Best Tablet For Audio Recording

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Are you a startup musician, or you’ve been in the game for quite some time and need a convenient way of recording audio? Why not try out the best tablet for Audio Recording. That would be the Apple Ipad Air (4th generation), alongside some very other good ones for this purpose.

Before we go ahead to review the ones we’ve selected for you, it is good to note that not only artists should be interested in the best tablets for recording audio.

You might need such a tablet in a similar vein if you are into audiovisuals and podcasting or record simple voiceovers or tutorials.

To begin, take a sneak peek at the very best tablets for audio recording available for you.

Best Tablet for Audio Recording – Comparison Table

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1Apple iPad Air (4th Generation)Screen size: 10.9 Inches

Item weight: 1.01 pounds

Processor: Apple A14 Bionic

Storage capacity: 64GB, 256GB

Battery life: 10 Hours
2Apple Ipad Pro Processor: A12Z Bionic chip

Display size: 12.9 inches


Hard Disk: 32GB

Operating System: IOS

Weight: 3.14 lbs

Battery life: Up to 10 hrs
3Amazon Fire HD 10 TabletScreen Size: 10 Inches

Item Weight: 0.95lbs

Processor:2.0GHz octa-core processor


Hard Disk: 32GB, 64GB

Battery Life: 12 hours
4Samsung Galaxy Tab S4Screen size: 10.5 Inches

Item weight: 1.06 pounds

Processor: Octa-Core (2.35 GHz + 1.9 GHz)

Storage capacity: 64GB,256GB

Battery life: 16 Hours
5Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Processor: Intel Core i5

Display size: 12.3 inches


Hard Disk: 128GB,256GB

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

Weight: 1,10lbs

Battery life: Up to 10.5 hrs
6Lenovo Tab M8 TabletScreen size: 8 Inches

Item weight: 1.1 pounds

Processor: Quad-Core Processor

Storage capacity: 16GB

Battery life: 8 Hours
7Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 LiteScreen Size: 10.4 Inches

Item Weight: 10.4lbs

Processor: Exynos 9611 processor


Hard Disk: 64GB,128GB

Battery Life: 13 hours

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Why the Best Tablet for Audio Recording

One group of people who needs audio recording services a lot of times are artists or musicians.

This is because art is solely built on audio, and aside from the talent of singing, it also takes beautiful audio sounds to get ahead of the competition.

Usually, an artist would use a studio with many set-ups of equipment to record songs and audios, and that has been working for a long time.

However, it is fast becoming a common trend for renowned musicians to work remotely and get things done fast when not around their studio.

Then came the idea to try mobile devices.

Mobile phones would be a very nice option, due to their portability, and of course, affordability.

However, tablets offer a wider screen, which means you can use them to display lyrics and sheet cords while recording at the same time.

Despite having a significantly wider screen than cellphones, tablets are still very mobile and offer the convenience needed at all times.

In effect, when you get a tablet for audio recording, you can get your creative juices up at any time and also be more efficient.

What Determines the Best Tablet for Audio Recording 

The market is saturated with so many tablets of differing specifications, sizes, and designs.

Hence, it is important to know what important specifications or features to look out for when choosing your audio recording tablet.

Top of the list of important features will be the microphone(s) of the tablet.

This is particularly important if you are using it to record music.

Of course, you wouldn’t want your production to be marred by poor audio quality due to bad microphone(s).

Additionally, if you are using the device for recording tutorials or audios for youtube videos, you will also need good microphones to transmit what you want efficiently.

In a similar vein, the speakers of the tablet are also very important.

This is because the microphone and speakers work hand in hand, and when you get good input, it’s necessary to have a nice output to measure the job done effectively.

Additionally, you wouldn’t want an unnecessarily big tablet.

This would mean the purpose of convenience, and portability is defeated.

Since you will be running certain software and audio recording applications, it is important that the device also has a good processor and RAM.

Finally, if you are using the same tablet for following up the script and recording simultaneously, the display should be excellent.

7 of the Best Tablet for Audio Recording 

1. Apple Ipad Air (4th Generation)

Number 1 on our list of the best tablet for audio recording is a fantastic tablet with good audio support from Apple.


The 10.9 inches liquid retina display with p3 wide color and true tone give you an all-screen edge to edge display.

Thereby making it perfect for reading scripts during recording.

The tablet’s performance is also very impressive, given the A14 Bionic chip with the neutral engine powering it.

This means that graphics on the device and audio recording is also fast and smooth.

Furthermore, the tablet has wide stereo audio, with excellent speakers for playing your recorded audio and music.

This makes it an interesting option for the best tablet for audio recording.

Additionally, if you are a ‘color’ person, you would love the fact that you can get the tablet in different colors.

It comes in 5 different colors.

As a plus, the tablet has an excellent camera at the front and rear of the tablet.

Using the device while on a trip or away from home wouldn’t be stressful also, with the 10 hours of battery life.

More so, you can connect it to a magic keyboard and apple pencil to make your work easier and faster.


  • It is cheaper than Ipad Pro.
  • Very good multitasking functionalities with the Ipad OS.
  • Also, it has a better display than the previous edition.


  • The design is not modern, with thick bezels.
  • Also, the apple pencil it works with needs to be plugged in to charge.

The Apple Ipad Air clearly stands out for its beautiful display and exceptional speakers, making it a top pick for the best tablet for audio recording.

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2. Apple Ipad Pro (4th Generation)

Unsurprisingly, another product from Apple is the next best tablet for audio recording.

This also stands out for its display, screen size, microphone, among other things.


We will begin with the feature that bothers on sound, as this is a review for a tablet considered one of the best for audio recording.

The Apple Ipad pro topples the contemporary mentioned above in sound, as it has 5 studio-quality microphones.

That says it all.

You can record audio with your tablet, and it still sounds like you did that in a studio.

Additionally, the audio output will also not leave you wondering if it is your voice or not, all thanks to the 4 speaker audio system.

These two, i.e., speaker and microphone, work together to give you the very best audio support for your audio recording.

If you are recording audio for youtube tutorials, podcasts, or other visuals, you would love the cameras on the tablet.

The Apple Ipad Pro has a 12MP wide camera and 10MP ultra-wide at the rear, plus a 7MP at the front.

For a tablet, that is a good camera quality for up to 4K video recording.

In essence, who needs a camcorder and microphone?

The display is larger than the Air, about 12.9 inches edge to edge liquid retina display, making everything feel as magical as it looks.

It also doesn’t lack performance, as the A12Z Bionic chip with a neural engine is just what you need to get your mobile studio up and buzz.

Security for your tablet is also of the premium, as there is face ID, and apple pays for secure authentication.

Like the product mentioned earlier, you also get up to 10 hours of battery life using this device.

Lastly, the tablet also supports the Apple Pencil and a keyboard for better efficiency.


  • The tablet has a very good audio system, with both mic and speakers.
  • Also, the cameras are excellent, perfect for videos.


  • One noteworthy demerit of the tablet is the price, which is quite high.

Surely, if you have few bucks to throw around, getting this Apple iPad Pro will be throwing it for premium value.

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3. Fire HD 10 Tablet

Amazon did an amazing job with the fire HD 10 tablet.

Therefore, it is no surprise that we included this as one of the best audio recording tablets.


Indeed, there are so many features about the Fire HD 10 tablet to make noise about, but we will keep it simple and straight to the point.

First, there is a battery life of up to 12 hours, which is an upgrade on the previous Apple products we’ve considered.

Additionally, the tablet is faster than its predecessor from Amazon.

This all thanks to the 2.0GHz octa-core processor and 2GB of RAM.

The sound department is very impressive for audio recording, as it has dual speakers with Dolby Atmos.

In addition to that, the tablet supports external speakers, stereo headphones, and microphones.

More so, the 10.1 inches screen is in full HD and has a screen magnifier that allows you to zoom in and out and pan around the screen.

There are also accessibility settings to convert stereo to mono audio.

Storage space is not wanting on the fire 10 tablets, offering up to 64GB of storage, or 512GB with an external card.

If your audio recording goes along with a video, you will appreciate the tablet’s 720p HD video recording capabilities.

As always with Amazon products, you also get a 1-year warranty, during which time you can return and replace if damaged.


  • Affordability is a big pro of this tablet; you don’t need to break the bank.
  • Also, the tablet offers a very good performance for the price.
  • The screen display is also sharp.


  • You cannot use google apps on it.

When affordability and good performance are your goals, the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet deserves a big selection chance.

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4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

The portable yet widescreen tablet from Samsung, Galaxy Tab S4, makes it our list of the best tablet for audio recording.

It’s not hard to see why.


First, on its portability, your tablet weighs just a little above 1 pound and meets the very need for mobile studio equipment.

You are equally getting a lot of value with such a lightweight tablet.

One of the values you get is that you can turn to the DeX mode of the tablet and transform it into a PC.

Just imagine what that offers.

You get to enjoy operating your device on a larger screen for a better viewing experience.

Additionally, the screen display in itself is excellent, offering a super AMOLED display and crispy clear, captivating images and texts.

As a tablet for audio recording, the device comes with cinematic Dolby Atmos surround speakers for the best sound you can get.

The speaker is not one, though, but a whole 4 speakers to support.

If at any time your tablet is out of reach and you are not quite sure where to look, you can bank on the far-field mics, which make your tablet listen and respond to your voice.

With a processor of Octa-Core (2.35 GHz + 1.9 GHz) and 4GB RAM, we are sure you need not be told that the performance is excellent.

The last feature to consider is the least of features: the 16 hours long duration of battery use after charging.


  • For one thing, the tablet has the best display from Samsung yet; the Super Amoled Display.
  • Also, the performance is very impressive, with the processor and RAM.
  • It also offers very good storage space options of 64GB and 256GB.
  • Finally, you get to enjoy the device for a full 16 hours(almost a full day) after charging.


  • The S pen is not really the best.
  • Similar to the Ipad pro, the price is also on the high side.

Regardless of the cost, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is another brilliant tablet with impressive functionalities and worth the hype.

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5. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Great RAM, Impressive storage, and perfect screen size.

No wonder this tablet is referred to as a tablet with a laptop and studio’s versatility.


We start with the screen display.

With the Microsoft Surface Pro 7, you get a 12.3 inches screen of 2736 by 1824 display resolution.

Of course, you are getting the best of displays with those numbers.

The tablet also runs on a 10th generation intel core processor, with the option to select core i5 or core i7, in which case you are assured fast operations.

Despite the screen’s size and the support, It’s still an ultra-slim and lightweight tablet, sitting at 1.70 pounds.

The device’s battery life stands at 10.5 hours, similar to most of the other tablets that have been reviewed so far.

However, the good news is that when the battery goes down, it can be recharged in no time, getting 80% in just over an hour.

Quite impressively, many users of this tablet have commended the microphone setup and headphones support,.

Thereby making it a good candidate for the best tablet for audio recording.


  • Its the versatility for us, as it can be used as both a tablet and a laptop.
  • Also, it has dual far-field microphones.
  • The design and build are solid and durable.


  • There is no fan, and so it affects the performance with time.
  • It would help if you bought the keyboard and pen separately.

One of the high points of this device is the versatility, as you can conveniently use it as a tablet and convert it to a laptop.

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6. Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet

The next tablet under consideration is not as large as all the other options considered.

However, it has all it takes to be one of the best tablets for audio recording.


Gone are the days when tablets come with poor visuals and mediocre sounds.

The Tab M8, though small at 8 inches, offers a very nice display and sound to rival any of the big guys around.

On display, you get a stunning HD 1280 by 800 display, giving you the bright and crisp image you’ve always wanted.

Additionally, the Dolby-Audio tuned speaker bringing your audio recordings to your ears the way it is, with no unwelcomed disruptions.

You can see that the audiovisuals capabilities of this android tablet are one to savor.

When it comes to design, the tablet is also not left behind in technological advancement as it has a modern refined look, with a full metal cover.

Also, the performance of the device is supported by a 2.0GHz quad-core processor and Android 9 pie.

Interestingly, a feature on the tablet cuts back on the eyes’ exposure to blue light, thereby protecting your eyes from damage.

Talk about ‘small but mighty’; this is the other name for Lenovo Tab M8.

We have the battery life in mind while giving it that name, for you can use this for up to 8 hours long non-stop.

No doubt, there is a lot to appreciate on this beautiful tablet.


  • Costing less than 100 USD, this tablet actually offers more than the price.
  • For a tablet that size, the battery life is commendable.
  • Also, when you want portability, this is the best of the lot, at 8 inches.


  • The performance is sometimes undermining, with the 2GB RAM.
  • Cameras are also not great.

Looking for an affordable tablet that’s portable and has good speakers as one of the best tablets for audio recording? Get the Lenovo Tab M8 tablet.

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7. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Countdown complete.

We can actually say we’ve saved one of the best for last here, as this is right there among the best tablet for audio recording.


For one thing, this tablet from Samsung has a slim metal design and not heavy at all.

Hence it can fit into your bag and go with you everywhere you go.

Because variety is the spice of life, you also get to choose from the vast collections of amazing colors available.

The tablet is also doing great in the audio and sound department, thanks to the AKG supply spacious Dolby Atomos sound.

May we also add that it has dual speakers.

Battery life for this device is also brilliant, lasting up to 13 hours.

That has become a norm for Samsung tablets, in all honesty.

You get up to 64 or 128GB for internal memory, and should you wish; you get it to 1TB with an SD Card.

In conclusion, the S pen is included, with which you can write your script or mark the one you have and make adjustments if needed.

You have one of the very best tablets for audio recording here, with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite without mincing words.


  • Sound support is excellent.
  • Also, the battery life of the tablet is great.
  • Besides, the tablet is available in many colors, for variety sake.


  • The display is LCD, not Amoled.
  • It doesn’t have the DeX support, unlike the Galaxy Tab S4.

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Conclusion on the Best Tablet for Audio Recording

Whether you are an artist, a Youtuber, a video blogger, an online teacher, or just an individual who needs the best tablet for audio recording, we believe you’ve had a nice time reading the reviews.

Certainly, the market is weighed down with options, but as a reminder, we suggest the Apple Ipad Air (4th generation)as the best for this purpose.

Get yours on Amazon now by clicking the link above.