Best TV DVD Combo

Best TV DVD Combo
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Are you still a massive fan of DVDs and are searching for the best TV DVD combo for your viewing pleasure? The best TV DVD combo should have several excellent features, portability, nice picture quality, smooth motion, impressive color accuracy, several useful ports, and more? With that in mind, we’ve evaluated and selected 6 different TV DVD combos that will deliver an enjoyable viewing experience. Based on our findings, the Supersonic SC-2412 LED Widescreen HDTV  stands out as the overall best TV DVD Combo.

Comparison Table For The Best TV DVD Combo

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1SuperSonic SC-2412 LED Widescreen HDTVScreen Size: 24 Inch
Screen Resolution: FHD
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
2Sceptre E246BD-F 24"Screen Size: 24 Inch
Screen Resolution: FHD
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
3RCA RTDVD3215Screen Size: 32 Inch
Screen Resolution: FHD
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
4Westinghouse 24 inchScreen Size: 24 Inch
Screen Resolution: HD
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
5Norcent 24 InchScreen Size: 24 Inch
Screen Resolution: HD
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
6Supersonic SC-1312 13.3” WidescreenScreen Size: 13 Inch
Screen Resolution: HD
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz

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An Overview – Best TV DVD Combo

A TV with a DVD combo offers several advantages such as:

  • Obviously, it combines two devices in one (TV and DVD player).
  • Also, they are not expensive; with a budget of 100 to 500 dollars, you could get a nice TV DV combo for yourself.
  • They offer impressive features that you can find on other expensive premium models.
  • In addition to that, a TV DVD combo practically supports all media formats.
  • Finally, TV under this category are lightweight and can be moved from one place to another with less stress.

On the downside, most TV DVD combos are not available in large screen sizes.

The standard screen sizes range from 11 to 32 inches.

So, if you love massive screens, this may not be the best for you.

Notwithstanding, you can still enjoy high-quality entertainment and impressive visuals on your moderate-sized TV DVD combo.

With that established, here are some important things to keep in mind when searching for the best TV DVD Combo.

Important Considerations For The Best TV DVD Combo

Screen Size

TVs in the category are best fitted for smaller rooms like kitchens, dorms, and more.

So, they are mostly not placed in larger rooms unless you’re making it the second viewing station.

As we already mentioned, the screen size ranges from 11 to 32 inches.

So, before you buy, check your available space to see which TV will fit in.

Screen Resolution

The screen resolution is the number of pixels in the TV.

Pixels are tiny dots that give colors to images displayed on the TV screen.

A TV DVD combo comes with either SD, HD, or FHD.

Other screen resolutions include UHD and 8k; however, these can only be found on larger screen sizes.

Standard Definition (SD) is outdated, so you won’t find any SD TV DVD combo on the market.

So, we are left with HD and FHD.

The HD is fully called High Definition, and it is the oldest screen resolution.

An HD TV offers nine hundred thousand pixels measuring 1280 x 720.

It makes images appear clear and detailed but not as good as FHD.

However, the FHD is superior to HD and SD.

The FHD is fully called Full High Definition, and it is the most common resolution you will come across in the market.

FHD measures 1920 x 1080p, equating to 2 million pixels.

This delivers clear, crisp, detailed images with accurate color.

Screen Type

The screen type is also called the TV panel.

These panels provide light to the TV’s screen.

Hence, they illuminate images for more clarity and brightness.

So, we have several screen types, but TV DVD combos come with LCD and LED.

The LCD TVs use liquid crystal display material (fluorescent) for backlighting.

These tiny materials illuminate the entire back panel, giving clarity, brightness, and details to the whole TV screen.

Notwithstanding, the LED TV delivers more than the LCD.

The LED TV uses light-emitting diode molecules for backlighting instead of fluorescent.

Hence, they deliver better contrast, brightness, and color accuracy.

Ports Selection

Fortunately, you’ll also find HDMI and USB ports in TV DVD combos.

With the HDMI ports, you can connect the TV to laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, etc.

Likewise, you can connect firesticks and other related devices to the TV via the HDMI port.

This will give you access to streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, HULU, etc.

Additionally, you can connect flash drives to the TV with the USB port.

The flash drives are used to copy content from smart devices, and when inserted on TV, you can watch the content without stress.

Picture Quality

The TV’s picture quality is determined by screen resolution and other factors like contrast, refresh rate, and aspect ratio.

The contrast ratio allows you to see the deepest black and white on the TV.

A 3000: 1 upward is recommended for a bright and detailed display.

Next is the refresh rate.

To avoid blurry pictures, you need to check out the refresh rate.

A good refresh rate ensures that images/pictures transition smoothly without giving any blurry effect.

So, a 60Hz to 120Hz will do just fine in delivering a smooth transition, especially when gaming or watching fast-moving movies.

Another important feature that delivers good picture quality is the aspect ratio.

The aspect ratio is the dimension to which images accurately fit the screen.

Have you ever watched a movie scene with dark edges around the images on the screen?

This is what a bad aspect ratio can result to.

So, to avoid that and get the perfect viewing angle, we suggest a 16:9  aspect ratio for TV.

Sound Quality

Sadly, this is another drawback associated with TVs in this category.

However, this shortcoming is due to their flat panel design and small size. 

Thankfully, you can overcome this challenge by pairing this TV DVD combo with a compatible external speaker.

Now, the 6 best TV DVD combo.

6 Best TV DVD Combo

1. SuperSonic SC-2412 LED Widescreen HDTV

Our overall best TV DVD Combo is the Supersonic SC-2412.

It delivers everything a good TV DVD Combo should have with quality features and excellent designs.

The TV is designed with slim bezels, giving it an attractive look that will beautify wherever it is placed.


The TV is very affordable, so you don’t need to spend all your saving on it.

Also, it has a 24-inch LED 1366 x 768 pixels HD display screen.

This will deliver bright and clear pictures for your viewing pleasure.

In a nutshell, the TV DVD Combo is the combination of the best price and quality features.

Talking more about the features, the TV offers an array of ports like HDMI, USB, VGA, RF, and more.

This boosts this TV DVD combo’s usability because you can connect it to a Roku TV, Amazon firestick, and Chromecast via the HDMI port.

Similarly, it can serve as a monitor, thanks to the HDMI port.

It measures 22.21 x 6.5 x 14.33 inches.

Due to its portability, you can mount it on a wall or place it on a table.

Meanwhile, the DVD player combo format is compatible with CDR, DVD, CD, DVD+, DVD+/-RW, VCD, SVCD, and more.

In addition, the TV has a digital noise reduction with multiple picture modes which delivers an accurate viewing experience.

SuperSonic SC-2412 offers a 60Hz refresh rate for smooth motion.

Lastly, it has a simple and easy-to-use remote for navigation and operation.


  • Digital noise reduction.
  • Offers HDMI, USB, VGA, PC input, and more.
  • TV with a slim and beautiful design.
  • SD card ready.
  • Smooth motion with 60Hz refresh rate.
  • Pocket-friendly price.


  • The TV is not compatible with Blu-ray DVDs.

Click the image to buy the SuperSonic SC-2412 LED Widescreen HDTV on Amazon.

2. Sceptre E246BD-F 24″

The Sceptre E246BD-F is a TV for budget-conscious shoppers because it is very affordable.

It is a full high-definition LED TV.


The TV weighs ‎8 pounds and measures ‎21.8 x 5.5 x 14.4 inches.

Therefore, you can move it from one place to another.

Whether you have a picnic, camping, or road trip, you can take the Sceptre 24 inch alongside.

Simply put, it is lightweight.

Furthermore, the TV comes with a 120 motion estimation and motion compensation (MEMC).

Additionally, it has a 60Hz refresh rate that allows gaming and viewing of fast-moving content to play with little or no blurry images.

It offers arrays of ports like HDMI, USB, MHL, VGA, and more.

So, you can use HDMI to view video and audio content.

This TV DVD player has a unique recall feature.

So you can easily eject and insert your DVD and resume from where you last stopped.


  • Straightforward remote.
  • The TV offers HDMI, USB, MHL, and more.
  • Lightweight.
  • Compatible with new and old equipment.
  • Affordable.
  • Special feature.


  • The sound is not impressive.

Click the image to buy the Sceptre E246BD-F 24″ on Amazon.

3. RCA RTDVD3215

The RCA RTDDVD3215 also merges top on our list of the best TV DVD combo.

The TV has been leading in the TV market for many years, due to its quality design and affordability.


The TV DVD combo features energy-efficient LED technology.

Hence, its 32 inches widescreen delivers a vibrant display with impressive pictures regardless of what you view.

In addition to that, it has a high contrast of 3500: 1.

The high contrast allows you to see images in a brighter, clearer, more detailed, and more accurate way.

Moreover, it also features a 60Hz refresh rate which enhances imagery and assures distortion-free images.

Furthermore, the TV weighs 14.65 pounds and measures 32 x 32.25 x 20.85 inches.

You can decide to mount it on the wall or place it on a table.

Moreso, you can use the TV as a computer monitor.

This also has HDMI, PC audio, and VGA ports for wired connectivity.

To top it all up, it comes included with a fully functional remote for easy navigation.


  • High contrast ratio.
  • Function as a computer monitor.
  • Offers ports like HDMI, VGA, and more.
  • A 60Hz refresh rate for smooth motion.


  • The sound is not great.

Click the image to buy the RCA RTDVD3215 on Amazon.

4. Westinghouse 24 inch

Next on our list for the best TV DVD combo is a TV-DVD combo from Westinghouse.

This Westinghouse TV also has an excellent design and quality features.


Generally, the TV is lightweight.

It measures 21.62 x 5.94 x 14.11 inches and weighs ‎5.07 pounds.

The TV will be perfect for kids’ rooms, the kitchen, RVs, and smaller rooms.

Its 24 inches screen will deliver bright, clear, crisp, and detailed images in HD quality.

Moreso, it has a 60Hz refresh rate to deliver smooth transition and blur-free visuals when you view sports or fast-moving scenes. 

The TV also sports various ports like HDMI, USB, VGA, a Digital TV tuner, and more.

Most importantly, it has a V-chip feature integrated into its design.

This feature enables you as a parent or guardian to block out adult-rated content from your kids. 


  • A V-Chip design.
  • Lightweight.
  • A 60Hz refresh rate.
  • Nice viewing angle.


  • Not a backlit remote.

Click the image to buy the Westinghouse 24-inch on Amazon.

5. Norcent 24 Inch

The next TV on our list is the Norcent TV brand with 24-inch screen size.

It also has excellent features and a beautiful design.


‎This is a lightweight TV as it weighs 5.07 pounds and measures ‎22 x 14 x 6 inches.

It offers HDMI, USB, VGA, and more.

The HDMI is compatible with PS3, PS4, PS5, X-Box, and PC device gaming.

Similarly, you can connect a firestick to this TV via the HDMI port to stream Roku, Hulu, Amazon prime video, Netflix, and more.

Furthermore, the TV has a built-in V-Chip that allows parent blocks content based on program ratings.

Finally, this 24-inch flat-screen TV also has a functional remote for seamless navigation of all its features.


  • The TV is portable.
  • V-chip design for child safety.
  • It offers HDMI, USB, VGA, and more.
  • Compatible with Roku and others.


  • The sound is not satisfactory.

Click the image to buy the Norcent 24 Inch on Amazon.

6. Supersonic SC-1312 13.3” Widescreen LED HDTV

We have another supersonic TV on our list for the best TV DVD combo.

This is a really small screen, precisely 13 inches.

Nevertheless, it still has something tangible to offer.


It has 1 HDMI, USB, RGB, and VGA port.

Therefore, you can connect smart devices with the TV.

Also, the Tv weighs 7 pounds with a dimension measured ‎16 x 12 x 5 inches.

This TV only supports table mounting.

It has a 500:1 contrast ratio and ATSC tuner technology.

Finally, it offers clear and bright visuals in HD quality.


  • Offers HDMI, USB, and others.
  • Very affordable.


  • Mid-range TV.

Click the image to buy the Supersonic SC-1312 13.3” Widescreen LED HDTV on Amazon.

Conclusion On The Best TV DVD Combo

We’ve highlighted the important features and benefits each of this TV can offer you.

It’s left for you to decide the best one to go for.

However, we know you want the best in all ramifications.

This is why we suggest you go for the Supersonic SC-2412 LED Widescreen HDTV to enjoy the best visual experience and quality entertainment.

So, click the link above to buy it now on Amazon.