant at multitasking.

Streaming movies isn’t a big deal.

Furthermore, it’s equipped with 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD.

With its ports, you’d be able to connect to external devices.

Also, if you want to hook up with a monitor or TV screen, there’s HDMI as well as USB ports to quickly achieve this.

Most importantly, you experience a rich and authentic sound with the 2 speakers and HP audio boost with Audio by B&O.


It weighs 3.5lbs, relatively lightweight.


The battery life of up to 9hrs 45minutes would still get you through at least 3 movies on a single charge.


  • 2in1 versatile design
  • Gorgeous screen
  • Slim design
  • Good battery life


  • Low RAM

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Conclusion On The Best Laptop For Streaming Netflix

All the laptops featured here are some of the very best laptops for streaming Netflix.

Although this list has both budget-friendly as well as premium/high-end laptops, any of the seven are suitable for watching movies.

However, Acer Spin 5 is a very good buy as the best laptop for streaming Netflix.

Click here to purchase Acer Spin 5.