How To Be A More Likeable Person

How To Be A More Likeable Person

Have you ever wondered how to be a more likeable person?

Are you wondering how to pull this off without coming off as manipulative or needy?

If your answers are yes, we advise you to journey with us as we discuss certain tips that will help you become a more likeable person.

To get this show on the road, let’s see some behaviors of likeable people…

Behaviors of Likeable People – How to Be a More Likeable Person

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Likeable people can charm almost anyone at the first meeting.

They have this glow to their personality that attracts people to them.

When you meet a likeable person, the behavior they exhibit will make you like them.

Some of the behaviors you will notice in likeable people are:

Their Easy Smile and Laughter

Likeable people do not go around with a squeezed face or a sad countenance.

They put people at ease with their smiles and laughter.

These people have a good sense of humor and derive pleasure from making other people happy.

You can say that likeable people shares joy wherever they go with their smile, laughter, and good humor.

They are Optimistic and Realistic – How to Be a More Likeable Person

Likeable people are optimistic and realistic.

So, you will see them putting in their best to make things work while believing that it will.

They are Active Listeners

If you have ever had a conversation with a likeable person, you will notice that they get absorbed into what you are saying.

They try to get all the information you give because they are invested in the conversation.

Likeable people show their interest in people by paying close attention to them when they are speaking.

They Encourage and Support Others – How to Be a More Likeable Person

Tell a likeable person that you need support with something and watch the way they will support you.

These people encourage and support people with no intention of getting anything in return.

They are willing to help others at all times.

They Make Wonderful First Impressions

Likeable people make and leave wonderful first impressions with people they meet.

They charm people off their feet with their charisma.

People love to meet up with likeable people again and again.

They are Genuine – How to Be a More Likeable Person

People appreciate individuals who are genuine and honest because they can be trusted.

Hence, they find themselves gravitating toward likeable people.

Likeable people do not hide who they are; they do not fake or pretend.

They are confident and honest about things.

Also, when you are with a likeable person, you can tell that they genuinely like people.

They Respect People

Likeable people respect everybody they come across.

They ensure that they show respect regardless of age.

Hence, you will see them treating a child well and giving them their due respect.

They are Not Judgmental – How to Be a More Likeable Person

Likeable people are open-minded.

Hence, this makes them open to listening to people without passing judgment.

They might not see things from other people’s perspectives, but they are willing to listen and understand.

As a result, this makes them approachable.

People know that they can tell them anything at any time without being judged.

They Accept Their Mistakes

Likeable people accept their mistakes when they are at fault.

They do not pass the blame to anyone else.

If their mistake affects someone else negatively, they ensure that they apologize and try to make it better.

They Keep to Their Promises – How to Be a More Likeable Person

You can vouch for likeable people because they do what they say.

When they make promises, they work to ensure that they meet them.

These people understand that a promise is a debt and they do not like owing.

They Remember People’s Names

Likeable people somehow can remember the names of people they come across.

They could have met you just once, but when they meet you again, they usually do not find it a problem to remember your name.

Their interest in the people they come across helps them to remember people’s names.

They are Not Attention Seekers – How to Be a More Likeable Person

Likeable people do not try to put themselves in the center stage and seek attention.

They are only interested in being around people and because of their likeable nature; they find themselves being the center of attention.

Even with that, they still try their best to tone it down by focusing on other people.

They are Reliable

You can trust a likable person to be reliable even when they are not in a good mood.

They know how to cheer up, listen, and help people when they come to them.

Their mood does not affect or change the way they treat people.

They Make Use of Positive Body Language – How to Be a More Likeable Person

how can i make myself more likeable

Likeable people make use of positive body language.

They understand that body language gives out signs.

Hence, they are careful not to give out the wrong signs to people.

Their body language is open and friendly all the time.

They Know When to Be Vulnerable

Likeable people know when to be vulnerable.

As friendly as they are, they know when to open up and when not to.

They do not overwhelm people with their issues, but when they feel the need to, they show their vulnerability.

This makes people appreciate and respect them.

They Live For Themselves While Considering Others – How to Be a More Likeable Person

Likeable people live for themselves while considering others.

They do things that will make themselves and the people around them happy.

As a result of their genuine interest in others, they are selfless.

They enjoy being selfless because of the smile it brings to people’s faces.

Tips on How to Be a More Likeable Person

Tips to Be More Likable & What Sabotages Your Likability

To be a more likeable person you have to be a good person who is genuinely interested in other people.

When you can develop yourself to be someone who enjoys making other people happy, you will be more likeable.

The tips below will teach you how to be a more likeable person without coming off as manipulative or needy:

1. Be a Funny Person

Funny people are easily liked.

This is because almost everybody loves being around a funny person.

Therefore, to be more likeable, you should increase your humor and be a fun person.

However, as you do that, you should be careful and make it natural.

You should not force or fake it.

This is because when people see through the facade, it might likely push them away.

So, if you know cannot be naturally funny, it is best to do other things that will make people like you.

However, if you know you can pull it off, do so.

Also, you should know that timing is important for humor to work.

You can practice saying funny things to yourself and understand that saying something ‘stupid’ sometimes is not a bad thing.

Additionally, when being funny, avoid being offensive.

You can learn to be funnier by watching and listening to funny people.

While doing all of these, ensure that you do not go over the top with it so that you would not seem needy.

2. Be an Active Listener – How to Be a More Likeable Person

People like others who listen to them when they are talking.

They enjoy seeing someone show that they are listening to them.

Therefore, to be more liked by people, you should develop yourself to be an active listener.

An active listener is someone who engages more than their hearing organs when someone is speaking.

In other words, such a person makes use of their other sense and pays full attention to another person’s speech.

Therefore, active listening is when you listen and show it.

When you actively listen, you will:

  • Maintain eye contact with the speaker
  • Smile, nod your head, or make small encouraging sounds.
  • Ask questions related to the conversation
  • Summarize or repeat what was said.

People will appreciate you and like you better when you practice active listening.

3. Do Not Be Judgmental

Nobody appreciates or likes judgmental people.

As a result, they do not open up to such people or want to be around them.

Hence, if you want to be more likeable, you should not be judgmental.

Learn to be open-minded; be ready to listen and understand other people’s perspectives.

Even if you do not accept why they did something, try to see things from their point of view.

When you step in their shoe for a little while, you will understand why they did whatever they did.

Furthermore, give people the chance to air their opinions, feelings, and thoughts.

 If you do this, you will learn from them, and they will also want to hear what you have to say.

Do not talk down or judge people and they will like you more.

4. Learn To Be Friendly and Warm Right Away – How to Be a More Likeable Person

It is normal to be reserved or shy when you see or meet someone new.

This is especially true since you just met them and do not know them.

Hence, you will not know the best way to approach them.

Nonetheless, keeping to yourself might make you seem snobby or aloof, even when you are not.

If you break away from your reservation and become easy-going, friendly, and warm from the get-go, you will be more likeable.

To do this, you have to ensure that you keep an open and positive body language and then form a connection.

You can try to be friendly and warm by smiling and making eye contact while speaking to them.

Ensure that you introduce yourself and politely ask what their names are.

After that, to keep the conversation going; you can ask some questions about them.

5. Smile

You should learn to smile more often.

However, you have to be careful not to smile every time as that could scare people away.

Nobody will be comfortable being around someone who has only one facial expression.

You should smile when:

  • Greeting People
  • You hear something funny
  • Saying goodbye

When you are not smiling during those times, you should keep your face relaxed and do not frown.

Furthermore, listen to what people are saying to help you react authentically.

6. Keep to Your Promises – How to Be a More Likeable Person

You have to keep to your promises if you desire to be more likeable.

People like individuals who keep to their promises.

Keeping to promises helps to build trust between people.

So, ensure that you only make promises that you can fulfill.

It is better to say ‘no’ than to agree to what you know you cannot or will not do.

As much as you need to be assertive when saying no, ensure that you are not rude.

what is the most likeable personality

7. Be Confident and Humble

To be a more likeable person you need to know how to merge being confident and humble.

Hence, you have to be confident about yourself and your ability, but at the same time not boast about yourself or your achievements.

When you are confident and humble, you will not be scared to open up to people if it will make them feel better.

You will not feel that telling people you have made mistakes is a big deal if you know it will help them.

You will be humble enough to share your mistake, and be confident that sharing your mistake does not make you less of the person you are.

When you open up to people, it assures and encourages them that everybody has their downtime.

 You can only open up to people if you are confident about who you are and humble to understand that you are not perfect.

When you can be confident and humble, people will appreciate and like you better, and you will build relationships based on trust.

Check this out to discover what makes humility the secret to confident leadership.

8. Remember People’s Names – How to Be a More Likeable Person

People love it when their names are remembered.

Hence, they tend to like people who remember their names.

So, to be a more likeable person you have to cultivate the habit of remembering people’s names.

Yes, this is not an easy feat, especially when you are someone who meets a lot of people daily.

However, it is attainable.

What you need to do is to repeat names when you hear them for the first time.

Then you should memorize the name of a person by linking it with something or someone you already know.

Or you can also connect the name with a visual image that pops up to your mind easily.

For instance, if you meet someone whose name is Summer, you can just visualize the summer season and connect the name to it.

This will help your mind to easily retrieve the name when you meet such a person again.

You should not stop at remembering the names of people; you should also know how to use them when you meet them again.

So, make use of people’s names when you start speaking to them, or when you greet them ‘hi’ or ‘bye’.

As you make use of people’s names, ensure that you do not over-use them; twice is good enough during a brief conversation.

9. Learn to Give Out Compliments.

Who does not like a good compliment?

Compliments soften the heart and make people happy.

So, to be more likeable, you should learn to give out compliments.

When someone does something that you like, let them know.

However, while doing this, ensure that your praise is specific.

Also, do not downplay yourself.

For example, do not say something like ‘You are wonderful at coming up with great ideas, I could never come up with one”.

Instead of that, say something like ‘You are great with idea generation, I admire your work’.

10.  Focus on Similarities – How to Be a More Likeable Person

You should base your friendship and relationships on mutual beliefs and interests.

This way, there will be less disagreement and you will build your bond stronger.

So, when you meet people, focus on the similarities that you have with them.

11. Consider Others during Conversations

People that tend to talk for long without allowing others to speak are not likeable.

So, when having a conversation or discussion with people, ensure that you do not take up all the time speaking.

The people you are talking to also want to speak.

Therefore, you should consider them and keep quiet after a while to allow them to speak.

Additionally, do not keep quiet during a conversation; this will make it less interactive and tiring for the other party.

So, you have to make sure that there is a balance when you hold conversations.

12. Be Generous – How to Be a More Likeable Person

Learn to be generous.

Generosity is not only giving material things to people.

You can also be generous with your attention, time, advice, and other abstract things.

When you are generous and warm, people will appreciate and like you.

Furthermore, generosity helps to develop loyalty.

13. Be Calm

As we earlier stated, likeable people are consistent and reliable.

You can trust them to help you out regardless of their mood.

The way they achieve this is by staying calm and emotionally stable.

So, to be a more likeable person, you have to stay calm at all times.

Do not lash out or make outbursts.

Train yourself to be in control of your emotions at all times and also be conscious of your body language.

Conclusion on How to Be a More Likeable Person

why am i not a likeable person

To be a more likeable person, you have to be willing to be a good person and make people feel good.

The tips we provided will help you to achieve that.

However, we advise that you do not overdo anything to avoid coming off as manipulative or needy.

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How To Be A More Likeable Person