How To Be An Introvert And An Entrepreneur

How To Be An Introvert And An Entrepreneur

Do you want to know how to be an introvert and an entrepreneur?

In the world today, several introverts have succeeded at being great entrepreneurs.

These introverts did not allow their introverted nature to limit them from going out and making an impact in the business world.

Instead, they learned how to use their introverted nature to become great entrepreneurs. If you want to be like them, you need to know what they learned. Fortunately for you, we will be discussing how to be an introvert and an entrepreneur.

This discussion will help you understand your introverted nature and how it can clash with being an entrepreneur.

It will also help you understand and learn how to resolve the clashes and become a successful entrepreneur.

Who says an introvert cannot be an entrepreneur?

Carefully follow us as we prove them wrong.

Who is an Introvert? – How to Be an Introvert and an Entrepreneur

An introvert is an individual who possesses traits belonging to the introvert personality type.

This means that such an individual is more comfortable with their inner ideas or thoughts than external happenings.

An introvert enjoys the company of a few people way better than crowds or large groups.

Most introverts are considered shy because they tend to keep to themselves.

Signs or Traits of the Introverted Personality – How to Be an Introvert and an Entrepreneur

To better understand who an introvert is, let us quickly see some of the signs or traits that point to the introverted personality.

Not all introverts may have these same characteristics; however, the patterns are often somewhat similar.

Most introverts are:

  • Reflective
  • Self-aware
  • Slow at making decisions
  • Unable to concentrate in noisy environments
  • Very comfortable when they are alone
  • Uncomfortable when they have to work in a group
  • Lonesome and prefer having few yet close friends
  • Prone to retreating into their minds when they need rest
  • Often used to daydreaming and using their imagination to solve a problem
  • More comfortable writing rather than talking

If you possess most of these traits, you are an introvert.

Who is an Entrepreneur? – How to Be an Introvert and an Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is an individual who starts up a business and takes up financial risk and responsibility to get profit.

This individual is in charge of providing and sourcing for labor, capital, and land when needed.

An entrepreneur knows the risk of starting and running a business but does anyways because of the desire to gain from it.

Essential Qualities Entrepreneurs Should Possess – How to Be an Introvert and an Entrepreneur

For any entrepreneur to succeed in their entrepreneurial journey, they need to possess some essential qualities.

These qualities enable them to run and grow their business and attract people.

The essential qualities entrepreneurs should possess are:


Self-confidence is the belief in oneself and abilities.

Entrepreneurs need to be self-confident to start and operate their businesses.

This is because self-confidence will help them stay on top of their game regardless of what might be happening.

It will make them not to be scared to take specific steps or actions that will enable their businesses to grow.

Self-confident entrepreneurs believe that they can do anything they put their minds to.

Furthermore, when entrepreneurs exhibit self-confidence, it will help them gain the interest, respect, and trust of people.

Networking Skills– How to Be an Introvert and an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs need to possess networking skills to help them connect and form relationships with people.

This is because entrepreneurs need people to help grow their businesses.

These people could be investors, partners, employees, suppliers, customers, or clients.

They are essential people in an entrepreneurial journey.

Most times, entrepreneurs cannot meet these people while sitting back at their office.

Therefore, they need to go out to where they can meet these people and then network.

Entrepreneurs might not be able to gain essential connections that will enable them to grow their business if they lack networking skills.

Communication Skills

Entrepreneurs need to possess good communication skills to enable them to pass and receive information effectively.

When entrepreneurs cannot communicate effectively, it will negatively affect their businesses. 

However, good communication skills will avert this.

Communication skills that entrepreneurs should possess include verbal communication and non-verbal communication skills.

When they possess these skills, they will effectively communicate verbally and non-verbally.

Team Minded – How to Be an Introvert and an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs need to possess the quality of being team-minded.

This is because entrepreneurs cannot work alone to grow their businesses.

Hence, they need to have a team to work with and build to be more effective.

Once they have built their team and can work with them, they achieve things that only an effective team can achieve.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are essential for every entrepreneur to possess.

This is because entrepreneurs have to lead other people to meet and actualize goals and vision.

Furthermore, when entrepreneurs do not possess leadership skills, it will negatively affect several parts of their business.

You can check this out to discover 6 strategies to better your leadership skills and confidence.

Creativity – How to Be an Introvert and an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are expected to develop new ideas and innovations for their businesses.

To meet this expectation, entrepreneurs need to be creative

This is because creativity births new ideas and innovation.

It helps people to see things from different perspectives and think outside the box.

When entrepreneurs are creative, it will be easier for them to be innovative and generate ideas.


Decisiveness is the ability or quality of making decisions effectively and quickly.

Every entrepreneur needs to possess this quality because it helps them make difficult decisions and close deals faster.

When entrepreneurs are decisive, it also helps them increase the production rate.

For instance, employees sometimes have to wait for an entrepreneur’s decision before taking action.

How quickly an entrepreneur can decide will determine when productions will begin.

Self-Awareness – How to Be an Introvert and an Entrepreneur

Self-awareness is the ability to understand your feelings, desires, characters, and motives.

When a person is self-aware they know what their weaknesses and strengths are.

Entrepreneurs need to be self-aware to know their weaknesses and strengths.

This will make them work to improve their strengths and minimize or eradicate their weaknesses.

If entrepreneurs are not self-aware, they might not know what they lack.

Hence, it becomes impossible for them to develop as individuals and business owners.

Introvert Traits that Contradicts Some Basic Entrepreneurial Qualities – How to Be an Introvert and an Entrepreneur

Some introvert traits clashes with some qualities that entrepreneurs need to succeed in their entrepreneurial journey.

A good way to resolve anything is to understand them.

Therefore, we will discuss these clashes with you and point you in the right direction.

Networking Versus the Need to Be Alone

As we earlier stated, an introvert prefers being alone or with few friends.

This makes it difficult for them to socialize and network.

On the other hand, networking is quite important in the entrepreneurial journey.

Hence, an introvert’s need to be alone can cause a great clash with the entrepreneurial need to network.

Team- Minded Versus the Uncomfortable Feeling of Working in a Group

Entrepreneurs need to be team-minded to ensure the growth of their business.

However, the trait of an introvert that makes them uncomfortable working in a group might negate this mindset.

This clash can cause issues with an entrepreneur that needs teamwork to achieve their business goals.

Decisiveness versus Taking Time to Make Decisions – How to Be an Introvert and an Entrepreneur

An introvert has the character trait of taking time before making decisions.

This trait does not help the entrepreneurial need to be decisive.

Hence, this can cause a clash.

Introvert Traits that Facilitate Some Entrepreneurial Qualities – How to Be an Introvert and an Entrepreneur

Certain introvert traits help to boost some entrepreneurial qualities.

Below are introvert traits that work together with some entrepreneurial qualities to make introverts better entrepreneurs:

Creativity versus the Ability to Use Their Imagination

Introverts possess a character trait that makes them use their imagination in solving problems.

This trait shows that an introvert has a great imagination that could come in handy when generating ideas or being innovative.

In other words, an introvert can use their imagination to become creative and come up with ideas or innovations that can grow their business.

Self-Awareness versus the Ability to Be Self-Aware – How to Be an Introvert and an Entrepreneur

Introverts’ ability to look inward and be aware of their environment helps them be better entrepreneurs.

They can look within themselves and discover what their weaknesses and strengths are.

As a result, they can learn to lean toward their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

Tips on How to Be an Introvert and an Entrepreneur

The big question is how can a person be an introvert and an entrepreneur?

This is because introverts possess certain traits that could clash with essential entrepreneurial qualities.

These clashes could affect their entrepreneurial journey.

However, introverts can learn to channel their traits into something that will make them great entrepreneurs.

Below are some of the things you can do to be a better entrepreneur even as an introvert:

Accept Your Introverted Nature

Your introverted nature is not a bad thing.

It also does not make you a lousy entrepreneur.

However, your introverted nature can make you face particular challenges in your entrepreneurial journey.

The way you approach these challenges will significantly affect your entrepreneurial abilities and journey.

If your approach toward them is negative, you might not do well in your entrepreneurial journey.

Hence, your approach towards them should be positive.

This way, you will learn how to shape your introverted traits into something that will make you a good entrepreneur.

The first thing for you to do is to accept your introverted nature.

Once you have done that, concentrate on the good part of your introverted nature.

For example, your introverted nature makes you more aware than other people.

You can use this awareness to build important relationships and improve processes.

Your Judgmental Side – How to Be an Introvert and an Entrepreneur

Have you ever made a slight mistake and punished yourself for it over and over again?

We guess your answer is yes.

This is because of your introverted nature.

Yes, other people beat themselves up over a mistake, but with you, you judge yourself based on an error, no matter how common it is.

For instance, spilling coffee on your shirt while you talk to a customer or investor is a simple mistake that anyone can make.

An extrovert can easily laugh off this mistake and make a joke out of it.

However, as an introvert, your inner judgmental side might punish you repeatedly by telling you that you are uncoordinated and clumsy.

Your judgmental side might even remind you of all your past mistakes where you were clumsy.

This does not help boost confidence but kills it.

If you allow this judgmental side to keep ruling you, you will not tap or unleash your potential and become a great entrepreneur.

Hence, you need to learn to calm your judgmental side.

You can do this by meditating and speaking affirmatively into your day.

Also, you could try coaching or therapy to help you address the issue.

Learn to Handle Your Energy Depletion

As an introvert, you might find it draining to be around other people.

So, you would often try to keep your human interaction to the barest minimum.

This might work for someone whose job does not include being around others.

However, as an entrepreneur, avoiding people is next to impossible.

Therefore, you have to seek another way to handle your energy depletion.

For instance, when you have an important meeting coming up, you should take time before the meeting to recharge yourself.

During that period before the meeting, keep to yourself, and brace yourself for the critical meeting.

This way, you will be mentally and physically ready for the meeting.

Also, keeping to yourself before the meeting will help you calm down and make you feel less overwhelmed and drained.

Furthermore, if you need to travel with your team, you can decide to travel ahead of the team.

Then get a separate room and settle down without external interference.

This will keep you from draining up before the main event or meetings.

Generally, learn to give yourself a break that will prepare you for what is to come.

This way, you can be an introvert and an entrepreneur.

Seek Ways to Be Listened to – How to Be an Introvert and an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you need to voice your opinion and have people listen to it.

However, these can be a tad difficult for an introverted entrepreneur.

Most times, you tend to appear shy and reserved, which can make people overlook you or disregard your opinion.

Regardless of this, you can discover ways to make your voice heard, respected, and considered.

For instance, if you want to speak to investors about your business, you have to be prepared ahead of time.

Every entrepreneur needs to prepare before presenting a pitch, but you will need to put in more effort as an introvert.

You will need to rehearse how to carry yourself with confidence, speak, and do other essential things.

Also, mentally prepare to face people.

You will have a better shot at being heard and considered when you have done this.

Additionally, when you want to address your employee, you can have your thought written and outlined and then emailed to them.

This way, when addressing them, you can just give them a clear and concise explanation while they go through the outline.

Furthermore, learn to carry yourself with confidence, no matter how shaken up you are inside.

Learn To Be Patient and Work with Extroverts

Most times, as an introvert, you might find it challenging to cope and work with an extrovert.

The reason for this is mainly because of how different you are from them.

Extroverts think differently from you and are loud and talkative compared to your quiet and reserved nature.

As a result of this contrast, you might feel annoyed being around them.

However, you should not let this get to you.

They are not being like that to frustrate or annoy you; that is their nature.

Therefore, you have to listen and be patient with them, and finally, learn to work with them.

Your employees, or client, or even partner can be an extrovert.

So, you have to learn to cope with them to succeed and be an effective entrepreneur.

Work with People Who Will Compliment You – How to Be an Introvert and an Entrepreneur

Everybody has weaknesses and strengths.

However, not everybody knows how to improve their strength and minimize their weakness.

When a person knows what to do concerning their weaknesses and strengths, they will unlock their potential.

As an introvert, you should consider working with people that will help cover your weakness and complement your strength.

For instance, you can consider partnering up with an extrovert who you trust.

Or you can have a close group of people that complements your strengths and cover your weakness.

Lastly, you could consider working with a mentor that will readily support, guide, and teach you to harness your strengths.

Whatever option you choose, learn to work with people who understand your introverted nature and encourage you to be a better entrepreneur.

Conclusion on How to Be an Introvert and an Entrepreneur

Being an introvert does not mean you cannot be an entrepreneur.

It only means you have to learn, unlearn, and relearn some things to be that entrepreneur you ought to be.

The information we shared with you will help you to understand and work on yourself to be an introvert and a great entrepreneur.

We congratulate you as you make your mark in the business world, even as you stay true to yourself.