Best Phono Preamp for Turntable

Best Phono Preamp for Turntable
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A good phono preamplifier to work with a turntable is what you are hoping to get, right? If that is the case then you don’t have to worry as we have found the best phono preamp for turntable. There are a lot of options to consider but the Pro-Ject Box is number one.

Comparison Table for the Best Phono Preamp for Turntable

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1Pro-Ject Phono Box DC Phono preampBLUETOOTH no
2Phono preamplifier Musical Fidelity V90-LPSBLUETOOTH no
3Puffin Phono Parks Audio DSP Phono PreampBLUETOOTH no
4GOgroove Phono Preamp Pro Preamplifier with RIAA EqualizationBLUETOOTH no
5iFi Zen Phono Audio Preamp for TurntablesBLUETOOTH no
6Fosi Audio Box X2 Phono MM Phonograph PreamplifierBLUETOOTH no
TUBE yes
7SUCA-AUDIO Phono MM Phonograph Tube PreamplifierBLUETOOTH no
TUBE yes

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Best Phono Preamp for Turntable

The preamps are the most important features for sound reproduction especially when you are considering a turntable.

Every sound deserves to be heard, as a DJ or a turntable user, this is how the full range of music is heard.

Amplifiers would do some work in terms of powering the speaker and improving sound if it is active.

However, that is not going to be enough sometimes because there are sounds that the amplifier cannot give you.

This is where a preamplifier comes in as it would help you with getting all the sound signals that your turntable has.

The job description is simple for a preamplifier – convert every single phono signal into line signals.

These line signals are what will be sent to your speaker to be interpreted as amazing sounds.

How to Identify the Best Phono Preamp for Turntable

There are so many issues when trying to identify the best and this is a simple response by manufacturers to the high demand for phono amplifiers.

They all claim to have made the best option for us – this is strange because all of them cannot be the best.

They were all made differently with different principles and mechanisms so how can they all be the best.

This is a problem we constantly face when trying to get preamp but it can be solved.

Some features help us indicate which is the best and they include;

  • The sound quality that the preamplifier can bring
  • If it is an integrated amplifier or just a preamp
  • The number of varieties you have in terms of style, size and colour
  • How durable and portable the preamplifier is

1. Pro-Ject Phono Box DC Phono preamp is the No 1 choice for the Best Phono Preamp for Turntable

There are so many options as we just mentioned when you are looking for an option to take home here.

Some are popular, some are not and then some will be expensive while some of them will not be.

There are so many variables to look at but what we are looking for is which would stand tall from all these.

In terms of providing amazing features, the Pro-Ject Box is one of the options with exceptional quality in this category.

This does not come as a surprise exactly because the store itself has always provided quality for us.

What you are looking for would usually not even matter as long as it can be found in this store.

This is how much assurance of quality they bring and this particular model does not disappoint with this either.

From the inside to the outside, there will be more reasons why you should take this amplifier than why you shouldn’t.

The first will be how much variety you get when you come to this particular preamplifier from the Pro-Ject store.

This amplifier comes in several colours and you can pick which is your favourite depending on what suits your lifestyle more.

It is also portable and the reduction in the use of floor or desk space is another reason we love this preamp.

For connectivity, you have two main options to choose from here – the moving magnet cartridge and the moving coil cartridge.

There is a switch on the rear panel of this preamplifier which is used to alternate the input mode.


  • Brings some variety in terms of colours
  • Has a rigid and durable exterior
  • An ultra-low impedance is also available here


  • It is not waterproof

Buy the Pro-Ject Phono Box DC Phono preamp from Amazon by clicking on the image link above

2. Phono preamplifier Musical Fidelity V90-LPS

We have already stated that ignoring all the other factors and focusing on quality is one of the ways we find things.

What you want is the best and not the most popular or the most expensive option on the list.

This is why we are at the Musical Fidelity store trying to find a sound component that comes with fidelity.

This store does not do much in terms of production but whenever they do, it is most likely coming with top-notch quality.

An example of such is the V90-LPSwhen we are looking to find the best phono preamp for the turntable.

This is an option that is simply magical when you consider the features both on the inside of it and outside.

The exterior is perfectly finished with minimality and this makes aesthetics one of the features of this preamp.

Variety is then another reason we look up to this preamplifier when we are talking about quality products.

The colour it comes in is one of the features that is a variable as you have two to choose from here.

Apart from the variety, this preamp comes with more than one input option which is necessary when considering the compatibility.

There is the moving coil (MC) cartridge method for input and you also have the moving magnet (MM) cartridge method.

Another feature that makes this amplifier stand out when compared to most of the others is the low noise operation.

The sound is reproduced from this preamplifier and helps provide you with a frequency response range measured as 20Hz – 20KHz.


  • Built to bring you aesthetics
  • Comes with multiple input methods
  • Comes with an extremely accurate RIAA


  • Does not come with a remote control

Purchase the Phono preamplifier Musical Fidelity V90-LPS from Amazon by clicking the image link above

3. Puffin Phono Parks Audio DSP Phono Preamp

Another store that does a lot of magic in the amplifier and preamplifier market is the Puffin store.

This is one of those that do not have popularity but still turns up some of the best products in the market.

They do not produce a lot of products but the good thing is that it is always quality when they do.

An example of the quality that comes from this store is seen when you look at their DSP phono preamplifier.

Control is where the amazing features begin when you are looking at this amazing amplifier and the features it carries.

There are knobs, switches, and buttons to control everything on this phono preamplifier – volume, power, play mode, etc.

You also have a switch on this amplifier that will help you switch the gain settings of this preamplifier.

It does not matter the type of sound you want to play; you will only need to increase or reduce the gain.

You have a total of 20 gain settings to choose from here and it ranges from as high as 7dB to -48dB.

There is also a tone control feature on this preamplifier which helps you set the tone to suit the sound you want.

One of the other selling points that are worth talking about when you look here is the compactness.

It is built to be portable hence this is one amplifier that is easy to move about with your turntable.

This preamp is also easy to install which makes it one of the most loved amplifier options on the list.


  • It is a durable preamplifier
  • You have several gain options to choose from
  • It is a portable preamplifier


  • No wireless connection option

Get the Puffin Phono Parks Audio DSP phono preamp on Amazon by clicking the image above

4. GOgroove Phono Preamp Pro Preamplifier with RIAA Equalization

We are at the GOgroove store and this is no surprise when you put into consideration the track record here.

They have not been known to make a lot of sound components and speakers but they always make quality here.

What exactly you want is insignificant, all you have to do is make sure you are finding it here.

For this list, we are looking to find the best phono preamp for turntable in the market.

The Pro preamp with RIAA equalization is the option we have from this store to solve our turntable problems.

It comes with variety and this is one of the reasons why a lot of us have this model on our list.

While most of the features remain constant, the variety comes in terms of the style your preamp comes in.

You have three different styles which appeal to different people so you decide which you want based on your needs.

The portable nature of this preamp and the low floor space it will take is another reason why we like this particular model.

Using this amplifier will be quite easy as you have a light indicator which makes the process of control easy.

You are also going to enjoy increased functionality and this is brought about by the high-end circuit on this preamp.

The increase in functionality is noticed through are higher signal conversion rate when you compare this preamplifier to the others.

There is an RCA connection port here too to help connect your turntable and other devices to this preamplifier.


  • Headphones can be connected to this preamp
  • It is a portable preamplifier
  • Quite easy to set up


  • Not suitable for use under harsh weather conditions

Purchase the GOgroove Phono Preamp Pro Preamplifier with RIAA Equalization from Amazon by clicking the image link

5. iFi Zen Phono Audio Preamp for Turntables

We are looking at the iFi Audio store next and there is no reason why we shouldn’t come here.

Quality is always going to be a factor here and it does not matter what exactly you are looking for.

It might not be the most popular store on the list but that is okay since we are looking for the best.

The Zen is an example of a phono preamp that is overloaded with quality both on the inside and outside.

High-octane audio is one of the amazing things that this preamplifier brings to the table taking your sound experience higher.

For input options on this amplifier, you are going to enjoy choosing between the moving magnet cartridge and the moving coil cartridge.

For output also, you have the functionality increased by the addition of two different ports on this preamplifier.

There is the balanced 4.4mm pentagon output port and then you also have the RCA output port.

This preamplifier has a dimension that is measured to be 10.87” X 6.14” X 2.32” and weighs about 1.79 pounds.

You can adjust the gain settings from 36dB – to 72dB to help improve the functionality of this preamplifier even further.

Thanks to the subsonic filter on this preamplifier, the sound quality is improved depending on the speaker connected.

This filter will help you remove any sound signal that is above or below the signal settings you set for yourself.

The front panel of this preamplifier also has control buttons and a light indicator to help make control easy.


  • Control is easy with this amplifier
  • It is a portable option
  • Several input and output devices


  • No control over these things

Click the image link to buy the iFi Zen Phono Audio Preamp for Turntables from Amazon

6. Fosi Audio Box X2 Phono MM Phonograph Preamplifier

It is impossible to go from start to finish if the Fosi Audio store is not going to be mentioned here.

They are simply the best you can find and it does not even matter what exactly it is you are looking for.

As long as amplifiers and preamps are concerned, this store has been known for constantly bringing the best quality.

Here we are looking to find the best phono preamp for turntables but this is not where it ends.

You can be looking for the best stereo speakers or amplifiers tomorrow and still visit this store for a quality option.

That goes a long way to see how much they always bring to the market and why we are here.

Their Box X2 is what we are going to be considered and the quality is just exceptional whether you look inside or outside.

This preamplifier comes with top-notch technological advancements and merges that with the best hardware components to give you an exceptional option.

Gain control is the first thing you will notice here as there is a knob on the front panel to control it.

The gain settings available here are 39dB, 42dB, and 45dB with that knob also connecting the power of this preamp.

You are going to enjoy low noise levels on this audiophile-grade amp thanks to the fact that it is an operational amp.

The best of both worlds is promised when you are looking at the connectivity options that are available here.

There are several input and output methods on this amplifier which range from the RCA to the usual phono input.


  • It is a portable option
  • Gain customization is possible
  • This is a tube amplifier


  • No wireless connection option

Click the image link to get the Fosi Audio Box X2 Phono MM Phonograph Preamplifier from Amazon

7. SUCA-AUDIO Phono MM Phonograph Tube Preamplifier

We are ending at the SUCA audio store and this goes a long way in proving us right.

The SUCA store although not the most popular store out there is known for making quality in the market.

Just like a few of the other stores, you would be seeing on this list, this store does not just make amplifiers.

You can be looking for which is the best AV receiver and still come back here for the best quality.

This is how good this store has been and this preamplifier is all the evidence you need with features everywhere.

Variety is the first on our list with the presence of the Box – you have two options, one with tubes and one without.

For this preamp, you are going to convert sound signals into line signals with one of the highest efficiencies.

The input ports on this preamp should also be mentioned when you are considering options for this category.

At the end of the day, you have so many connectivity options to pick from depending on what you want to connect.

There are so many gain levels on this preamplifier and you can switch between them via one knob.

Portability and compatibility are one of the many reasons why we all love this pre amplifier.


  • Three gain settings to choose from
  • It is a tube preamp
  • Both durable


  • Not a waterproof preamp

Purchase the SUCA-AUDIO Phono MM Phonograph Tube Preamplifier from Amazon by clicking the image link

Conclusion on the Best Phono Preamp for Turntable

The Pro-Ject Box remains the number one option of the many options.