How To Accomplish Goals

How To Accomplish Goals

Do you want to know how to accomplish goals?

Everybody has what they are pursuing and aiming for, whether on a big or small scale.

However, most people fail to accomplish or get what they are aiming for.

Often, the reason for this is that they do not know how to accomplish goals.

If you fall under this category of people who find it challenging to accomplish their goals, you should not fret.

You shouldn’t fret because we will share with you essential information that will teach you how to accomplish goals.

Let’s begin by discussing what a goal is…

What Is a Goal? – How to Accomplish Goals

how to achieve your goals and dreams

A goal is a desired result that an individual or a group of persons visualize, plan and commit to accomplishing.

When working to achieve goals, people make decisions and commitments, stop habits, and cultivate valuable habits.

They do all these in hopes that it will sum up and facilitate goal achievement.

Goals help people to decide on what they want and focus on it.

They keep people motivated and constantly on the move.

Often, people work with deadlines to ensure that they meet their goals.

Once one goal is achieved, another one can begin.

Sometimes people chase more than one goal at a time.

Therefore, a person can keep having goals till they die.

Goals apply to all areas of people’s lives, from career to education, health, family, and so on.

Furthermore, goals can either be set for long-terms or short-terms.

Hence, a person can work to achieve their short-term goals and still work towards their long-term goal.

Concepts Mistaken For Goals – How to Accomplish Goals

who can help you to achieve your goals

Some certain concepts are commonly mistaken for goals.

Most of them are somewhat related and have a particular bearing on goals; this causes the mistake.

However, to ensure that you accomplish your goals, you need to identify goals from these other concepts.

Hence, we will discuss these concepts and provide you with a clear view of what goals are all about.

Dreams Vs. Goals

Dreams are yearnings that exist in people’s imaginations.

There is no action attached to dreams; they are purely fantasies

On the other hand, goals prompt action; they stretch and help people to get results.

When a person set attainable goals and work diligently to accomplish them, that is when they can actualize their dreams.

Expectations Vs. Goals – How to Accomplish Goals

Expectations are those things or heights that people feel they should attain.

People tend to feel frustrated when they feel like they are not doing enough.

For instance, most contestants in a show expect to be the winner, but only one person wins in the end.

The contestants that do not win will feel crushed or frustrated.

Goals are related to expectations.

What we mean is that realistic goals can be set to achieve expectations.

Expectations can often be unrealistic.

However, goals should not be; they demand focus, clarity, and action.

Objectives Vs. Goal

Objectives work to achieve goals.

This is because they are tasks that have to be done to achieve a goal.

Hence, objectives should not be mistaken for goals.

Visions Vs. Goals – How to Accomplish Goals

As crucial as visions are in life, they are different from goals.

Visions represent where people want to be or go in life; a destination they strive to get at.

The things and the paths you will have to go through to get to your destinations are often unspecified.

This is when goals come into play.

Visions are broken down into goals to make them specific and attainable.

Goals enable a person to understand and calculate the steps necessary for the actualization of their vision.

Steps on How to Accomplish Goals

Steps to Accomplish Your Goals and Resolutions

You cannot accomplish your goals if you do not follow the proper process.

In other words, certain things have to be done correctly before you can accomplish any goal.

Therefore, the following are steps on how to accomplish goals:

Setting Goals – How to Accomplish Goals

The first thing to do to achieve any goal is to set your goal.

You have to ask yourself questions.

Questions like “what do I want?” “Why do I want this?” and other questions.

When you answer these questions, you will be able to set a realistic goal.

Let’s break down setting goals into smaller steps for better understanding:

Decide On Your Want or Need

The first thing you should do when setting goals is to decide on your want or need.

That is, you have to decide on what you need or want to accomplish.

Your want or need can be something small or big.

Regardless of what they may be, you need to think and decide what you need or want to achieve.

This is an essential step if you want to succeed in achieving your goal.

Define Your Goal – How to Accomplish Goals

When you know what you need or want, the next thing to do is think of what your goal means.

Another person’s meaning of that same goal could be different from yours.

For instance, your goal can be to be healthier.

A lot of people aim to achieve this same goal.

However, it does not mean the same for everybody.

Hence, you have to think of what being healthier entails to you and what you need to do to attain that level of health you want.

Ask Why

The next thing you need to do is to ask the question, “why?”

Ask yourself why you want the goal you have chosen.

Think about what motivated you to go for that goal.

This will help you understand your goal better and revise your goal if there is a need to.

For instance, if you want to know how to sing, you have to ask why.

That is, you should take time to ponder and question your reason for wanting to learn to sing.

Your reason might be because you want to be among the famous people in society.

Another reason could be that you believe you were born to sing and you are willing to do what it takes to make that happen.

If you have a strong reason for setting your goal, you will feel more motivated to pursue that goal.

Figure Out If It Is Attainable – How to Accomplish Goals

Several goals have failed because of how unrealistic and unattainable they were.            

Goals do not just need good planning; they also need to be realistic and attainable.

Hence, you have to figure out if your goals are attainable or not.

An example of an unattainable goal is a goal set to grow taller than your original height.

This goal is unattainable for an adult whose height growth has stopped.

Your height as an adult will be the height you will have till you start declining at old age.

The best people can do about height is to practice better posture.

However, this will not increase your height; it will only make you look taller.

Hence, if you have this type of goal, then you are out to get yourself disappointed.

To avoid getting disappointed, ensure that you set attainable goals.

Golden Rules of Goal Setting


Once you are done with the tasks under setting your goal, you have to start planning your goal.

Plan making involves tasks that will help you draft out a well-constructed plan that will enable you to accomplish your goals.

Let’s see them…

Be Specific about Your Goal

To accomplish a particular goal there are things you have to do to ensure that the goal is achieved.

In other words, you have to become specific about your goals and everything relating to it.

A vague goal will prevent you from knowing the right things to do; this might likely end up in failure.

Hence, you need to ensure that your goal and the objectives to achieve it are not vague but rather clear and detailed.

Let your goal go beyond the general goals people make.

For instance, ‘to be successful’ is a general goal that most people make.

Your goal might be this; however, you need to be more specific.

People view success differently, and people can be successful in different fields.

Hence, you need to define what success is to you.

Also, you need to be specific on what area you want to be successful in.

When you have gotten specific about your goal, you will be able to plan properly.

Prioritize Your Goals According to Relevance – How to Accomplish Goals

As we earlier stated, you can work towards several goals.

This can be problematic sometimes, especially when your goals have no similarities.

In such a situation, you hshould pursue one and leave the other ones for later.

This will enable you to achieve your goals easier and faster than when joggling different goals.

However, you should not just randomly pick any goal and focus on it.

Instead, you have to prioritize your goals according to their importance.

Their importance should be based on what is most important to you.

Also, see how the goal that is most important to you will help you achieve other smaller goals, whether short or long term.

Visualize Your Goal’s Impact in Your Life

Every goal has an impact on your life, whether big or small.

Hence, you ought to be careful about every goal you set and pursue.

So, before making plans to pursue your goal, think of how it will influence your life.

When you do this, it will enable you to see how your goal will benefit your life.

As a result, it will increase your motivation and make you strive to accomplish it.

Break Down Your Goals – How to Accomplish Goals

For you to quickly accomplish your goals, you need to break them down into sub-goals.

These sub-goals will be small tasks that have to be done to ensure that your goals are accomplished.

For instance, if your goal is to start a business, the first task will be to develop a business idea.

The next would likely be to gather funds to finance the business and the likes.

You will find it much easier to accomplish these sub-goals when you have a schedule.

This is because a schedule will enable you to stay on track and be focused.

Figure Out Potential Obstacles

Knowing the challenges and obstacles, you might face while pursuing your goals is equally important.

This is because; knowing the potential obstacles and challenges will enable you to think of ways to overcome them.

Hence, you need to think ahead of what they might be.

For instance, your goal to start a business might come with obstacles or challenges such as where to get funding and how to get customers.

Therefore, you will have to think ahead regarding where you will get funds, how to attract customers, and so on.

Ways To Achieve Your Life Goals

Implementation and Follow up – How to Accomplish Goals

When pursuing a goal, you do not stop at setting and making plans for your goal.

If you stop there, then you will not accomplish your goal.

Hence, you need to take action and work towards achieving your goal.

This step includes…

Investing Your Time

You cannot achieve anything in life without putting in your time.

Therefore, you ought to be ready to invest your time.

So, you need to know how long it will take for your goal to be accomplished.

For instance, when starting a business, you should know when you want to start and how long you have to gather the resources to start it.

You cannot avoid putting in your time when pursuing a goal.

Working towards Your Goal Every Day – How to Accomplish Goals

One way to ensure that you work towards your goal every day is by fixing it into your daily routine.

This will make it faster and easier for you to achieve your goal.

For instance, if your goal is to be a better swimmer, you can practice swimming every day.

Have a scheduled time that applies for every day.

The more you do this every day, the better you will become at swimming.

Monitoring Your Progress

As you work towards accomplishing your goals, you also need to monitor your progress.

This is because monitoring your progress enables you to keep account of how far you have gone.

Additionally, it enables you to stay motivated as you identify your successes.

Hence, try keeping a journal, or a calendar, or an app where you can note down the sub-goals you have achieved.

Staying Motivated – How to Accomplish Goals

Staying motivated can be pretty difficult, especially when the goal is long-termed.

However, staying motivated ensures that you keep going till you accomplish your goal.

Hence, you need to seek ways to stay motivated.

Monitoring your progress will help you stay motivated.

However, you can add some reinforcements, such as celebrating your small wins by getting yourself things.

Or by rewarding yourself by allowing something unwanted to be taken away, maybe a chore you do not like.

These reinforcements work to keep you motivated more than punishment.

Hence, it is best to stick with these reinforcements.

Characteristics of Effective Goals – How to Accomplish Goals

How to set goals and achieve them

Your goals have to be effective at all times, from the goal-setting stage to the planning, and finally to the action-based stage.

However, for your goals to be effective, it has to be characterized by specific features.

These features help to ensure that you keep going till you accomplish your goals.

They include:


You ought to know that challenges are not bad things.

However, the way you approach them matters a lot.

Challenges should be embraced by people who want to grow.

When a person starts complaining and being negative when challenges come, such person will not grow.

Challenges push a person to do more than they are already doing.

If there are no challenges, it can cause boredom and consequently lead to low morale.

This, in turn, can make a person give up.

Therefore, it is essential for a goal to be challenging or have challenges to ensure that the motivation does not go low.

A goal that lacks challenges will not be as effective as the one that has challenges.

Attainable – How to Accomplish Goals

Another critical characteristic of an effective goal is that it has to be attainable.

The word ‘attainable’ is defined as being able to achieve or get something.

When a goal is not attainable, you are only putting yourself up for disappointment.

In the long run, you will likely become frustrated and give up.

However, an attainable goal will allow you to keep going even when you seem tired because you know you can achieve that goal.

Hence, an effective goal is attainable.

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them Successfully


An effective goal is specific.

This is because a specific goal has clear and detailed steps that will ensure that the goal is achieved.

As a result, the goal will be accomplished faster and easier.

However, when a goal is vague, it will cause confusion and eventually make you want to give up.

When this happens, your goal will not be achieved.

Hence, you have to be specific about what your goals are and what you ought to do to achieve them.

Positive – How to Accomplish Goals

Your goals have to be positive for them to be effective.

In other words, your goals should be set in a positive term.

For instance, if your goal is to stop a bad habit, there are two approaches.

The first approach will be to avoid the bad habit, which can be rather challenging to do.

However, the second approach is to practice a good habit that will replace the bad habit over time.

The second approach is much easier because you focus on something good instead of dwelling on how to stop something terrible.

Hence, the second approach is favorable compared to the first.

Goals are more effective when they focus on the positive.

how to set and accomplish goals


Effective goals have time limits.

That is, they have a set time for the goal to be achieved.

Time limits ensure that a person focuses on the goal they are pursuing.

If your goal does not have a time limit, it will make you less serious about it and, with time give up.

Check here to discover how to maximize your time in a busy world.

Flexible – How to Accomplish Goals

Finally, effective goals are flexible.

This is because nothing remains the same forever; things keep changing.

Hence, a goal should be able to bend and shift to fit changing circumstances.

Conclusion on How to Accomplish Goals

how to stay motivated to accomplish goals

You will find your goals easier to accomplish when you practice the information we shared.

We wish you the best as you chase your goals!

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How To Accomplish Goals