Best Recycling Business Ideas

Best Recycling Business Ideas

Do you know what the best recycling business ideas are? This article shares deep insight into some of the most profitable recycling business ideas. If you want to start a business but know where to start, consider these business ideas for some inspiration.

Best Recycling Business Ideas- An Introduction

Recycling involves collecting waste products and reprocessing them into new products.

The waste products are items that are no longer valuable to the user.

As such, they are discarded.

Overall, recycling is all about transforming waste/discarded products into something valuable.

Now, there are different ways to recycle waste products.

Let’s find out what these are.

Types Of Recycling Method

There are three types of recycling.

Mechanical Recycling

Mechanical recycling is the most common way of recycling waste products.

The method transforms old materials into new ones without changing the chemical structure.

The process involves;

  • Grinding.
  • Washing.
  • Separating.
  • Drying.
  • Re-granulating.
  • Compounding.

This method is used in making car parts, bags, hoses, etc.

Energy Recycling

This method converts plastics into thermal and electric energy through a process known as incineration.

Put simply; incineration involves burning waste products.

The heat from this process is converted to energy/fuel.

This process of recycling waste is a bit more capital-intensive.

Also, you’ll need to secure permissions/warrants from public health/environment authorities’ engagement before embarking on this type of recycling method.

Chemical Recycling

This method is the most difficult among the recycling method because it requires large plastic for recycling.

However, this new recycling method has not yet been fully explored.

Why Recycling Business – Is Recycling A Good Business?

Most Recycling Businesses Require Low Capital Investment

Not all recycling business ideas require huge capital to start.

This is because most of the products required to do this business are waste/discarded products.

Even more, you can get these wastes for free or a very low amount.

After recycling the waste products, the value of the products increases.

As such, you can sell them for a much higher price than you got them.

The Business is Open to New Opportunities

There’s no telling the opportunities that may evolve in this industry.

Ultimately, as humans continue to evolve and use new products, there could be potential in exploring the recycling of those products.

It Has a Huge Positive Impact on the Society

Besides the monetary benefit of this business idea, there are also the sociological and environmental benefits too.

Collecting and recycling waste means, the waste products will be reduced.

This will inevitably improve the condition of the environment.

Are There Any Drawbacks or Challenges to the Recycling Business

Of course, there’s hardly anything with advantages that will lack disadvantages.

So, here are some of the drawbacks to this business idea.

Recycling Equipment May Cost A Fortune

While it may be easy to get the waste products, recycling the waste product may be much more intensive.

This is because of the equipment required to recycle the waste.

Hence, this may be a huge setback in business if you lack the funds to buy the equipment.

Labour Intensive/Tedious Process

The recycling process requires several tedious tasks like sorting, categorizing, cleaning, treating, among other things.

All these make the recycling business idea more tedious than other business ideas.

Now you know the highs and lows of the recycling business industry.

However what can be said of the future relevance of this business idea.

Future Relevance Of Recycling Business Industry

There’s so much optimism regarding the future relevance of this industry.

This is simply because as long as humans and industries continue to exist, there’ll always be waste products.

Hence, as our waste products continue to grow, there’ll always be the need to recycle these waste products into other meaningful products.

Furthermore, industries will continue to seek ways to reduce production costs by buying recycled products to package their new products.

For example, Coca-Cola use recycled products to cut production costs.

So, there’ll always be use for this business industry,

Drawing from that, we can say this is and will continue to remain a profitable industry for a long time.

19 Best Recycling Business Ideas

1. Aluminum

Aluminum tins are known to be one of the best recycling business ideas.

They are best used for packaging sodas and energy drinks.

More so, they can only be used once and then dumped.

Furthermore, aluminum is one of the easiest waste materials to recycle.

They can be purified and remolded into cans when melted at a high temperature.

Overall, you can collect used cans yourself or buy from scavengers who collect these waste materials and send them to recycling companies.

To start this business, you can set up your own space to recycle aluminum cans and produce new ones.

Afterward, you can sell these cans to beverage companies.

2. Plastic- Best Recycling Business Ideas

Plastic recycling is one of the most profitable business ideas in the recycling business.

This is because a majority of the world’s population uses plastic.

To be precise, research reveals that about 300 million tonnes of plastic waste every year.

Also, the number increases yearly because only 10-20% of this number is recycled.

Consequently, putting us at risk of massive waste pollution and global warming.

So, the plastic recycling business is doing the world good by reducing the number of these waste products lying dormant in landfills.

Overall, waste from plastics can be renewed into bottles, plastic bags, buckets, polythenes, etc.

Even more, when recycled plastics are no longer fit for human use, they can be transformed into adherent substances used in road construction works.

3. Paper- Best Recycling Business Ideas

This is also one of the most profitable business ideas in this industry.

Paper wastes can be recycled into paper plates, paper cups, among other things.

It can also be recycled into other forms of paper like paper envelopes.

What you can recycle paper wastes into largely depends on the paper quality.

Among the different paper types, white paper is the best and most preferred of all.

Overall, the paper recycling business reduces the need to use raw materials to create new paper products constantly.

Constantly preserving the raw materials (trees) used to produce paper products.

4. Computer Components Recycling Business

The computer is an example of the best recycling business ideas.

Different computer components such as motherboards, CD/DVD drives, chassis, keyboards, monitors, and many more can be recycled into other useful products.

The computer materials are hazardous to the environment when dumped.

So, starting this business will help you contribute positively to maintaining a healthy environment.

5. Polyvinyl Chloride- Best Recycling Business Ideas

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is a durable material and synthetic used to construct pipes, tanks, shades, doors, windows, etc.

The PVC is an example of the best recycling business ideas.

For this business, you will need a proper plant to treat and recycle PVC.

The machines melt the PVCs and reshape them into other PVC products.

Overall, PVCs are also one of the easier products to recycle.

This is because they are easy to melt, regrind, and reshape.

More so, they have the longest life span.

As such, you can reuse them over and over again for a while.

6. Battery Recycling

Battery recycling is also one of the best recycling business ideas.

In almost every residential and corporate environment, you’ll find one or more battery-powered devices.

So, you can always recycle waste products into other meaningful products.

Hence, this recycling business is quite profitable.

More so, every battery type can be recycled.

The process of battery recycling involves sorting, sieving, and creating new parts.

However, you have to be knowledgeable about the process of recycling the batteries.

You also need to be careful during the recycling process because of the toxic elements contained in the batteries.  

7. Tire- Best Recycling Business Ideas

Tire recycling is also one of the most profitable recycling business ideas, mostly because of the rising demand for automobiles.

The tires are composed of rubber, nylon, carbon, and steel.

These products wear off after a while and then turn into waste products.

As such, they can be recycled into new tires.

Overall, before embarking on this business, you need to know the best recycling method suitable for this business and the techniques involved.

In addition, you need to know the marketplace to sell your recycled products and the resources you need to execute this idea.

8. Glass- Best Recycling Business Ideas

There’s always a high demand for this product, whether it’s for home utensils or building accessories.

This is why this is such a profitable business idea.

However, there are various glasses and they can be used for different purposes.

Based on the quality and purpose they are used for, the glass is first separated.

Then they break them into smaller pieces crush and clean them.

After the melting process, they can be molded into different shapes, such as; sculptures, crockery, windowpane, furniture, glasses, and many more.

Afterward, you can sell recycled glass products to the right market to make a profit. 

9. Textile- Best Recycling Business Ideas

Used textiles in the form of clothes, sofa covering, and many more can be transformed into other valuable textile materials.

So, you could collect this waste product, process them, and turn them into different textile products depending on the color and type of the textile.

10. Construction Waste

Construction waste is also another example of the best recycling business ideas.

The construction wastes include wood, concrete, bricks, wire, tiles, and steel.

Indestructible or undecaying solid waste can be processed into bricks or any materials.

The first process is to compress the wastes and give them a new shape.

Afterward, you polish them to give them better quality for good usage in construction.

Above all, the products from solid waste are stronger and have higher longevity for construction.

11. Farm Waste- Best Recycling Business Ideas

There are several things you can recycle farm waste into.

These include; manure, plates, cardboard, paper, carton boxes, and many more.

Specifically, dry leaves can be recycled into plates.

On the other hand, stubble can be recycled into cardboard paper, paper boxes, and the like.

You can get these waste products from farmers and process them into other valuable/profitable products.

12. Kitchen Utensils- Best Recycling Business Ideas

Kitchen utensils are one of the best recycling business ideas.

There are many reasons why people will want to throw away their old utensils.

It can be because they got new sets or they prefer the aesthetic ones to the boring ones.

Instead of dumping it in the bin, it will be appreciated if given to the needy.

Apart from that, it can be recycled into a new product.

It is easy to melt the utensils at an average temperature.

Most utensils are made from brass, copper, iron, or aluminum.

You can sell recycle these products and sell them to manufacturing companies.

13. Furniture/ Wood Waste

Furniture or wood waste is also one of the best recycling business ideas amongst several business ideas in this industry.

This recycling business idea needs a person with creative eyes and crafting skills.

Furniture or woods that are no longer useful can be collected and dismantled to create a new kind. 

Above all, you’ll need creative skills and craftsmanship for this business idea.

14. Food Waste- Best Recycling Business Ideas

This is also a simple and profitable recycling business idea.

Much wasted food is thrown out every day from homes, restaurants, eateries, etc.

These foods can be collected and used to feed animals.

Besides this, the food wastes can be decomposed without oxygen using an anaerobic digester.

The process will turn the food waste into solid materials and gas.

Doing this will help you produce biogas or biofuel which is in high demand in rural areas.

Also, you can generate organic fertilizer and sell it to farmers.

Overall, one good thing about this business is that recycling food waste does not emit any poisonous or harmful substances.

15. Electronic Waste

Electronic waste is an example of the best recycling business ideas.

E-Waste is electronics that are old or not in use, such as; mobile phones, refrigerators, microwaves, television, radio, etc.

Electronic recycling is a very good and profitable business idea because you buy these waste products at a relatively low price from waste scavengers.

You then process them and sell them to companies at a much higher price.

Moreover, dumping them in landfills is much more dangerous to humans and the environment because they contain harmful substances such as; lead, phosphorus, cadmium, etc.

Therefore, recycling them is profitable both ways- for you and the environment.

16. Water Plant- Best Recycling Business Ideas

Water recycling is an example of the best recycling business ideas.

The best location for this business is areas experiencing water scarcity because that is where your potential customers are.

Then you set up your plant.

After this, you will look for a location to collect wastewater for recycling.

The wastewater can be from ponds, lakes, or rivers.

You can treat the wastewater with different machines such as; 

  •  Filtering machine.
  • Desalination plant.
  • You can use chemicals.
  • Reverse osmosis.

The procedures will transform the wastewater into consumable water.

Then you can pack it and sell it to the public.

Water recycling is one of the most successful recycling businesses.

This is because it has greater returns and requires minimum investment.

17. Carton Box

Carton box is one of the simplest recycling business ideas you can explore.

It involves collecting waste carton boxes mostly from shops or residential areas.

Afterward, you recycle and sell them to packaging industry.

18. Recycling Junk Plant- Best Recycling Business Plan.

A recycling plant is an example of the best recycling business plan.

It is more holistic as it could involve recycling different junk/waste products.

Hence, this requires big capital to set up.

However, it has huge profit potential.  

This business requires you to buy scraps from collectors, and recycle them into new products.

19. Cartridge Refilling- Best Recycling Business Ideas

Cartridge refilling is an example of the best recycling business ideas.

The business idea is easy and profitable.

You can set up your refilling center while you refill cartridges.

You can also recycle the old ones.

It is easy to get into the market with this business.

Also, the capital for the business is not high.

Now, that’s it on the best recycling business ideas.

Here are some tips for success in this business.

Tips On Starting Recycling Business

Choose Your Niche

Before you decide to do a recycling business, you need to choose the type of recycling you’ll do.

There are many recycling business ideas you can choose from.

You also need to be strategic about what you choose.

This is because the competition might be tough.

Research Your Customers

You should also research whom you will sell to.

Without a customer base, who will you sell to?

This is why you need to find out who your ideal clients will be.

Create a Business Plan

Another important tip on starting a business is a business plan.

A solid business plan is the foundation of every successful business.

It highlights what the business will be about and how it intends to operate.

Therefore, your business plan has to be very good.

If you can’t create one for yourself, hire a professional.

Identify How To Get Materials

While you think of starting a business, you should consider the materials for the business.

It is important you think of how you will get raw materials without stress.

You can partner with the industry to collect their waste products for free.

Get Recycling Plant/Location

After getting the materials, you need a plant for recycling.

You should get a place for recycling depending on the type you want to do.

Settle The Legalities

This is probably the most important because most recycling business ideas may involve specific processes that may pollute the environment.

As such, you need to be familiar with the necessary regulations guiding this business practice.

Also, you need to require the proper permits and licenses from the appropriate authorities to avoid any unnecessary litigations.

Conclusion On The Best Recycling Business Ideas

In conclusion, recycling business ideas are built on the concept of from waste to riches.

Besides contributing to a healthier environment, it is also quite profitable.

This is because it involves getting the materials (waste) for a very low price, recycling them, and selling them off at good prices.

So, if you’re looking for business a business idea that won’t necessarily cost you much to start but bring in huge profits, these business ideas are for you.

Pick the one that interests you and get started.

Best of luck!