How To Attract More Customers To Your Business

How to Attract More Customers to Your Business

As a business person, have you ever thought of how to attract more customers to your business?

Is this question been constant in your mind, but you’ve not found the answers?

Fortunately for you, there is no need for you to continue wondering because we have the answers to this, and we will be sharing the answers we’ve found to that question with you.

So stay with us as we share with you proven tips and secrets to attracting customers to your business.

First, Why You Need to Attract More Customers to Your Business – How to Attract More Customers to Your Business

Have a pre-existing strong and reliable customer base might sometimes make a business person relax and not seek new customers.

This must not be so, because your old customers could fall into tough times.

As such, they might have to spend money more prudently.

Sometimes, they might move away from your business location.

When this happens, you will surely find yourself in a fix.

Therefore, it is good to seek out new customers.

If you keep seeking more customers, it will help your business to continue flourishing regardless of the customers that might stop patronizing you.

New clients/customers provide new sources of income for your business.

This will help keep your business afloat and being able to afford business operational costs.

Tips on How to Attract More Customers to Your Business

No business can indeed operate without customers.

The services and products provided by a business cannot be used by the owner and staff of that business alone.

Hence, the need for customers in every business.

More so, no business would decline more customers because every business wants to grow.

Therefore, here are some tips on how to attract more customers to your business….

Please Your Current Customers 

Your current customers are your greatest allies in passing information about your business to other people.

The information passed across to other people by your customers depends on the type of services you provide them with.

If your customers are not pleased, they will not help to promote your business.

However, if you please them, they would share their wonderful experience with other people.

This will help attract more customers.

Leverage Influencer Marketing

If you are thinking of attracting more customers to your business, influencer marketing is one way to go about it.

All you have to do is hire an influencer on social media to advertise your products or service.

An influencer can reach a large audience on social media sites.

They are also seen as leaders in their various fields.

Hence, they can easily influence people because they are trusted.

Although people know that influencers are hired to promote brands, it does not seem like an advertisement when a great influencer runs a marketing campaign.

Nevertheless, influencers can help you attract a large pool of customers to your business because of their large fan base or audience.

Offer Free & Valuable Products/ Services

Giving out free stuff is another way to attract new customers because people are always happy to receive free stuff.

There are two ways this would work for you.

  • It introduces you to more customers.
  • Your free products demonstrate to people how it works and provides a chance for its value to be proven.

If they like it, they would become your customer and might likely tell others about it.

When using this method, ensure you make it urgent by setting a time when it is no longer valid or restricting the number of persons who can get it.

This is to avoid you incurring huge losses while trying to attract customers to your business.

Get to Know Your Model Buyer Persona – How to Attract More Customers to Your Business

Your services and products might be excellent, but your work might be wasted if it is not presented to the right target audience.

You must get to know your model buyer persona before presenting your goods/services to them.

This way, you would be able to interest more customers/clients in your business.

Before you can do this, you need to know what buyer persona is.

A buyer persona is a comprehensive, semi-fictional depiction of your model customer.

It is possible to know your model buyer persona from data gotten from market research or your current customer.

You must be very detailed when creating your buyer persona.

For each profile of your buyer persona, these details should be included:

  • Behavior patterns
  • Demographics; geo-location, age, and gender
  • Pain points
  • Motivation and goals

Additionally, you could also include:

  • What their everyday life is like
  • Where they spend the most time
  • What they do during their free time, etc.

Do not limit the details of what you could include.

Thereby helping you undertake effective and carefully targeted marketing campaigns and attracting customers to your business.

Sell Solutions And Add Value

People buy what solves problems for them or what gives them a wonderful feeling.

What’s more? People buy drugs not because they want to but because it treats a health problem.

Iphones are on high demand because it has great features and adds class to its owner.

Your products or services ought to be a problem solver for you to have patronages.

Therefore, ensure that the products and services are different from similar products or services and add unique value to your customers.

Offer Deals and Discounts

Offering deals and discounts is an effective and creative method for attracting customers/clients to your company.

Deals and discounts are seen as a big opportunity to conserve money and relish the services or products at a lesser rate.

It also prompts people to request more services or purchase more than they originally planned to get.

It is an opportunity they would not want to miss because who knows if that product would lose its value and be so low-priced the next day?

Organize A Contest

Winning is something everyone loves.

Most times, it is because of the pleasure of beating others and getting lucky and not the prize.

If you organize a contest, for example, a singing contest with interesting stages and wonderful prizes, putting this out there for people to know about on different platforms will create a lot of awareness for your business.

People will be buzzing you up to apply for the contest.

Although there would be only one winner.

However, the other people that competed and those that did not but heard about the contest would want to know more about what is offered by your business.

If you opt to do this, always be cautious and don’t set prizes you cannot afford.

Stick to a rational budget that would not drain you financially nor affect your business.

Utilize Social Media – How to Attract More Customers to Your Business

This is a great platform to reach the public; practically everyone uses social media.

Utilizing social media is a very effective method to promote your business and also attract more customers.

The question you need to ask is: “What is the best social media site you can use in attracting more customers/clients to your services and products?”

Before you decide on the platform you would use, you have to find out which platform your model customers use most.

One group of people can be using Twitter, while another might be using Instagram.

Overall, to reach several buyer personas, operate on two or more social media sites.

You also have to post content consistently and keep your audience engaged with your post.

 Explore And Use Out Of Home Digital Media

This is a marketing strategy for promoting your business on LED screens or panels on buses and elevators.

It is an out-of-home advertisement where people come across your business as they go about their daily businesses.

If what they see interests them, they will locate you and conduct business with you.

However, you have to make sure you place your ads where your targeted audience would see them.

Improve Your Marketing Content – How to Attract More Customers to Your Business

Content is the foundation of marketing and customer acquisition for most online businesses.

It is a medium to provide people with value, ultimately encouraging them to become one of your followers and loyal customers.

Studies have shown that traditional marketing cost sixty-two percent more than content marketing.

We are not disputing that traditional marketing works, but we are pointing you to a more profiting avenue.

Now, how do you go about doing this?

Below are some helpful tips…

Create a Newsletter Packed That Offer Valuable Information And Helpful To Your Customers

Newsletters serve as a wonderful method of presenting value to prospective customers.

Your audience is more likely to view the marketing piece you send to them directly when you add more value to your newsletter.

You ought to always remember a thin line between spamming your audience’s inbox and adding value to their lives, so try to do the latter and not the former.

Remarket With Email – Collect Emails

For you to be able to send newsletters, you would need people’s emails.

Hence, you must not hold back in getting their emails from them whenever you can

Email marketing serves as a great platform to attract people at an affordable price while still adding great value to your customers.

Email marketing does not demand much money or time when it is done right.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Applying SEO practices in your post ensures that your website shows up on the initial result page or top search engine results.

SEO is very much essential for every business that is serious about having a good online presence.

The best way to do this is by using keywords in your post and interesting test topics that capture the user’s attention.

It is important to optimize your online content to ensure that people see your content when searching for things related to your niche.

Sponsored Links

This is also an amazing way to promote your business and get more customers.

You do this by paying to have ads of your business linked to a page connected to your business.

These links serve as a bridge where people who do not know about your service/product can see and find your business on other websites, blogs, and social networks when searching for a similar topic to yours.

Involve Bloggers

To aid the SEO, you can involve bloggers who are almost constantly seeking content.

You can offer them a significant content idea to share with their readers/ viewers.

Apart from the benefit of getting high referral traffic, you might strike a partnership deal with certain bloggers.

They can help you attract more customers through those who read and view their content.

Better Your Business With YouTube

Strong branding is an amazing method of attracting customers.

A business with a strong brand does great at getting prospective customers/clients; one way of doing this is via YouTube channels.

Most customers appreciate it when the brand they follow have video content

Sixty-three percent of US citizens use YouTube every day.

Most of your prospects use YouTube often as well.

What you have to do is create a YouTube channel where you can post video content.

This way, you are giving your audience what they desire and also building your brand.

Check-In With Your CompetitorsHow to Attract More Customers to Your Business

Paying attention to what your competition is doing is a reflex every business person has.

You might not notice that you are doing this, but you are.

The question is, “are you knowingly analyzing their marketing strategies?”

The stage of marketing that is most costly is the experimental stage.

A lot of businesses undergo a lot of experiments before getting the desired result.

If you observe your competition using a specific method for a long time, it is probably producing good results.

Figure out the technique they use more repeatedly.

You could then tweak it to suit your business/implement it and save your business from the cost of experimental marketing.

Refine Your Reputation/Brand Image 

The next strategy to attract more customers to your business is to refine your reputation and brand image.

Your reputation is vital in helping bring in more clients.

Most people can only be loyal to a business with a strong brand image and that they trust.

Therefore revamp your logos to look more exciting and appealing to your target market.

Try to create a strong social media presence by becoming more active and posting engaging content.

Overall, do all you can to improve your business image and reputation to your target customers.

Use Google Maps

Googles are not only meant for navigation.

It also serves as a platform where people could see your website, phone numbers, and business hours.

So, even if your business does not have a store, you can have your business spot on Google Maps.

This will give you an edge over your rivals.

If you plan to have a great presence and attract more customers online, getting your business listed on Google Map is the way.

Use Testimonials How to Attract More Customers to Your Business

Customer testimonials will also help you gain people’s trust and attract more people to your business.

Research has shown that positive testimonial increases the revenue of a business by sixty-two percent whenever someone visits the business’s website.

Overall, a testimonial is a practical and useful aspect of a business strategy to gain people’s trust and ultimately win them over as loyal customers.

Encourage Referrals From Customers

As we earlier discussed, loyal and satisfied customers will always share their experience with your business with other people.

They are referring to your business when they do this.

When this happens, be sure to consider offering discounts to the customer and the person they referred to you to make it more enjoyable for them.

This way, the referrals would not stop because both parties will want to tell others about your business, and the cycle continues.

Create An Affiliate Marketing Program

Another great way to attract more customers to your business is to create an affiliate program.

It is more formal compared to offering discounts for referrals.

You can offer commissions and rewards to anyone who brings in more customers to your business.

The two parties benefit from this program; you acquire more customers while your affiliate marketers get rewards for his/her referral.

Try To Get More Positive Reviews

Many people research the service or product they intend to purchase by going through that product or service’s reviews on several review sites.

They are often shown reviews on Google as they search around, despite not keenly seeking out those reviews.

Therefore, you must try to get more positive reviews on sites visited by your customer base.

This way, you would be able to ensure that your business is portrayed positively.

Your loyal customers are a wonderful source for a 5-star rating.

So, do not be scared or shy to urge them to give feedback and reviews on your products and services.

A fine time to request for a review is when your customer is at the height of their ecstasy during sales cycles; make sure to notice that moment and fully utilize it.

Make Good First Impressions – How to Attract More Customers to Your Business

The impression you first make on your customers has a lot of impact in keeping the current customer and attracting more.

When your first impression is great, customers who did not even buy from you would like you and your business.

The chances of them referring your business to other people or review sites will be very high.

One way you can make a good first impression is with your customer service and giving them a great customer experience with your products/services.

When you have excellent customer service and customer experience, your customers will be satisfied and have something good to say about your business.

 Engage In Volunteering/Charity Works

Volunteering to work in communities, schools, and hospitals is a way of advertising your business and boosting your popularity.

Customers love a business that supports and gives backs to society in ways they can.

Most times, what is required is your effort, time, money, and encouragement.

When doing this, ensure that all sponsorship, support, and donation are made in your business’s name.

Create Good/Personal Rapport With Customers

You can connect with your customers by showing concern about how they are enjoying your products or services.

An example of this is a hotel manager asking customers how well they enjoy the services rendered and their stay in the hotel.

You must ensure to set rapport/communication technique you can sustain for a long time; otherwise, you would find it difficult to keep up with it.

Final Words on How to Attract More Customers to Your Business

All of the aforementioned ways are wonderful ways to attract more customers to your business.

Put every one of them into consideration; you might be shocked at how well they work for your business.