Cottage Business Ideas

Cottage Business Ideas

Do you enjoy working from home and want a lucrative business you can start from your comfort zone? Are you searching for home-based full-time or part-time business ideas?. If yes, here are the most profitable cottage business ideas.

Before we properly start listing, let’s know what a cottage business is.

Introduction To Cottage Business Ideas

A cottage business is a small-scale business usually run from home, and the proceeds from this business are used to meet household or immediate needs.

However, the business scope depends on the capital invested and the number of people employed.

People involved in this business use conventional and low-technology methods for production.

The classes of people include housewives, retirees, family members, students, and anyone who wants to run a business from their homes.

Cottage businesses suffer a major disadvantage: competing with bigger corporations that produce goods in larger quantities.

Due to cottage businesses being small-scale manufacturers, it becomes difficult for them to reach a large audience, unlike the factory-based manufacturers that mass-produce goods.

Notwithstanding, the cottage industry is full of lucrative business opportunities that you can start from your homes and expand(if you wish).

Let’s go through the benefit of cottage businesses.

Benefit Of Cottage Businesses- Cottage Business Ideas

The cottage business benefits both the owner of the business and the economy.

Work From Home

One of the biggest benefits of starting a cottage business is the ability to work from home.

It is one business that befits single moms or homemakers.

Also, if you want to start a side hustle business, you can consider these cottage business ideas.

Low Start-up Cost

Another benefit of the cottage business is that you don’t need much capital for a start-up since you won’t need to rent a space to start the business.

It automatically reduces the capital to start the business.

You won’t also need to spend money on transportation, work clothes, lunches, etc.

This is because you will be operating the business from home.

Few or No Regulations

Most companies are subjected to environmental regulations.

However, it’s unlike the cottage business.

The cottage business is not subjected to many regulations.

This is because it is operated from home.

Although, they need licenses or permits to operate their business.

However, their rules are not as strict as those in business locations.

The Products Are Unique

The products from the cottage businesses are unique.

This is because the goods are produced one after the other.

It is unlike those mass-produced in large quantities.

Also, they are unique because most of the goods are handmade products.

In addition, they are quite affordable.

Here are the fifteen cottage businesses we have selected for you.

So, you can pick any of these businesses and begin your path to entrepreneurship.

15 Cottage Business Ideas

1. Auto Repair

Auto repair is one of the profitable cottage business ideas that ensure a good return on investment if you manage the business properly.

However, this business’ profitability depends on your location.

You should consider the business if you are in a location where more vehicles pass through.

You don’t need to rent a space to start the business.

Specifically, you can use an open space in your home.

Furthermore, you will need to know how to repair vehicles.

That is the major key ingredient to a successful auto repair business.

If you have an interest in this business idea with no experience, you can sign up for an apprenticeship program on auto repairs.

Furthermore, you can get more customers through word-of-mouth referrals from old clients.

That is if your customers are satisfied with your work.

2. App Developer

Since cottage business comprises a business you can do from home, being an app developer could be your path to financial freedom.

An app developer is a computer software engineer.

The job of an app developer is to create, test, and program apps for mobile phones, computers, and tablets.

This business will be more favorable for you if you are tech-savvy.

Furthermore, app development is a business that is in demand daily, and the number of new start-ups is on the increase.

If you are interested in this business, you should go for it.

There are three different types of app developers.

  • Android developer
  • Mobile app developer
  • iOS developer

You can work with any of the companies listed above as an app developer.

It could include education, food, fashion, health, and financial institutions, to mention but a few.

The service of an app developer is needed in commercial and private organizations.

You can also work from your comfort zone.

Furthermore, you will need a personal computer for developing software and a good internet connection.

The start-up cost for app development varies.

Generally, you’ll need a high-end laptop or computer, which may cost around $1000-$2000.

3. Beekeeping and Honey Production

Beekeeping is another profitable cottage business idea you can indulge in as an entrepreneur who loves agriculture.

It is one of the growing and lucrative businesses.

Beekeeping is the act of keeping and rearing bees to produce honey for human consumption.

Another name for beekeeping is apiculture.

The demand for honey keeps increasing due to its health benefits.

People are ready to purchase it for medicinal benefits.

Also, not everyone is lucky to get original honey products.

If you start this business, you could make good profits from this business.

You can start rearing your bees from a space in your backyard.

Beekeeping is one of the best cottage business ideas, and bee care is inexpensive.

4. Baked Products

If you are looking for a business you can start from your kitchen; you should consider the baking business.

This is another profitable cottage business idea.

This type of business requires artistic and creative skills.

If you like baking for your family, you can transform that hobby into a money-making business.

You can bake different snacks and supply them to stores or supermarkets.

It could be cakes, pies, candies, cookies, bread, and others.

Also, you can take your baked products to children’s parks or offices where you can make good sales.

Since all the processes will take place in your kitchen, you won’t need much capital.

All you need is to get the materials required for baking the goods.

Do not forget that you can sell your baked products online.

5. Babysitting or Childcare Service

Babysitting or childcare service is another cottage business idea you should try if you enjoy the company of children.

This is a lucrative business opportunity you cannot afford to miss out on.

For stay-at-home moms who want a business they can run to keep themselves busy, babysitting is an ideal business to venture into.

You must be good with children or babies to succeed in this business.

Your target market should be parents who work long hours and need someone to take care of their kids while doing their professional duties.

Some parents are willing to drop off their kids with babysitters while doing their daily jobs.

One good thing about this business is that you can do it in your spare time.

Also, you can turn a space in your house and start a home-based creche.

However, you will need to register your business to avoid future crises.

Also, you will need to possess positive traits to win your client’s trust.

You can use the extra space in your house for this business.

All you need to get is kid-friendly toys and games.

You could also provide snacks and drinks for them.

6. Candle Making – Cottage Business Ideas

Candle-making is another lucrative cottage business idea that can earn you a reasonable income monthly.

If you plan properly, you can make a good income from making beautifully scented candles.

In this business, your artistic skills and creativity are what make you stand out among others in the business.

Furthermore, the demand for candles is increasing due to the growing popularity of candle usage.

A candle can be gifted to a friend or used in religious activities.

It can also be used for birthdays(cakes), romantic events, and aromatherapy.

There are a lot of purposes candles serve, but these are a few of them.

7. Computer Repairs

This is another skill-based cottage business idea you can explore.

In this business, you earn based on your expertise.

We are already in the technology age where people will need a computer repair service.

This is one business you can do in your local area and neighboring town.

However, this can only be profitable if you are skilled at repairing computers.

The more customers you have, the more income you will get.

You can work with both private and commercial organizations.

8. Equipment Rentals

Equipment rental is also another business you can run from home for a massive monthly income.

However, this business is capital intensive.

You can start this business by figuring out what your locality lacks.

You can rent out construction equipment, catering equipment, party equipment, etc.

Furthermore, the return on investment in this type of business is high.

This is because you can make the amount you purchase the equipment within a short time.

However, the efforts you put into the business to make it profitable and your customer base.

9. Freelance Writing

If you have good writing skills but don’t want to be tied to a particular company, freelance writing is an idea you can’t afford to miss. 

This is also a lucrative and growing business idea among writers.

Freelance writing is the act of writing for businesses as an independent contractor.

You will only be working for someone based on an agreement.

You can write for one or multiple clients.

However, you need impressive writing skills to profit from this business. 

Also, you should be creative with your writing.

Furthermore, there are different types of services you can offer as a freelancer.

They are;

  • Ghostwriting
  • Blog management
  • Editing
  • Copywriting
  • Social media marketing

Starting a freelance writing job does not require a high start-up investment.

You will need a personal laptop and a good internet connection.

10. Gunsmithing – Cottage Business Ideas

Gunsmithing is a cottage business idea that is delicate but is remunerative also.

This is because it has to deal with firearms.

You will need to have an operating license before you can start this business.

Gunsmithing is a business with rewarding profits.

To be a gunsmith, you must know how to make and repair guns.

However, there might be limits on the type of guns to produce.

You can rent or sell guns to hunters, security officials, and licensed individuals.

11. Handyman

Another profitable cottage business idea you can go into is being a handyman.

This is also a lucrative and growing cottage business idea.

A handyman is also known as a handyperson or handy worker.

If you are the type that your friends, family, and neighbors call to fix things, you should consider starting a business in that area.

A handyman is a person that is skilled at repairing almost everything in a home.

You can also help maintain a wide range of things in the house.

You get paid for repairing small things in homes.

Also, you get to charge the amount of money you will receive for the service you render.

You can charge between $60 to $70 for the work done per hour.

However, depending on how complex it is, you can charge more than the amount.

12. Personal Fitness Trainer; Cottage Business Ideas

As a personal fitness trainer, you instruct, lead, and motivate individuals or groups in exercise activities.

The exercise activities could include stretching, cardiovascular, and strength training exercise.

The service of a personal fitness trainer is increasing because people are conscious of their health.

And as such, they are willing to pay to get good health and body shape.

As a personal fitness trainer, your job is to help your client achieve their fitness goals.

You could also give your client information about nutrition and weight control.

Furthermore, you should be able to give first aid when needed.

You will need a certificate to prove you are a professional fitness trainer.

You can work in your client’s houses or gym centers.

If you wish, you can also start an online fitness class.

13. Personal Chef

Are you good with playing with food, spices, and ingredients to bring out a delicious meal?

You can try out being a personal chef.

Being a personal chef is another profitable cottage business idea.

This is one business that requires culinary skills.

You can do this business if you are good at cooking and possess good culinary skills.

As a personal chef, you must prepare meals for your client.

It can be from their kitchen.

Most high-profile individuals are always looking for a personal chef.

This is because they want to eat healthy meals to have good health.

So, you wouldn’t need to set up a shop for this business since you’ll be working on a contractual basis.

14. Woodworking

Do you have skills with woodwork, or are you interested in woodworking?

Starting a woodwork business is not a bad idea.

You should consider this business if you possess outstanding artistic, crafting, and creative skills.

Woodworking is the act of making items out of wood.

These items include furniture, kitchen utensils, toys, pens, and other wooden objects.

These wood items can be used in offices or homes.

Furthermore, you can sell your wooden items on online platforms.

One of the best online platforms for selling handmade products is Etsy.

You should upload attractive photos of your woodwork on the site.

15. Welding

Welding is also another cottage business idea to can explore as an entrepreneur, so why not jump at it if you have the skill?

This is a business that has a high demand for service.

Also, it is one of the most lucrative and profitable cottage business ideas.

As a welder, you will have a wide range of customers.

Your customers can come from the construction industry and automobile industry.

Ideally, the business revolves around manufacturing metal products, as well as repairing, damaged ones.

To excel in this business, you should possess creative skills.

Conclusion On Cottage Business Ideas

These are the most profitable cottage business ideas you can do as an aspiring entrepreneur.

The cottage industry offers many business ideas from different industries.

This article has unveiled some of these business opportunities you can start from the comfort of your home.

Knowing that a cottage business has a high chance of profitability, none of it is a get-rich-quick scheme.

Therefore, you should work hard to get the profit you deserve.

You should research any of the cottage businesses that interest you.

This will allow you to understand the business and its consumers.

Don’t forget to market your business because marketing will help you reach potential customers.

Good luck!