How To Avoid Negative People

How To Avoid Negative People

Are you wondering how to avoid negative people?

Is your energy being drained by a negative person around you?

Do you want to stay away from their negativity?

If your answers are yes, then we advise that you carefully follow this post as we share useful information on how to avoid negative people.

It is oftentimes frustrating when a person is trying to stay positive and another person comes along with their negativity.

Such a person can find it hard to cope and wonder how they can stay far from them and not be rude.

Sometimes it can be difficult to avoid these people because you get to see them every day.

For instance, if you work closely with them, and cannot stop working with them, you will have to find other ways around it.

As we said, we will share useful information with you to help you to avoid these people.

To get started, let us see some of the traits of negative people.

Traits of Negative People – How to Avoid Negative People

How do you overcome negative people

Negative people possess certain traits which others can use to identify them as people that have a negative mindset.

Their negative mindset is what makes them show these traits.

Therefore, here are some of those traits that will help you identify negative people:

They Worry Too Much – How to Avoid Negative People

It is normal to be worried about certain things.

However, negative people take worrying to another level.

It is almost like they survive on it.

For negative people, any and everything gets them worried.

They Watch Out For Bad Things at All Times

When you constantly hear a person talking about how things will become bad, you should watch out for other negative traits.

This is because negative people watch out for bad news, danger, or fear every time.

They feel and live with the notion that nothing can be safe or good.

These people live their lives in constant fear.

You hardly see them relax when things are going well.

They Enjoy Telling Bad News

These people are bringers of bad news and doom.

They enjoy giving people the full details of bad news.

It is almost like they cannot help themselves when they hear bad news.

They are eager to share them at all times regardless of how others are feeling.

They are Perpetual Complainers – How to Avoid Negative People

Negative-minded people like to think that the world is working against them.

For everything that happens, they see themselves as the victim.

So, they complain a lot.

They complain about everything from the weather to their difficult boss, even to their upbringing.

These people make themselves blind to the other contributing factors that might have caused the things they complain about.

Oftentimes, their behavior towards things is the major cause of their issues.

They are Extremely Sensitive

Negative people are extremely sensitive.

So, they take criticism and sometimes compliment badly.

They often interpret innocent comments as being rude or condescending.

They Stick to Comfort Zones – How to Avoid Negative People

Going out of their way to do something different and new does not work for negative people.

They are fixed on their ways of doing things.

This is because they are scared of the possibilities of facing more discomfort, challenges, and fear of failure.

They like Dictating for Others

People who like telling others what they should do with their lives should be checked for other negative traits.

This is because negative people like dictating for other people.

They find it easier to focus on other people’s lives than theirs.

So, they rather dictate for other people than figure out their life issues.

They Suck People’s Energy – How to Avoid Negative People

Negative people are like vampires who suck people’s energy.

They demand and are not capable of producing or giving off positive energy.

So, they absorb people’s energy, time, and attention while dragging them down into their negativity.

They Do Not Let Themselves Enjoy Good Things

Negative people rarely let themselves be joyful, excited, passionate, or contented.

They do not know these emotions.

Their mindset makes them obsessed about their unsatisfying relationships, social status, and jobs and not the beautiful things life offers.

They are Not Achievers – How to Avoid Negative People

Negative people tend to think that they are not good or smart enough.

This thought pattern limits them and makes them underachievers.

Another thing that makes them underachievers is their inability to work well with other people.

Their emotional intelligence is low, hence, they do not relate well with people.

They complain about other people when they are the ones to blame.

Hence, they achieve little while working with people and alone.

Why You Should Avoid Negative People – How to Avoid Negative People

How do you respond to a negative person

To strengthen your decision to avoid negative people, we will share with you some reasons why you should do so.

Knowing these reasons will also help you not to feel bad when you cut off ties with the negative people in your life.

So, here are some reasons why you should avoid negative people:

To Protect Your Thought-Process

When you associate with negative-minded people for too long, there is a high chance that their negativity will influence you.

You might want to stay positive; however the more you think about what they say to you the more your thought will shift towards negativity.

They will drag you down into the negative pit if you keep associating with them.

So, if you value and want to protect your thought process you should limit your interactio with these people.

Show them the way out of your life.

To Protect Your Energy – How to Avoid Negative People

While some people lift your spirit and motivate you every time you meet them, a negative person does the reverse.

They leave people drained, tired, depressed, and frustrated after every encounter they have with them.

As we earlier stated, negative people can be like vampires who suck people’s energy.

So, if you do not want to feel drained of your energy every time, then you have to avoid those energy vampires.

To Protect Your Credibility

If you are friends with negative-minded people, there is a tendency that people might judge you based on your association with them.

Being around negative people will make it seem to other people that you are the same as them when you are not.

You might have heard the saying “birds of a feather flock together”.

It means that people who think alike are found together.

This assumption might make some people not want to associate with you or work with you.

So, if you do not want this and will love to protect your credibility, you will have to cut ties with negative-minded people.

To Enjoy Life – How to Avoid Negative People

Being around negative people might make you not enjoy life to the fullest.

This is because these people can never see the good things in life, hence, they cannot enjoy it.

They do not stop there; they try to make people around them be like them.

So, if you want to enjoy life, you should be around people who want to.

Limit contact with those negative people in your life.

To Avoid Too Much Drama

Negative people are overly dramatic; it is almost like they live for drama.

Day in day out, they are faced with one issue or the other.

They blame other people for things that they caused.

Also, they go seeking trouble for themselves.

When you associate with these people, they will drag you into their drama.

You will see yourself trying to help them sort out their issues that are not even a problem.

This can be extremely draining and tiring.

So, if you want to avoid too much drama in life, it is best to avoid negative people and live a more peaceful life.

To Grow and Be Productive – How to Avoid Negative People

Negative people’s mindset limits them from growing or being productive.

They enjoy staying put in whatever position they find themselves with no intention to go forward.

These people can stand as a hindrance to your growth and productivity because they want you to be like them.

So, they will try to weaken you with their negative words and attitude.

Hence, if you desire to grow and be productive in life, you will need to cut ties with them.

For Positive Reinforcement

You have to avoid negative people so that there will be enough room for positive reinforcement.

As humans, we need people to encourage and reinforce our dreams and goals.

Therefore, the people you surround yourself with matter a lot.

Negative people will feed your doubts and fear instead of encouraging you.

This reinforcement can make you give up when you should go for what you want.

To avoid this, cut ties with these people and grow relationships with the people who will advise and encourage you when you are afraid or doubtful.

Tips on How to Avoid Negative People

How To Deal With Negative People

Now that you know some of the traits that will help you identify negative people, let us look at how you can avoid them.

1. Identify People with Negative-Mindset

You have to know if a person has a negative mindset before you tag them as a negative person.

Most times, some people are not negative but just depressed or sad about certain things and it affects their mood negatively.

This does not make them negative.

Those people are delicate at that time and need help.

Therefore, to prevent the mistake of avoiding the wrong people, you have to identify people with a negative mindset.

We shared with you some traits that point to people with a negative mindset, so make use of that to identify negative people.

Furthermore, identify how their negative mindsets have affected you in the past and start taking action to fix it.

2. Walk Away – How to Avoid Negative People

When you see a negative person coming your way, you should change your direction.

Walk away from them and if you are fortunate to see a shop nearby, you can duck in.

If the person does not notice your maneuvering, then that is good for you.

However, if they do, keep your gaze somewhere else.

If they catch up with you when you are walking away, just tell them that you did not see them.

Additionally, avoid walking paths they often use or going to places they often go to.

3. Keep Yourself Busy

Ensure that you do not leave any room for conversation when you are around negative people

Keep yourself engaged at all times in case they come around unexpectedly.

Avoid making eyes contacts with them.

If you do not, it will indicate that you do not mind having a conversation.

Pretend to look elsewhere instead of looking at them.

You can also avoid them, by making small talks with someone else.

When they see you busy in your conversation with the other person, they will likely leave you alone.

Finally, be on the move.

When you meet them on the way, let them know that you are busy and do not have time to talk.

4. Mingle With Other People – How to Avoid Negative People

Whenever you are in a group with a negative person, you should mingle with other people.

Being around other people helps to reduce negative people’s effects on you, and keeps you positive.

This is especially true when the group has positive energy.

You should not be surprised if the person behaves differently among other people.

5. Block Them on Social Platforms

If you want to avoid negative people, you should also do so on all your social media pages.

You allow them to reach you when they have access to you on those platforms.

So, to avoid this, you should block them on all your social media pages.

Cut them off from seeing your feeds online.

You can also block them from emailing you as well.

If they do not respect your restrictions and try reaching you after being blocked and you do not know how to respond, then you should get additional help.

how to stop a person from being negative

6. Do Not Argue With Them – How to Avoid Negative People

You might not be able to completely avoid some negative people, especially those you see daily.

In such a case, you have to be careful not to get into an argument with them no matter how much you want to state your point.

When you get into argument with them, you allow them to affect you with their negativity.

Arguments with them will strengthen whatever social ties you have with them.

So, when they come up with issues that you don’t agree with, it is best to keep quiet or better yet leave the place for them.

Check here to know about the 5 arguments business owners should avoid.

7. You Don’t Need To Explain Anything to Them

Never think that you have to explain anything to negative-minded people.

You owe them no explanation.

Keep in mind that when you try explaining things to them, you give them a chance to enter your life once again with their negativity.

Remember that you decided to stay far from them because it will benefit you.

So, do not explain to them why you are setting boundaries with them.

Avoid them by terminating the relationship you had with them.

Remember, you do not have to explain why you stop relating with them.

8. Control Your Attitude, Reaction, and Response – How to Avoid Negative People

Most negative people want to see you falling into their negative energy and become like them.

So, they bring things that will affect your mood, energy, and thought process.

However, you have to be strong and not let them have control over how you feel.

Therefore, you have to learn how to control your attitude, reaction, and response towards them.

You can practice some breathing exercises, meditation, or yoga to help you stay in control.

All of this will enable you to stay in control of how you react when a negative person is around you.

Do not give the satisfaction of ruining your positive energy.

9. Limit the Time Spent With Them

If the negative person in your life is a close friend, then you have to cut ties and limit the time you spend with them.

Build relationships with other people who are positive-minded and be good to yourself.

Take time everyday to care for yourself.

You can engage in your favorite hobbies, take walks, get a massage, or do any other thing you want for yourself.

When you create distance with them, do not beat yourself about it.

Understand that it is okay to care for yourself by keeping your distance from them.

Furthermore, understand that it cannot happen overnight; it will take a while before you can fully cut ties with them.

10. Do Not Resent Them – How to Avoid Negative People

As you avoid negative people, you have to make sure that you do not resent them.

You have to understand that negativity and positivity are needed in life.

The world has negative and positive people to help us stay emotionally balanced.

So, when you meet a negative person, identify them and move on.

Do not resent them and upset your mood while at it.

Understand and accept that you will encounter these sorts of people in life.

It is how you react to them that matters.

11. Associate with More Positive People

To avoid negative people, you will need to associate with more positive-minded people who make you feel good about yourself.

Focus on them and build relationships with them.

When you do, their positivity will rub off on you and make you a better person.

Furthermore, whenever someone brings up negative topics, do not fully engage in them.

You can as well change negative topics to positive ones when they come up during conversations.

So, you do not have to let them go on when they are brought up.

Conclusions on How to Avoid Negative People

how to stay away from a negative person

The people you surround yourself with matter a lot.

So, you need to limit your association with those negative people in your life.

Become happier, better, and more positive today by practicing the tips we provided.

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How To Avoid Negative People