How To Achieve Customer Satisfaction

How to Achieve Customer Satisfaction

Have you been in business for several years or just a few? The subject of how to achieve customer satisfaction should interest you.

Ever heard of the phrase customers are always right?

It is a phrase that focuses on the need to prioritize customer satisfaction in the business.

A successful business not only produces goods and services.

It also ensures that to treat customers with uttermost respect, value, and a high level of professionalism.

When customers patronize a business, they are looking for a lot more than goods or services.

This is why businesses or companies must strive to ensure 100% customer satisfaction in their business dealings with clients.

How to Achieve Customer Satisfaction – Who is a Customer?

A customer is a person who is supplied with goods and services, either by a business, company, or organization. 

A customer is also defined as an individual or group of individuals who purchase or buy goods or services.

What is Customer Satisfaction?

Customer Satisfaction is when a company’s or business’ products and services meet the requirements and expectations of its customers.

Additionally, customer satisfaction is a great determinant of customer retention and loyalty.

It is also a way in which businesses and organizations can improve on their products and services.

Customer satisfaction spreads across different businesses, companies, and companies, such as; banks, schools, hospitals, manufacturers, network service providers, stores (online or physical), etc.

Above all, customer satisfaction is an important aspect of any business.

Importance of Achieving Customer Satisfaction 

Customers are the backbones who drive businesses’ revenues, and without customers, businesses do not exist.

It is therefore essential that their perception and review of your business’ products and services are positive.

Positivity here means that your goods and services should meet their expectations and needs.

Hence, here are the reasons customer satisfaction is essential to any business

Business Improvement

Customer satisfaction brings about business improvement.

It provides important metrics such as customer loyalty and retention, leads per month, etc.,  to identify areas the business can improve.

These metrics allow them to view their delivery from the perspective of their customers.

This could be through feedback provided by the customers.

It helps you to meet your customer’s expectations which would result in happy and satisfied customers.

Increase in Revenue

Customer satisfaction is a great determiner and factor for revenue generation in the business.

Dissatisfied customers can lead to a reduction in patronage, sales, and profit.

Likewise, satisfied customers become loyal customers.

More so, these loyal customers tend to spend more on a business and tell others about your business.

Consequently leading to increased patronage, sales, and profit.

Opportunity For New Customers

Another vital role of customer satisfaction in business is that it creates an avenue and opportunity for your businesses to gain more customers.

Unlike dissatisfied or unhappy customers who harm your business, satisfied customers spread good reviews and words about your business.

Thereby increasing potential customers.

Customer Retention and Loyalty 

Customer satisfaction is a way to measure your customer loyalty and retention.

This way, you will get to discover if your customers are happy and satisfied.

If they are not, you have an opportunity to improve in it.

It helps you to cater to your pre-existing customers while trying to retain new customers.

Standing Out Amidst Competitors

Customers’ satisfaction helps you to stand out from other businesses or brands.

You must ensure that your customers are satisfied and happy with your products and services.

When customers are not satisfied with all that your business offers, they try out and patronize similar brands.

This reduces the chance of your business surpassing its competitors.

Reduction in Customer Churn Rates

A good measurement of your customer satisfaction metrics helps in the reduction of churn rates.

Customer churn rate is a situation where customers stop patronizing your business because of dissatisfaction.

This is not necessarily because of the cost of your products and services.

Often, it is because of the low quality of your services and products and your inability to satisfy your customers’ needs.

This is why you need to carry out research and devise ways that help you satisfy your customers.

Reduction in Negative Reviews

When customers are dissatisfied and unhappy, they tend to share their negative experiences with others through word of mouth or reviews.

Their experiences can hurt your company’s image, especially prospective customers.

Negative reviews also hurt your business patronage and profits.

Boost in Company’s Image

Just as dissatisfied customers spread words and reviews, satisfied customers do so too.

The only difference between the two is that satisfied customers spread words that positively impact your business rather than spreading negative words.

Also, not only do their words boost your brand’s image and reputation.

It also helps your business to gain recognition from potential customers.

Reduction in Expenses and Cost of Targeting and Marketing to New Customers

Another importance of customer satisfaction is that it saves you the cost and expenses you will incur while trying to reach out and market to new customers due to high customer churn rates.

Above all, satisfying the needs of or pre-existing customers is less expensive than marketing to acquire new customers.

How to Achieve Customer Satisfaction -Factors Responsible for Dissatisfaction

While trying to achieve customer satisfaction is great for business, it is also expected that you should consider the factors that can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Some of these factors are:


One of the factors are results in dissatisfaction is the lack of consistency.

Inconsistency in your products, services, and brand identity can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

 Poor customer service

Similarly, poor customer service is one of the reasons for customer dissatisfaction. 

As we stated earlier, goods and services are not the only things customers expect when they patronize you.

They expect excellent customer service.

If you do not pay adequate attention to the needs of your customers or your customer service, your customers become unhappy and dissatisfied.  

Low Quality of Products and Services

When your products and services do not meet your client’s expectations, it will lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction on the part of your customers.

False Promises

Customer dissatisfaction can also occur when your business does not keep its promise to its customers.

False promises lead to complaints, lack of trust, and dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfied customers move on from your business to patronize your competitors.

Ineffective Communication Channels

In addition to poor customer service, customers get dissatisfied with businesses that do not have effective communication channels.

When customers can’t access your business through different communication channels like emails, social media pages, websites, webchats, etc., it makes it difficult to do business with you.

Thereby leading to customer dissatisfaction.

Lack of Transparency

Customer Satisfaction can only be achieved through transparency and honesty.

When customers discover hidden information or charges on your products and services, they become unhappy and dissatisfied, resulting in complaints.

Lack of transparency also makes customers feel cheated and deceived by a business.

Numerous Unresolved Complaints

Other factors that lead to customer dissatisfaction are unresolved complaints.

When you don’t handle customers’ complaints appropriately or leave them unresolved, it makes them feel less valued.

Therefore, leading to customer dissatisfaction with your products and services.

No Value

Customers do not only pay for goods and services; they pay for value.

Your business must provide the value that your customers pay for.

Your products and services should give your customer their money’s worth and nothing below their expectations.

When this does not happen with your products and/services, it could lead to customer dissatisfaction,

It’s clear to you now why customers may feel dissatisfied with your products and/or services.

You also know the dangers of customer dissatisfaction and the benefits of customer satisfaction.

It’s time to discover how you can avoid customer dissatisfaction and improve customer satisfaction with your products and/or services.

Simple Tips on How to Achieve Customer Satisfaction 

For customers to be satisfied with your product, services, and other business areas, you must prioritize certain things, as customer satisfaction equals business success.

Here are some things that businesses must prioritize to achieve customer satisfaction successfully.

Improvement and Production of High-Quality Goods and Services

One of the best ways to achieve customer satisfaction is to improve your products and services.

By the improvement, you can put all your customer’s feedback into effect to ensure that the product and services meet customers’ expectations.

Get Feedback

Another way in which a business can achieve customer satisfaction is by collecting customer feedback.

Customer feedbacks help businesses to understand the needs of their customers.

It also helps you discover your customers’ expectations through the use of surveys to measure customer satisfaction.

Feedback also helps businesses to improve or their products and services.

Follow Up with Customer Requests and Feedbacks

When a business strives to achieve customer satisfaction, it should ensure that it follows customer feedback.

Also, make improvements and put certain measures in place.

This shows or shows customers that your business values and appreciates their feedback.

It also shows that your business cares about satisfying its customers.

Improve Your Customer Service

When there is improvement in your customer service, you would be able to achieve customer satisfaction.

These improvements could be quicker responses to complaints, easy access to communication channels, availability of customer service representatives, better physical and online interaction with clients, improved return and refund policies, etc.

Above all, excellent customer service equals more satisfied clients.

Use a Competent and Well-Trained Customer Service Support Team

Customer satisfaction can be achieved when you have highly trained and qualified customer service support.

This is because most of the time, your customers will interact with your customer service team to make inquiries, lay complaints, or place orders.

Your support team must be disciplined, polite, and professional in their approach or responses. 

As anything otherwise could give a wrong impression of your business while leaving your customers dissatisfied and unhappy.

Fix or Resolve Customer Complaints Promptly

In achieving customer satisfaction, you must ensure to handle customers’ complaints promptly.

When you attend to customers’ complaints and displeasure promptly and appropriately, it goes a long way to show that you value them.

Thus improving customers’ satisfaction with your products and services.

Listen and Believe Customer Complaints

In addition to fixing and attending to your customers’ problems, you must listen attentively and believe their complaints.

This helps you find the loopholes and the faults in your products and services.

It also enables you to fix and improve on them.

Teach your Customers how to Use your Product and Services

Teaching your customers how to use your products and services is a method of achieving customer satisfaction.

You can do this by providing instructive guides or demonstration videos that show your customers how and when to use your products and services. 

Customers will also be able to have the answers they need to their questions as well as helping them with your products and services seamlessly.

Reward Loyal Customers

 A very effective means of achieving customer satisfaction is by rewarding loyal customers through loyalty schemes and programs.

For customers who constantly purchase your products and services, loyalty rewards could be in the form of membership cards.

They can later use this to obtain certain gifts or services and products that you offer and discounts.

Relate With Customers Personally

Having a personalized touch in your customer relationship helps you to achieve customer satisfaction.

This means that your customer relationships should not be generic or automated.

Personalization here could be by relating your customers on an individual basis through the records you have kept on their profile.

Sending emails and messages using their names to inform them about the latest development and addition to your products and services is a way of personalization.

It could also be by wishing them a happy birthday or holiday alongside special offers and discounts.

Ensure a Fast and Effective Customer Support System

To achieve customer satisfaction, you must provide convenient and excellent customer service.

Hence, you must offer quick solutions or responses to your customers’ challenges while using your products and services.

Operate on Flexible and Mutually Beneficial Business Policies

Companies or businesses with very strict policies have a very slim chance of achieving or maintaining customer satisfaction.

Hence, ensure that you’re policies are not such that drive your customers away.

So, review your company policies and ensure that it’s mutually beneficial for the business and the customers.

That’s it on the ways to improve customer satisfaction in your business.

Bear in mind that customers’ needs are constantly changing.

Hence, as a business owner, you may be asking how to know and keep up with these customers’ ever-changing needs.

Well, you can do this by asking the customers how best to serve them with every product and service you offer.

This way, you’re gathering important information on their satisfaction with your products and services and how best to improve.

This is called measuring customer satisfaction.

Effective Ways to Measure Customer Satisfaction

You can measure and assess customer satisfaction in the following ways.

Some of which are;


One of the most effective ways to measure customer satisfaction is through surveys.

Surveys are often questions that help you understand your customer’s thoughts on your products and services.

These surveys could be;

(a).  In-app Surveys; are tools that help you collate customer feedback and approvals of your products and services through app users.

It also helps you understand your customer’s needs better and your customer’s challenges.

(b).  Post-service Surveys; the post-service survey is a type of customer satisfaction tool that enables you to get feedback or customer satisfaction immediately after delivering or rendering a service or product.

(c). Email Survey: Email surveys are customer satisfaction measuring methods done by collecting quantitative data via emails, using questioners sent to your target customers.

It is one of the most efficient and effective methods of customer satisfaction measurement.

Customers Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

It is a customer satisfaction and loyalty metric used for measuring customer satisfaction.

Although customer satisfaction is difficult to estimate, customers rate their satisfaction as a percentage of 0% to 100%.

Net Promoter or Net Promoter score (NPF)

It is a percentage of customers rating their possibilities and willingness to recommend your business and products or services to others like their friends, family, or colleagues.

The net promoted score is the world’s leading metric for calculating customer satisfaction and loyalty.

 Customer Efforts Score (CES)

This you do by asking customers to rate the ease of using your products and services.

This is usually on a scale of very easy or very difficult.

It helps customers or businesses to find easy ways to relate with customers as customers enjoy doing business with brands and organizations that are not difficult to patronize. 


Feedback is an instrument or questionnaire that helps businesses understand their customers think about their products or services.

Through questionnaires, businesses understand their customer’s thoughts and how to improve on their products and services to meet their customer’s needs and expectations.

Conclusion on How to Achieve Customer Satisfaction

Customers are the foundation upon which every business is built.

They also have a huge impact on the growth of any business.

Therefore, businesses find ways to satisfy these customers.

We hope that at the end of this blog post, you’ve discovered certain mistakes that lead to customer dissatisfaction you should avoid and how to improve customer satisfaction.