How To Be A Great Employee

How To Be A Great Employee

Do you want to know how to be a great employee?

There are good employees, and then there are great employees.

The difference between these two groups is that great employees go above and beyond to move a company to new heights.

As a result, this makes them very valuable and exceptional.

If you want to do better in your job and be valuable, you need to know how to be a great employee.

We will share with you vital information that will enable you to be a great employee.

Therefore, we advise you to follow us as we do that carefully.

Let’s begin by discussing the qualities of a great employee.

Qualities of Great Employees

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To be a great employee means one possesses specific qualities that make them very effective and valuable to a company or organization.

These qualities also distinguish them from other employees.

Some of these qualities include:


Self-confidence is the belief that a person has in themselves and their abilities.

Great employees believe in their abilities; hence, they are not scared to face challenges that come with the job.

They are also willing to take risks and deal with issues that other employees would rather avoid.

As a result of their self-confidence, they are more effective than others and get positive results.

Their self-confidence also comes in handy when they are dealing with customers.

Customers are pleased and assured when working with them.

Hence, this helps them to retain customers.

Commitment – How to Be a Great Employee

Commitment is when a person is dedicated to something.

Great employees are dedicated to the company or organization they work in.

Hence, they go beyond what they are expected to do to ensure that the company keeps going forward.

They willingly accept new tasks or assignments, regardless of how tasking they might be.

Great employees are never reluctant to invest their time and effort to see their company grow.   

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Passion is sometimes confused with commitment.

However, that is not so.

This is because a person can be dedicated to something but lack passion for it.

Passion is a strong feeling of excitement or enthusiasm for something.

That being said, great employees are not only dedicated to their company but are passionate about their job.

Hence, they love what they do and get happiness from their job.

Humility – How to Be a Great Employee

Great employees possess the quality of being modest regardless of how good or accomplished they are.

They do not brag or boast about their abilities or accomplishment.

Instead of boasting, they prove their worth through their exceptional work.


Great employees are known for their positivity.

They know how to look at the bright side of things regardless of how bad things might be.

This makes them stay happy, effective, and productive as they go about their work.

They can find solutions to problems instead of complaining about how bad things have gotten.

As a result, they are the first person called when there is any problem.

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Reliability – How to Be a Great Employee

Great employees are trustworthy.

They can be trusted to perform their task and even exceed expectations.

In other words, they take their job seriously and are willing to take on more responsibilities.

Great employees keep to deadlines, go to work on time, and inform their superiors when they cannot be at work.

They ensure that they follow instructions and regulations.


Self-motivation is one’s ability to keep pushing towards what they want or forward without any external drive.

Great employees do not need anyone to push them for them to get their work done.

They know what they have to do and do it.

As a result, their work is consistent and relentless as they overcome different issues, losses, and adversity.

They serve as great role models and inspiration to other employees.

Hard Working – How to Be a Great Employee

Hard work is critical in the workplace.

Great employees know this; hence, they work hard and do not mind putting in more effort.

As a result, they are more effective than most of their colleagues.

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Great employees are also ambitious.

As a result, they exceed expectations to achieve their company’s goals and climb up the hierarchy.

Their desire and goal to go farther in their career make them action-oriented and open to creative ideas.

All of which is good for the company.

However, great employees know how to keep their ambitions healthy.

Team Spirited – How to Be a Great Employee

Great employees do not only know how to work alone, but also with others.

This is as a result of their team-spirited nature.

They know how to associate with others, work, provide critical feedback, and contribute their opinions to ensure a task’s success.


Proactive employees are great employees.

They know how to take initiative and discover innovative ways to bring about productivity and push the company forward.

Also, they think, make plans, and implement innovations without any external push.

They are capable of handling situations before they escalate.

This makes them confident and action-oriented.

Detail-Oriented – How to Be a Great Employee

Details matter a lot; any slight mistake can cause serious issues.

Great employees know this; hence, they are detail-oriented.

They ensure that they pay close attention to every detail while working, no matter how minor it might seem.

This allows them to avoid making mistakes that other employees make.

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You can praise great employees for their ability to be creative.

They can think outside the box and come up with unique ideas that will push the company forward.

This makes them more effective and valuable than other employees who rather stick to the conventional way of doing things.

Independence- How to Be a Great Employee

Great employees are independent.

In other words, they are capable of handling their responsibilities and issues without the aid of their supervisor.

When delegated tasks to perform, they can be trusted to execute them well without their hands being held.

Their independence enables them to manage their time well, get the work done in time and with good results.


Most times, honesty is hard to come by at the workplace.

This is because most employees do not want to voice their mistakes, or wants their superior’s respect, or for other reasons.

As a result, they would rather hide the truth than be honest.

However, this is not so with great employees.

This is because they understand that transparency works with honesty, and transparency ensures growth in the work environment.

Honesty is a quality that is valued in a good company.

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Marketable – How to Be a Great Employee

Great employees are marketable.

Marketable employees are those who can engage constructively with customers or clients.

They are employees who can represent the company they work for in such a way that creates good impressions with customers or clients.

In other words, they are professional and have a personality that attracts customers or clients.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is an essential tool in the workplace that great employees possess.

This tool ensures that information is passed and received correctly.

Great employees possess communication skills that encompass all types of communication.

As a result, they are the best candidate for communicating with customers and clients.

Readiness to Serve/ Follow – How to Be a Great Employee

Great employees are wonderful followers.

They know how to serve others and receive and follow instructions.

Their readiness to follow their leader shows that they understand what it takes to lead and are considerate.

They ensure that they learn and pick up good traits from their leaders as they serve them.

Leadership Qualities

Great employees are not just wonderful followers but also wonderful leaders.

They possess leadership qualities such as self-confidence, honesty, creativity, effective communication, and others.

This makes them great at leading others.

As a result, they can step up and lead others when there is a need.

Culturally Fit – How to Be a Great Employee

Company culture is the collective beliefs, values, practices, and expectations of the members of a company.

It determines how the employees work and interact with each other.

Every company has its culture.

Great employees do not find it difficult to fit into the culture of the company they find themselves in.

They understand and work with the values of a company.

Tips on How to Be a Great Employee

Tips On How To Be A Good Employee

We will provide you with some tips that will enable you to be a great employee.

However, these tips can only work when you practice them daily.

Know that You Cannot Get to the Height of Greatness in a Day.

Hence, you have to keep practicing these tips till you can be identified as a great employee.

Below are the tips on how to be a great employee:

Love Your Job

Yes, one crucial thing for you to be a great employee is for you to love your job.

This will push you to do better and move you a step closer to being a great employee.

To love your job might seem impossible for you, especially if you are just doing the job to get money.

However, you should know that love can be developed.

Some of the ways you can develop a love for your job include:

  • Focus on the things you like about your job and intensify the feeling.
  • Have thoughts that can inspire you during work hours
  • Follow the trends in your field
  • Discover or explore the little joys around your workplace
  • Looks for things to Laugh and smile about at work

If you practice these things daily, you will develop a feeling of appreciation for your job.

Over time as you keep practicing them, it will grow into love.

Build Your Self-Confidence – How to Be a Great Employee

When you are self-confident, you will believe in yourself and your abilities.

As a result, you will not be scared to take on some tasks, or more responsibilities.

Instead, you will feel comfortable doing those tasking jobs other employees dread.

Some particular things can be done to build your self-confidence, they include:

  • Acknowledge your talents and strength
  • Celebrate your win
  • Accept and learn from your mistakes
  • Surround yourself with confident and positive people
  • Think positively
  • Don’t compare yourself with other people

The more you keep doing this, the stronger your self-confidence will be.

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Be Committed To Your Company

Great employees do not just love their job but are also committed to the company they work at.

In other words, you need to do more than love your job to be a great employee.

The love for your job will make you happy and push you to do better at your job.

However, commitment to your company will give you a stronger push to do things that will take your company to the next level.

Your greatness as an employee depends on that.

Hence, you need to be committed to your company if you want to be a great employee.

Understand that you will have to put in more effort, and be ready to do things for the company’s growth.

Be Creative – How to Be a Great Employee

Companies need innovation and new ideas to grow.

Therefore, they depend on their employees to come up with those ideas and innovations.

An employee who comes up with ideas and innovations is identified as a great employee.

Therefore, you need to be creative.

A creative person thinks outside the box and finds new and exciting ways of doing things.

Tap into your creative side and be that employee who provides their company with innovations and amazing ideas.

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Be a Team Lover and Player

From time to time, companies need teamwork to achieve specific goals.

Hence, they create teams that will work to achieve them.

As a result, team effort is important as personal effort.

Great employees know this; hence, they are willing to work with others.

Therefore, if you want to be a great employee, you should be willing to be a team player.

Learn to work and interact with your colleagues; develop basic social skills to enable you to do this.

When you have achieved this, you will be an employee that has the best interest of the company at heart.

Learn To Work Independently – How to Be a Great Employee

As we earlier stated, great employees are independent.

That is, they know how to work alone without any external aid.

Hence, to be a great employee, you do not only need to know how to work with a team, you also need to understand how to work alone.

You should be an employee who does not need their superiors breathing down their neck before they can do their job.

Instead, develop that habit of getting things done independently without being micro-managed.

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Follow the Company’s Rules

Every company has its rules that guide them in how they operate.

Great employees ensure that they follow these rules as they do their job.

Therefore, to be a great employee, you have to obey the rules of the company you work at.

For instance, if your company has a rule that its employees should wear their identification cards at all times, then you should do that.

You might or might not know why some rules are set.

However, you have to obey them.

When you do, it shows a great level of respect for the company.

Be Great At Your Job – How to Be a Great Employee

Great employees are people who others identify as ‘being great at their job.’

In other words, they are experts.

Among their colleagues, they are the first to be called upon when there is an important task to be done.

They do great at their job and get positive results.

To be great at your job, you will need to be the best at your job.

To achieve this, you need to know everything there is to know about your job.

You also need to be ready to make improvements when needed, and finally, you need to practice to be better.

Continuous practice and improvement will help you better your job skills and become great at your job over time.

Be a Problem-solver

Every organization needs employees who are problem-solvers.

This is because a problem-solver can find solutions to challenging situations.

Instead of complaining about how challenging a situation or issue is, they think of different ways to solve said issue before making a decision.

Problem solvers enjoy having something to overcome.

They are the ones who people turn to deal with serious issues.

As a result, they are valued by the companies they work for.

If you want to be a great employee, you have to be a problem solver.

To be a problem solver, you have to have some essential skills such as:

  • Analysis
  • Creativity
  • Decision making
  • Research
  • Communication

When you develop these skills, you will be capable of solving problems.

As you work to develop these skills, ensure that you practice regularly.

Be Flexible – How to Be a Great Employee

A great employee knows how to move with change and still be productive.

The secret to that is their ability to be flexible.

Unlike others, great employees embrace change and seek ways to use it to their benefit and their company.

As a result, they are most time the front runners to new development.

This helps them to do better than their colleagues.

Therefore, to be a great employee, you need to be flexible.

Some ways you can be flexible include:

  • Be open-minded
  • See Opportunities everywhere
  • Plan for the unexpected
  • Accept Change
  • Be optimistic

Develop Your Communication Skills

As we earlier mentioned, effective communication is quite crucial in the workplace.

It ensures that communication is passed and received without issues.

When a workplace has poor communication, it could lead to significant issues.

This is why employees who can communicate effectively are respected, appreciated, and valued in companies.

Great employees know this; hence, they ensure that they communicate effectively.

Therefore, if you want to be a great employee who communicates effectively, you need great communication skills.

To develop your communication skills, you should:

  • Actively listen to yourself and others
  • Understand body language
  • Practice public speaking
  • Know your listener or reader
  • Practice writing
  • Keep your message concise

Conclusion: How to Be a Great Employee

How to be the best damn employee

Great employees do not stop at just doing their job; they exceed expectations to ensure the growth of the company they work for.

You can be a great employee if you make improvements and exceed expectations.

The tips we provided will enable you to do that provided you practice them.

Congratulations to you as you become a better version of yourself.