Best Printers for Double Sided Scanning

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Want to get your printing and scanning jobs done in a fast, smart, and convenient way? Then, you should get one of the best printers for double sided scanning and printing. There are quite a number of them, but we recommend the HP Laserjet Pro M255dw printer as the best.

You might ask, “Why would I want to get a printer scanner that prints and scans double sides?”.

Well, the answer is not far-fetched, because as noted in the introduction, it is one device that can help you save a lot of time, given the efficiency of operation.

We will now take you through some of the other benefits of a double-sided printing and scanning printer scanner and how to recognize them.

Best Printers for Double Sided Scanning – Comparison Table

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1HP Laserjet Pro M255dw printerPrint Speed: 22ppm

Item Weight: 32.6lbs

Printer Output: Color

Input/Output Capacity: Up to 250 sheets

Display: 2.7 Inches Mono Screen

Max Duty Cycle: 40000 pages
2HP Laserjet Pro M148dw Laser PrinterPrint Speed: 30ppm

Item Weight: 20.7lbs

Printer Output: Monochrome

Input/Output Capacity: 250 sheets

Display: Not Specified

Max Duty Cycle: 20000 pages
3Brother MFCL2750DW Laser Printer Print Speed: 36ppm

Item Weight: 26.5lbs

Printer Output: monochrome

Input/Output Capacity: 250 sheets

Display: 2.7 inches touchscreen

Max Duty Cycle:15000 pages
4Brother MFCL2700DW Laser PrinterPrint Speed: 27ppm

Item Weight: 24.9lbs

Printer Output: Monochrome

Input/Output Capacity: 250 sheets

Display: 2-Line LCD Display

Duty Cycle: 10,000 pages
5HP Color LaserJet Pro M283fdw Printer Print Speed: 20ppm

Item Weight: 41.1lbs

Printer Output: Color

Input/Output Capacity: 260 sheets, 150 sheets

Display: 2.7 Inches color touchscreen

Duty Cycle: up to 20000 pages
6HP Laserjet Pro M148fdw Printer Print Speed: 28ppm

Item Weight:20.7 lbs

Printer Output: Monochrome

Input/Output Capacity: 260 sheets, 150 sheets

Display: 2-Line LCD

Duty Cycle: Up to 20,000 pages
7Canon Color Image CLASS MF644Cdw Printer Print Speed: Up to 22ppm

Item Weight: 53.5lbs

Printer Output: Color

Input/Output Capacity: 250 sheets

Display:5 inches

Duty Cycle: 1500 pages

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Importance of Scanning

The business of scanning, which usually goes along with printing, has been around for ages.

As a reminder, and also for clarifications as this blog post proceeds, scanning refers to the technique of using an electronic device to copy an image or text into a digital file.

Scanning documents  have taken up more importance in recent times due to the need for protecting and preserving important information.

Most times, you have critical documents that you need to guard, and it becomes a good idea to scan them and save them on your computer or the cloud.

Once that is done, you have ensured the document, so to speak, such that whatever happens, you don’t lose them forever.

Therefore, should there be cases of fire outbreak or other natural disasters that might destroy the hard copies, you still have the soft one intact.

Additionally, many offices have also taken scanning quite seriously, given the need to move from paper to digital.

This will come as a good option, especially if such offices need to back up their files and also to update them frequently.

All these aforementioned points and many others make the scanning procedure a very important one, both for individuals and organizations.

Why The Best Printers for Double Sided Scanning

For reference purposes, double-sided scanning and printing are also generally referred to as duplex printing/scanning.

Duplex printing or scanning simply means that you can print or scan on or from both sides of a paper either automatically or manually.

Automatic duplexing means the printer will perform that operation on its own after the setting has been done.

Whereas manual duplexing requires you to manually turn the paper over after one side has been scanned/printed.

Well, the benefits of having a duplex scanner cannot be overemphasized, be it a manual one or auto.

For one thing, a device with this function saves a lot of energy when compared to a normal printer/scanner.

Imagine you need to scan a document of hundreds of pages.

No doubt, having an auto-duplexing printer scanner will make your job a lot easier, as you can scan 2 pages at a time.

With this advantage, you are also getting more efficiency, especially in an organization, since you are able to better utilize manpower.

Thankfully, many of the best printers for double-sided printing and scanning in the market are quite affordable.

Therefore, you do not need to spend a fortune to get this efficient device, which always delivers when needed.

Let us now consider our list of favorites on the best printers for double-sided scanning.

7 Favorites for the Best Printers for Double Sided Scanning

1. HP Laserjet Pro M255dw printer

With an extraordinary wireless printing efficiency, the HP laserjet Pro M255dw printer is the best printer for double sided scanning.


First, the printer prints at 22ppm, which is a fast print speed.

Also, it has an automatic two-sided printing/scanning, which is also auto-duplexing.

This feature makes your job easier and faster as you do not have to do that manually.

The intuitive 2.7 inches color touchscreen also suffice for the easy navigation of the controls on the printer.

More so, the printer works with an HP smart App, which gives you the opportunity of printing remotely.

With this app, you can also set up the printer, manage the printing jobs you get, get notifications, and also print and scan on the go.

As with every mobile app, this is a good companion should you need to get your scanning jobs done anywhere and anytime.

Furthermore, the printer has customizable shortcuts that help you eliminate repetitive tasks and organize your documents faster.

Of course, this feature will go a long way in saving you time while getting through your activities.

Good news for those who are security conscious.

The HP printer under consideration protects your sensitive business data using the built-in security essentials.

With this, any suspicious attacks are detected early and mitigated.

In the area of printing, you are guaranteed quality images with the help of the Hp Toner cartridges.

There is also the little matter of protection against counterfeits, with the anti-fraud technology it is built on.

Finally, you will be glad to know that when you get this printer, you can use it with a wide range of papers, ranging from; A4, A5, Letter, Executive, e.t.c.


  • It supports strong wireless connectivity.
  • Also, the printer works with the HP smart app, which makes operation easy and convenient.


  • The print speed is below average, as far as laser printers are concerned.

Certainly, the duplex printing/scanning properties of this printer, coupled with the security inbuilt in it, make it a great option for you.

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2. HP Laserjet Pro M148dw Laser Printer

This is a monochrome all in one printer and one of the best printers for double sided printing.

It is available in grey and white colors.


With this printer, you can never go wrong with the quality, as it is unapologetically good in terms of quality prints.

You can print, scan, and copy documents for a long time and get consistently top quality documents with this printer.

It has also been described as one of HP’s best value printer for automatic 2-sided printing.

We believe you know by now that what this means is that you can get both sides of a paper printer/scanned automatically with this.

The printing is not the only thing that is automated with this printer.

Additionally, you also get an auto document feeder, which further helps you speed through tasks.

The document feeder has a capacity of 250-sheet input.

The printing speed of this printer scanner is also very exciting, with that being at 30 pages per minute.

With such speed and automation, productivity is at the premium, you would agree.

Additionally, as is now commonplace with most HP printers, it works with the HP Smart App.

With that, you can print from Google Drive or Dropbox easily by connecting with your mobile device or using voice-activated printing.

Sounds great, right! Printing with your voice.

You do not need to mess up your office with wires with this printer, as you can connect using the built-in ethernet or wireless.

The automated printing/scanner also helps you save paper, energy, and time.

Additionally, there is auto power on/off the technology with the printer, which ensures you only put it on when you need to use it.

In conclusion, all thanks to the HP original 94A/94X toner, you are guaranteed sharp text and crisp graphics using this device.


  • First, it offers great value for money, as you get a lot at a little cost.
  • Also, it works with Alexa.
  • It equally has a voice-activated printing feature, which eases up work.


  • It only prints in monochrome.

Imagine sitting down on your couch and giving commands to your printer without having to stand up and wires moving around.

That is what you get with the HP LaserJet Pro M148dw printer.

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3. Brother MFCL2750DW Laser Printer 

Let us step away from the HP brand for a moment and see another of the best printers for double sided scanning.

This one is manufactured by Brother and has lots of nice attributes.


The Brother MFCL2750DW printer has been systematically designed and developed for home and small office use.

This is why the printer is made to be compact and also offers many interesting features.

With this printer, you get documents out at 36 pages per minute, which is one of the fastest we’ve considered.

Need we say that it is also an all-in-one printer, as you can print, copy, and scan with this single device.

Also, here comes the feature we’ve been looking for.

It has a single-pass duplex, i.e., double-sided copying, printing, and scanning, with some faxing functions too as an icing on the cake.

Furthermore, it has a ‘Touch to Connect’ feature that enables you to print jobs wirelessly on the go, using your desktop, laptop, and smartphone.

You can also print and scan from the cloud directly, including Dropbox, Drive, Evernote, e.t.c.

On the little matter of designs, it has a 2.7 inches color touchscreen.

What more? There is wireless support for the printer, as you can connect your desktop, tablets, laptops, and smartphones to it.

You would surely want to know what to expect of the quality of documents you scan.

Stop guessing, as you get up to 600 by 600 Max DPi as copy and scan resolution.

Also important to mention is the scan driver compatibility, which includes WIA, SANE, and twain, and supports file formats: JPEG, PDF single-page/multi-page.

Let’s give you a bonus point.

If you activate the Amazon dash replacement option, it measures the toner level for you and orders from Amazon when it’s low.

Now that is so cool.


  • It has duplex printing and scanning capability.
  • Also, the scan driver is compatible with many device types and scan format.
  • It works with the Amazon Dash Replacement, which makes your printer stay smart and proactive.


  • It cannot print in color.
  • Also, it has a bad printing quality for photos.

We barely scratched the surface on the outstanding features and pros of this printer from Brother.

But of course, if you are looking for one of the best printers for double-sided scanning, which we are sure you are, then this is right there with the top picks.

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4. Brother MFCL2700DW Laser Printer

Duplex printing, wireless connections, and Amazon dash replacement capabilities.

Those are some ways to describe the MFC L2700DW laser printer, also manufactured by Brother, and one of the best printers for double sided scanning.


To start, the printer is only available in black and grey colors.

Also, the printer output is simply monochrome.

What is appears to lack in printing, it makes up for scanning, though, as the printer can scan both B/W and Color.

The scan resolution is also quite impressive, offering up to 600 by 2400 dpi.

Additionally, there is no time wastage, but high-level efficiency with the input capacity of 250 sheets that the printer comes with.

It is equally noteworthy that this printer from Brother is compatible with Windows and Mac Operating systems.

If you register your printer with the Amazon Dash Replacement, you get it to automatically reorder ink or toner when it is running out.

Now that is working smart if you ask us.

The duplex printing (2-sided printing) feature is also automatic, which means more efficiency and productivity.

All thanks to the 27ppm printing speed of this device, it is perfect for printing documents, such as; spreadsheets, reports, invoices, e.t.c.

The scan feature is also available in various varieties, including ID scan, blank page skip, and many more.

Lastly, it has a 35-page capacity automatic document feeder, which makes it convenient to print and scan multi-page documents.


  • The 2-sided printing is automatic, not manual.
  • It has a good scan resolution.
  • Also, you can work with no pressure, with the compatibility with Amazon dash replacement.


  • It prints only in monochrome.

This is yet another printer from Brother that offers the smart option of automated ink reorder when it’s running out.

Together with the auto-duplexing feature, it is undoubtedly one of the very best printers for double sided printing.

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5. HP Color LaserJet Pro M283fdw Printer 

You did not think we were done with HP printers on this list of the best printers for double sided scanning.

Well, obviously, they offer some of the best products when it comes to quality duplex printing and scanning.


The HP Laserjet Pro M283fdw printer is a multipurpose all-in-one printer that prints, scans, copies, and also fax.

It is a very versatile printer.

Not only does it do all these, but it also does them with high quality and performance.

The print speed is up to 22ppm, and that is considered okay for a printer meant for personal use or small jobs.

It also has the most coveted automated two-sided printing, which, of course, is why it is on this list in the first place.

Additionally, the printer has a 50-page automatic document feeder, which is a big improvement on the one just considered before it.

As with most HP devices, it is compatible with the smart app, which can help you do your printing and scanning jobs remotely, all by connection to your mobile.

Some exclusive features have been added by HP in the smart app to enable faster printing by using shortcuts.

The security on this device is equally applaudable, as it can protect your data by detecting attacks quickly and stopping them.

There is equally a reliable wireless connectivity option, which gives you the confidence to keep scanning while connected, with no fear of sudden disconnection.

Professional outputs are always the goal, and this printer offers that, all thanks to the HP toner cartridge.

To finalize, you are given a one-year hardware warranty and 24 hours, 7 days week of web support when you buy this product.


  • It has a fully functional auto-duplexing printing and scanning feature.
  • Also, it has a very high automatic document feeder capacity.
  • It equally comes with a hardware warranty and support.


  • It is only available in white color, and as such might not be attractive to one who doesn’t like that color.

Without mincing words, this is another blockbuster from the desk of one of the world’s leading brands in PCs and printers; HP.

Purchasing this printer is worth every single kobo.

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6. HP Laserjet Pro M148fdw Printer 

The HP laserjet pro M148fdw printer is another quality printer that stands unshakably on the list of the best printers for double sided scanning.

It’s an all-in-one wireless monochrome printer.


With this printer, you get high-quality documents when you print, scan, or copy with it, as there is no compromise on quality.

Additionally, it is one of HP’s best value printer for automatic 2-sided printing.

When you use this device, speed is your companion since you can get jobs done in a flash.

This has been made possible with the 30ppm print speed and 250 sheets input tray capacity.

Also, where you are at a point in time is no challenge, as you can connect and print directly from Google Drive and Dropbox.

You can also connect your virtual assistant to the printer with the HP voice-activated printing.

So, oh yes, you can relax and get your printing done with voice commands.

Wires are never a necessity to get printing going, as you can connect with the built-in ethernet or wireless and get your job done.

Even without a local network connection, you can use the built-in Wi-fi direct to connect your phone to the printer for easy mobile printing.

Of course, the automatic duplex printing will save paper, time, and energy, as would the duplex scanning also.

Conclusively, you can also save energy with the auto on/off feature, which means you only put your printer scanner on when you need to use it.


  • It has an automatic power on/off feature, which saves energy.
  • Also, you can get jobs done conveniently using the voice-activated printing/scanning feature.
  • Finally, Wi-fi connectivity is added.


  • You can only get this printer in white color.
  • It prints monochrome only.

It is clear that the pros of this printer from HP overwhelm the few demerits, and it is definitely up for consideration.

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7. Canon Color Image CLASS MF644Cdw Printer 

Canon has made a duplex laser printer, the Image class MF644Cdw printer, which merits a place on this list.

The best printers for double-sided scanner doesn’t get any better than the list we have here.


Let us begin by telling you it is available in black and white colors, so if you love variety, there you have it.

Also, it produces color output.

With just this one machine, you are able to achieve the functions of copying, printing, scanning, and faxing.

Also, it has a 5 inches intuitive color touchscreen with smartphone-like usability.

You can connect with your smartphone with a Wi-Fi direct hotspot from the printer.

With this feature, there is no need for an external router.

Canon is known for its reliability and quality of products, and this printer is not left out.

It helps you keep productivity at the premium, and therefore limit your reliance on support resources.

In order to help you get a hand of this in no time, there are simple maintenance videos on how to carry out common tasks.

Additionally, you can scan and convert documents to digital files using the one-pass scan/duplex feeder.

Of course, the two-sided printing feature also helps to reduce paper consumption.

Documents are only stored in short term memory, thereby helping to limit the risk of loss of confidential information.

Finally, using the dash replacement, you can save up to 10% on all ink reorders.


  • First, it has the dash replacement feature support, which saves money.
  • It has very reliable Wi-fi connectivity.
  • Also, it comes in 2 varieties of colors.


  • Warm-up time is quite slow.
  • It is quite difficult to set up.

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Conclusion on the Best Printers for Double Sided Scanning 

So far, we have seen that coupled with other things, a printer with double-sided printing/scanning capability can save time, money, and energy.

We hope you were able to make a selection out of the list of the best printers for double sided scanning made for you.

To emphasize, we recommend the HP Laserjet Pro M255dw printer as the best of the lot.

Buy yours now from Amazon by clicking on the link above.