Best Top Freezer Refrigerator Without Ice Maker

Best Top Freezer Refrigerator Without Ice Maker
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Everyone wants value for money, So, you searching for the best top freezer refrigerator without an ice maker is not strange. After carrying out exhaustive research on your behalf, We can tell you that the Euhomy Mini Fridge is the best.

You need something to freeze your food and you also want a cold beer as you read your favorite book.

And getting a separate fridge and a freezer doesn’t make sense to you if you can get them all in one.

A Top freezer Refrigerator gives you the two and doesn’t put a hole in your pocket in the process.

Best Top Freezer Refrigerator Without Ice Maker

Here are some of the things you want to look out for when considering a top freezer refrigerator without an ice maker.

Storage Space

Do the fridge and freezer have enough space for your storage needs?


You definitely want to get a top freezer refrigerator that can fit into the space you have.

Keep a look out for the dimensions of the refrigerator.

It can’t be too high, too deep, or too wide.

It needs to be just right and fit into your space.

Crisp Drawer

One thing to look out for in a top freezer refrigerator is the internal structure.

We don’t want everything we put into the fridge to be cold, rather we sometimes want to keep them fresh.

The crisp drawer serves this purpose, fruits, and vegetables are mainly kept here.

So, if you are interested in keeping it fresh then I suggest you look for fridges with a crisp drawer.

Noise Level

What you don’t want is an appliance that feels like a drilling machine once it comes on.

Some refrigerators and freezers make a lot of noise and this became a potential pain for you.

Working or resting becomes a serious problem in and around the house because of the noise being produced.

Hence, the importance to know the noise production level of your appliance when you get them.


if you live alone then it might be important for your appliance to be of reasonable weight.

The weight of your refrigerator will determine how well you can move it around.

If you have a refrigerator you can’t move then you would have to call for help or abort the mission.

Hence the need to have a freezer refrigerator of a reasonable weight.


So it goes without saying but if you are going to buy a freezer refrigerator, you want to know that it actually keeps things cold.

What are customers saying about this?

Does the freezer refrigerator have a track record of keeping things cold?

Comparison Table of The best Top Freezer Refrigerators Without Ice Maker.

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1. Euhomy Mini FridgeCrisp drawer yes
Shelf type glass
Temperature control yes
Dimension 19.4 X 19.9 X 53.1
2. TACKLIFE MPBFR321Crisp drawer yes
Shelf type glass
Temperature control yes
Dimension 18.3 X 17.3 X 38.8
3. Antartic Star Mini FridgeCrisp drawer yes
Shelf type glass
Temperature control yes
Dimension 19.1 X 20 X 33.5
4. RCA RFR835Crisp drawer yes
Shelf type glass
Temperature control yes
Dimension 22 X 20 X 34
5. Bossin Compact RefrigeratorCrisp drawer yes
Shelf type glass
Temperature control yes
Dimension 20.08 X 19.09 X 33.46
6. TACKLIFE HPVFR320Crisp drawer yes
Shelf type wire
Temperature control yes
Dimension 19.1 X 20.5 X 33.5
7. Northair 2-Door Mini FridgeCrisp drawer yes
Shelf type glass
Temperature control yes
Dimension 19.1 X 19.9 X 33.5

Compare The Top 7 On One Page

1. Euhomy Mini Fridge with Freezer, 3.2 Cu. ft No 1 Choice For Best Top Freezer Refrigerator Without Ice Maker

The Euhomy Mini Fridge with freezer has an astonishing 0.96 cu. ft. freezer capacity.

We that it has this great large freezer capacity.

This means you have lots of space to store your frozen food for longer

Furthermore, it comes with a reversible door gives you the option of opening either from the right or left.

The weight of this top freezer refrigerator is 53.1 pounds which makes it quite easier to move about.

The glass shelves are removable and adjustable which gives you control over the space inside your fridge.

Removable shelves also mean that you can clean the fridge freezer easily.

The sliding ability of the shelves makes it easy to remove and put items in the fridge.

It comes with temperature controllers which give users control over the most important feature of a refrigerator, the operating temperature.

The price, when compared to the refrigerators, is very much favorable.

This is a fridge for everybody; left-handed or right-handed, people with a lot of freezer needs or those with fridge needs, etc.

The color will be the first thing you fall in love with, users just can’t resist the matte black.

Then you get the size and weight of the fridge which most users absolutely love.

You could even be tempted like some users to complain about the silence that it comes with.

Some say it sounds like it is switched off most times as it makes no noise compared to other refrigerators.

In terms of structure, capacity, and other additional features, the Euhomy mini fridge is one to look out for.

It goes to show that this is the best product in the market if are looking for a top freezer refrigerator.

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2. TACKLIFE RV – MPBFR321 Mini Fridge with Freezer 

This is  3.2 Cu. ft Compact refrigerator is an amazing product and also unique in its way even when compared to the Euhomy.

Similar features it possesses are the reversible door option, which gives left-handed people an equal operation advantage.

The upside to this is that it gives it a much higher fridge capacity than the others in the top freezer refrigerator category.

It comes with a very good external door storage capacity.

The energy consumption rate of this produce is 0.56 and a noise value of 39 dB.

It is difficult not to go for this if energy consumption is your priority.

This fridge is relatively portable when you consider its dimensions.

It has a height of 38.8 inches, a length of 18.3 inches, and a width of 17.3 inches.

This is for everybody, Although it lacks a large freezer capacity, it makes up for this with other features.

Like other customers, weight is one of the positives you will find about this product.

You will also find that the surface leaves no fingerprints when you touch it.

One downside is the fact that it doesn’t auto defrost hence gathers ice in the freezer.

Also some users compared the sound to running water when plugged in before it goes quiet

Like the top ranker here, the price for this fridge is relatively low also making it a perfect choice for your consideration

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3. Antarctic Star Mini Compact Refrigerator With Separate Freezer

The Antarctic star mini compact refrigerator is also one that stands out in the top freezer refrigerator group.

It is relatively lighter in weight than the Euhomy mini-fridge but not the Tacklife MPBFR321.

Its weigh its estimated to be about 52.9 pounds.

Like the first two fridges highlighted in this review, it comes with reversible doors.

Just like many refrigerators, it boasts of very high freezer capacity.

With a freezer capacity of 0.94, you won’t even be missing the presence of a full freezer.

It comes with the same height as the Euhomy but they differ in length and width (19.1 and 20 respectively).

Like the other refrigerators in this review, its voltage is 120 volts.

Taking its energy consumption rate to 0.86 which is around average compared to others.

A crisp drawer for storing fruits and vegetables can be found at the bottom of the fridge.

Also, you can control the operating temperature of your appliance using the temperature controller.

Other features like the outdoor storage space and sliding glass shelves are notable also.

These features are not so unique however as almost all the refrigerators come with it.

The great size and efficiency of the refrigerator are features that customers love.

You will also enjoy the relative quietness that users of the top freezer refrigerator enjoy.

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4. RCA RFR835-Black 3.2 cu. ft 2 Door Fridge and Freezer

The RCA RFR835 often ranks high on the Amazon bestseller list.

This has a lot to say about its efficiency and appeal to a large audience.

However, its weight its a turn off when compared to the others in this review.

It weighs a whopping 57 pounds, making it a bit harder to move about.

The importance of the reversible door it comes with can not be welcomed well enough.

The reversible doors of refrigerators give you a lot of options when setting it up.

The storage unit on the door works as perfect as the other parts as cans put there are ice cold.

Users also say it is surprisingly quiet when running.

One common issue users complain about is that it doesn’t auto defrost.

Overall this top freezer refrigerator has a lot of things going for it.

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5. Bossin 3.2 CU. FT Compact Refrigerator

The Bossin 3.2 cu. ft. compact refrigerator sure has potential as one of the contenders for the best top freezer refrigerator.

It has a weight of 44.1 pounds which is relatively light compared to most of the others.

The height is relatively the same as others in its category but it is a bit longer and wider than other competing products.

It comes with glass removable shelves.

The Bossin also is equipped with a temperature controller and an external door storage space.

It also comes with a crisp drawer for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh and clean.

Users also love the fridge for keeping things cold but not frozen and the freezer for keeping things frozen.

The fridge and freezer are quite spacious as well.

Users complain that the handle looks cheap however overall if you need a good fridge for a good price with good spacing and standard features?

Then, I will suggest you consider the Bossin compact refrigerator as one of

Buy on Amazon by clicking on the image product above.

6. TACKLIFE RV – HPVFR310 Compact Refrigerator

The Tacklife RV comes in almost the same size as the others in its category with a weight of 49.5 pounds.

Its dimensions are 19 X 20.5 X 33.5 inches . These dimensions are the average size of top-freezer refrigerators.

This fridge freezer comes with a wire type shelf rather than the glass that most others use.

External Door storage space, temperature controllers, and a crisp drawer are all great features of this product.

Users love this product for its great size and weight.

An additional benefit is that it comes with great space.

The speed at which items are cooled is a also great feature of this top freezer refrigerator.

Purchase this top freezer refrigerator from the image link above.

7. Northair 2-Door Mini Refrigerator with Handle

This is almost the same with the Euhomy in terms of dimensions except for the length.

One of its positives is that it holds a freezer capacity of 0.93 which is high compared to others.

Another way it stands out from the others is in its voltage, which reads 115 volts.

It comes with a temperature controller which gives you power over your refrigerator’s operating temperature.

It has a crisp drawer for keeping food fresh and a removable shelf for easy addition and subtraction from the fridge.

The noise level of this refrigerator was measured to be 38 dB.

The size is something you will likely notice first and commend when it arrives as did other users.

Also, if you are into the retro look, this is your first choice – a lot of people praise it for this reason.

However, the plastic handles it comes with are a con as the material looks cheap.

Overall for this refrigerator, the good outweighs the bad.

So if you want the refrigerator, click the image above to get it from Amazon.

Conclusion on the Best Top Freezer Refrigerator Without Ice Maker

A fridge freezer is one of the most important items in your house.

Everyone uses it and you will want it to be on round the clock.

Understandably you want to make sure you are making the right choice.

Well, we have taken the guesswork away and done the research for you.

Out of many top-freezer refrigerators without ice makers available the Euhomy Mini Fridge is the best.

So what are you waiting for?

Get yours today.