General James Mattis’ Reading List

 General James Mattis' Reading List
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Are you curious about General James Mattis’ reading list?  One of the best ways to achieve self-development is by reading books. It’s no surprise that most successful people are acute readers.

General James Mattis was a former United States Secretary of Defense (2017-2018).

He achieved so much success during his time in the U.S marine and also as the secretary of defense.

General James Mattis was awarded so many military and civilian awards for his commendable efforts while serving his country.

Being an outstanding reader, he learned about so many experiences, principles, and strategies from books.

Despite his busy schedules and overwhelming responsibilities as a leader, General James Mattis still carved out time for reading books.

With over 7,000 books in his library, here are 8 books on his reading list you shouldn’t ignore reading.

General James Mattis’ Reading List

The Future of Strategy by Colin Gray

About the Author

Colin Gray is a writer and a professor of International Relations and Strategic Studies at the University of Reading (located in Berkshire).

He is also the founder and senior advocate to the National Institute for Public Policy in the US.

Gray is an accomplished writer with a good number of books and articles to his name.

He also served as a defense adviser to both the British and the United States government.

Some of his brilliant works are on military history and strategic studies.

About the Book

The Future of Strategy centers on the meaning of strategy and its importance.

Colin Gray is an expert in strategic studies.

He shares insight into how political and military leaders have achieved desired outcomes in complex situations through strategy.

Gray in this book from General James Mattis’ reading list, also talks about the theory and practice of strategy.

He makes use of real-life examples of events in the second world war.

In addition to this, ongoing conflicts at the time of writing this book are also used to illustrate the relevance of strategy.

According to Gray, the concept of strategy has been in existence and will continue to remain a relevant phenomenon in solving problems in these present times.

Book Review

This book is truly a resourceful book as it provides insight into the experience of past leaders who have accomplished great things through the application of the right strategies.

It doesn’t only appeal to Military or political leaders but to humans in general as we all need to make strategic plans towards achieving our goals.

Colin Gray did an excellent job of explaining the concept of strategy in this book.

It’s no surprise that this book is on General James Mattis’ reading list.

Strategizing is an important aspect of achieving success in any area of life.

There’s no greater way of learning how to strategize than from the master of strategizing “Colin Gray”

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The Rise and Fall Of The Great Powers by Paul Kennedy

About the Author

Paul Kennedy is a professor of history from Britain.

He specializes in the history of International Relations and Economic Power.

He’s the author of so many books that focus on the foreign policy of Britain and great power struggles.

He has seriously contributed to global development.

This is through his research works on specific fields of study such as Maritime for which he has received honorary awards and medals.

About the Book

The Rise and Fall of Great Powers is all about the political and economic situation of countries or sovereign states that were regarded as great powers.

These great powers include countries such as Europe, the U.S among others.

Paul Kennedy in this book from General James Mattis’ reading list takes us through the historical period of the political and economic strength of the ‘’Great Power’’ countries.

It also takes us through their struggles to maintain dominance and some of the events that led to their fall.

This book provides an insight into the political, economic and military history of major world powers from the period of 1500 to 2000.

It also provides information on the various reasons these world powers experienced power shift/ decline.

Kennedy shares his thoughts on the future position of the world power countries by the end of the 20th century.

Book Review

This book from General James Mattis’ reading list is one of the best works of Paul Kennedy.

It is a product of in-depth research into the history of world power countries.

Paul Kennedy gives a serious analysis of the issues that caused a decline in the political, economic and military capabilities of world power countries like the USSR, Britain among others between 1500-2000.

The long period of history covered in this book on how a country’s economic spending can have a positive or negative impact on its military position and vice versa is highly commendable.

Paul Kennedy did a great job in providing an insight into some of the bad decisions these world power countries made in the past that led to their fall.

Getting to understand the reason behind the fall of the world power countries can be beneficial to you as an individual aiding your decision-making process.

The role of leadership is not an easy task.

You get to take tough decisions that can either make or mar you.

Learn from the experience of these great powers by reading this book on the history of these world power countries.

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The Rules of The Game by Gilbert Andrew Hugh Gordon

About the Author

Gilbert Gordon is a British author and historian.

His most popular works are  The Rules of The Game and British Sea Power Procurement Between The Wars.

In 1997 he received a Medal for Military literature from the Duke of Westminster.

 About the Book

The Rules of The Game is a historical account of the war of Jutland.

This book from General James Mattis’ reading list contains details of the performance of the British naval forces from 1805 to 1916.

It also sheds insight on how the English Naval forces evolved in tactics and strategy during the period of the Jutland war.

Just as the name of the book implies, it’s all about tactical and strategic leadership in the game of war.

It’s also about knowing and understanding the rules of the game in other to avoid costly mistakes.

 Book Review

This book provides an explicit historical account of the failures and shortcomings of the British Naval forces and its opponents during the Jutland battle.

Gilbert Gordon did a wonderful job providing details on how a lack of understanding of the rules of the game of battle can lead to costly consequences.

A proper understanding of the rules gives you an edge over your competitors in any area of endeavors.

This book made it to General James Mattis’ reading list possibly because he understands that, learning from the past experiences of others will save you from making costly mistakes.

Apart from getting to know some of the historical events recorded in this book, you can also acquire some valuable principles you can apply to your life.

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My American Journey by Colin Powell and Joseph E. Persico

About the Authors

Colin Powell is an American politician and retired army general who served in the United States Army for 35 years.

He was the first black American to serve as the United States Secretary of State under the administration of U.S President George W. Bush.

He also served as the National Security Advisor (1987-1989).

Joseph Persico was a historian, biographer, and author.

He served as a Navy officer during the Korean war and primary speechwriter to Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller before he died.

About the Book   

This book from General James Mattis’ reading list is an autobiography of Colin Powell.

It explores the author’s experiences growing up as a child and the challenges he encounters as an adult.

Just as the title of the book implies, it’s all about Powell’s journey to the top.

The book covers the experiences of the author in his early army career and his rise to a decorated and celebrated four-star general.

It also contains details about Powell’s political career and some of the principles that guided him on his way to the top.

It also captures details of specific events that occurred in the Army while Powell was still an officer in services.

The book gives us an insight into Powell’s thoughts and reactions to these events.

Book Review

This book is one of the New York Times’ Best Sellers.

It appeals to lots of readers because of the way in which Powell truthfully and eloquently shares his experiences with the readers.

It is also highly inspirational as you cannot help but admire the amazing personality of Colin Powell as you read through the pages of this book.

Despite the unfavorable living conditions Powell was born into, he was able to rise to the position of being one of America’s sweetheart through years of hard work and principled living.

You don’t have to be a politician or a leader to enjoy this book from General James Mattis’ reading list.

It applies to all who aim to be great at what they do.

Get that inspiration you need to be great from this book.

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Before The First Shots Are Fired: How America Can Win or Lose Off The Battlefield by Gen Tony Zinni and Tony Koltz

About the Authors

General Anthony Zinni is a retired general of the U.S marine corps and a former Commander in chief of the U.S Central Command.

He served in the force for a period of 39 years.

During these years he got so many awards and medals of honor through his selfless service to his country and the world at large.

He’s also a writer.

Tony Kolz is an American and a prolific writer.

He’s written quite a number of fictional and non-fictional books like Vampire Express and The Battle for Peace.

About the Book

In this book, General Zinni exquisitely shares his feelings on the condition of America when it comes to war.

He shares his thoughts also on how the understanding of war off the battlefield determines who wins or loses.

According to Zinni in this book, adapting to the battlefield is the most important factor that guarantees victory.

Therefore America must learn to adapt to when it comes to battle.

Based on his 39 years of experience in the force, General Zinni shares his thoughts on the way the U.S plans its wars.

General Zinni also suggests the necessary steps that could be taken to prevent further mistakes when it comes to war planning and strategizing.

Using real-life events as illustrations, retired General Zinni educates his audience on the importance of strategizing when it comes to battle planning.

Book Review

This is an insightful book as it provides an insight into how the Americans plan their war and some of the problems wrong with the way they plan.

It also provides insight into how these problems can be avoided in the future.

The issue of war and peace is quite important to any country and anyone who seeks enlightenment in these areas should read this book.

It is not just a historical account of the wars of Iraq, Afghanistan, and America.

It’s also about the authors’ intentions to express their feelings on some of the issues at hand concerning Americas’ war planning and strategizing.

You don’t have to be a soldier or an army general to enjoy this book.

All you need is your passion for knowledge and your desire to be exceptional at what you do.

Get to know more about the relevance of the principle of planning and strategizing from this book on General James Mattis’ reading list.

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One Bullet Away by Nathaniel C. Fick

About the Author

Nathaniel Fick is an American author and a former U. S Marine corps member.

In 2012, he became the CEO of Endgame incorporated (a security intelligence software company).

He’s also an operating partner at Bessemer Ventures.

About the Book

One Bullet Away is an autobiography that centers on the issue of peace and war and the processes involved in becoming a member of the Marines.

In this book, Nathaniel Fick expresses the importance of Mastering the act of war.

He also gives a detailed account of the events that occur in his life’s journey as a Marine corps member.

Nathaniel Fick recalls the fact that he had to learn to shoot a man one mile away, learn the principles of leadership, and learn to stay awake for seventy-two hours.

He also expresses how these skills set him on the part to the top of the ladder of success in his field.

In this book, Nathaniel Fick also shares insights into some major ideals and practices that make some of the marine officers become legendary leaders.

Book Review

This is truly an inspiring book.

It serves as a source of inspiration to not only those who aspire to become marine corps members in the future but also to anyone who has a particular goal, he or she aims to achieve.

From this book on General James Mattis’ reading list, you get to learn the importance of persistence, courage, diligence, clear vision, self-belief and resilience when working toward achieving a particular goal.

Nathaniel Fick has recorded quite a lot of success in his life.

In this book, he proves to his readers that the road to success is not an easy one and to truly excel you need determination and courage to conquer tough situations.

Nathaniel Fick’s experiences as a marine officer was not an easy one and he had to overcome so many hurdles on his way to the top.

We can learn a whole lot from his experiences as well as some of the principles he abides by from this book on General James Mattis’ reading list.

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Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela

About the Author

Nelson Mandela was a man of so many great deeds and global impact.

He was a politician and a social rights activist who participated actively in the fight against the apartheid system in South Africa.

Mandela was also the first elected black president of South Africa.

He spent 27 years in prison as a result of his rebellion against unfavorable policies against the South Africans.

Due to his bravery, courage and active participation in ending the Apartheid system in South Africa and making the world a better place, he was celebrated.

He received so many national awards and honors such as the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize among others.

About the Book

This is an autobiography of the life of a great man who affected lives positively.

In this book, Nelson Mandela shares his experiences as a child and how he had to overcome major challenges in life.

It’s all about his early childhood days, participation in politics and how he became the First Black President in South Africa.

Mandela takes us through an interesting period of history in his life.

Long Walk To Freedom contains details of the horrible effects of racial discrimination the people of South Africa encountered.

It also captures the struggles of Nelson Mandela in the 27 traumatizing years he spent in prison as a result of his fight for a better South Africa.

Just as the title suggests it captures Nelson Mandela and South Africans’ long and agonizing walk to freedom.

Book Review

This book on General James Mattis’ reading list attracts a wide range of readers.

This is as a result of the heroic deeds of Nelson Mandela.

He was a brave and phenomenal leader.

Also, he truthfully and brilliantly captures his experiences on his leadership journey in this book.

Nelson Mandela lived his life on certain principles.

He lived by principles of courage in the face of struggles, hard work amongst other commendable virtues.

He was indeed a unique leader.

There’s a whole lot to learn from this phenomenal leader.

He didn’t allow the circumstances around him to deter him from achieving his goals in life.

His principles made him an outstanding leader.

You could also learn about these principles and apply them to work and life in general.

Fighting Talk: Forty Maxims on War, Peace, and Strategy by Colin Gray

About the Author 

 Collin Gray is a British-American author and a former secretary of defense to both the British and the U.S government.

He schooled at the University of Manchester and Oxford University.

He has published over 25 books and some articles that have made him famous around the world.

About the Book

This book is yet another great book from the master of strategy Colin Gray.

It’s written out of years of in-depth research on the topic of war and strategizing.

Gray writes this book in the form of short essays.

This book on General James Mattis’ reading list centers on the issues of military power and warfare.

It also discusses the importance of strategy, war and peace, and the relationship between history and the future.

Gary makes use of historical examples in this book to ensure that we truly understand the topic of discussion.

Book Review

This book has been described as highly intellectual and easy to read.

This is because of its structure.

It is also very insightful because of the rich content of the information it provides to its readers.

Fighting Talk is indeed a resourceful book because it provides information on the issues of war, peace and strategizing.

These are some of the areas of concern to the government of countries all over the world.

The book contains less technical and difficult terms which makes it enjoyable for the reader.

You don’t have to be a politician, world leader or in the armed forces to understand this book.

To achieve success, possessing the right strategizing skills to handle tough times or situations is important.

Develop your strategizing skills by learning from the expert in the field (Colin Gray).

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Final Thoughts on General James Mattis’ Reading List

 Success is not achieved in a day.

It takes years of hard work, diligence and lots of learning.

Most Successful people are people who learn to develop themselves constantly.

One of the effective ways to self- development is by learning from the experiences of successful people.

Above you are books on General James Mattis’ reading list.

One of the worlds’ successful leaders.

Start the process to self- development now by getting these books.

So you’ll be on your way to becoming outstanding in your various fields of endeavor.