How to Be a Better Manager

How to Be a Better Manager

Are you currently a business manager or team manager interested in being a better manager?

Well, we should give credit to you.

You most likely are already a very good manager.

However, as the common saying goes, the largest room in the world is room for improvement.

Hence, the need to go from being good to better and even be the best.

Without mincing words, being a manager is not one of the easiest jobs or responsibilities in the world.

This is not to make you scared or fill you with doubts about your capacity and capability as a manager.

However, it is to make you realize the gravity of that position and help you get better prepared to handle your role as a manager effectively.

As a manager, you have different roles, ranging from management of the business itself and also the people that make up your organization.

Each of these areas has its peculiar challenges and demands, which you need to know and master to be a better manager.

When it comes to increasing business sales and growth, for example, there are certain skills you need to learn and develop.

Additionally, in the area of human management which is arguably tougher, you also need to build certain qualities to be effective.

Well, whatever the challenge is, it’s good to know that you have what it takes to be a better manager than you currently are.

And that is what this article is about; helping you to see the best strategies that you can apply right away in being a better manager.

Also, pay attention to some of the most effective qualities and skills of the best managers, so you can build these in yourself.

Now, let’s get started with understanding who a manager is.

What is a Manager?

The word “manager” comes from the word “manage”, and hence it describes the role of the person who occupies that position.

A manager is an individual that is responsible for managing the resources and personnel of an organization.

Depending on the size and structure of the organization, a manager might be responsible for a particular department and those who work in it.

In some smaller organizations though, there might be just one manager that oversees the entire operation of the firm.

As a manager, you are tasked with the responsibility of controlling every aspect of the business to make sales and maximize profit.

This would include growing the customer base, working on customer retention, and ensuring you work with other management staff to increase sales.

There is also the more important area of managing employees, which might be trickier given the diverse nature of humans.

As a manager, it is in your place to effectively lead and direct the employees under you, ensuring they operate at their best.

Also, you have the responsibility of making sure that they stay united in thought and purpose, to facilitate success as a team.

What Does it Mean to Be a Better Manager?

Being a better manager is more or less about the idea of improvement from where you are currently to a better phase of your managerial career.

That means even if you feel that you are performing quite well and admirably in your role as a manager right now, you can get better.

A good manager can efficiently utilize the resources available to him/her no matter how little.

You show yourself to be a better manager than others when you have employees or subordinates that respect your leadership.

What that entails is that your team sees you as a source of inspiration and an effective leader they can trust and rely on.

Additionally, as a great manager, who is getting better, you need to be a force for unity and togetherness in your organization.

When you work on being a better manager, this is going to reflect in the business and human management aspects of your establishment.

Qualities You Should Develop to Be a Better Manager 

Certain qualities set the best managers apart from every other self-acclaimed manager.

It doesn’t really matter where you think you are at present as a manager, you can still work on building these qualities in yourself.

If you find that you currently exhibit one or some of these qualities, then that is fine.

However, you can still put in more effort to cultivate those you lack or even improve on the ones you feel you have.

Here are a few of the most important ones:

Strong Leadership Skills 

It is not surprising that this is the first quality you are expected to develop to be a better manager.

This is because the managerial role is actually a leadership role in itself.

People will generally look up to you for direction and guidance, both in the line of work and even personal career path.

Hence, you must build up the skills of a leader in yourself.

As you work on building this skill, remember that leading is best done by walking the path and showing the example.

When you take the initiative to set the path for your employees to follow, you get better at managing them.

Good Communication Skills 

A lot of relationships break up today due to a lack of communication or poor communication skills.

A working relationship can equally be affected by this factor.

For you to grow from being just good to a better manager, you would need to develop your communication skills.

This includes clearly communicating the team’s goals, objectives, job requirements e.t.c.

Also, you want to leave the door of communication open as you work closely with your team members.

They should be able to reach you to discuss what can make them more effective and boost business growth.

You on your own part should also have good listening skills to receive such feedback and actively implement them.

Who knows? Working on improving your communication skills might just be that one step you need to take towards being a better manager.

Great Conflict Resolution Skills 

It is not uncommon to find a lot of managers who excel at increasing sales and making a profit but not so well in people management.

Being unable to resolve conflicts amicably can actually make the difference between success and failure for you as a manager.

This is so because conflicts are generally expected in every organization where people of varying backgrounds and interests come together.

Hence, as a manager, you need to take decisive action in ensuring such conflicts are properly addressed as soon as they arise.

When you learn and master the art and skill of resolving conflicts quickly and amicably, you are making improvements to being a better manager.


Some people today mistake leadership as a manager with being “bossy” or “domineering”.

One quality you need to learn and build in yourself to become a better manager is empathy.

Empathy is a state of clearly understanding the feelings, situations, and conditions of each of your employees.

When you do this, you become more sensitive to what they are going through and know how best to deal with them.

If you show the emotional intelligence that comes with being empathetic, your employees will love you for that.

What more? You will find the satisfaction that comes from being a better manager than you were some time ago.


There would definitely be times when your employees will be at their lowest ebb and get demotivated.

Also, because of the challenges that often come with business management, you will find doubts on your team.

The last thing you want as a manager is to be the one who is fueling such doubts or being clueless on how to remove them.

It is very important therefore that you as a manager should be a sterling example of confidence and reliability.

At a time when your employees might not be at their best confidence levels, yours should be very high.

It helps you to better manage them in times of crisis and motivate them appropriately to get results.

When you invest in building your confidence, you are working on being a better manager than you once were.


Being slow in making decisions cannot make you a better manager.

One of the things you will constantly have to deal with in your role as a manager is making decisions.

Hence, you cannot procrastinate or delay key and important decisions.

You need to have the confidence to make your decisions and stand by them, especially when others are not sure what to do.

When you come off as a decisive manager, you gain the respect and trust of your employees, and it makes you better.

Honesty and Transparency 

Trust is one of the key foundations of every great relationship, and interpersonal relationship at work is included.

That is the reason why you need to work on being an honest and transparent individual as a manager.

You want to ensure that whatever it is you tell your employees is the way it is.

When you are honest and transparent, it increases the trust that your team has in you and increases your chances for success in your role as a manager.

How to Be a Better Manager – What To Do 

Do you see yourself as a good manager? If yes, then that is awesome, and something you should be proud of.

However, as it’s often said, there is always room for improvement.

That is why you should be looking at ways to make yourself a better manager, both in business management and man-management.

Note that becoming a better manager doesn’t just happen, rather it involves developing relevant skills and gaining experience along the way.

Here are some practical steps you can take right away in getting better as a manager:

Take Time to Understand Your Team Members 

Any time spent in getting to know your employees working under you is a time well spent.

You cannot be too busy to invest time in having a good understanding of each of your team members.

This goes beyond simply remembering their names.

You also need to know their backgrounds, skills, strengths, and of course weaknesses.

Because no two persons are the same, it might be difficult to be seen as a good manager if you do not understand the unique personality of individuals.

You cannot always apply the same rules and leadership approach to everyone.

When it comes to managing people, no one style fits all.

Understanding your team as unique individuals will help you know how to treat each person, and have more success.

Communicate More Openly and Effectively 

Recall that good communication skill is one of the qualities that you need to develop to be a better manager.

The reason for this is that your team needs to be on the same page as you are to stand a chance at being successful as a manager.

Hence, you must let your employees understand that you are always willing and available to discuss anything with them.

Also, ensure you always provide feedback for your team, on their performance and areas for improvement.

With good open communication, it is easier to know where everyone is currently and what the next step will be.

And as with all enduring relationships, communication is a foundation that makes your relationship with your employees stronger.

Work on Self Development 

It is a very honest and common truth that you can’t give that which you do not have.

Hence, to be a better manager of people and resources, you need to be a better person yourself.

That means you need to work on improving yourself on all levels, building the relevant skills and qualities of a great manager.

Additionally, you need to make an honest self-examination to know your areas of weaknesses that you need to work on.

You can even take courses on managerial and leadership roles and responsibilities.

In addition, you need to continuously work on improving yourself and getting better so you can also be in the best position to lead others.

Prioritize Being a Leader Than Being a Boss 

So many managers in different organizations today are more particular about the title that comes with the position than their role.

Some just want others to see them as a boss; i.e. someone who is at the top and expects respect and submission from the subordinates.

Well, depending on the structure of your organization, as a manager, you are obviously a “boss” to many people.

However, it doesn’t help you nor the people under you to unnecessarily attach too much importance to this title.

As a matter of fact, you should be more into being a leader than you are being a boss.

As the word “leader” shows, your main responsibility as a manager is not to give rules and order people around but set a good example to follow.

You should be the one in the forefront, showing what you want them to do, and getting the best out of your employees.

 Scold Less, Appreciate More 

Contrary to what you hear or see some people do, scolding people excessively does not get the best out of them.

Unfortunately though, many managers today seem to think that it is the best line of action for increasing productivity.

However, they soon get to find out that the opposite is the case.

For you to understand clearly that scolding too often makes people worse off than being better, just look at the family circle.

Experience shows that children who grew up in an environment where they are getting scolded always only become more stubborn.

On the contrary, when you are generous with your words of appreciation, it motivates them more to be the best they ought to be.

It might surprise you to find out that showing more appreciation to your team would improve your relationship with them, hence making you a better manager.

Be Flexible – How To Be A Better Manager

Could it be that the main reason why you are still at the level you are as a manager is because you refuse to adjust?

It is easier to want to stick to the status quo or the regular way of doing this and fail to adapt.

Well, if you want to be a better manager, you need to be ready to adjust to changing situations, conditions, and technology.

Remember that management isn’t just about people, but also the business itself and work processes.

Therefore, keep an open mind to see what you can change to improve the business sales and growth.

Make your Goals and Expectations Clear 

Have you been trying to succeed in your role as a manager and it just seems as though you can’t get people to cooperate with you?

Well, do not be quick to blame this on you being ineffective as a manager or not “good enough”.

Did you know that the reason might just be because your team does not know what you want from them?

One of the steps you can take in becoming a better manager is not just assuming that your team understands what you expect of them.

Instead, take the time to set goals and expectations, and make these very clear to your team members.

When you clearly state these, it helps them understand what they are to do.

And it also makes your management a lot easier.

Don’t Do it All; Delegate More 

If you have been thinking before now that you being a manager means you should know everything and do it all, then you are wrong.

It might just be one of the reasons you are not able to meet targets and deadlines.

There is a limit to what you can do and achieve on your own.

And that is why we have teams.

Therefore, one thing that can make you better in your role as a manager is delegating roles and responsibilities more.

Once you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team members, you can easily know what tasks to delegate to them.

This would increase their confidence and make them better, while also allowing you to do other things.