Best VoIP Phones for Small Business

Best VoIP Phones for Small Business
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VoIP phones are very beneficial to small businesses because of its’ multifunction capacity. Getting the best VoIP for your small business will enhance productivity in your business. After examining most VoIP phones, we recommend the Polycom VVX 600 VoIP Phone as the best VoIP phone for small businesses.

Today, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is quite important when it comes to new technology for small businesses.

But what exactly is it and how can it help small business owners?

Is it really beneficial?

More importantly, what is the best VoIP phones for small businesses?

VoIP basically refers to phone services over the internet.

It gives people the option to have their phone services delivered via the internet rather than a local phone company.

The VoIP phone is essentially a device that makes use of the internet rather than direct connect copper wires.

Furthermore, it is highly beneficial because it provides you with a wide range of mobility, connectivity, and interoperability options.

Best VoIP Phones for Small Business

VoIP phones are very beneficial for small business owners.

Here is a breakdown of some of its beneficial features.

  • Easy scaling.
  • Quick installation and setup.
  • A wide range of device connectivity options.
  • Economical implementation, set up on existing online connections, and integration with other software apps.

So, if you own and run a small business, you will surely find VoIP phones useful.

For instance, you can benefit from its’ excellent call quality and multi-functionality.

Furthermore, you can hold a video conference with your employees and discuss vital topics.

You can also have your faxes and voicemail forwarded to your email.

Even more, You can benefit from the security and portability features of the VoIP phones.

You can transfer calls to other people without making your clients call another number.

In addition, you can benefit from automated assistance and call recording service.

You will also have increased productivity and cost-efficiency.

This is great especially if you usually experience issues with high operating costs.

With VoIP phones, you can significantly reduce the international and domestic calls rate.

You also do not have to maintain individual networks for phones and data.

Hence, you can save a lot of money.

A VoIP phone system can truly do wonders for your business.

It can perform all the basic tasks of a standard phone system and more.

Some of the amazing functions of a VoIP phone include; call forwarding, caller ID, conference calling, conference bridging among others.

A VoIP phone can also perform the following functions; call waiting, call blocking, call transfer, voicemail to text, voicemail to email, fax to text, and ring groups among others.

Amazing functions right?

Well, you might still be wondering who needs VoIP phones?

Essentially, small business owners, as well as medium-sized and large business owners,  can take advantage of the numerous features of these devices.

In order to successfully make a phone call, you need to register your VoIP phone to your account.

Your phone will then be connected to your service provider, so they can exchange data.

What to Lookout For In VoIP Phones

It is really up to you which features you would consider when searching for a VoIP phone for your business.

It also depends on your budget, preferences, and business needs.

Nonetheless, you may still want to consider basic aspects such;

  • Custom mobile apps
  • Available plans
  • Call management
  • Third-party integration
  • Warranty
  • Security
  • Support and unified communications

Now that you have a better understanding of VoIP phones, here are seven VoIP phones you might want to consider buying for your small business.

Below is a comparison table to give you a quick glance through the basic specs and features of these VoIP phones.

Best VoIP Phones for Small Business Comparison Table

ModelPolycom VVX 600Grandstream GXP2170Grandstream GXV3275Htek UC924Yealink SIP-T19P-E2Polycom SoundPoint IP SeriesCisco 7900 IP Phones
LCD Size4.3”4.3”7”3.5”2.3”varies5.6”
3-Way ConferencingYesYesYesYes (up to 5-way conferencing)YesYesYes

Compare The Top 7 On One Page

1. Polycom VVX 600 VoIP Phone

This excellent business media phone is available at a fair price range.

Furthermore, it has a 4.3-inch touch screen that can be controlled by gestures.

It also allows users to manage their Microsoft Exchange calendar with ease.

In addition, it offers complete High Definition (HD) voice quality.

You can also find certain models that feature a camera as well as support video mail and video calling.

Even more, it comes with a ‘do not disturb’ function, 16 line capability, and dual USB ports.

Also, it has an ergonomic design.

So, you will not have a hard time using it and your arm will not ache.

It also has two USB 2.0 ports for data and media, and RJ-9 type headset port, and Bluetooth 2.1.

All these unique features and functionalities are definitely worth a buy.

Hence, this is regarded as the best VoIP phone for small business owners.

Get this VoIP phone on Amazon by clicking the image link above to purchase it.

2. Grandstream GXP2170 Phone 

The Grandsteram GXP2170 is a good option when it comes to information access.

For an affordable price, you can get this Linux-based unit that features forty-four programmable soft keys.

It also has a 4.3-inch color display screen.

Furthermore, it has USB and RJ-9 headset ports as well as Bluetooth support.

Additionally, it has five-way conference support and a wall mount feature.

Aside from Bluetooth compatibility, it also has 12 multifunction keys.

Similarly, it has 6 session initiation protocol (SIP) accounts and plugin extensions.

With this VoIP phone, you can enjoy an excellent and convenient communication process.

This is due to its’ full-duplex speakerphone that has awesome echo cancellation features as well as high definition (HD) audio support.

Furthermore, it streams stock, currency, and weather updates on its screen.

It also has an Internet radio and Google Voice support.

In other words, this unit is great if you have to do a lot of office tasks for your business.

It can surely increase your productivity and efficiency.

Thus, it will enable you to achieve your business goals.

Considering these unique features, it can be regarded as one of the best VoIP phones for small businesses.

You can purchase this VoIP phone on Amazon by clicking on the image link above.

3. Grandstream GXV3275 

This is the third on our list of best VoIP phones for small businesses.

It is most ideal for group calls.

This VoIP phone is available at a fair price range.

Even more, it comes with an  Android 4.2 interface.

It runs a variety of applications that you can find on Google Play.

You can download these apps right from this phone.

If you need to use a camera for your business, you will surely find its’ camera useful.

It has 1 megapixel as well as a privacy shutter.

In addition, it has USB, HDMI, SD, and Plantronics-standard headset ports.

It also has Bluetooth connectivity feature.

Furthermore, this VoIP phone comes with a wall-mountable base stand.

Additionally, it comes with 6 session initiation protocol (SIP) lines and accounts.

Other amazing features include integrated Bluetooth, RJ9 headset jack, and HD wideband audio.

Even more, it has a 1024 x 600 resolution and a 7-inch thin-film transistor (TFT) touchscreen function.

So, if you need video functionalities for your business, this phone is for you.

It also has an integrated speakerphone that would let you make conference calls with ease.

Although its voice quality is not so impressive.

Nevertheless, this is a very unique VoIP phone in terms of its functions and performance level.

Consequently, this can be considered one of the best VoIP Phones for small business use.

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4. Htek UC924 Phone

This VoIP Phone is very affordable yet highly efficient.

For an affordable price, it has so many excellent features that are quite beneficial for business use.

It is an entry-level VoIP phone that would help you go online without spending much.

So, if you are just starting your business, you can surely reduce your costs with this phone.

Furthermore, its’ 3.5-inch color screen is both functional and aesthetically appealing.

Even more, it features context-sensitive actions.

You may connect your headset using its built-in RJ9 headset port.

Additionally, you can take advantage of its five-way local conferencing standard feature.

This will be very useful if you need to hold video conferences with your employees.

Other impressive features of this phone are its 4 session initiation protocol (SIP) accounts, HD voice speakerphone, and RJ9 headset compatibility.

This is an overall unique VoIP phone with outstanding features and functionalities.

Plus the price range for this is quite impressive.

Hence, if you’re new to the small business world with limited resources and you’re in need of a functional VoIP phone, this could just be your best option.

For this reason, this could be considered one of the best VoIP Phones for small business owners.

This VoIP phone is available on Amazon; click on the image link above to purchase it.

5. Yealink SIP-T19P-E2 Phone

This VoIP Phone is suggested for small business owners who are on a budget.

So, if you are just starting out and cannot afford a more expensive VoIP phone, this one’s for you.

At a very affordable price, you can get this single-line phone and benefit from the basic functions of a VoIP device.

It has one session initiation protocol (SIP) line, which makes it ideal for a work environment that does not involve many calling activities.

Even though this is a basic and inexpensive VoIP phone, it still offers plenty of useful features.

Some of its unique and useful features include anonymous calling, SMS, three-way conferencing, and call hold.

It can be placed on your desktop or mounted on your wall.

Furthermore, it is compatible with headsets and allows for local three-way conference calls.

It also has a 132 x 64 Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen and a low cost of entry.

Conclusively, this VoIP phone is powerful yet easy to use.

It is a simple executive-level phone that has advanced multimedia features.

In spite of its affordability and simplicity, it is still very useful and efficient in its functionalities.

Consequently, this can be considered one of the best VoIP phones for small business owners.

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6. Polycom SoundPoint IP Series 

 This is yet another unique VoIP phone on our best VoIP phones for small businesses.

It comes in different series or models.

Hence you’ll need to pick a model that best suits your individual preferences or business needs.

These VoIP phones are desk phones that are ideal for small business owners who are in search of high-quality solutions.

Firstly, if you need a basic enterprise phone, you can check out the 321, 331, and 335 models.

If you need a mid-range three-line or four-line session initiation protocol (SIP) phone, you can choose from the 450, 550, 560, and 650 models.

Then again, if you want the best session initiation protocol (SIP) phone that features a color display, you can go with the 670 models.

Each of these VoIP phones features excellent sound quality as well as an intuitive user interface.

They can also be supplemented with numerous expansion modules for call centers, busy attendants, and reception desks.

Overall, these are very unique VoIP phones based on the functions they perform.

Hence, these can be regarded as one of the best VoIP phones available for small business owners.

You can get this VoIP phone on Amazon; just click on the image link above to make a purchase.

7. Cisco 7900 IP Phones

If you need a highly efficient VoIP phone for your small business then this would be a good choice.

These unified IP phones are quite user-friendly and convenient.

They also have sophisticated options, such as hi-fi wideband audio, campus mobility, and liquid crystal displays.

This makes them ideal for people who run small and medium-sized businesses.

With these VoIP phones, you can take advantage of its’ features that can increase your efficiency and productivity.

Thus, you can reduce costs, save money, and have more profits.

You can also add value to your business.

Each model of these VoIP phones has unique features that are very useful for business.

Firstly the 7975G and 7965G models have a color liquid crystal display(LCD) display feature and high-fidelity wideband audio.

Furthermore, if you prefer backlit color screens and high-fidelity audio, you can go with the 7945G model.

If you like something with a high-resolution display and high-fidelity wideband audio, you can opt for the 7943G model.

Finally, if you want a VoIP phone that is specifically designed for retail and commercial environments, you can select the 7931G model.

Each of these VoIP phones has impressive features that enhance productivity in business.

These VoIP phones have high-fidelity wideband audio quality, wireless capability, dynamic soft keys for phone among others.

Even more, they have added support for information services, XML benefits and options for color and greyscale displays that come with a liquid crystal display(LCD) screen.

So, if your business has a wide variety of needs, you will surely find these VoIP phones quite useful.

The clear displays and excellent voice quality features are perfect for making calls and holding video conferences.

Based on all these unique features, this can be considered one of the best VoIP phones for small businesses.

Click on the image link above to purchase this VoIP phone on Amazon.

Conclusion on Best VoIP Phones for Small Businesses

The above-mentioned brands and models of VoIP phones are ideal for different business owners with varying needs and preferences.

It is highly advisable to consider the features and functionalities of the VoIP phones, as well as their prices and your budget before making a decision.

This way, you can evaluate each and every one of them and determine which one suits your business best.

That been said, we recommend thePolycom VVX 600 VoIP Phone as the best VoIP phone for small businesses.

We hope this has been quite helpful.