Best POS Systems for Small Businesses

Best POS Systems for Small Businesses
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Many people these days prefer to go cashless. Hence, if you are a small business owner, you’ll understand that getting a POS system will be very beneficial for your small business. After an intensive study, we recommend the Datio POS System as the best POS system for small businesses.

POS systems make completing sales transactions with your customers quicker.

They are also helpful in enabling you to keep track of your sales revenues more accurately.

However, POS systems have other features that help you to better run your business.

For instance, you can keep track of your inventory so you’ll never run out of items that are in-demand.

You can also monitor your employees’ productivity so you can make better staffing decisions.

Given all these beneficial uses of POS systems, you need to put certain things into consideration before deciding on the kind of POS system to get for your small business.

Things to Consider

POS systems consist of hardware and software components.

The hardware includes a POS terminal where you will accept payments and print out receipts, as well as a barcode scanner for quicker checkouts.

Hence, you’ll need to consider if the system’s hardware has a good performance level.

The software component includes features tailored to the needs of retailers, such as inventory management, customer management, sales reporting, and employee management.

Before getting a POS system you need to determine if its’ software is designed to meet needs that are peculiar to your business needs.

Most importantly, you need to put your business’ financial estimate into serious consideration.

Similarly, you need to ask yourself; how much are you willing to invest in getting a POS system for your small business?

That been said, below is a list of seven brands of POS systems that are considered the best POS system for small businesses.

Best POS Systems for Small Businesses

POS SystemDatio POS System by Datio POSRetail POS System by the Perfect POSSquare POS BundleNRS POS System BundleRetail POS System by Point of Sale DynamicsBeginner POS System by the Perfect POSDatio Point of Sale Cash Register
Main Features· All-in-1 solution (cash drawer, barcode scanner, printer)
· Customizable
·   Ready to use right out of the box
·    Tech support easily accessible
· Mobile POS system
· Affordable, simple, and easy to use
· Pre-installed and pre-configured POS software
· Comes with integrated merchant services
· Affordable POS package
· Requires basic knowledge in POS
· It is easy to use· Everything you need is conveniently integrated
· Simple to use but packed with features

Compare The Top 7 On One Page

1. Datio POS System by Datio POS

The Datio POS base station is an all-in-one POS solution that includes a cash drawer, barcode scanner, and printer.

All you have to do is attach an Apple iPad to the dock to serve as your touchscreen.

Also included is a credit card reader that you connect to the iPad.

Furthermore, it is portable so it can be carried to wherever it is needed.

The hardware is compatible with the Datio POS software that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

Specialized POS software is available for retail stores, salons, pizza, quick-serve, and full-service restaurants.

Payment processing through Vantiv is also included.

Even more, the software allows users to generate reports for basic sales, sales by associates and by item, tips, and taxes.

You can also upsell and customize amounts for tips.

You can also make returns, void sales, and view past transactions.

The Datio POS software also lets you organize items for sale in a variety of ways.

Aside from the item name and price, you also can also use barcodes, optional tax, modifiers, and optional tax.

The Datio POS system is a comprehensive solution that is customizable for any type of business.

You can set it up in just a few minutes and it is easy to use.

Another great feature is that specialized software is available for different types of businesses.

This means the software could have the specific features you need for your particular business, making it even more useful.

Based on these unique functionalities it provides, this should be considered as one of the best POS systems for your small business.

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2. Retail POS System by the Perfect POS

This is a POS turnkey solution that includes everything you need to get started.

It includes a touch PC with a fifteen-inch display and a thermal receipt printer with a high-speed print spooler.

It also has a sixteen-inch cash drawer with five bill slots and six coin slots.

This POS system has a USB mini keyboard, a credit card swipe reader and a barcode laser scanner that can handle even tricky barcode labels.

The system uses Cash Register Express POS software.

You can use it to manage your inventory and track employee hours and productivity.

It also lets you track your sales so you can see how your business is doing.

It is compatible with Quickbooks Desktop accounting software.

In addition, they offer payment processing at competitive rates.

Their payment solution integrates directly into your existing POS system so you can start accepting credit card payments.

This is a good POS system for business owners who want a POS system that comes ready to use right out of the box.

Everything you need is included, and all you have to do is set it up.

Tech support is available to help you through the process.

Overall, this POS system is very efficient and it has a high-performance level.

This makes it a good POS system for small businesses.

Hence, it can be considered as one of the best POS systems for small business use.

 This POS System is obtainable on Amazon; click on the image link above to buy it

3. Square POS Bundle

This bundle consists of a Square POS Stand, an Epsilont cash drawer, and a Star Micronics receipt printer.

The Square Stand works with iPad Pro 9.7-inch, iPad Air 1 & 2 and iPad 5 & 6.

It also has an integrated card reader so you can accept credit card payments.

The Epsilont cash drawer features five slots for bills and eight slots for coins.

It has a four-function lock that provides you with multiple levels of security and has over 100 key combinations.

It works with all POS systems and is compatible with most major brands of thermal printers.

The Star Micronics TSP 100 eco receipt printer lets you print at speeds up to 28 rpm.

It also includes software that lets you customize your receipts, letting you add images or replace text.

You can also trigger vouchers or coupons by adding keywords.

Also, it is environmentally friendly since it cuts paper consumption by as much as 70% and power consumption by 75 percent.

The cash drawer and printer also easily integrate with the Square POS app.

Square POS System is a feature-rich mobile processing solution that is quite affordable

This basic POS bundle is a good choice for small merchants, particularly those who need a mobile POS system that they can take around to trade shows.

It is also a very simple system that is easy to use.

Even more, the Square POS software offers you a wide range of tools to manage your business all at an affordable price.

Due to its’ unique features and fair price range, this POS system is regarded as one of the best POS systems for small businesses.

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4. NRS POS System Bundle

This hardware bundle from National Retail Solutions includes a dual-facing POS terminal with a fifteen-inch touchscreen, cash drawer, receipt printer, and barcode scanner.

It will meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, including convenience stores, liquor stores, and specialty shops.

It comes with pre-installed and pre-configured POS software that provides you access to a suite of tools that makes managing your business easier.

The system has integrated merchant services that accept all types of credit cards.

You can even access it remotely using a mobile device.

The POS tools include; inventory management, promotions, and sales reports.

The software monitors your inventory levels and automatically updates these.

You can set alerts to tell you when a certain item is running low.

Furthermore, you can use the system to set promotions such as discounts based on bulk sales.

There is also a free built-in loyalty program that you can use to reward dedicated customers.

These promotions can be displayed on the customer-facing screen while they’re checking out.

This will encourage customers to participate in these promotions.

The system also collects sales data based on your customers’ purchasing behavior.

The Sales Statistics feature of the POS system lets you generate yearly, daily, weekly and monthly sales reports.

This POS system is unique.

You don’t need to get additional hardware as everything you’ll need is included.

However, it is only available for use within the US.

Besides that, the NRS bundle is a good choice for small retailers who want a complete system that they can quickly set up and use.

Hence, this POS system can be regarded as one of the best POS systems for small businesses.

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5. Retail POS System by Point of Sale Dynamics

This comprehensive POS hardware bundle includes a mini-PC with a twenty-inch monitor that runs Windows 10 Pro, a USB thermal receipt printer, a USB barcode laser scanner, and a sixteen-inch cash drawer.

It also includes free 30-day standard care support for training and setup.

The hardware comes with a one-year warranty.

The bundle comes pre-loaded with Quickbooks Version 10, which you can integrate with Quickbooks Desktop.

Furthermore, it allows you to quickly lookup items in your inventory.

However, Quickbooks POS software does not include features such as employee management and stock level control.

Also, the POS Quickbooks software does not have a full feature set.

You will also need to get a card reader.

Besides that, this POS system is unique and you basically get all the hardware you need at an affordable price.

Considering its’ unique features, this POS system could benefit small retailers who want an affordable hardware bundle that includes everything they need to start running their business.

Overall, if you don’t mind getting extra/professional help setting up this system then this will be a good choice.

With that in mind, this can be regarded as one of the best POS systems for small business owners.

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6. Beginner POS System by the Perfect POS

This complete POS hardware bundle is designed for small retailers who are looking for their first POS system.

It is a POS system that includes a PC with a fifteen-inch touchscreen.

Furthermore, it comes with Windows 10 Pro software.

It also has a USB thermal receipt printer, a USB barcode laser scanner, a sixteen-inch cash drawer, a USB credit card swipe reader, and a USB mini keyboard.

Another important feature of this system is the Zeus POS software.

The Zeus POS software is easy to learn and operate.

Even more, the Zeus software has amazing features that can help you run your business efficiently.

These features include; Sales Tracking, Employee Tracking, and Inventory.

With the sales tracking feature, you can monitor your sales to see which products have the highest sales.

You can also use this feature to generate reports to monitor your financial situation.

Additionally, you can track your employees’ productivity and work hours with the employee tracking feature.

Hence, with this information, you can maximize your staff productivity.

You can also keep track of what items are in stock and which are running low so you can replenish them.

This is easy with the inventory feature of this system.

Overall, this POS system comes with a lot of features that could enhance efficiency and productivity in your small business.

Using a POS system for the first time can be daunting.

Hence, you’ll want your first one to be easy to learn how to use.

With this POS system that wouldn’t be much of a problem.

It does this by only providing you with all the hardware that you need, but more importantly, with software that will enable you to get started easily.

Based on its’ unique design and functionalities, this system could be regarded as one of the best POS systems for small business use.

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7. Datio Point of Sale Cash Register

This POS cash register comes with an integrated receipt printer, credit card reader, cash drawer and scanner.

Datio POS system works well with the Datio POS app.

You can download their app for iPad from the Apple store for free.

The Datio POS app supports a range of store types, including retail stores, full service, and quick-serve restaurants, convenience stores and salons.

You can also generate sales reports, tax, and tips reports.

You can view the reports from a laptop or mobile device or through the apps’ dashboard.

If you don’t have a credit card processor, you can use Datio’s payment processing partner Vantiv.

The Datio Cash Register is a convenient POS system where everything you need is integrated into one unit.

Hence, you won’t have to deal with multiple pieces of hardware that have to be connected with each other.

It is simple to use.

In addition to that, it gives you access to a lot of useful features through the app.

Hence, you can run your business more efficiently while speeding up your customers’ check out times.

As a result of all these useful features, this POS system could be regarded as one of the best POS systems for small businesses.

Click on the image link above to purchase this POS System on Amazon.

Conclusion on Best POS Systems for Small Businesses

You might think that getting a POS system will be extra expenses for you.

However, the benefits it will bring to your business definitely outweigh the cost.

There are many POS systems available, hence you need to strictly consider your business needs and financial budget when deciding on the type of POS to get for your small business.

Doing this will save you from the dilemma of wrong decision making that might affect your business in general.

We’ve taken out time to review some of the best POS systems available and we recommend theDatio POS System as the best POS system for small businesses.