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How To Be A Successful Business Woman

How To Be A Successful Business Woman

Do you want to know how to be a successful business woman?

The business world is predominantly-male even till now.

As a result, women still have to put in more effort to succeed in business.

This really should not be happening in today’s world.

Unfortunately, it still is. 

If you are a woman who wants to make her mark in the business world, we advise you to carefully follow us as we discuss how to be a successful business woman.

In this discussion, we will share tips that will enable you to be a successful business woman.

To get this show on the road, let us look at the traits of successful business women.

Traits of Successful Business Women – How to Be a Successful Woman

What makes a woman successful in business

Successful business women possess certain traits that distinguish them from other business women.

If you lack any of these traits, we encourage you to develop them as they will help make you a successful business woman.

Below are the traits of successful business women:


Successful business women are confident.

They project themselves to people in a way that enable them to win the respect of people, gain a good reputation, and earn people’s trust.

Successful business women enter a place standing tall and their heads held high.

Persistence – How to Be a Successful Business Woman

Persistence is the ability to keep forging on regardless of setbacks, or difficulties.

Successful business women are persistent.

They know how to keep going even during tough times.

Tough challenges don’t cause them to quit, rather it makes them more determined to press on.


Successful business women speak up for themselves.

They do not allow others to push them around or disrespect them.

These women speak with authority and are fearless.

Their assertiveness enables them to deal with situations rationally while being calm.

Bravery – How to Be a Successful Business Women

It takes determination and bravery to own and operate a business.

Successful business women understand this; hence, they are brave.

They are brave enough to push themselves out of their comfort zone, move forward, and boost their confidence.

Their bravery helps them to push fear to the back and take risks.

It also helps them to accept things when they go wrong, and seek ways to change them for the better.


Successful business women know that they cannot run their business on their own.

They know they need assistance from time to time, especially when they do not know something.

Hence, they are humble and willing, and ready to learn.

They don’t hesitate to ask for assistance and admit that they do not know something.

This helps them to become better.

Ambition – How to Be a Successful Business Woman

Successful business women are ambitious.

They have big dreams and goals that they aim to achieve.

Their ambition makes them goal-driven and motivated.

Regardless of what others might say to a successful business woman, she keeps chasing her goals, success, or dreams.


Successful business women have passion for their business.

As a result, they are happy doing their job.

They do not mind the extra effort they have to put in to ensure that their business becomes successful.

Their passion for their business makes them better business owners.

Decisiveness – How to Be a Successful Business Woman

Successful business women are not scared to make decisions

They can make decisions quickly and effectively, no matter how difficult they may be.

Their ability to be decisive helps them to be more productive.

These women stand by their decisions and ensure that they get executed.

They also take responsibility for the outcome, and if there is a negative outcome, they take corrective steps.

Tips on How to Be a Successful Business Woman

Tips to Become a Successful Woman in Business

We will share with you essential tips that will help you to unlock your potential and become a successful business woman.

These tips can only work for you when you practice them.

Below are tips on how to be a successful business woman:

1. Be Positive-Minded

Nobody can achieve success if they are negative.

This is because negativity drags a person down and keeps them from being great or successful.

If you want to be a woman who succeeds as a business owner, you have to do away with any form of negativity.

The best way to do this is to have a positive mindset.

A positive mindset will help you to see numerous possibilities and opportunities that you can use to your benefit.

It will make you believe that you can start, run and operate a business, even as a mother or wife.

Additionally, it will make you a more effective person and business owner

You can develop a positive mindset by:

  • Focusing on good things
  • Starting your day with positive affirmations
  • Being around positive people
  • Finding humor in every situation
  • Practicing gratitude

2.  Do Not Give Up – How to Be a Successful Business Woman

Running a business can be quite difficult.

There may be days when you will get frustrated to the point that you might want to give up.

However, you should not.

Rather, understand that those frustrating days will come, setbacks will happen and that there will be some difficulties.

When you have understood this, you need to stand your ground irrespective of what you might face.

Believe that you will scale through and be persistent.

3. Be Clear About Your Values

A person’s values are those fundamental beliefs that motivate or guide a person’s action or attitude.

Values help a person to determine the things that are important to them.

As a business woman, you need to be clear about what your values are.

When you are able to clearly identify your values, you will be able to prioritize and make decisions quickly.

If you are not clear about your values, making quick decisions will be difficult for you because you are not sure of your stand.

4. Develop Adaptability Skills – How to Be a Successful Business Woman

Adaptability skills enable a person to adjust to changes or new situations.

As a business woman, you need adaptability skills to succeed.

This is because the business world is dynamic and ever-changing.

Hence, you need to be adaptable to ensure that you adjust to the different changes that might occur and benefit from them.

When you are not adaptable, you will be left behind while others are making progress.

To avoid this, you have to develop adaptability skills.

Some things you can do to develop adaptability skills include:

  • Being open-minded
  • Accepting more or new challenges
  • Learning from others
  • Asking questions

5. Be Self-Disciplined

To succeed as a business woman, you need to be self-disciplined.

In other words, you should set boundaries or rules for yourself and stick to them.

Turn down anything that will not help you grow or push you closer to achieving your goals.

When you need to put in more or extra time and effort; do that.

Be organized, and get your tasks done.

6.  Do Not Use the Woman Card – How to Be a Successful Business Woman

The woman card is a phrase used to describe the accusation of a woman mentioning her gender to get an upper hand in a discussion or situation.

When you make use of the woman card it shows weakness.

Yes, there might be times when you might be judged because of your gender; however, you should not resort to using the woman card.

Instead, work hard, put in your best, and let your success be evident to all.

how to be a successful black business woman

7. Be Confident

As a business woman, you will be faced with numerous responsibilities and challenges.

For you to succeed in business, you will have to be confident.

You need to show people that you are strong and will not back down regardless of what you go through.

When you portray confidence even when faced with challenges, people will respect, admire, and trust you.

This will enable you to attract people to your business.

After all, you are a representative of your business.

So, ensure that you portray confidence in the way you do things.

8. Develop Communication Skills – How to Be a Successful Business Woman

To succeed in business, you need to be an effective communicator.

This is because communication plays a vital role in business.

It ensures that information is passed and received properly and effectively.

If communication is poor, it will affect your business in many negative ways.

Hence, you have to develop communication skills to become an effective communicator.

Furthermore, the people who work with or for you should also be effective communicators.

This will prevent having a one-way communication with them.

When you can communicate well, you will know how to tell people about your services or products in a concise, clear, and captivating way.

This will enable you to attract customers to your business.

9. Be Assertive

Some people still like to think the business world is meant for only the male gender.

As a result, it might be challenging for a woman to make her mark in the business world.

However, this should not affect you because a woman can succeed in business.

Hence, to be a successful woman, you need to be assertive.

Stand up for yourself.

Learn to say no to things, and do not let anyone look down on you or disrespect you.

When you are assertive, people will see that you don’t consider business to be child’s play.

10. Do Not Compare Yourself to Others – How to Be a Successful Woman

When you compare yourself to other people, you are only shooting yourself in the leg.

You will feel like you are not doing well, even when you are putting in your best effort.

As a result, you will get stuck and not achieve success.

Hence, you have to avoid comparing yourself with other people.

Believe in yourself.

Affirm in your heart that you have something to offer that others do not.

11. Learn From Your Mistakes

Failure or mistake plays a part in success.

There might be times when you fail or make a mistake.

This is especially true in the world of business; failures or mistakes are inevitable.

However, when they happen you should not let them bring you down.

Rather, understand that mistakes and failures help you become better when you approach them with the right mindset.

So, when you make mistakes or fail, do yourself a favor and learn from them.

This way you will quickly get back on your feet.

Furthermore, you will discover a better way of doing things.

12. Have Clear Goals and Vision – How to Be a Successful Business Woman

To succeed as a business woman, you need to have clear goals and vision.

You should be specific about what you want to achieve as a business woman.

Knowing your objectives and understanding your plans will enable you to achieve your goals.

When you know what your goals are, it will help you to stay focused.

Your goals and vision are important in the pursuit of success

You can check here to discover how to set business goals.

what makes a successful business woman

13. Balance Your Work-Life

Your work-life has to be balanced for you to be a successful business woman.

If it is not, it will cause stress and make you less productive.

As a woman, you might have responsibilities in your home.

For instance, if you are married and have children, you need to have time to be with them and take care of them.

However, while doing this, you also need time to work and grow your business.

This is where work-life balance comes in.

Find a way to juggle both your work and family.

When you find a way to make it work, you will be more productive at work and still be a great mother or wife.

Who said a mother or wife cannot be a successful business woman?

If you are a single woman, you still need to balance your life with your work.

You should create time to spend with family and friends, while you work to grow your business.

14. Take Care of Your Health – How to Be a Successful Woman

As you balance your work-life, you also need to make to take care of your health.

If you are not healthy, you will not be strong enough to run a business and succeed.

So, spare time to rest, eat healthy, hydrate, sleep, exercise, and so on.

Furthermore, engage in activities that will improve your mental health.

When your mind and body are healthy you will be more productive.

15. Do Not Be Reluctant To Ask For Help

You cannot do everything by yourself.

Hence, you should learn to ask others to help you out.

Asking for assistance does not show that you are weak.

It only shows that you know your limit, and will rather ask for help than struggle.

When you refuse to ask for help when you need it, you only make a situation worse.

16. Track Your Progress – How to Be a Successful Woman

As you move along in your entrepreneurial journey, you will need something to keep you motivated.

One way to stay motivated is by tracking your progress.

You can make use of a journal, an app, or a calendar where you can jot down things to track your progress.

Seeing where you were and where you currently are will encourage you to keep pressing on.                 

17. Have a Mentor

A mentor will guide you to become a better version of yourself.

They will teach, train, and advice you on what you should and should not do.

Your mentor should be someone you trust and is successful and experienced in their business field.

This person does not have to be a woman.

18. Work to Improve Yourself Daily – How to Be a Successful Business Woman

To be a successful business woman, you have to dedicate your time and energy to improve yourself daily.

Take time to read and study things that will improve your knowledge.

Learn skills that will make you a better business woman.

Devote your time to any activity that will bring out your hidden potential and make you that strong business woman you ought to be.

19. Work with the Right People

For you to succeed as a business woman, you ought to work with the right people.

This is because the people you work with have a great influence on your business.

If you work with the wrong people, it will affect your business negatively, and in turn, affect you.

Therefore, you have to be careful when employing workers.

They should not just be people who have the necessary skills or talent for the job, but also people who understand your values, and are committed to your business.

This will help your business grow faster and make you successful.

20. Learn to Network– How to Be a Successful Business Woman

As we earlier stated, you cannot do everything by yourself.

You need people such as investors, promoters, mentors, partners, customers, or clients to succeed in business.

To meet people like this, you need to go out and network.

Most times, you meet people who will help your business to grow at entrepreneurial events or other social gatherings.

Therefore, attend these events, speak with people, make connections, and do not forget to let them know what you do.

21. Learn To Dress Well

The way you dress is the way you will be addressed.

As a business woman, you have to dress in a way that shows that you are professional.

Your dressing will either charm and gain people’s respect, or give people second thought of working with you.

Do not be that woman who dresses shabbily to work.

Dress smart, dress well, dress like a professional.

22. Be Ready to Face Any Situation That Comes – How to Be a Successful Business Woman

To be a successful business woman, you need to know how to handle different situations.

This is because different things can happen while running a business.

Your ability to think smart and fast will help you to face and handle any situation that comes.

When you can do this, you will gain the respect of people and achieve success for yourself.

Conclusion on How to Be a Successful Business Woman

how to be a successful young business woman

Regardless of the business, you engage in, you can succeed as a business woman.

So don’t sell yourself short.

Rather, believe that you can be a successful business woman.

Practice the tips we provided and become a better version of you.

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How To Be A Successful Business Woman