Best Photo Printer Under 50 Dollars

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Are you searching for an affordable yet durable and efficient printer? Look no further, as we’ve put together a list of options for the best photo printer under 50 dollars for you. Notably, among others, at the top of the list is the Kiipix Portable Photo Printer.

We’ve done the job of the middle man; all you need to do is relax and keep on reading to find and select the printer that best suits your needs.

We know you’re pretty excited to explore our selections. So, let’s start the countdown.

Best Photo Printer Under 50 Dollars- Comparison Table

Compare The Top 7 On One Page

1Kiipix Portable Photo Printer
Print Speed: 1ppm

Item Weight: 0.37kg

Printer Output: Color

Photo Size: 3.4 by 2.1 inches

2Sharper Image Dock Portable 4x6 Photo Printer
Print Speed: 37 seconds

Item Weight: 1.7lbs

Printer Output: Color

Photo Size: 4 by 6 inches
3Lifeprint 2x3 Portable Photo Printer
Print Speed: 30 secs

Item Weight: 6.3 ounces

Printer Output: Color

Photo Size: 2 by 3 inches

4Canon Selphy DS810
Print Speed: 5ppm black and white, 1ppm color

Item Weight: 4.63lbs

Printer Output: Color

Photo Size: 4 by 6 inches

5Xiaomi Mija AR Printer
Print Speed: 45 secs

Item Weight: 272g

Printer Output: Color

Photo Size: 2 by 3 inches

6HP Sprocket 2-in-1 Portable Photo Printer
Print Speed: 20ppm monochrome, 20ppm color

Item Weight: 0.42lbs

Printer Output: Color

Photo Size: 2 by 3 inches

7Canon Pixma MP610 printer
Print Speed: 31ppm monochrome, 24ppm color

Item Weight: 10kg

Printer Output: Color

Photo Size: 4 by 6 inches


Printers are devices that print text documents or/and images on paper by converting soft copy to hard copy.

You can transfer your works from the computer to paper through a printer that transforms soft copy to hard copy.

This might suffice if you want your book, project, proposal, fashion college, or whatever the case may be in hard copy form.

Furthermore, as an output device, the printer prints information that the computer process.

Simply put, you can imagine the printer as your mouth and your brain as the computer.

The brain processes information and the mouth serve as the output. I’m sure you can see the similarity and that’s how simple the printer works.

Furthermore, they’re two major types of printers. That is, printers can be separated into groups: impact printers and non-impact printers.

You have to know that the impact printers include: Dot Matrix Printer or Passbook Printers. While the non – impact printers include: Inkjet printers, thermal and Laser printers.

Additionally, impact printers, such as The Dot Matrix Printer can be described as a computer printing process wherein the ink is applied to a surface using a relatively low-resolution dot matrix for the layout.

Also, they have a speed of 30 to 550 characters per second (cps-character per second) which means although they produce high-resolution documents. It moves at a much slower pace than non-impact printers.

In other words, Dot Matrix Printers are a little old school, like a typewriter, unlike the non – impact printers.

So, if you’re looking for a printer that works at a slower pace and produces simple results. Then impact printer is the way to go.

On the other hand, non-impact printers, such as inkjet printers, laser printers, and so on, are modern printers that are commonly used by most consumers.

You don’t have to look far for a faster, quieter, and generally more effective printer.

Selecting a non-impact printer means you need to fasten your seatbelt because you can barely catch up with the perfected mechanism that these printers vaunt.

Why, would you have to catch up, you ask?

Take into consideration that non-impact printers, like laser printers, can print up to 30 pages per minute (ppm).

Yes, you read that correctly, so take a couple of seconds to catch your breath.

Furthermore, by now you know the types of printers and their functions.

Therefore, it is very important that you know that a printer’s main purpose is to print hard copy documents.

However, we have to note other features of the printer which include: scanning, faxing, and copying.

Fun fact! All-in-one printers allow you to still perform different functions, like scanning, faxing, and copying, with the printer even when the computer is turned off.

Also, all-in-one printers store scanned documents in the printer memory, again, even when the computer is turned off. Thoughtful, isn’t it?

This way, you won’t lose important documents that have been scanned.

While on the topic of printer memory, you have to note that a low-cost business printer has a RAM starting from 32MB-128MB.

Alternatively, an expensive business printer has 256MB-512MB RAM. Lastly, a graphic focused printer (photo printer) starts from 1GB (depending on the brand).

You definitely have vast options of memory size to select from. It all depends on what you want.

Therefore, selecting a printer is all about you and your needs.

Having said all this, let’s now take a moment to look at our picks for the best printers under 50 dollars.

7 Favorites For the Best Photo Printers Under 50 Dollars

1. Kiipix Portable Photo Printer – Best Printer Under 50 Dollars 

Let’s begin with the printer at the top of the leader board as the best photo printer under 50 dollars; the Kiipix Portable Photo Printer.


This printer makes the list as top-rated for a lot of obvious reasons.

Let’s take a look at some of them.


Firstly, this is a laser printer.

Also, the output print is in color.

It prints with a sleek photo paper.

Additionally, it’s manufactured in different colors (jet black, blue, and cherry blossom pink).

Needless to add, the printer is easy to use and quite portable.

It works with smart technology which makes it ultra-modern and it’s designed fashionably for contemporary consumers.

You can use a wireless connection to link your smartphone to your smart printer by using the scanning feature.

By doing this, it’s very quick and easy to print glossy images of your favorite memories.

Talk about portable technology, this printer can be folded flat with no cord or batteries restrictions.

Whether you’re in a rush to work or traveling for a holiday or a business meeting, this printer is very reliable and mobility is not an issue.

We know you would like to edit your pictures to make them more exciting without worrying about a printer reducing the graphic quality of your photo.

With regards to this, the Kiipix Portable Photo Printer is the best option for you.

All you simply have to do is scan the image from your smartphone to your smart printer and all your pictorial editing, like adding emojis, filtering, red-eye removal, and so on, will clearly and distinctly come out through the printer.

This printer doesn’t cut corners and it does not reduce the quality of printed images. What’s not to love.

For the best results make sure you lock your screen and increase your phone’s brightness to the highest point.

Finally, this printer can produce photo Sizes: 3. 4-inch x 2. 1-inch and image Size: 2. 4-inch x 1. 8-inches. Giving you a variety of print size options.


Kiipix Portable Photo Printer as the top pick for the best printer under 50 dollars has the following outstanding benefits :

  • This printer is very affordable
  • Secondly, it is available in three different colors
  • Also, it’s extremely simple to use
  • Additionally, it prints sleek and refined images
  • It accommodates filtered and edited images


Furthermore, a few of the cons that could be associated with this printer are:

  • It’s designed like an inexpensive printer
  • The wireless option does not accommodate Wi-Fi

In conclusion, if you want the best printer under 50 dollars, your number one choice is the HP ENVY photo 6255 wireless All-in-one printer.

To purchase on Amazon, click on the image above.

2. Sharper Image Dock Portable 4×6 Photo Printer – Best Printer Under 50 Dollars 

The Sharper Image Dock Portable 4×6 Photo Printer is the second printer on our list of the best photo printer under 50 dollars.

Here are some of the amazing features of this printer.


This dye-sublimation print technology of this printer also uses sleek photo paper for printing images.

Furthermore, you think you have stinky fingers or you just love your work or personal space arranged neatly.

Additionally, the fingerprint-proof feature of this printer will excite you because this printer guarantees smudge-free images.

Also, the water-resistant feature built into this printer will give the clumsiest consumer peace of mind.

Imagine knowing that any amount of water spill won’t render your photos useless because the manufacturers have protected the product for its consumers.

To add, printing premium quality 4×6 brilliant color with thermal transfer technology (D2T2), is another major feature of this printer.

Along with other features is the high-quality photographic output with 256 levels per color (total 16.7 million colors) is the printing result that the printer delivers.

What this means is that you get the best quality for a low price.

Furthermore,  the docking feature allows you to print photos straight from your smartphone through the android dock and iOS lightning adapter.

Therefore, the Sharper Image Dock Portable 4×6 Photo Printer is not only easy to use and access but it also has a multi-functional feature that permits other tech gadgets to pair with it, purely for your satisfaction.

Another multi-functional feature of this printer is its multiple printing mode, which includes: Border, Borderless, Sepia, Aqua1, Aqua2, and Sketch.

Also, the Bluetooth feature gives you the opportunity to print from any smartphone by connecting it to the printer via Bluetooth.

You would likely agree with these few points mentioned that this is a beautiful printer that is also easy to use.


  • It produces high-quality images
  • Printed images are fingerprint-proof and water-resistant
  • It has multi-functional features, like: multiple printing modes.


  • The wireless option does not include Wi-Fi
  • It is not sold in different colors

3. Lifeprint 2×3 Portable Photo Printer

Next on our list of the best photo printer under 50 dollars is the Lifeprint 2×3 Portable Photo Printer.

Among other things, this printer works very well with Android phones and iPhones, bringing your creativity to life.

Let’s delve more into its features.


This printer based on Zink print technology uses glossy photo paper to print inputted images.

This way, you know your printer will always print images on silky paper.

You can have your photos come to life in your hands with the augmented reality hyper-photo feature.

Therefore, the printer assures you that your photos will have a magical authentic feel to them.

Additionally, sharing your world with others is definitely a niche for our contemporary lifestyle.

This printer can connect you to colleagues, friends, and family on a global scale because it connects to a global printer network.

If just love to share, share, and share, then all you need to do is click on ‘follow’ on the Lifeprint app. After that, you can share your photos with everyone.

With Lifeprint, you stay connected with your community of friends and family.

Additionally, an almost revolutionary feature of this printer is that it provides you with the option to print photos from any social media platform.

Ultimately, you can print your saved Memes, Instagram, Snaps, GIFs, Facebook, Apple Live Photos, and so on, with this printer.

It’s also suitable for edited photos as it works with that you’ve customized with filters, emojis, stickers, memes, and more.

Finally, Lifeprint is portable because it’s small. You could call it your very own pocket-size printer that you can take on the go.


  • It’s very small and therefore portable
  • Enables you to share photos with friends and family online
  • Also allows you to print saved items on social media
  • Accommodates both iPhone and android


  • It is only available in one color
  • Requires lithium batteries

4. Canon Selphy DS810

Sitting comfortably in 4th position on our list of the best photo printer under 50 dollars is the Canon Selphy DS810.

In a moment, we will tell you why this Canon printer merits your full consideration while you make your choice.


Firstly, the Canon Selphy DS810 is a dye sublimation print technology printer.

It uses glossy photo paper but you need a glossy film to achieve that result.

Also, it uses a memory card and USB cable connection, making the connection for printing very easy.

Are you looking for a basic printer for an amateur that will still maintain sharp resolution photos?

For certainty, this is definitely the printer you’ve been waiting for.

Additionally, this printer produces borderless 4″ x 6″ photo as quickly as 63 seconds, while printing high-quality images in 4,800 x 1,200 dpi resolution

It is definitely a dark horse in the highly competitive printers’ market.

More to that, it is simple, direct, and economical and still, prints refined images.

At this point, it must be getting interesting, but wait a few more minutes because there’s more to this small but mighty printer.

Furthermore, before printing, you can view your images on a 2.5″ LCD screen.

This gives you the chance to view the photo before printing which helps you decide if you want to make any altercations before printing.

You can guess that this feature truly saves you extra money.

Instead of wasting paper because you didn’t preview the photo, you get the opportunity to preview an image before making the decision to print an unwanted photo, thereby, reducing the cost of film and paper.


  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Features an LCD screen
  • It is very affordable


  • Limited to amateurs
  • It has a one-year warranty

5. Xiaomi Mija AR Printer

Next on our list of the best photo printer under 50 dollars is another printer designed primarily for amateur and elementary users, but packed with loads of amazing benefits; the Xiaomi Mija AR Printer.

Here are a few of the features and benefits of owning this printer.


As said earlier, the Xiaomi Mija AR Printer is another amateur printer with elementary controls and uses.

Despite its plain features, it’s a durable and portable printer for anyone on the move.

In fact, the printer is described as a mini pocket printer.

If you’re searching for a very simplistic printer then take a gamble with the Xiaomi Mija AR Printer, which has self-adhesive design photo paper.

Furthermore, unlike its predecessors, this printer does not use glossy photo paper but it does have its strengths in its size and ease of operation.

Additionally, this printer prints 50mm×76mm photo paper size.

Simply put, it’s a small, portable printer that gets the work done.


  • It is Portable


  • It is limited in its features

6. HP Sprocket 2-in-1 Portable Photo Printer

Making its way on the list of the best photo printer under 50 dollars as the penultimate mention is the HP Sprocket 2-in-1 portable photo printer.

As usual, a close look at the features of this printer is important, to make a choice on it.


Let’s take a look at the penultimate printer on our list.

Firstly, this printer is manufactured in two colors, white and red.

It also uses inkjet printing technology along with glossy photo paper.

These opening features already shows you the complementary elements of the HP Sprocket 2-in-1 Portable Photo Printer.

Furthermore, it’s also another portable printer, much like the size of your phone.

This makes it a back-pocket gadget because it’s lightweight and quite easy to move around.

Easy access to gadgets is a key feature in any tech product, as the more difficult it is to access, the fewer consumers shy away from the product.

This printer does not frustrate its consumers, rather it invites you to buy and use it because it provides a wireless feature that allows you to use Bluetooth connectivity to share and easily print images.

Additionally, you can share by connecting your social media account to the HP Sprocket 2-in-1 Portable Photo Printer.

Without a doubt, this printer is a customer-friendly product.

Additionally,  this printer allows you to load 10 sheets of 2×3-inch paper and it prints fingerprint proof paper.

Finally, it provides the option of printing peel-and-stick backing. Who doesn’t like stickers!

We know you are on the lookout for a simple, portable, affordable, and highly refined printer that allows you to be flexible with its multifunctional features.

The HP Sprocket 2-in-1 Portable Photo Printer is the one to take home because it ticks all your boxes.


  • Firstly, it is multi-functional
  • Also, the printer is quite affordable
  • It is also small-sized and portable
  • Lastly, it has a wireless feature


  • It is only available in one color

7. Canon Pixma MP610 

The last and final printer on the list of the best photo printer under 50 dollars is another product from Canon; the Canon Pixma MP610 photo all-in-one inkjet printer.

Here are some of the features of this printer.


Firstly, this Canon printer offers top-quality print, thanks in part to the second black ink cartridge it has added to it.

Also, it is noteworthy that Canon includes both dye-based and pigment-based inks as standards, with cartridges of different colors.

As a result, you can print out both monochrome and color prints at one of the best quality you can get.

Additionally, this printer has an automatic duplex for printing out double-sided documents.

Added to this is the dual paper input tray, which also makes it easy to print on different types of media with no stress.

When it comes to scanning, this printer also does very well, all thanks to its 4,800 by 9,600 dpi resolution scanner.

What you get with this is beautiful scans with very good colors.

We won’t also forget to talk about the multi-format memory card reader, very easy controls, and color LCD of this printer, which further makes it a very good pick.


  • The menu interface is easy to use
  • It is quite affordable
  • Offers a considerably good print output
  • Lastly, it has an SD Card slot


  • It has no Ethernet
  • The print quality can be better

Conclusion – Best Photo Printer Under $50

The above list is a great and thorough guide for the best printer under 50 dollars and offers you a vast array of options to select from.

In conclusion, given all the facts considered, we recommend the Kiipix Portable Photo Printer as the best photo printer under 50 dollars.

Quick, go get yours today.