Best RC Drones Under 100 Dollars

best RC drone under 100
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Business, adventure, or just for fun, these are some of the few reasons why drones are available in our local stores today. However, a remote-controlled drone gives you all you want for ease but are they available at a good price? Well, we did some research and found out that the SNAPTAIN 5SC is the best RC drone under 100 dollars.

Of course, being the best means it fulfills and exceeds certain requirements for RC drones under 100 dollars.

So what are these requirements?

You’ll discover shortly just what makes our recommended choice and six other options simply the best RC drones under 100 dollars in their category.

Comparison Table for the Best RC Drones Under 100 Dollars

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1SNAPTAIN S5C Wi-Fi FPV Drone with 1080P HD CameraFLIGHT TIME 16 minutes
Wi-Fi yes
2Force1 U49WF Drone with CameraFLIGHT TIME 12 - 15 minutes
Wi-Fi yes
3SNAPTAIN SP650 1080P Drone with CameraFLIGHT TIME 12 minutes
Wi-Fi yes
4SNAPTAIN A10 Mini Foldable Drone with 720P HD CameraFLIGHT TIME 7 minutes
Wi-Fi yes
5Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC DroneFLIGHT TIME 10 minutes
Wi-Fi no
6SIMREX X900 DroneFLIGHT TIME 12 - 15 minutes
Wi-Fi yes
7Dragon Touch Foldable GPS DronesFLIGHT TIME 18 minutes
Wi-Fi no

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Overview of the Best RC Drone Under 100 Dollars

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles as they are called.

They can simply be regarded as mini aircraft without a human pilot on board.

Now, we know what you are thinking, how do you buy a full aircraft for less than 100 dollars?

Well, the truth is, it is not a full aircraft and cannot carry a lot of things.

Drones originally were invented and used only by the military for missions that were dimmed too dangerous for soldiers.

Bigger drones can carry guns and missiles but most importantly they can carry cameras and share live feeds (video footage).

RC  drones better known as remote-controlled drones are what we will be focusing on today.

These drones can be controlled by their remote and this is one of the most common types of drone.

The price range chosen reduces a number of drones and makes the decision for the best easier.

It is important to note that the best most times will not be the most expensive.

What this means is your drone can be below 100 dollars and still be the best out there.

How to Identify the Best RC Drones Under 100 Dollars

One thing to do when trying to get a drone and after the purchase is to follow the rules and guidelines.

Different countries and states have their policies and rules regarding the registration and purchase of drones.

After these policies and rules have been understood, you can consider:

  • Connectivity available (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS)
  • If the camera attached can record sound as well as video
  • The material used in constructing the drone tells us how durable it will be
  • Quality of the camera attached to the drone
  • Flying time, charging time, and the number of available batteries
  • The sensors available and weather condition at your dig site
  • The availability of spare parts

7 Top Picks for the Best RC Drones Under 100 Dollars

1. SNAPTAIN S5C Wi-Fi FPV Drone with 1080P HD Camera is the No 1 choice for the Best RC Drones under 100 dollars

RC drones don’t go better than the SNAPTAIN S5C as long as $100 is our budget.

Firstly, this drone has an amazing camera attached to it that offers the best of features as far as they go.

It has a Full HD resolution with a pixel size of 1080p which is responsible for quality imaging.

Also, the drone can be controlled via the app which is available on both android and iOS.

The interface of the app is easy to understand and operate making flying this RC drone under 100 dollars quite easy.

Even more, you get live feed from this drone in the first-person view and this can be enhanced by connecting a VR device.

The drone will connect to its controller via Wi-Fi connectivity and the transmission range is about 80m.

In addition to that, to maintain the height, it comes with an altitude hold that enables the drone to keep flying at a set altitude.

To avoid loss of control when flying the drone is equipped with a signal warning.

This feature detects when the Wi-Fi strength is weak and warns you to go closer or stop flying.

More so, it is equipped with two batteries and each of them can keep your drone up for about 16 minutes.

It comes with two rechargeable batteries which keep the drone up for twice the flight time.

For durability, the propellers are protected against impact with a structure that covers it.

To further make operation easy, this drone uses just one key when taking off and landing.


  • A Wi-Fi enabled drone
  • Headless mode available here
  • G-sensor enabled
  • Custom path available
  • Voice-controlled drone
  • You can control this drone with a gesture


  • No GPS available
  • Trajectory flight is not activated here

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2. Force1 U49WF Drone with Camera

The second best RC drone under 100 dollars is this Force 1 U49WF drone.

The Force1 U49WF drone weighs 2.86 pounds and has a dimension of 15.4” X 14.3” X 5.2”.

The pixel size of its camera is 720p (HD resolution) – this is probably why the SNAPTAIN is number one.

Also, the flight time is 12-15 minutes.

However, with the presence of two batteries, the flight time can be lengthened to 24-30 minutes.

Likewise, live video can be shared with the controller and your smartphone using the application available on all app stores.

The live feed comes in the first-person view and the drone alongside its controller is VR compatible.

The remote control that governs this drone has a frequency measured to be 2.4GHz.

Even more so, the HD camera has an impressively wide viewing angle of 120° which means it covers a lot of ground.

It has a high transmission range of about 150m as it is connected via Wi-Fi to your smartphone or the controller.

For accident and collision detection, the drone comes with a gravity force sensor which is an impressive feature.

Flying the drone for show is fun as it has the ability to make 3D 360° flips amongst other cool tricks.

To further increase the ease of operation, the drone uses one key to take off and land.


  • G-sensor available
  • VR compatible drone
  • A large view angle of 120°
  • This drone connects via the app.


  • This drone has no brushless mode.
  • Not a GPS enabled drone
  • Custom path available
  • No voice or gesture control

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3. SNAPTAIN SP650 1080P Drone with Camera

Another RC drone that has earned a top spot on this list of the best RC drones under 100 dollars is the SNAPTAIN SP650 drone.

It comes with a remote controller and can be used alongside your Android or Apple smartphone.

Also, it can be controlled with voice and gestures.

Thereby, making navigation of this drone quite easy.

This Full HD drone weighs 5.8 ounces and has a dimension that measures 10.6” X 10.6” X 4.4”.

It has a transmission range of 80m which allows your drone to fly farther from your location.

Even more, the 12 minutes fly time is doubled by the presence of two lithium polymer batteries.

Each of these batteries has a high strength measured to be 1000mAh.

This drone is programmed to follow a custom path when you make one for it.

Thereby, reducing the navigation stress.

Additionally, the manufacturers of this RC drone focused on making the flight process of this drone as easy as ABC.

Due to this, the altitude hold feature is available on this drone.

This feature enables the drone to automatically fly only at or under a certain altitude.

Also, there is a dedicated key used for take-off and landing on this drone.

With the gravity remote sensing control, the drone moves according to the movement of your smartphone.

This makes the control and flying mode even more realistic than it would usually be.

Lastly, the field of view of this drone is 25fps drone is measured to be about 120°.


  • This drone is Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Full HD resolution camera
  • Trajectory flight is available on this drone
  • The propellers have a high-speed rotation.
  • A 120°field of view
  • 1000mAh lithium-polymer battery is used here


  • No signal warning on this drone
  • This drone is not foldable.

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4. SNAPTAIN A10 Mini Foldable Drone with 720P HD Camera

The battery life of this drone is not the best out there but other features it possesses makes it one of the best RC drone under 100 dollars.

It has A 380mAh battery power.

This will give you a flight time of 7 minutes.

However, it comes with two batteries which double the flight time.

Also, it has 3-speed modes and the propellers can run in a high-speed rotation mode.

Its camera comes with an HD resolution and a pixel size of 720p ensuring good quality images.

It has a dimension measured to be 8.43” X 8.07” X 3.19” and it weighs 1.12 pounds.

The drone will fly as far as 80 meters from you and the transmitter.

Along side the transmitter and your smartphone, it can be controlled via voice and gesture.

The avoid a loss of control, you can set a maximum altitude using the altitude hold feature.

More so, when operating this drone with your smartphone, you can control it by moving the phone thanks to the gravity sensor.

For the fun of it and also to maneuver tricky routes, this drone can do a 3D 360° flip.

It can keep hovering in a 1M diameter when you activate the circle fly mode on this drone.

Lastly, the live feed can be shared with your smartphone and other devices through its Wi-Fi connectivity.


  • Headless mode also available here
  • Live feed will be shared with other devices
  • 360° 3D flip
  • Voice and gesture control available


  • Not the best flight time or battery strength
  • No propeller protection on this drone
  • It is not a GPS enabled drone
  • No custom path or trajectory flight feature here
  • This drone is not foldable

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5. Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC Drone

The Holy Stone HS110D also takes the top spot on this list of the best RC drone under 100 dollars due to its amazing features.

It carries a Full HD resolution camera with a pixel strength of about 1080p.

This drone has no voice control feature.

However, it can be operated with gesture control.

The altitude hold feature keeps the drone flying at a preset height regardless of control instructions.

A maximum of 100 meters is the transmission range of this RC drone.

It also comes with one key for the sole purpose of taking off and landing the drone.

More so, the wide viewing angle of this drone is measured to be 120°.

Live feed from the camera of this drone is sent to the controller or operator in the first-person view.

The propellers are protected from collision and damage by a structure built around it.

Also, it comes with two lithium polymer batteries which multiples the 10 minutes flight time by 2.

This drone weighs 5.3 ounces and has a dimension measured to be 12.6” X 12.6” X 3.54”.

Additionally, this drone operates with trajectory flight which enables users to have the easiest of flights with this drone.

With this mode, you only need to draw a part on the screen of the controller and the drone follows it.

Interestingly, it can do a 360° flip.

This will come in handy when your drone is going through obstacles.

With the headless mode, you don’t need to focus on drone orientation.

It enables a much easier line of sight flying experience.


  • Headless mode available
  • Trajectory flight makes flying even easier
  • The camera has a 120° field of view
  • Gesture control available
  • The live feed is in FPV


  • No voice control available
  • This drone doesn’t have GPS

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6. SIMREX X900 Drone

Taking us further in this review of the best RC drones under 100 dollars is the SIMREX X900  drone.

Firstly, it has a flying time that ranges from 12 – 15 minutes and it comes to just one battery.

For ease of operation, it has one function key for take-off and landing.

Likewise, live feed can be shared on your smartphone in a first-person view (FPV) format.

This Wi-Fi-enabled drone weighs 1.63 pounds and has a dimension that measures 10.1” X 6.9” X 3.1”.

It has a pixel size of 1080p which is Full HD resolution to ensure quality imaging.

Moving this drone about is very easy as it is foldable and comes with a small casing.

This drone has 3-speed modes to choose from when flying it.

It has a transmission range the varies from 80 – 120 meters which always you to fly far.

Likewise, it has a wide field of view measured to be about 110° covering a large area in front.

Lastly, to avoid obstacles and maneuver through difficult routes, it can rotate and do a 360° 3D flip.


  • App available for android and apple
  • G-sensor available
  • Wi-Fi enabled drone
  • Altitude mode available
  • 3-speed modes to choose from
  • One key takes off and land


  • Just one battery comes with it
  • No GPS on this device
  • No custom path or trajectory path
  • Gesture and voice control unavailable

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7. Dragon Touch Foldable GPS Drones

This is another RC drone under 100 dollars that offers impressive value for its price.

It is a foldable drone and it comes with a casing.

Hence, moving it from place to place is quite easy.

It weighs 1.83 pounds and has a dimension that is measured to be 14.37” X 13.19” X 2.4”.

This drone is GPS enabled.

Furthermore, the drone flies with an anti-wind system which helps the propeller and guards them against damage.

However, thanks to the GPS, this drone memorizes the take-off point and can return there when called.

Equipped with the GPS follow me feature, this drone can track the controller and follow you on the go.

Image quality is assured as the camera it carries comes with a Full HD resolution (1080p).

There is no voice control on this drone but it can be controlled by gesture.

Also, it can fly a custom path and can maintain an altitude with the altitude hold feature.

You can use either its 2.4Ghz remote control or your smartphone to control this drone.

Lastly, the headless mode eliminates drone orientation and helps beginners fly the drone with ease.


  • A GPS enabled drone
  • Follow me feature enabled
  • Altitude hold feature available here
  • It can do a 3D 360° flip
  • It is a foldable drone
  • Has an anti-wind fly system


  • Just one battery available
  • No trajectory flight feature

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Conclusion on the Best RC Drone Under 100 Dollars

In conclusion, the best drones to get for so many reasons are remote-controlled drones but there are many things to consider.

One of such things would be the price – this is an important feature regardless of the commodity in question.

Also, picking a price range will be the first step towards handling this problem and you have chosen $100 dollars.

This is a good price range for any product even dash cams.

A lot of the other factors that need to be considered have already been considered.

However, the choice we made from the start has remained unchanged up to this point.

The best RC drone under 100 dollars is the SNAPTAIN 5SC FPV Wi-Fi enabled drone.

Whether it is for fun, adventure or business, click the link and get yours now.