Best Ultrabook for Business

Best Ultrabook for Business
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Ultrabooks are a lot lighter than regular laptops. This makes them very good for business. However, getting the best Ultrabook for your business could be quite tasking. Hence, after an intensive study, we recommend Dell XPS 13 9370 as the best ultrabook for business.

Ultrabooks have quality microprocessors.

However, this isn’t the only feature to check when you’re looking for an Ultrabook.

You must look at its build, display, and processing power.

You also need to ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is it lightweight and durable?
  • Can it run the key programs for your business?

Getting a good Ultrabook for business is very beneficial for business owners.

This is because it will make you more efficient and productive by providing you with the facilities and software you need to run your business activities.

Hence, here are other factors to consider before buying an Ultrabook for your business.

Things to Consider

  • Number of Cores
  • Battery
  • RAM
  • Clock Speed
  • Solid State Drive Capacity

Firstly, battery life will determine how long a device can last without charging.

Furthermore, high RAM and clock speed are for multi-tasking.

These two features also ascertain the response time of applications.

The ultrabook should have at least 120 GB of internal memory.

This is also known as the solid-state drive (SSD) capacity.

Bigger storage capacity will be very useful.

In addition to the said features, you should also consider 2-in-1 ultrabooks.

Such devices could be useful during presentations with clients.

Using a tablet that houses your important document makes it easy for you to demonstrate workflows and designs.

Furthermore, with a 2-in-1 display, you can detach the screen and hand it over to your clients.

Often, such ultrabooks are more compact and lighter than laptops.

Hence, you can carry it along with you anywhere without much hassle.

Best Ultrabook for Business

Product NameHP Elite X2 1013 G3HP Spectre X360Apple Macbook ProHP Chromebook 11Lenovo ThinkPad X1 CarbonDell XPS 13 9370Microsoft Surface Book 2
Battery Life7 hours13 hours9 hours11 hours15 hours11 hours18 hours
Number of Cores4482244
Clock Speed4.6 GHz1.8 GHz2.4 GHz2.16 GHz3.1 GHz1.8 GHz4.2 GHz
SSD Capacity256 GB256 GB512 GB16 GB (expandable)512 GB512 GB256 GB
Display Size13.3 in13.3 in15.4 in13.3 in14 in13.3 in13 in

Compare The Top 7 On One Page

1. HP Elite x2 1013 G3 Ultrabook for Business

This device is a 2-in-1 ultrabook.

The HP Elite x2 provides top-notch security features and a range of ports.

It includes biometric access control, a client security program, a  trusted platform module (TPM) 2.0 chip, and a fingerprint reader.

Additionally, this Ultrabook has an 8 GB RAM, Intel Core i5 processor, and a 128 GB solid-state capacity. (SSD) capacity.

Truly, the HP Elite x2 1013 G3 aims to provide excellent performance.

With these unique features, this ultra-slim device can also run resource-intensive games, such as Nier 2 and Deus Ex Mankind Divided at medium settings.

Furthermore, this Ultrabook is uniquely designed to handle multitasking activities.

Not all ultrabooks can handle resource-intensive programs, like Mozilla, Adobe DreamWeaver, and Lightroom, running at the same time.

Even more, due to its’ 2-in1 features, you can detach the device’s ultra-clear display screen from the keypad.

Hence, this would make an excellent remote device for presentations of powerpoints, documents, graphs, and business operations.

When it comes to its battery life, the HP Elite x2 can last for up to 8 hours.

Even if you set the brightness to 150 and open more than a dozen tabs, it can last for over 7 hours.

Some of its unique features include;

  • Collaboration Keyboard

This device enables quick-launch shortcut buttons.

  • Windows 10 PRO

You can install the latest applications on your PC and be able to use the most intuitive Operating System out there.

  • HP Rechargeable Active Pen

You don’t need a separate drawing tablet when you have this HP ultrabook.

With this laptop, all you need is to install a graphics editing software in order to create designs right on the display.

  • Elite Display

This feature lets you and your colleagues watch videos and presentations from any angle.

Furthermore, you can adjust the Display setting to further enhance your visual experience.


  • It has a sleek and attractive design.
  • Exceptional security system
  • Touch screen feature available.
  • High processing power
  • Customizable


  • It is a bit heavier than previous models.

This is an overall unique ultrabook for business use.

Regardless of its’ minimal downsides, its’ features are quite beneficial for business owners.

Hence, this ultrabook deserves to be on our list of best ultrabooks for business use.

An Amazon image link has been provided above. Click on it to purchase this ultrabook.

2. HP Spectre x360 Convertible Ultrabook for Business

Here’s another unique 2-in-1 HP device on our list of best ultrabook for business.

Like HP Elite X2, this ultrabook can also be used as a tablet.

If your business involves working on the go, the HP spectre x360 will be very beneficial to you.

Its durability, weight, and size make it an excellent device for business meetings and presentations too.

Furthermore, the display is also incredible.

This ultrabook is super slim.

Nevertheless, its 13.3 inches display gives you a good visual experience.

Similarly, with its max resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, it can play any HD or 3D video.

Hence, you won’t need to worry about ramping up your presentation’s color schemes and frame rate.

You can now also add filters and effects to videos freely.

This is because this Ultrabook is uniquely designed to present videos without any lag or delay.

Although this is a very unique and functional business ultrabook, it doesn’t have a long battery life.

Here are some of its’ other unique features

  • Metal chassis/interface/design

This ultrabook has a very sturdy design.

It’s also shockproof and dustproof.

  • Tablet viewing and touchscreen display

Other than being lightweight and portable, you can turn this ultrabook into a tablet by unlocking special hinges.

  • Turbo Boost

This ultrabook is incorporated with a 1.8 GHz Intel Core i7-8550U quad-core.

Its Turbo Boost feature ramps up its clock speed to 4 GHz.

  • Performance and Storage capacity

This ultrabook has 8 GB RAM and 256 GB Solid State Drive (SSD).


  • It is thin and lightweight.
  • Durability and portability combined in one device
  • It also has a detachable screen.


  • This Ultrabook is quite expensive.
  • Only two USB ports available

The cons of this Ultrabook are quite minimal when compared to its performance level.

Based on this, the HP Spectre x360 is a good candidate for one of the best Ultrabooks for business.

You can purchase this Ultrabook on Amazon by clicking on the image link above.

3. Apple Macbook Pro for Business

The Macbook Pro is another reliable candidate for the best Ultrabook for business.

It’s also a must-have Ultrabook for individuals who love using apple smartphones.

IPhones enable easy editing of digital media, word documents, and charts.

With this Ultrabook, the files or updates created on the phone can be synchronized with ease to a Macbook.

As a business person, if you feel tired of carrying your ultrabook around, you can type on your iPhone and update it on your Macbook automatically.

Here’s a rundown of its unique features.

  • Seamlessly integrate updates

Just activate apple’s cloud services and log in to your Apple account and you can now integrate updates from one device to another.

  • True Tone Display

This feature allows you to modify the white balance, ambient lighting, and color temperature of the display.

Hence, this reduces the effect of eye strain when you work for long hours on your device.

  • Ultra-slim and portable

The MacBook Pro is lightweight and durable.

  • Excellent processing capacity

The Macbook Pro has a 7th-generation Intel Core i5 processor.


  • It has a beautiful and fashionable design.
  • Also, this Ultrabook has a high processing power.
  • Truetone display feature present.


  • Requires premium applications
  • First-time Mac users might experience difficulty with navigating their way through this system.

This is a highly efficient and unique Ultrabook based on its high-performance level.

For this reason, this Ultrabook can be referred to as one of the best Ultrabook for business.

To purchase this Ultrabook, click on the image link above.

4. HP Chromebook 11  for Business

It also has a vibrant display.

HP Chromebook 11 comes with the basic programs and internet services you need for your business.

For example, Google Chrome and Chromium are available on the device as pre-installed programs.

Chromebooks promote the use of Google Docs, Hangouts, Spreadsheet, Presentations, and other light-weight software for small businesses.

Furthermore, this Ultrabook is great for auditing, creating presentations, bookkeeping, writing, and keeping track of records.

With reliable connectivity, you can share file updates with a few clicks through Hangout and Google Docs.

Also, its storage capacity is less than 200 GB Solid State Drive(SSD) space which may be quite small if you need to save a lot of files.

However, with Google’s autosave feature and free cloud storage, your business data and confidential files could be saved appropriately.

Some of its outstanding features include;

  • File Synchronization with Android Phones

This feature is similar to Apple’s cloud services.

If you work on your android phone, you can automatically sync updates to your Chromebook.

  • Free Cloud-based Computing

Google offers storage and file-sharing services to Chromebook users.

Hence, you get up to 3 GB free cloud storage with your HP Chromebook 11.

  • 11 Hours Battery Life

This is higher than most ultrabooks.

Whether you’re writing or streaming videos, this device will last throughout the night.

  • Impressive Sound Quality

This Ultrabook has a good sound quality.

Its speakers are under its keyboard.

Hence, the sound is less muffled and ultra-clear even if you maximize the volume.


  • It has a security lock feature.
  • Fingerprint reader features also available.
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Free optical drive


  • Low SSD capacity
  • You need to use portable hard drives for additional memory
  • May not be compatible with some apps such as Microsoft Word

Overall, this Ultrabook has unique features that definitely outweigh its’ cons.

Additionally, it comes at a fair price range.

This is will be a good option if you are in need of an ultrabook with a good performance level for an average price range.

Hence, this can be considered one of the best Ultrabooks for business use.

Buy this Ultrabook from Amazon by clicking on the image link above.

5. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook 

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon is bigger than other ultrabooks on this list.

This Ultrabooks’ screen size alone is 14 inches.

Its max resolution is 4096 x 2334 This is very high when compared to  HP Elite X2.

It, however, does not have a sleek and attractive design.

Also, it only comes in one color which is nonglossy black.

Nevertheless, this is a durable and highly functional Ultrabook.

It’s equipped with a 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor with a 3.1 GHz maximum clock speed and an Intel HD graphics 620.

Hence, it is more than capable of handling your business and auditing applications.

Some of its other features are;

  • Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Framework

This ultrabook is incredibly durable.

  • Battery Life

This device can last for up to 15.5 hours.

Also, its rapid charging feature can recharge the battery to up to 80% in just one hour.

  • No need for Password Laptop

With Windows Hello, you don’t have to remember a password.

You can use the fingerprint feature to keep your business data safe and secured.


  • It has a high dynamic range (HDR) display
  • Also, it has an impressive keyboard.
  • Long battery life
  • High processing power
  • It is lightweight and durable.


  • Mediocre webcam
  • Not so good audio quality.

Basically, this is a good ultrabook with a lot of unique features that are quite beneficial for business owners.

As for its’ cons, if your business doesn’t require you to do video conferencing calls you should be just fine with this device.

Due to this, this Ultrabook can be regarded as one of the best Ultrabook for business purposes.

Tap on the image link above to purchase this Ultrabook on Amazon.

6. Dell XPS 13 9370 Ultrabook 

This Dell Ultrabook has a 13 inches display and an incredible max resolution of 3,840 x 2,160.

This is the smallest laptop on our list of best Ultrabook for Business.

However, it has amazing processing capacity.

This ultrabook has a 16 GB RAM and an 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor.

Furthermore, Its 512 GB SSD capacity may seem quite small, but you be fine with it if you organize your files appropriately.

For example, you can do away with programs or software that you seldom use.

Also, it can run 2 resource-intensive programs effectively at the same time.

However, if you exceed this advised limit, the system may slow down.

Other unique features of this Ultrabook are;

  • Build Quality

The body of this ultrabook has a 9-15 mm taper.

It’s ultraslim and compact, which makes it portable and lightweight.

Furthermore, the aluminum casing makes it look expensive and attractive.

  • Battery Life

The XPS 13 can last for 11 hours.

  • 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) Feature

Additionally, its’ touchscreen display has a high 1500:1 contrast ratio, 100% sRGB coverage, and a 400-nit backlight.

For artists, this ultrabook is the perfect device for editing and coloring their media since it renders the right contrast and levels of colors.


  • Superb 4K display
  • This Ultrabook has a beautiful design.
  • Infinity Edge bezels
  • It also has a smart and durable keyboard and touchpad.


  • It doesn’t support Windows Hello.
  • Also, no HDMI port available.

The benefits of this Ultrabook definitely exceeds its cons.

Also, this is a unique device based on its performance and functionalities.

Considering this, it can be said that this is also one of the best Ultrabook for Business.

Buy this Ultrabook on Amazon by tapping the image link above.

7. Microsoft Surface Book 2

Here’s unique another 2-in-1 ultrabook on our list of best Ultrabook for business.

You can turn its display screen at 180 degrees or completely detach it.

Even more, the Surface Book 2 comes with a smart touch pen.

Designed for running modern PC games, Microsoft’s latest surface book can last for nearly 24 hours.

Furthermore, it can run multiple programs at once.

It also has a PixelSense display feature.

This is designed for touch inputs and the Surface Pen.

If you need a system for editing or creating HD videos and images, then this device might just be your best option.

Other amazing features of this Ultrabook include;

  • Nvidia GeForce Graphics GT 1060, 6GB Video Card

This ultrabook has a graphics card feature.

With this hardware, you can edit images at 2000 ppm and edit HD videos without much of a hassle.

  • 256GB Solid State Drive (SSD) capacity

This Ultrabook offers 4x more memory capacity than HP’s elite ultrabook.

  • Quad-Core i7 intel core processor 4.2 GHz and 16 GB RAM

With its clock speed, RAM, and 4 cores, running resource-intensive programs will be quite easy.

Hence, with this Ultrabook, you won’t experience lags or screen freeze when multitasking.

It can be said that this Ultrabook has enough RAM to run 5 Adobe Lightrooms at the same time.


  • This is a durable and high-performance Ultrabook.
  • High Definition (HD) display
  • It rarely overheats.
  • It also has 17 hours of battery life


  • Its’ trackpad is small.
  • Also, it has mediocre base speakers.
  • Lastly, it is heavier than other models

Overall, this is a unique device with a lot of functional features that definitely surpasses its cons.

Additionally, this Ultrabook comes at a very budget-friendly price.

Consequently, this can be referred to as one of the best Ultrabook for your business.

Click on the image link above to purchase this Ultrabook on Amazon.

Conclusion on Best Ultrabook for Business

If you only need to produce word documents and reports, any modern laptop can do.

However, if you value time, portability, and comfort you’ll need an ultrabook designed for business purposes.

Ultrabooks are very beneficial for business owners as it helps them handle their business activities with much ease.

For example, with an Ultrabook, you can take care of some business issues while you’re on the go in a bus or car.

Also, they can serve as a replacement for a powerful desktop device which is limited to office use only.

Furthermore, the high processing power of Ultrabooks makes them great for technically demanding jobs such as product development, graphics design, and video editing.

Putting all these into consideration, we recommend  Dell XPS 13 9370 as the best ultrabook for business.

Remember its always a wise decision to consider your business budget as well as your business’ unique needs.

Do enjoy a highly productive business using the best Ultrabooks for your business.