Best Low Profile Subwoofer

Best Low Profile Subwoofer
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 Are you tired of searching for the best low profile powered subwoofer? We know you are and we have made things easier by finding seven amazing options for you. The number one option from these seven will remain the Bose bass module 700.

Comparison Table for the Best Low Profile Subwoofer

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1Bose Bass Module 700 - White- WirelessDURABLE yes
2Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer - Power Port TechnologyDURABLE yes
3Klipsch R-120SW SubwooferDURABLE yes
4Yamaha 10" 100W Powered Subwoofer - BlackDURABLE yes
5Audioengine S8 250W Powered SubwooferDURABLE yes
6Dayton Audio SUB-800 8" 80 Watt Powered SubwooferDURABLE yes
7Q Acoustics 3070 Active SubwooferDURABLE yes

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Best Low Profile Subwoofer

When it comes to the best sound, it usually has a lot to do with the sound components you are bringing together.

A better component combination would go a long way in making sure you get quality sound.

This is why it is important to get the best regardless of which of them we are looking at getting.

Here we are focused on getting the best subwoofers and it does not just end there, we need low-profile subwoofers.

Now there are so many options even as we have chosen to search for a certain type of subwoofers.

Different manufacturers have predicted high demand for this type of subwoofer and have created their versions.

All of them also claim that what they have is the best when in all honesty only one is.

How to Identify the Best Low Profile Subwoofer

Now, when you are looking for the best, there are things we should be looking out for.

We have primary features and secondary features to consider before deciding whether an option is a fit.

Since we are looking at speakers, the most important thing to consider will be the sound quality you get.

Asides from that, every other thing falls under secondary features but they are also important features.

These features will at the end of the day be the reasons why some speakers will be considered better than others.

They include;

  • The exterior of the subwoofer and how it affects the sound you get
  • The internal components that makeup the speaker
  • How durable is the subwoofer is
  • How much floor space it will take when it is in
  • The protective measures in place, for example, the presence of a grille
  • How it will connect to other speakers and devices
  • If it is possible to adjust and customize the sound you get

1. Bose Bass Module 700 – White- Wireless is the No 1 choice for the Best Low Profile Subwoofer

The first place we go for this conversation will be the Bose store and there is no surprise here.

When you are looking for quality in the sound world, this has been one store that always turns up for us.

Regardless of the category and type of speaker, we are looking for – coming here always seems like a good option.

We want a good low profile subwoofer and there is none other better than the Bass Module 700 on Amazon.

Quality can be found in every corner; it does not matter if you are looking inside of the subwoofer or outside.

The very first thing that will stand out is the fact that you get maximum functionality even with the minimal look.

It is hard to believe that a subwoofer this small comes with the amount of kick and punch that this one brings.

While the main features are kept consistent, some of the others are allowed to vary giving you options during shopping.

This subwoofer comes in two colors to choose from depending on which would fit into your home and space more.

In terms of style, you just basically decide if you want the subwoofer coming alone or with other added components.

There is a long list of things you can decide that it comes with ranging from speakers to brackets and cables.

Connectivity is another feature that this store brings that others do not have as it can connect to several devices.

You can connect either using the wireless connection method or you can decide to connect using wires.


  • The best sound components in use
  • The best exterior to give you more quality and aesthetics
  • Comes in different colours and styles


  • Not suitable for outdoor use

Buy the Bose Bass Module 700 – White- Wireless from Amazon by clicking on the image link above

2. Polk Audio PSW10 10″ Powered Subwoofer – Power Port Technology

Talking about sound without mentioning the Polk Audio store still feels off to us and this is because of their quality.

The store is not the most popular option out there but it brings amazing quality to the table always.

It does not matter what you are looking to get at the end of the day, what is important is coming here.

We are looking for the best low profile subwoofer but that is not the only thing this store is good for.

This is still where we would come from if we are looking to find quality options for the best stereo speakers.

For the PSW10, the very first thing we will be looking at would be the amount of variety that it comes with.

You have a variety in the style and configuration that this subwoofer comes in which gives you options to choose from.

The compact design is one of its best features and the real reason why this option is amongst our choices.

Connectivity with other speakers and devices also is a place where this subwoofer increases its value when compared to others.

There is the possibility of connecting to other speakers without the use of wires and then there is a wired connection option.

A built-in amplifier makes this subwoofer an active one, hence it can operate without other devices connected to it.

With this amplifier, you are sure of getting a peak power that is measured to be around 100 watts.

The RMS power of this subwoofer however is then measured to be half of the peak power (50 watts).


  • It is designed for stability and durability
  • You are going to get amazing technological advancements to increase functionality
  • Has a size variety


  • Not a waterproof option

Purchase the Polk Audio PSW10 10″ Powered Subwoofer – Power Port Technology from Amazon by clicking the image link above

3. Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer

The Klipsch store is usually around the very best options on the list – number 1,2 or 3 to be precise.

It is irrelevant to even consider what exactly you want, as long as it is a speaker – they got it.

A store is so good that we had to look at which of the Klipsch speakers is the best.

This list would still be valid if it went from 1 – 7 and all we had to offer were Klipsch subwoofers.

There are so many options to look at just from here but we are going with the amazing R-120SW for now.

A subwoofer that has it all to give – compatibility, durability and above all of them a compact design.

Protection to give you extra durability is the first thing that catches our eyes here and that comes in two forms.

First, there are legs that elevate the bottom panel and protect it from damage that might come from contact with the floor.

Also, there is a removable grille that is placed in front of the speaker to help protect it from dust.

This compact subwoofer comes in two forms, you have the active option and the passive one.

Asides from the absence of a built-in amplifier in both, their power rating is also going to be different.

The peak power for the active option is measured to be around 400 watts with the amplifier power at 200 watts.

With an injection moulded graphite woofer cone you are getting a subwoofer that is light and rigid at the same time.


  • Has the bass reflex to improve the functionality
  • You are sure of distortion-free sound
  • This subwoofer comes with a rear-firing port


  • Cannot connect to devices with wires

Get the Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer on Amazon by clicking the image above

4. Yamaha 10″ 100W Powered Subwoofer – Black

The Yamaha store is everywhere you look in the market – one amazing thing however is the fact that they stay relevant.

Regardless of how many markets this store enters, they are always staying relevant with quality products on display.

For this list, our focus has been on getting the best low profile powered subwoofer but it is not all.

You would still be in the Yamaha store if you search for the best boat engines or the best stereo speakers.

However, coming back to this list, the Yamaha store gives us the NS-SW100BL as the best option on their shelf.

From the inside to the outside of this subwoofer, there are so many amazing features here which is why we love it.

On this compact subwoofer, you have a frequency response and dynamic power of 25Hz – 180Hz and 100 watts respectively.

Everything on this subwoofer is combined and designed to make sure you have the best of low-frequency sound reproduction.

There are so many technological advancements that help with that like the Advanced Yamaha active servo technology (Advanced YST) II.

You also have a twisted flare port on this subwoofer which is going to help give you clearer sounds.

Just like in the Klipsch subwoofer, there is a grille here to help protect the internal components from dust.


  • It is beautifully finished to give you aesthetics
  • You have the best technological advancements
  • The exterior is acoustically inert


  • No wireless connection is available here

Purchase the Yamaha 10″ 100W Powered Subwoofer – Black from Amazon by clicking the image link

5. Audioengine S8 250W Powered Subwoofer

Quality keeps coming on this list in different shapes and sizes and from the different stores in the sound world.

We are now talking about the Audioengine store and there is no better place to search for quality speakers.

It does not even matter the type of speaker – immediately you are here quality becomes an assurance.

We are taking a look at their S8 compact subwoofer here with all the wonderful features that are in it.

We have first, the colour variety which further increases the options for you as you get to choose between two colours.

There is also variety in the style of the subwoofer you want even as both styles are active subwoofers.

One of the options comes with the possibility of a wireless connection while the other option does not have that feature.

To protect the bottom panel of this subwoofer, elastomer isolation feet are under it.

These feet type would also help in decreasing the level of vibration/resonance which then gives a purer sound reproduction.

Quality is not the only thing you stand to gain with this subwoofer it is beautifully built to give you aesthetics.

The peak power here is measured to be 250 watts as this subwoofer comes with a downward firing port system.

The auto-sleep and on feature makes this subwoofer a power-saving option.


  • It gives you quality and aesthetics
  • Comes with wireless connection (optional)
  • A grille to protect the internal components


  • Not suitable for outdoor use

Click the image link to buy the Audioengine S8 250W Powered Subwoofer from Amazon

6. Dayton Audio SUB-800 8″ 80 Watt Powered Subwoofer

The next option we are looking at comes from the Dayton Audio store and this helps further prove our point.

This is that popularity should not be given so much thought when you are considering which option is the best.

There are so many amazing options we ignore simply because they are not from stores that we are used to.

This is one of them and the Dayton Audio store after the close examination has a lot to offer in terms of quality.

We are looking for the best low profile powered subwoofer here and they give us the SUB-800.

The exterior design and the aesthetics we get from it are the first of the many things we love about this subwoofer.

There is an 8” downward-firing flared port design here which will help in improving your sound quality.

The sound quality increase comes from the fact that you are going to get more power and cleaner bass.

With knobs that are used to adjust the gain and crossover on this subwoofer, you have a sense of sound customization.

When connected to a device or other speakers, it has the auto-on feature which turns it on when the device is on.


  • It is an active subwoofer
  • The best sound components in use
  • Comes with high durability and aesthetics


  • Does not have wireless connection ability

Click the image link to get the Dayton Audio SUB-800 8″ 80 Watt Powered Subwoofer from Amazon

7. Q Acoustics 3070 Active Subwoofer

The Q acoustics store gives us our last option but this in no way means it is of less quality.

This store might not be the most popular one we have here but it comes with a lot of quality.

It is not just in the subwoofer market but spreads across all speakers and sound components available.

Once they can make an option, it is usually going to be of the best quality inside and out.

An example is seen when we consider, their 3070 subwoofer and the amazing options it brings.

This is one of the most compact options we have on this list and arguably one of the smallest subwoofers there is.

Do not let the size of this subwoofer fool you however as it still comes with some of the best components.

You have twin long three 6 ½” drivers here to help give the best of sound quality for this.

It comes with colour variety, so you decide on which will best fit into your workspace or home.

There is a grille here which is used to protect the internal components of the speaker against dust damage.

All controls and ports are on the back panel and this is an attempt to improve the beauty of the subwoofer.


  • It gives you aesthetics and quality
  • Comes in different colours
  • Has feet and a grille for protection


  • Does not allow wireless connection

Purchase the Q Acoustics 3070 Active Subwoofer from Amazon by clicking the image link

Conclusion on the Best Low Profile Subwoofer

Everybody wants complete sound and for this to be achieved, all sound components must be available to you.

However, no one wants all their space used up by speakers which is why getting complete sound is a dilemma.

Space and equipment always conflict but that can be eliminated with two methods – going for a combo or getting low-profile ones.

Combos can be found mainly with soundbars and that is not necessarily what we are looking for here.

Low-profile sound components are what we want on this list and we are particular about the subwoofers.

The low-frequency bass sounds remain one integral part of the sound spectrum and this is provided by subwoofers.

Knowing that we are not just looking for anything and we want the best – mistakes sometimes can be made.

More often than not, these mistakes come from the search method we have chosen to use in finding the best.

Most of us, focus a lot of energy on stores that are known and use popularity as a yardstick for their search.

This cannot be a good method of searching as quality alone does not determine how popular a store will be.

Another error in our search method most times will be the act that we pay so much attention to the prices.

Just like it is in the case of popularity, quality alone cannot be used as a yardstick to determine the price.

That being said, the only yardstick that should be used here will be the quality that a particular option brings.

This is how we went on to search for the best low profile powered subwoofer on Amazon.

The results we got show that seven subwoofers come with amazing qualities in this category.

The Bose bass module 700 remains the number one of these options.

Click the link above to get this today.