How To Be Courageous

How To Be Courageous

Do you want to learn how to be courageous?

Are you afraid of starting that business or project?

Are you often overwhelmed with fear?

Well, you are not alone in this as courage is one trait that not everyone possesses.

However, you can learn to be courageous and face your fears always.

Hence, this blog post is here to teach you ways in which you can be courageous.

Join us as we explore the following.

  • What fear is and how it affects our courage
  • What is The true meaning of courage
  • Characteristics of a courageous person
  • Benefits of being a courageous person
  • How to Be courageous

How To Be Courageous

How To Be Courageous

As humans, it is natural to feel fear.

However, letting fear get the best of you makes you weak and reduces your productivity.

Hence, there is a need to learn how to be courageous.

Being courageous helps you as a business owner, entrepreneur, or regular individual.

What Is Fear And How Does It Affect Our Courage

how to be courageous and fearless

In order to learn how to be courageous, we first need to know what fear is and how it affects our courage.

Fear is an unpleasant feeling of insecurity, inadequacy, or distress.

It is a warning signal that tells us to be more cautious and protect ourselves from any possible danger.

Fear itself isn’t a bad thing but how you react and handle fear determines if it’s good or bad.

Fear keeps us safe.

It is the emotion that prompts us to run when there is a fire.

However, fear can also limit us.

Fear can impact us in two ways.

The first way is that when we are afraid of things, we get overwhelmed by fear and hence avoid them.

Fear makes us back down from the challenges that life brings to test our courage.

The second way is that when you are afraid of something or someone, you tend to be overly anxious about it.

Fear is part of our survival instinct.

When we are in danger, fear can help us survive by either running away or facing the threat head-on.

However, when it comes to personal development and achieving goals , fear becomes an obstacle that needs to be overcome if you want to succeed.

We all feel afraid at some point in time but what separates successful people from the average person is not their ability to avoid fear, but rather how they face it.

That’s why being courageous is so important.

The True Meaning of Courage

Be brave even if you aren't yet

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, courage is the mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

Moreso courage is the strength and ability to face or to do something that frightens you.

And also, it is the ability to hold yourself accountable for your actions.

Thus, accepting responsibility for your decisions, and honoring who you are and what you believe in.

Courage is one of the most important virtues and unfortunately, not everyone possesses it.

Courage is a much more complex term than what many people think.

People often confuse it with bravery or boldness, but if you take away the emotional and moral aspects of courage, you’re left with a purely rational decision.

The meaning of true courage is the ability to make tough decisions in order to achieve your goals.

Moreso, It means taking risks, disregarding fear, and never giving up even when things get hard.

In addition, It’s also about accepting responsibility for one’s actions and asking for help when it’s necessary.

To be courageous, you need to believe in yourself and work hard for what you want.

That means taking responsibility for your choices, actions, and life in general.

Courage is the ability to do something that frightens you or causes anxiety but still doing it anyway.

Courage is an essential trait that is needed for a successful life.

So what are the characteristics of a courageous person?

Characteristics Of A Courageous Person

How To Be Courageous And Fearless

A courageous person is a strong and determined individual who manages to do what he or she wants despite their fears.

They can be both brave in the face of danger, but also in everyday life when it comes to making difficult decisions with long-term consequences.

Courageous people are also persistent.

Even more, they don’t give up easily and they always try to find another way when faced with adversity.

They are optimistic and believe that they can overcome any obstacle.

They aren’t easily discouraged by failure but instead see it as an opportunity to learn.

Benefits of Being A Courageous Person

importance of courage

There are many benefits to being a courageous person.

Some of these include:

  • Being courageous takes you out of your comfort zone. Hence you never stop growing
  • Acts of courage boost your self-esteem. You give yourself a pat on the back because you have tackled a situation that seemed like an obstacle to you and survived it. This gives you a lot more confidence in yourself. You also gain the confidence to take on new challenges.
  • Being courageous gives you an increased likelihood of success. Because you are courageous you naturally take on more opportunities compared to people that are not courageous. This automatically increases your likelihood of success.
  • Being a courageous person gives you more influence. When you are courageous you do not shy away from influence. You step up to it. Influence gives you the power to cause change and affect change.
  • You become a source of inspiration and motivation to people. Be courageous makes you an inspiration. People look up to you and want to know how you are able to keep taking courageous action. They see themselves in you and they believe that if you can do it; if you can be courageous, so can they.

Strategies To Be Courageous

Ways to Live a More Courageous Life

1. Face Your Fears

Fear can be a hindrance to your growth and progress and if not tackled properly it can dis-organize you and your business.

However, facing your fear is one of the strategies to be courageous.

The first step towards courage is to;

Admit You Have Fears

As humans, we all have something we are scared of or that scares us.

So do you as a business owner or entrepreneur.

However, acknowledging that you have fear is a major step to face your fear and build your courage.

The next step towards courage is to

Understand Your Fears

It’s human nature to be afraid of things that are unknown or uncertain, but you cannot face your fears until you know what they are.

You may not even know what it is that really frightens you.

Ask yourself, “What makes me fearful?”

“Am I afraid of failure?”

“Am I anxious about what others think of me?”

Also, ask yourself, “What would being less fearful mean to me? What’s the ideal reality?” And make a list.

Once you know why you are afraid and where your fear is coming from, it becomes easier to be courageous in the face of this fear.

Also, note that being afraid is not the same as being cowardly. It’s ok to be afraid.

Everybody experiences fear. You are human after all, but you can still achieve your goals despite what you feel.

Take Baby Steps And Face your fears

This is the last step of facing your fears which is actually facing your fears.

Do not run from your fears but rather face your fears and become courageous.

Take Baby Steps.

When faced with a situation that makes you fearful, it can seem easier to take the path of least resistance and run away.

Once you recognize what is frightening you, break that big scary goal into tiny little baby steps.

When doing this, try to make sure your biggest fears don’t become self-fulfilling prophecies.

So if you’re scared of public speaking, but start by signing up for a very small presentation, you’ve taken a step towards your goal, but not so big that it could be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

2. Be Committed To Being Courageous

Being courageous is a choice.

It’s a decision you make every single day to face your fears and do what needs to be done, even if it scares you witless.

The moment you begin giving in to fear and allowing it to rule your life, you have lost the battle.

Remember that courage is not the absence of fear.

It is the recognition of fear and then taking action despite that fear.

For example, you might be afraid to start a new career and take on a role with more responsibility and leadership compared to what you did before.

You may feel like running away and sticking with your safe job but if this is important for your growth and development, Take The Leap.

3. Be Quick To Take Action; It Helps You To Be Courageous

To be a courageous person, you have to be quick in taking action.

In order for you to be quick to take action, below are steps you can easily practice on

Firstly, practice less analysis, more action

In this step, you focus more on action instead of analysis.

You do not spend more of your time examing things or the outcome of things.

Rather, you take actions to tackle things immediately.

Secondly, try not to hesitate

Hesitating has a way of making you create excuses for not taking action thereby, leading to negative outcomes.

Hence, in order to be quick to take action, you have to stop hesitating.

Thirdly stop procrastinating and act

According to Dale Carnegie, “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

This is because overthinking and postponing action only fills you with fear.

If you make the decision to take action quickly, without dwelling on your fears or thinking too much about the action, you will naturally become more courageous over time.

You would have broken through your fear by overcoming it with action, which will encourage you to take more risks in the future.

Hence, act, and learn from your mistakes.

how to be courageous and confident

4. Be Knowledgeable

According to a wise saying, “knowledge is power”.

On account of this, you have to educate yourself because uncertainty breeds fear.

Sometimes the main reason we feel afraid is that we lack important knowledge.

However, educate yourself better in the areas where you feel fear and you will experience less fear in your life.

5. Hang Out With Courageous People

One of the best ways to find courage is to surround yourself with people who demonstrate it every day.

Their examples can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation when you need it most.

So if there are particular people in that you look up to, spend more time with them.

Introduce yourself and get to know more about what they do and how they got to where they are now.

When you feel like giving up or things aren’t going the way you planned, think back on some of their stories and re-focus your thoughts accordingly.

It will help for you to reflect on the mindset and values of these people, and find out what makes them who they are.


6. Leave Your Comfort Zone

This is another great step to help you become courageous in every aspect of your life.

Leaving your comfort zone means doing things that you don’t feel comfortable doing.

Also, it can mean doing things you have not tried doing before or doing something you are scared of doing.

Initially, leaving your comfort zone may cause anxiety.

But in the long run, you build your confidence and you become courageous in facing situations.

How To Be Courageous And Brave


7. Have A Healthy Perspective 

Having a healthy perspective is the same as having a positive mindset about things.

That is to say, you see more good than bad in every situation.

Your ability to have a healthy perspective will help you become courageous.

For instance, instead of being afraid of the outcome of the situation because you have not handled such situations before, you see it as an opportunity to learn something and build courage.

Hence, being afraid of things is not bad but have the right mindset about yourself thereby making you courageous to face situations.

8. Dare Yourself Daily To Do Something Courageous

There is a wise saying that goes thus; “Practice makes perfect”.

That is to say, every day you do something courageous either for yourself, your business, or someone.

By doing so, you are building your courage muscle.

These actions can be for someone or yourself; regardless of who it is for dare yourself to do courageous acts.

Take actions mostly on things you are scared of, not comfortable doing or you have not done before.

9. Stand Up For Your Beliefs And Values

If you want to be courageous, you need to speak and act according to your values and what you believe in.

To do this, find a belief or value that is important to you and describes the person you want to become.

Once you know what that belief is, start living it like it’s already true.

For example, if your belief is “I always speak my mind,” you would need to start doing exactly that.

Also, remember that it’s ok if other people disagree with you, but when you make a stand for what is important to you, you will become more courageous over time.

10. Be Willing To Accept The Consequences Of Your Actions

Taking action can be scary because it means that if it goes wrong, there might be negative consequences.

However, if you never take these risks, you will never grow and develop.

Every time you take action, there’s an opportunity to learn and gain experience from it.

You can’t do that if you constantly play it safe and don’t take any risks

If your decisions don’t work out as planned, view the outcome as feedback that helps you better inform your future choices.

For example, if you’re job hunting and apply for a few positions, but don’t get the position(s) or interview(s), take some time to analyze why this happened.

Perhaps it’s because your resume needs more work, or you weren’t able to clearly communicate your skills on paper.

Rather than getting discouraged by one rejection, learn from it and apply these lessons to your future job hunting efforts

how to be courageous and fearless

11. Don’t Think Too Much About The What Ifs

When taking action to do something, it’s easy to get caught up in the what-ifs and never actually do anything.

This is because our minds come up with all these crazy scenarios about how things can go wrong.

However, the reality is what-ifs are just fears that haven’t happened yet (and might never happen).

Thus, they shouldn’t stop you from taking action and getting things done.

Instead of obsessing over your fears, remind yourself of all the good reasons for why you want to do something.

If it’s related to your career, focus on your long-term goals and how this first step is taking you one step closer to them.

After all, you can’t let fear of failure stop you from at least trying. If it fails, learn from the experience and move on to try something else.

12. Don’t Let Negative People Stop You From Having A Positive Outlook

When you’re trying to be courageous, there will always be people that doubt your abilities or tell you that it won’t work out.

Thus, they try to stop you from taking action by making negative statements like “You’ll never succeed.”

However, these people don’t know what’s best for your future and should not dictate how you feel about yourself.

If someone doesn’t believe in you, it’s probably because they don’t believe in themselves (and their own abilities).

Therefore, ignore these people and focus on why you want to do something instead of the reasons behind why you shouldn’t.

13. Be Patient With Yourself

To be courageous means that sometimes you will get things wrong and make mistakes along the way.

It’s important to acknowledge these slip-ups and not beat yourself up about it.

Just because you didn’t get the results you wanted, doesn’t mean you will never get them.

Everything takes time and practice to master.

As long as you learn from your mistakes and keep trying, there’s no reason why things won’t eventually turn out the way you want them to be.

You also need to be patient with yourself if you are having a difficult time finding the motivation to do something.

Even though this may seem impossible right now, things can change quickly when you’re not expecting it.

So instead of beating down on yourself, focus on how far you’ve already come and all the good things that have happened so far.

Wrapping Up

How to Be A Courageous Person

Courage is a trait that is loved by everyone and can be possessed by everyone too.

Many people through taking risks and practice have mastered how to be courageous.

And you too can achieve this.

Let us know how your quest to be courageous is going below.

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How To Be Courageous