Best Tube Amplifier for Vinyl

Best Tube Amplifier for Vinyl
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Tube amplifiers are very great when it comes to giving you every detail of sound. This is why we are looking for the best tube amplifier for vinyl to help with your record player sound. You have different options in this category of amplifiers but the number one would remain the Reisong A10 EL34.

Comparison Table – Best Tube Amplifier for Vinyl

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1Reisong A10 EL34 Hi-Fi Audio Stereo Tube AmplifierREMOTE no
2Nobsound 6P1 6.8W x 2 Vacuum Tube Power AmplifierREMOTE no
3Dayton Audio HTA100BT Hybrid Stereo Tube Amplifier with BluetoothREMOTE no
4INFI Audio Hybrid Class AB Tube Amplifier 6N3/6H3N Power AmpREMOTE no
5HiFi Stereo Bluetooth 5.0 Vacuum Tube Amplifier MM Phono AmpREMOTE no
6Rockville BluTube 70W Tube Amplifier/Home Theater Stereo ReceiverREMOTE no
7Fosi Audio T20 Bluetooth Tube Amplifier Stereo ReceiverREMOTE no

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Best Tube Amplifier for Vinyl

The main function of a vinyl record player is to play your favourite tunes from your favourite vinyl records.

What it means is that it’s the best use for the reproduction of sound and this is why we need an amplifier.

You would always want to improve the sound quality of the sound you get or at least get the original quality.

That is the job description for amplifiers – powering speakers or helping to improve the sound that they produce.

Looking for the best is a different ball game; this is because there are so many options even in this category.

All of these options claim to be the best when in fact, only one can be called the best out of the bunch.

How to Identify which is the Best Tube Amplifier for Vinyl

We are dealing with a sound component here, so the sound quality it can muster remains the first thing to consider.

After this is considered, the other factors to look at are secondary and some would include;

  • If it is compatible with vinyl record players in the first place
  • How many speaker types can the amplifier power
  • The speakers that are compatible with it (active, passive, or both)
  • How does it connect with these devices i.e if it supports wireless connection or just wired
  • The portability and durability of the amplifier in question
  • Presence of control aides like a wireless remote and voice control ability

1. Reisong A10 EL34 Hi-Fi is the No 1 choice for the Best Tube Amplifier for Vinyl

You would still have to contend with a lot of options when you are looking for the best in this category.

Popularity and price should not be the first order during your search.

This has made it possible for stores like this one and the options they come with to be considered.

A consideration that helps us as we can tell from the many amazing features that this is the best option here.

The Reisong A10 EL34 has the best features to offer when you are looking for an app for your vinyl.

What you want is a tube amplifier and this one does more than satisfy that with five different tubes in use.

They all have their function and together they will help to give you one of the best sound qualities out there.

It comes with a dimension that is measured as 12.2” X 10.55” X 6.5” and weighs about 26.4 pounds.

You will have a very neat working space which brings aesthetics as all the ports are on the rear panel.

Everything that is put here both inside and outside is geared towards giving you one of the best sounds possible.

The speaker ports used here are not any different as they come gold-plated to help improve the sound they give.

On this tube amplifier, you have three impedance modes and this helps the compatibility with several speaker types and sizes.

On the front panel of this tube amplifier, there are two knobs for you, one for volume and the other for power.


  • Comes with a protective frame for the tubes
  • It has a harmonic distortion of less than 1%
  • It has a 2.0 channel configuration


  • Not suitable for use outside

Buy the Reisong A10 EL34 Hi-Fi  from Amazon by clicking on the image link above

2. Nobsound 6P1 6.8W x 2 Amplifier

The Nobsound has been in and around our search for a while now – it does not just end when here.

As long as you are talking about sound, speakers, and sound components – this store will always stay relevant to the conversation.

They have some of the best options in the market and it does not even matter the category you are looking at.

Here, we are trying to find the best tube amplifier for vinyl record players and we are looking for options from them.

Out of the many vacuum tube amplifiers that we have here, the 6P1 is one with so much to offer to you here.

The first of these things it has to offer you is the fact that they use the transformer parallel output.

This feature is on hand to help you decrease the internal resistance of the tube amplifier by about half the value.

When this is done, you are going to get a significant increase in power – an increase of almost 100%.

Antimagnetic transformer covers are also used on this tube amplifier to help shield current interference and get a lower static noise.

You are going to enjoy analogue style sound output on this amplifier with deep bass and intoxicating vocals.

This tube amplifier comes with a very appealing look making it a perfect choice.

Simplicity is the case when you look at the front panel with just a switch, a knob and two meters.

The VU meters are two because it comes with a 2.0 channel configuration and the knob controls the volume.


  • Amazing aesthetics with the exterior design
  • The tubes are replaceable if damaged or worn out
  • Connection ports all at the rear panel


  • No remote control included

Purchase the Nobsound 6P1 6.8W x 2 Amplifier from Amazon by clicking the image link above

3. Dayton Audio HTA100BT Tube Amplifier with Bluetooth

The Dayton Audio store remains one of the greatest stories in the sound market regardless of what you want there.

They are always giving us the best options which are why we are always going to come here when we want quality.

Here we want the best tube amplifier for our record player and they will still offer us quality in other categories.

You can come here to find it all – the best bookshelf speakers, floorstanding speakers, etc. but that is not the case now.

We are looking to find the best tube amp and they give us the HTA100BT as a good option.

The quality here is just too numerous to mention as it goes from the interior to the exterior of this amazing amplifier.

When you are operating an impedance of 4 ohms, you are going to enjoy a peak power of 50 watts.

These 50-watts are, however, not the peak power in total but the peak power for every channel on the amplifier.

There is a frequency response range here measured to be about 20Hz – 20KHz and channel separation of 50dB.

Another stronghold for this amplifier is the fact that it comes with all the available connectivity options.

There is a connection via Bluetooth connectivity and then there is a connection via the several wired connection options that you have.

The Bluetooth connectivity option makes it possible for you to connect devices to this Dayton Audio tube amplifier wirelessly.

The front panel comes with all you would need to control this amplifier knobs, buttons and LED indicators.


  • It is a Bluetooth-enabled tube amplifier
  • Can power both active and passive speakers of any kind
  • This amplifier comes with the AB amplifier technology


  • Not a waterproof amp

Get the Dayton Audio HTA100BT Tube Amplifier with Bluetooth on Amazon by clicking the image above

4. INFI Audio Hybrid  Tube Amplifier 6N3/6H3N

The INFI store is another place we go to when we are looking for exceptional quality regardless of category.

There are so many stores that have proven to be exceptional in terms of how much quality they bring and this is one.

Although it is not among the popular stores in the market, it is still one of the best in terms of quality.

Here what we are looking to get is the best tube amplifier for vinyl and the options in the market are surplus.

However, the INFI audio hybrid class AB tube amplifier remains one of the best in terms of quality being offered.

The amazing features here start from the connectivity options available to it because it comes with all that is needed.

You have the wireless connection option thanks to Bluetooth connectivity and also several wired connection options to choose from here.

Most people love to use the wireless connection method and this is because of the advantages it comes with.

It comes with a 2.0 channel configuration and has a peak power on each channel which is measured as 50 watts.

Apart from the volume knob, the front panel has two other knobs which are present to help with sound customization.

One of the knobs will be used to control the bass levels while the other one is used to adjust the treble.

The use of metal cutting knobs on this tube amplifier helps with the provision of delicate control.

Durability is also another selling point here thanks to the amazing materials used in making the exterior of this amplifier.


  • Tubes are protected from damage
  • If damaged, the tubes in use are replaceable
  • Comes with both wired and wireless connection options


  • Not suitable for use outdoor

Purchase the INFI Audio Hybrid Tube Amplifier 6N3/6H3N  from Amazon by clicking the image link

5. Douk Audio HiFi Stereo Bluetooth  Amplifier

It is quite difficult to just talk about sound when you are not mentioning the Douk Audio store in your list.

They might still not be as popular as some of the stores out there but they pack a punch with quality.

This store has some of the most amazing products cutting across almost every type of speaker and sound component.

The category does not matter, you are always almost sure that this store will give you quality options.

Here, we are looking at their stereo Bluetooth vacuum tube amplifier and quality is everywhere you look both inside and outside.

Just like the name implies connectivity is the first option that will make this amplifier stand out from others.

There is a method of connection for you and it does not matter the type of device you are connecting.

You have several wired connection options and then there are a wireless connection option thanks to Bluetooth connectivity available here.

One of the wired connection methods in use here would be the use of MM phono input which improves the functionality.

With this input method, this amplifier can assume the role of a preamp and convert phono signals into line signals.

This conversation has to be done before the amplification of the sound and it is associated with an integrated low-noise circuit.

The type of vacuum tube in use here is another reason why most people love this amazing tube amplifier.

It uses the JAN5654 vacuum tubes and some of the features of this tube include transparency, richness, immediacy, detail, etc.


  • Amazing chips to improve the peak power even at high impedance
  • It is a portable and durable amplifier
  • The tube in use will improve the sound quality


  • It does not come with a remote control

Click the image link to buy the Douk Audio HiFi Stereo Bluetooth Tube Amplifier from Amazon

6. Rockville BluTube Tube Amplifier

Another store that lacks popularity but has no problem since it comes with amazing quality is the Rockville store.

As long as what you are looking for can be found on their shelf, you are sure of getting exceptional quality.

Here we want a good tube amplifier to work with our vinyl record player but in reality, anything can come from here.

The best AV receiver, the best floorstanding speaker – as long as it has to do with sound, this is your best bet.

Here we are looking at their BluTube and the features here are amazing both on the inside and outside.

The first thing you notice when you take this amplifier home is the fact that you are going to enjoy variety.

There are four different styles to choose from on this Rockville model and you pick depending on your sound needs.

The peak power per channel will vary on this tube amplifier also depending on the impedance you are operating at.

When you are at 4 ohms, the peak power is 35 watts while at 8 ohms the peak power is 25 watts.

In terms of connectivity, you have the best of both worlds with the wireless and wired connections available to you.

You have two RCA input ports to cover wired connection options and Bluetooth connectivity for the wireless connection options.

The Bluetooth connectivity has a range of about 33ft allowing you to keep the connected device far without interference in sound quality.

The frequency response range and total harmonic distortion on this amp are measured to be 25Hz – 20KHz and 0.02% respectively.


  • It has a high signal to noise ratio of 86dB
  • Can function as a home theatre receiver
  • It comes with the Bluetooth connectivity


  • No remote is included in the package

Click the image link to get the Rockville BluTube Tube Amplifier from Amazon

7. Fosi Audio T20 Tube Amplifier

We just had to talk about the Fosi Audio store, it does not matter how much quality you already have.

A conversation about quality in the sound world especially when you talk of amplifiers is not complete without this store.

The type you are looking for does not matter, it is usually going to be of exceptional quality when you come here.

This is how good the Fosi Audio store is and an example is the T20 Bluetooth tube amplifier found here.

Quality is of the elite class whether you are looking at the components inside or the materials used in building outside.

Compatibility is the first thing that makes this amazing amplifier stand out from the other options on this list.

It is compatible with a lot of the products you would want to connect asides from your vinyl record player.

When you plan to use this amplifier with headphones, it is advised to connect it to headphones with an impedance of 16 – 64 ohms.

Connectivity is another place where this amplifier surpasses most of the options on this list of tube amplifiers.

You have both the wired connection options and the wireless connection option to choose from depending on the devices to be connected.

Most people prefer the wireless connection here and this is because of the advantages that are associated with it.

This tube amplifier comes with the least Bluetooth version and this supports aptX and aptX HD which improves the streaming range.

It comes with both a compact and durable design, which is why this amplifier is loved.


  • The tubes in use here are replaceable
  • This amplifier is compatible with several devices
  • Wireless and wired connectivity available for you


  • Not a waterproof amplifier

Purchase the Fosi Audio T20 Tube Amplifier from Amazon by clicking the image link

Conclusion for the Best Tube Amplifier for Vinyl

The best tube amplifier is not two things and knowing this will help you make your decision.

One, it is not going to be the most expensive one on your list as the price is determined by more than quality.

It is also not going to come from the most popular store in the market.

What you sound understand is that the best is the one that offers you the most features and charges the least.

Here, we are looking for the best tube amplifier for vinyl and the options are too numerous to mention.

However, the number one option remains the Reisong A10 EL34.