How To Be A Better Public Speaker

How To Be A Better Public Speaker

Do you find it difficult to speak in public? Are you wondering how to improve this area of your life? Do you want to know how to be a better public speaker? If your answers are yes, then we are here to help.

No matter how poor your ability to speak in public is, you can work to become better.

Yes, some people are naturals when it comes to public speaking.

However, they had to work to improve that talent and do better.

You also can become a better public speaker.

We want you to be the best you can be.

Hence, we will share with you essential information that will enable you to become a better public speaker.

Let’s begin by explaining who public speakers are…

Who are Public Speakers? – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

how to be a good speaker essay

Public speakers are people who give lectures or speeches to a gathering of people.

This can take place in both public and semi-private settings.

Thanks to technology, a public speaker does not have to have a live audience before giving their speech or lecture.

A public speaker is also called a public orator or spokesperson.

Qualities of an Effective Public Speaker – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

What are the qualities of a good public speaker

There are certain qualities that a public speaker has to possess to ensure that they are effective.

When you know these qualities, you will know the qualities you need to work on to become a better public speaker.

These are the qualities of an effective public speaker:

They are Confident

Effective public speakers are people who are confident in themselves.

This enables them to deliver an impressive presentation.

They are more credible speakers than speakers who lack confidence.

They are Passionate – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

Passion is a quality that most effective public speakers possess.

They are capable of portraying emotions that speak to the audience.

This enables them to connect with the audience.

A passionate presentation moves the audience.

They are Authentic

Effective speakers are authentic people.

They keep their messages real and original.

Effective speakers are true to themselves.

This encourages people to answer and follow their calls to action.

They are Creative – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

Creativity is one important quality that effective speakers possess.

This is because a speaker has to talk about plain topics or subjects in an interesting way.

Effective public speakers are capable of painting mental pictures through storytelling.

This captures the audience and leaves them asking for more.

They keep Things Concise

Another quality that effective public speakers possess is their ability to keep their messages concise.

This makes it possible for speakers to maximize their time.

Also, it makes it easy for the audience to digest the message.

They are Hardworking – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

Effective public speakers are hard working.

They have high energy and low tension.

Effective speakers work overtime to get their speech or lecture right.

They research, study, write and practice the numerous speeches or lectures they have to present.

This helps them to deliver their message excellently.

They are Tough

Effective public speakers are tough.

That is, they do not allow the opinion of people to affect them.

As much as the opinion of the people matters, they ensure that they do not take whatever  is said to them personally.

They believe in sharing their message, regardless of what people might say.

They are Perceptive – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

Effective public speakers are perceptive.

That is, they notice and understand things that other people do not notice.

This helps them to notice the reaction of people to their messages.

It also enables effective speakers to know the sensitive phrases or words.

This helps them to craft their message in a way that will not offend their audience.

They are Knowledgeable

Influential public speakers are intelligent and well-informed of their message’s topic.

This helps them to confidently deliver their message.

They are Great Communicators – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

Effective public speakers are great communicators.

They make use of communication tools such as tone, body language, eye contact, and the likes.

This helps them to capture the attention of their audience.

Benefits of Being an Effective Public Speaker – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

How to be a good public speaker

Certain benefits come with being an effective public speaker.

We will share these benefits with you to motivate you to be a better public speaker:

Your Self-Confidence will Increase

When you are a public speaker who can deliver speeches or lectures excellently, your audience will be pleased and you will achieve the purpose of your speech.

This, in turn, will increase your self-confidence.

Your Communication Skills will Improve – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

When you give a public speech, you are communicating.

For one to communicate effectively, he or she needs to possess communication skills.

Hence, as an effective public speaker, you will work to improve your communication skills.

You will be Comfortable around People

When you are an effective public speaker who can deliver speeches or lectures to several people, you will become comfortable around people.

Wherever you go, you will be great at relating with people no matter who they are.

You will Acquire More Knowledge – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

Another benefit of being an effective public speaker is that you will acquire more knowledge.

You gain more knowledge from the preparations you make before and when you deliver your speech.

Teaching is a great way of learning.

You will be Capable of Motivating Others

When you are an effective speaker, you will find it easy to motivate others.

This is especially true for speakers who give motivational speeches.

You will be a Better Leader – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

Great public speakers are also great leaders.

As a public speaker, you are not just speaking to people, you are leading them.

When you effectively deliver a message that makes people take a stand, you are directing them on the way they should go.

There are times that after your speech, people will come to you for more direction and counseling.

Hence, your leadership skills improve.

Tips on How to Be a Better Public Speaker

Tips for Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

There are certain things you can do that will help you become a better public speaker.

Below are some tips on how to be a better public speaker:

Watch and Learn From an Exceptional Public Speaker

One way to improve yourself is by watching and learning from an exceptional public speaker.

You can go online and search for exceptional public speakers.

Then search for their videos.

You can also watch TED talk videos.

As you watch their videos, watch them closely.

Pay attention to the speaker’s body language.

You will notice that their body language is mostly open and welcoming.

Notice the way they gesticulate, and emphasize their main points with their hands and arms.

You will also notice how they make use of their space to get the attention of their audience.

Pay attention to the way the speaker progresses with delivering their words.

Observe the way they engage the audience by pausing before they continue speaking.

Additionally, pay attention to the effective and appropriate ways they make use of anecdotes and humor.

Practice Breath and Voice Control – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

The pace at which you speak is very important when presenting your speech.

You have to learn to keep a steady pace at all times.

This will help you stay calm and allow your audience to understand you as you speak.

Before every presentation you have, breathe in and breathe out deeply ten times.

Practicing breath and voice control will help you stay calm and steady throughout your presentation.

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Keep Your Body Relaxed

The fear of speaking publicly can make a person feel tense.

This tends to affect body language negatively.

You have to learn to maintain good posture and move naturally.

Do not cross your arms or put your hand in your pocket.

Instead, make gestures to express your points effectively.

Also, do not look down or stare at your note for too long; good body signs or language help to improve your presentation and allow your audience to comprehend and remember your words.

Know and Understand Your Audience – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

Before making any presentation you have to know and understand your audience

This will help you to tailor your speech to suit them.

You have to figure out what is important and useful to them.

Also, you have to know the type of occasion or event you are speaking at.

It will enable you to figure out the appropriate manner of approach.

Do Your Research

You cannot talk about what you do not know.

Therefore, before any presentation you have, research the topic you want to talk about.

When you research, you will be able to write and craft your speech well.

Conducting your research will boost your confidence to speak because you have knowledge of the topic you are to speak on.

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Prepare Your Main Points – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

You have to prepare your main points before presenting your speech.

Your main points contain the core messages you desire to speak about.

You can start with a minimum of three broad messages and then move on to outline each underlying point.

Ensure that your main points are organized in sequential order.

This will help you stay on track and cover all your important points.

Memorize Your Speech

To ensure that you flow and speak naturally when delivering your speech, you have to memorize and make your speech part of you.

Memorizing your speech will help you stay on track and not have to look at your notes every time.

This will show that you are acquainted with the topic you are talking about.

Make Use of Visual Tools – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

During your presentation, you can use visual tools such as PowerPoint to engage your audience.

When you use visual tools you have to ensure that they back up your presentation and do not distract your audience’s attention from it.

Ensure that the text you use in your PowerPoint presentation is short and straightforward.

Record Yourself

Before every presentation, record yourself as you perform your speech.

After doing that watch the video and observe your pace, body language, and voice sound.

If you find anything lacking, work to improve on them.

Practice – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

To be a better public speaker you have to develop the habit of practicing.

The more you practice, the better you will become.

This is because you will notice where you are lacking and work to improve on it.

Practice will help you stay comfortable while presenting your speeches or lectures.

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Ask For Feedback

It is often best to have other people watch you before presenting your speech.

You can get your family members or friends to watch as you perform your speech.

Tell them what to look out for while you are presenting your speech.

Ensure to tell them to be honest and give you constructive feedback after you finish presenting.

Take Classes – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

When you take classes for public speaking you will acquire vital skills that will help improve your ability to present and speak to audiences.

Also, your confidence will grow as you learn from professionals and get support from peers.

It is also an opportunity for you to connect with people who have the same challenges as you.

You can take these classes online or in person.

However, it is best to take online courses if you desire to get better at virtual public speaking presentations.

While the best option to take if you desire to get better at live public speaking presentations is to attend live classes.

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Dress Appropriately – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

Public speakers are also public figures; your appearance matters a lot

Hence, you need to learn to dress appropriately at all times.

Your audience will judge you based on your appearance before you even speak.

What you wear for a presentation needs to compliment the topic you are to speak on.

As such, you need to prepare your outfit ahead of time as you prepare your speech

Avoid Using Fillers – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

Fillers are words or sounds that are used to fill the pause that occurs when someone is thinking of the next thing to say.

Several people make use of fillers when they speak.

It might be allowed when having an informal conversation, but it is not accepted during a public speech.

When you make use of fillers when presenting your speech, it will show that you are not well acquainted with what you are talking about.

This will not speak well for your presentation.

Therefore, you need to avoid using fillers.

Study your topic, memorize, practice, and practice more to ensure that you flow when presenting your speech or lecture.

Know the Types of Public Speeches

To improve yourself, and become a better public speaker you need to know the types of public speeches.

This will help you to identify the type of public speeches you deliver and become better at creating and presenting them.

The types of speeches are:

Informative Speeches – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

This type of speech aims to inform people about a topic or a subject matter.

To present an informative speech, you have to ensure that you share in detail, all the information related to the chosen topic.

Elaboration is very much needed when presenting informative speeches because it will facilitate easier comprehension.

Persuasive Speeches

This type of speech objective is to influence the listeners or audience to accept the speaker’s opinion or ideology.

Persuasive speeches make use of various evidence or justifications.

Sometimes, they also include stories or anecdotes to spice it up.

They often end with calls to action.

As a result of the intentions of most persuasive speeches, they often become very fiery.

A politician’s campaign speech is an excellent example of a persuasive speech.

Special Occasions Speeches – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

These are the types of speeches that address certain events or moments.

These speeches could be a welcome statement, prize-giving, toasts, introduction, and even eulogies.

Most of these speeches involve unplanned situations.

Also, in several situations, you will have to speak to an audience that you do not know or understand.

This makes such speeches a little difficult to plan for than the other speech types.

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Make Use of Capturing Beginnings – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

An effective public speaker is capable of capturing the attention of the audience at the beginning of their presentation.

When starting your speech, ensure that it has a catchy beginning.

You could start with a concise quotation, surprising statistics, or a captivating story or anecdote.

Allow Your Personality Show

You have to learn to be yourself even as a public speaker.

Do not fake it or force it.

Your personality should show in your speeches.

This will make your speeches authentic.

It will also build a connection with your audience.

Learn to Adapt To Constructive Feedback – How to Be a Better Public Speaker

There will be people who will offer you constructive feedback.

Sometimes you might not like those feedbacks, but you should weigh them and see if you can do better.

Ensure that you only adapt to constructive feedback that will help you grow and become better.

Discard any feedback that will not help you to grow.

Conclusion on How to Be a Better Public Speaker

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Yes, you can become a better public speaker.

All you need to do is work on yourself.

Put in all your effort and be the best you can be.

The tips we shared with you will help you become better provided you practice them.

Start today and enjoy the benefits of being an effective public speaker.

‘If you can’t communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential.’ – Warren Buffet