Courier Service Business Ideas

Courier Service Business Ideas

Have you been thinking of starting a courier service but don’t know which way to go?. Or you still can’t decide on the type of service you want to deliver?. Not to worry, this article will discuss some related courier service business ideas.

Let’s get started!

Introduction To Courier Service Business Ideas

Firstly, let’s get to know what courier service is all about.

Courier service is said to be an express and door-to-door delivery.

It deals with the delivery of goods.

We know what door-to-door delivery means.

However, express delivery means delivering goods on demand or at a definite time.

It includes on-demand pick-up or time-definite delivery.

Overall, the courier service business ideas are the businesses worth investing time and capital on.

Benefits Of Courier Service – Why People Patronize Courier Services


It is easy to deliver goods internationally.

All thanks to courier delivery services.

Since they know each country’s customs and procedures, they protect your goods from being held at the border.

Precise Price

The courier service gives an accurate price according to the parcel’s weight and size.

Hence, they tend to make their customer happy by delivering their goods at a decent cost.

Quick At Delivery

No matter what the goods are or where they are to be delivered to, they tend to be fast with delivery.

This helps assure customers of their timeliness and credibility.


One can easily track the location of their goods or what you sent out to be delivered.

This is all thanks to developed technology integrated into the system that helps notify customers when their goods will arrive at their destination.

Future Of Courier Service Industry

A study carried out by Research and Markets revealed that the courier industry market value from 2015 to 2020 is almost $454.5 billion.

Precisely, it is said that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) increased by 8.1%.

This growth is attributed to the increasing demand for e-commerce.

Above all, the market is expected to grow from $736.0 billion to $1,152.8 billion from 2025 to 2030, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR)of 9.4%.

17 Courier Service Business Ideas

1. Drone Delivery Service

Delivery of goods through drones is one of the new technology business ideas.

A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can be used for delivery.

It can be used to deliver food, medical supplies, transport packages, etc.

With this device, you can help your clients deliver their goods to their preferred destinations.

This is an efficient way to deliver goods on time.

However,  before investing any dime into this business, you need to check in with your local authorities to verify if drones are allowed to operate in your area.

Otherwise, it could pose serious problems for you in the future. 

2. Medical Marijuana – Courier Service Business Ideas

This is a well profitable business idea in the courier service industry.

You can start this business idea by delivering marijuana.

Note that the distribution of marijuana is illegal.

However, not when it is strictly for medical purposes.

So, you can only deliver to patients with prescriptions, approved organizations, or stores.

Furthermore, before you embark on this business, you will need to talk to a lawyer about the business.

You should find out from your lawyer about the legality of the business so you can get everything right (the paper works and all) before embarking on this business.

3. Relocation Service

This is an example of courier service business ideas.

Relocation service involves moving clients’ or customers’ properties or luggage from the original location to the preferred location.

You’ll need to have at least one truck for this business.

Thankfully, you can rent the trucks to get started.

Alternatively, you can partner with investors (e.g., someone with fleets of trucks).

4. Bicycle Service – Courier Service Business Ideas

Bicycle delivery service is yet another profitable courier service business.

Fortunately, this type of courier service does not require huge capital.

Firstly, you need to secure a courier license if it’s compulsory in your area.

Then, ensure to deliver goods that are not heavy for the bicycle to carry, such as documents and parcels.

5. Grocery Courier Service Business Ideas

Delivery of groceries is another courier service business idea.

You can use a bicycle or vehicle for this type of courier service.

Even more, you can decide to open a grocery store and deliver groceries to your clients themselves.

However, owning a grocery store requires huge capital.

So, focusing on just groceries delivery will be easier to start.

You can equally deliver the grocery from the point of purchase to the preferred location.

6. Pizza Delivery – Courier Service Business Ideas

Pizza delivery is another courier service business idea that you can explore.

This is a popular business idea and profitable.

It involves the delivery of pizza to customers that ordered them.

The good thing is you can use a bicycle, automobile, scooter, or drone for delivery.

You can register under a pizza company as a franchise to get the business going.

Also, you can partner with pizza companies for delivery.

This way, you help them deliver pizza to their customers for a fixed fee.

Alternatively, you can establish your pizza company where you sell and deliver pizza to your company.

7. Laundry Delivery

Laundry delivery involves picking and delivering clients’ laundry.

There are different ways to engage in this business.

Firstly, you can open a laundry service where you pick up the clothes, do the laundry, and deliver them to your clients.

Another one is picking clothes from a laundry service company and delivering them to its clients.

In this situation, you only do the company’s delivery service.

8. Medical Service Delivery

Delivery of medical products is yet another courier service business idea.

It is a special type of delivery as you’ll be delivering medical lab samples and test results.

This business requires utmost care and a high level of professionalism during the delivery.

As a medical delivery agent, you may focus on;

  • Organ Transplant Delivery
  • Drug Delivery
  • Blood Delivery
  • Laboratory Samples
  • Laboratory Test Results, and so on.

Apart from making money from this business, you’ll feel fulfilled knowing that you’re saving lives.

9. E-commerce Delivery – Courier Service Business Ideas

E-commerce delivery is another example of courier service business ideas.

This business requires you to partner with e-commerce brands to deliver goods to their client’s orders.

So, you get to deliver goods directly to the location of the buyer.

This is one of the evergreen niches in the courier service industry because e-commerce has come to stay.

As long as these e-commerce brands continue to exist, there’ll always be a need for courier/delivery service.

10. Beverage Delivery

This is another profitable courier service business idea.

This depends on whether you just want to run a beverage delivery business or a beverage store alongside a delivery service.

Either way, it’s a profitable business because beverages are one of humans’ essential needs.

So, offering this essential service puts you at an advantage.

11. Concierge Service Delivery- Courier Service Business Ideas

This is yet another example of a courier service business idea.

However, this type of business deals with customers’ demands.

Concierge service involves running errands on behalf of a client or customer, such as booking hotels and booking transportation ( cars, boats, airplanes, and so on).

It could also involve booking spa services and coordinating porter services like luggage assistance.

In summary, you or your company get to help your client or customer with their day-to-day activities.

12. Gift Basket Delivery

Another courier service business idea is gift basket delivery.

There are two ways to run this business.

Firstly, you can open a store where you sell gift baskets packed in hampers from your store according to your client’s order and deliver them.

However, starting this business will require you to register your business and set up a gift shop.

Alternatively, you can start the delivery service by partnering with gift shops and helping them deliver gifts to their clients.

13. Animal Service Delivery- Courier Service Business Ideas

Do you know that delivery of animals is another courier service business idea?

People pay to get their pets or other animals delivered to them.

This business can be operated both locally and internationally.

Also, it has high-profit potential, and it is less competitive.

Furthermore, this business can only be handled by professionals as you won’t be dealing with domestic animals or pets only.

You’ll also deliver wild animals from one zoo to another.

14. Court Summons Delivery

Another lucrative courier service business idea is court summons delivery.

A court summons is a document issued by the court to an individual telling the person that they have to appear to the court at a specific time for a specific purpose.

Court summons may be served directly to the person or delivered to a registered post.

However, for you to be a court summon deliverer, there are steps to follow.

  • Firstly, you will need to research to find out the requirement necessary for the business.
  • Also, get the necessary training required for the business.
  • Furthermore, learn the state laws.
  • You should also register your business and get a license.
  • Have a business plan; this will help you in running your business.
  • Furthermore, you should partner with many courts for regular jobs to help you maximize your profit in the business.

15. Courier Software App Developer

Developing a software/app for courier service is a related courier service business idea.

This business is for a tech-savvy person.

Every courier service needs a software app for its customers and the company.

For instance, the courier service drivers or messengers will need information in the app to deliver packages.

Also, clients may require the app to track their delivery, get details about a product, and even give reviews for the courier service.

In conclusion, this is lucrative and profitable.

However, you’ll need an efficient device and your app development skills to excel in this business.

16. Furniture Delivery – Courier Service Business Ideas

This is another profitable business idea in the courier service industry.

There are not so many competitors for this business idea.

Starting a furniture business itself is capital-intensive.

So, you can partner with furniture makers and deliver furniture to their clients.

You’ll need a delivery truck to convey the furniture to the customer’s location.

Depending on your budget, you can either rent a truck or purchase a new or fairly used one.

17. Logistics – Courier Service Business Ideas

This is an example of courier service business ideas.

Logistics is the process of acquiring, storing, organizing, and transporting resources, raw materials, or goods to their final destination.

This is a large-scale business.

You will need a team and vehicles for the business.

So, check your finances to know if you have the capacity to set up this business.

As with most businesses, you can always start small and expand operations much later.

Tips For A Successful Courier Service Business

Here are some helpful tips for starting and running a courier service business.

Choose A Niche/ Speciality

The courier service has a wide range of businesses, and each niche is profitable in its way.

So, picking a niche will make things easier, especially when starting out.

Before picking a niche, do your due diligence to research the various niches and discover the best one for you. 

Have A Legal Business Structure

Another important tip for a successful courier business is choosing a legal business structure.

There are four primary options to consider when choosing a legal structure.

  • Corporation
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • General or Limited partnership

Furthermore, you should have a business license for the location you will be operating the business.

Doing this will help you avoid unnecessary litigations that tamper with the smooth flow of your business.

Means Of Transportation And Equipment

Your business needs to have its means of transporting deliveries.

You should also purchase the necessary equipment or supplies for the benefit of your business.

These are the following materials you should consider for successful courier business.

  • Technology for the business, such as laptops, phones, and tablets.
  • Vehicles such as trucks, cars, bicycles, vans, and so on.
  • Blankets, cargo straps, protective devices for hauling, and so on.


It is also important to secure insurance for your courier business.

This will help lessen any potential problems that might happen during delivery.

Your insurance can cover;

  • Cargo and items in transit
  • Your drivers or employees
  • Business equipment used in transport
  • The vehicles for your business

This tip will also help your business by building customer trust in case of accidents.

Rate Structure

Furthermore, you should consider competitors’ rates when deciding on your rate and pricing structure.

Also, consider the insurance premiums and operation cost of things.

Above all, be transparent with your pricing so your customers will know the amount they will be paying.

It helps to build trust and credibility.

Marketing Your Business

Lastly, you need to implement a marketing and advertising strategy for your business to succeed.

You can hire marketing consultants to help you position your business to attract more customers.

Furthermore, when targeting your market, you should consider these forms of advertising.

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Incentive and referral programs
  • Online channels such as websites, social media, or blogs.
  • Print advertisements

Conclusion On Courier Service Business Ideas

We’ve given you so many courier service business ideas in this article, you can start by going for the one that interests you.

However, note that just having a profitable business idea isn’t enough to guarantee your success.

Other things like effective marketing, excellent customer service, dedication, planning, and commitment go into running a successful business.

So, ensure you put in the right efforts and strategies to see your business grow.

Stay frosty!